90's Pop Culture Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Fashion Wholesale Inc

* Updated for the new iOS
* Cool updated and new trivia questions



Game Features:
- 90's are back, relive the fun, events and people that shape this awesome era.
- WiFi play with friends
- Challenge Mode
- Leader Board

It seems like only yesterday that flannel was the attire of choice amongst the discerning fashionistas, and a certain smooth-talking southern charmer roamed the halls of the White House, but as a new decade begins it's time to reflect on the last decade of the last millennium: the 90s.

Test your knowledge of the grungiest decade of the 20th century. Relive the film, fashion, music, sports, politics, trends, and attitudes. The current reigning monarch of the NBA is King James, but King Michael ruled the hardwood throughout the 90s. James Cameron made 3d popular with Avatar, but he made Leonardo DiCaprio (and Celine Dion) popular in the 90s. Dave Grohl is known as the frontman of the Foo Fighters, but in the 90s he was bashing the skins for Kurt Cobain. The 90s began with hair metal and ended with hip hop. It made Samuel L. Jackson a star so powerful that he even got a purple lightsaber!


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