80's TV Trivia Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Fashion Wholesale Inc

* Updated for the new iOS
* Awesome NEW questions



Game Features:
- 80's TV Questions from your favorite shows, series and sitcoms.
- Animated graphics, sound track and effects
- WiFi play with Friends
- Challenge Mode
- Leader Board

The 80’s introduced some of the best sit-coms in television history. It also ended the most beloved of 70’s television. Come experience your favorite TV again!!!

The Facts of Life in the 1980's was pretty simple and Hollywood produced the best characters to satisfy our cravings. Aliens from Melmac lived in the suburbs; group of friends Cheers each other on at the local drinking spot and Alex P. Keaton was the exemplification of the political mindset that replaced Baby Boomer idealism. Smurfs wandered around a forest pursued by a miserly old magician, and G.I. Joe provided after-school advice. It was a great time to be alive!

The television of the 80's was instantly classic. How could you go wrong with a Dodge Charger called the "General Lee" driven around by a couple of good ole boys? Or a talking Firebird driven around by a man only known as "The Hoff"?


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