70's Movie Trivia Games App Review (iOS, $1.99)


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Game Features:
- The Best and Most memorable Movies of the 70's for your entertainment.
- Animated graphics and sound effects
- WiFi play with friends
- Challenge Mode
- Leader board

The 70’s ushered in a new generation of American directors who would go on to change movie history, the entertainment industry, and pop culture. The names are now ingrained as icons: Spielberg, Scorsese, Coppola, Altman - the figures loom large.

It's called "The Jazz Age of American Film" for a reason. Some of cinema's greatest movies came from this decade: The Godfather Part I and Part II, Chinatown, Mash, Taxi Driver. The list goes on. Of course, the 70’s are probably best known for the creation of the Hollywood blockbuster. It started with Jaws, and was absolutely solidified with the release of Star Wars.

So get ready for 70's Movie Trivia. Is the force with you? Are there any demons that need to be exorcised? IS THE WATER SAFE?! Download 70’s Movie Trivia now!


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