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Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian

Seller: Infinite Dreams

- fixed crash on load on some devices,
- numerous bugfixes and improvements.

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Free your creativity!

"A must have app to help you relax." - Robin Rhys, AppAdvice Daily
"Totally worth a look" - Touch Arcade
"A truly unique experience" - App Spy

With Let's Create: Pottery making ceramics has never been more simple and fun! Become a true artist and create "one of a kind" pottery items and share them with your friends! Throw the clay on the wheel, release all your artistic talents and take benefit of dozens of materials available in order to create your own design! Even when you glaze and fire your very first pot you will feel accomplished and relaxed as pottery is the best way to relieve your everyday stress and find your inner peace. An amazing, therapeutic and uplifting experience you can enjoy with your family and friends!

Videos worth a watch:

Official game trailer - http://youtu.be/53t0sG03UUo
Gameplay trailer - http://youtu.be/4Myr4kw8QMM

Customer Reviews

  • The game is

    by Wazzup yo100

    I gave it 4 stars because it is fun but it is sometimes hard to shape things. If you get this do NOT GET THE BRUSHES! They just waste your coins because they do the same design!!!

  • Great app.

    by Camelsrdebest

    I love this but it is very limited. You can buy about 30 items which took me like 5 days. Then you are forced to buy the 4.99 pro app.

  • Good

    by Lindzluvs

    It would be better if it didn't ask you to buy the full version.

  • Pottery lover

    by Liz biz

    I love this app, if u ask me I think it is perfect!! I have had this app for a while and there are no glitches. I just love it!!

  • This is awesome

    by Don't get how to catch

    When I started I was confused how to get colors and brushes but now it works well because I figured it out you get coins then in the home screen there says store and pick what you want! It's boring when you explain it because u haven't played it. Please try it I've never had a problem with it. The only thing that I think you could fix is that your limited!

  • Great!!

    by Hugo da naranga

    So cool and addicting!!!!!

  • Nvk

    by Erick destler

    Interesting graphics good quality a good game in my opinion but it would be nice if there was more music

  • Colorful

    by Gigitfire

    Your game is awesome I was up till 3:00 playing it

  • I really really like this game it a has a lot if creation and cool deisains

    by Oliviaadams408

    I personally like this game

  • Love this game!

    by MrsZurhellen83

    Finally something relaxing and Zen for us creative people in the tech world. Thank you for making this game.

  • Soo good!

    by Ap1239474

    Just like actual potery

  • To epic

    by Frost claw

    To epic for a 5 star rating it deserves a 7 star rating!!!!

  • Wow!!!!!!

    by What132268932293700

    This is fantastic game!!!!! If you like art or are creative at all than get this app!!!

  • The bestest awesomest coolest game ever!!!!

    by AudForHisGlory

    It's so much fun to have a bunch of people trying to beat ur high score!

  • Well I don't know...

    by Mini Ike

    This game is ok until you get to the very end. After you can get everything they encourage you to buy the full version which is $2.99 and I'm not big into pottery so I didn't want to buy it. Anyway, this game is fun but it sometimes glitches and it's fun for the first week. I now have 7k coins and I can do nothing with it.

  • Amazing!!!

    by PeanutM&M 4

    This app is so cool! At first it introduces u to the app, then it gives u orders for pottery ( fake ) and u can make ANYTHING!!! I absolutely love it! After a while it lets u know about the full version and briefly tries to get u to buy it, but it doesn't constantly push u to buy things like some apps do. It's simple to operate and easy to understand/ figure out. GET THIS APP IF YOU HAVE A CREATIVE MIND! you can decorate the pottery with any patterns or colors available on the app. The only thing that is a bit aggravating is that u have to buy the full version to get some of the patterns but there are so many possibilities with just the patterns available! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Yo yo yo

    by Bob star minion


  • So addicting

    by *|>{?!\£_%>]!|£,¥^\>_!|¥+,

    This game is so addicting that I can't stop playing it. this app is the best pottery app ever.

  • Fun!

    by RSMbarbie

    app is fun! Addicting

  • This game

    by Kzgahakjah

    I love it so much .You can make new things

  • Very fun

    by Aunt Bunka

    Creative, I don't think I've seen another app like it.

  • fun to play

    by Oliviaforsha

    a nice little game to play in spare time to just relax

  • It is great

    by Mohammad kanaaneh

    It is the best creativity gamer that ive played ever

  • !!!!!!

    by Yshlepok

    Super : )

  • Great stress reliever!

    by DeeDee2583

    I love this app! It relaxes your mind!

