70's Pop Culture Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Fashion Wholesale Inc

* Updated for the new iOS
* 20% more questions



Game features:
- Fun questions about the 70's in this Groovy game
- Animated graphics and sound effects
- WiFi play with friends
- Challenge Mode
- Leader Board

The fabulous 70's introduced funky fashion as alternative lifestyles becomes the talk of mainstream media. The 'fros were big, the jeans were to the ground, and the man in the White House was...well, a little paranoid. The 70s closed the chapter on the idealistic Baby Boom generation, and Generation Jones took over.

So what were you doing in the 70s? Were you watching Electric Company? Did you boogie at Studio 54 when you had Night Fever? Do you have some broad ties and platform shoes you're just dying to wear? Well, kiss my grits, download 70s pop culture and let the fun begin! It's DY-NO-MITE!


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