  • Great App!

    by Inaben⭐️Evenstar

    This app is great! Totally recommend it to anyone who is looking for a fun and creative app.

  • Great game but..

    by Dawn246

    Great game but, every once in a while it freezes. I enjoy this game though!

  • Clay art

    by Liz Dintaman

    This games is so boss

  • Fun

    by Spyro 1

    Addicting. Would be easier with a tutorial to start out.

  • Boring

    by AJAM98

    Need new graphics without paying more money. What's the point in earning coins if you are completely limited in using them!

  • Love it

    by Isaiahb013

    I love pottery

  • Pottery

    by Aerogone

    Awesome app! A must to have for the creative side in you!

  • I love pots!

    by Pear picker in space

    So fun! Lovely way to pass time!

  • In Love

    by Yariksarie

    Love it!

  • Super fun

    by Elephant awesomeness

    I like this game it's really fun and easy to get creative with

  • Live this app

    by Egghead3000000000000

    The only thing wrong is that you need more stuff in this app all you can get it African and basics with out paying and that's not fun I'm not buying the one that cost a horrible price of $5 never it horrible you need to put more things in the lite one it would be way better just saying but I love this app other wise!!!!

  • Thanks

    by Faisal=Hope

    Its a great game

  • This game is addicting!

    by Kyleherzo

    This game is addicting!

  • Pottery

    by 666Vamp

    Great game!

  • by Fun23467

    Kinda fun when I'm bored

  • Love it

    by Petr924

    I love it sooo much that I play it almost every day.... I am addicted!!!

  • G

    by Ft ethan

    Good game

  • Absolute delight

    by pixellava

    A+ for creativity, environment, narrative, guidance and execution. This app is an absolute delight. Much more than simply making pots, it's a quiet place of solitude. Love it!

  • Cool app!

    by ShadowPhase

    I think this is a nice app! I can only suggest adding something where you edit it afterwards.

  • Great!

    by Ecolec

    I love it!

  • I don't usually rate apps but I really like this one, so I rate this game 100 out of 100 starship

    by Luvpotery

    Thank you for making this game I really enjoy playing it in my spare time.

  • Fun game

    by Robopig [•=•]

    This is a game to get it has lots of content for a lite version i was hooked totally getting the full version

  • Works

    by Bshdndidbejd

    It works very well but you can't paint it and you can't make many different kinds and they don't sell for much but they are very easy and fun.

  • Wow this app is great! (Sarcasm)

    by Kyleigh

    Well its just it crashes on me everytime I finish a pot on my IPod (4g)

  • LOVE

    by Courtney Barron

    Guys you really need to download this it's fun for when you just want to create something and it's fun to just do when your bored!

  • Awesomesauce

    by Migdii

    I love this game . It is probilly my favorite game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love!!

    by bsteelern


  • Hahaha

    by tomboy_12345678910

    Hahaha it's stricket but fun

  • Great

    by Appleman8

    Fun game

  • Game

    by Tajshfcgw

    I love it so much you should play it

  • good ones

    by iimjtj

    it's very fun and I play it enjoyably :D like this.

  • Fun for a few minutes

    by GGN's Mom

    Excellent graphics and a great concept. However, coin purchases in app are limited unless you spend an absolutely insane amount for the full version of the app, at which point you still need to earn coins for those purchases. You basically have to pay a fortune for the right to have to earn money for purchases. The app kept me entertained for about an hour, beyond that, if you're also not willing to spend $5 or whatever it costs, it gets boring. The controls are also quite clunky and inaccurate for most features. The graphics get 5 stars, controls about 3 stars, and the astronomical purchase price coupled with further in app earned coins required for purchases gets somewhere in the negative 8 to 10 star range. Overall, 2 stars is a fair score IMO. If paying for the full version unlocked everything I would give it 3 stars (still low because of the high price and cumbersome controls).

  • Good game

    by Qbuogaming

    Fun game but I think lite users should be able to buy more designs.

  • Long

    by Bunnybo2

    It takes way to long to load but still a super awsome game

  • Very entertaining

    by irizayo

    A different kind of app! I am enjoying it completely!!

  • I like pot

    by Phucking homo

    Pot is so fun

  • Get this game!

    by Slinky3215

    If you are a creative person you will love this game!

  • Love it!

    by Koolness

    Incredibly addictive, best game ever!!!!!!

  • I love this game !!!!

    by I ❤Unicorns!

    This game is awesome I just love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!!!!

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