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Seller: Infinite Dreams

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Can Knockdown was an instant hit and reached the #1 spot in 67 countries since December 2010. This free and universal game has been downloaded nearly 2,5 million times in just one month! Thank you for all your support!

Media reviews:

"Simple to pick up, easy to play, difficult to master" -
"Incredibly addictive game that will have you playing for hours" - Tapscape
"It’s simple, addictive and free” – Pad Gadget
"…game recommended to anyone with an iPad." – iPhoneActive
"how can something so simple be so addictive!" – iPhone Radar

Check out the most addictive and FREE game on App Store and become a cold blood sniper while aiming at and knocking down piles and pyramids of cans! Start playing and you just won't put down this marvelous title till you drain your battery empty! You have been warned!

Can Knockdown includes many astonishing features which will amaze your friends and make you come back for more! Online leaderboards via Game Center, absolutely gorgeous graphics, high-res Retina display support, unique and realistic physics engine, multipliers, explosive action and so much more! Can Knockdown is like a miraculous carnival fun fair - only better!

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Customer Reviews

  • Simple and addictive

    by BMJ ART

    Great graphics and concept

  • Addicting!!

    by Leam2225

    This app is challenging and addicting I like the explosives!

  • DaDms

    by Dawd46

    Fun and challenging

  • Outstanding

    by Jmw1513

    This game is super fun

  • Good game

    by SpeedSkills

    Fun to play

  • .

    by Mtks175364

    Pretty cool

  • Nice!

    by Seksay1

    This is a great little game.

  • Awesome

    by R dog32

    This game is so addicting!

  • Nice

    by Spider Oklahoma

    Very entertaining

  • Fun game

    by Biotoxichaze

    Real fun game I like the whole feel of the game on how on point it is.its real easy to play and getting the hang of it is not hard at all.

  • Love it

    by Teamk


  • Omg

    by Dreamhigh21

    Hey guy you need to beat me:268

  • Omg

    by Dreamhigh21

    Hey guy you need to beat me:268

  • Okay

    by /|\^+[{UNKNOWN}]+^/|\

    U choose

  • Wow

    by Benncasey1996

    Very great game!!!!!!!

  • Can knockdown

    by Gatorman39

    Awsome game

  • The GAY app Greatest App of this Year!

    by Michael Paul Carter

    I'm never amazed at anything but this one is worth money, and I hate spending hard earned cash on anything, but if I had paid for this app I wouldn't be disappointed at all, it's truly one of my favorites, up there with the big boys like, bejeweled and candy crush. This app really depends on skill no luck or busters can help you to the next level , but wouldn't be a bad ideal.

  • Good stuff!

    by n00bzzzz

    Good way to kill an hour or so. Easy to pick up. Wish there were more levels though!

  • Nice app

    by Fc prrvd


  • Fun game

    by Jrhodes13

    Fun game

  • Fun

    by Dresden copper field

    This a good knock down puzzle game

  • BIG FUN!!!!

    by Terdy Bird

    This game is a lot of entertainment... really enjoy the fun!!!

  • Fun

    by Btterfly75


  • Great game

    by Sword_Art_Online

    This game is always interesting

  • So fun!

    by Sugar pumkin

    Really addictive! I had a lot of fun playing it. ( yes I did spell pumpkin wrong)

  • Slick

    by Snotslinger74


  • This game is highly addictive !

    by Keetahkathryn

    This game will have you coming back again and again to try and better your score! Great fun and highly addictive. Great graphics. Very realistic game play !

  • Great Game

    by Hip~Hip

    Great Game!

  • Addicting!!

    by cody sullins


  • FUN!!!

    by Doc0201

    Very simple game but so much fun at the same time!!!

  • Excellent, addictive time killer.

    by Idon'thavenostinkin'nickname

    The title says it all.

  • Rate

    by تميم السعدي


  • Good

    by Bfjsjsvfg


  • Runt

    by Cheeeeeevelle

    Great game

  • Interesting game,,,,,,

    by Baalis

    Good app

  • Fun

    by Handgunner454

    OK but don't like starting all over again at the beginning.

  • Can knockdown - Ad knock down

    by Mr_Dirt

    This used to be a great and simple app. This is the third device I have installed this on. Now it is flooded with ads.

  • Simple. Fun.

    by KDaddy2000

    Full stop. Well done.

  • Mike

    by miiiikkkkkkeeeeee

    Awesome Addicting Game!!!! Plz add more levels!

  • I love this game.

    by Emoney666

    I've never had a severe problem with this app. Yea it has crashed before but every app does at some point. It has kept me occupied for almost 2 years now. Favorite game to play in real life and digital. Great app.

  • Awesome

    by Shomaly

    A big fan...

  • Can knockdown

    by Patrioy1123

    Excellent time killer!!

  • I

    by MEd0$98

  • JimiAhh

    by Jimithe1st

    Great game to pass time standing in line or waiting at the Drs office.

  • Can knock down

    by Bigsjeff

    Very unique game. Great fun when you have time to kill. Makes most people who try it smile!

  • Rating

    by 193501881871


  • Can knock down

    by Jimbo 56

    I like it, I like it a lot!

  • Knock the cans

    by Wife of the Man

    Fun way to pass the time while waiting on someone. It's addictive!

  • Fun game

    by Lefty7212

    Just awesome fun

  • Great app

    by james holeman

    Very fun thanks

  • Fun

    by Fredmonster1

    It's a game you could pass some time easily with.

  • So much fun


    Great game

  • Cool

    by Tongantouchdown

    Great app very addicting

  • Great fun

    by thisoldblues

    Love this little app.. Great fun way to pass the time and its addicting

  • Great

    by Appleiphoneowner

    Fun game

  • Great app.

    by Dr. Hesham A. Rahman

    Great app.

  • Fun!

    by Jcindahouse

    It's simple, fun and and actually helps with had eye coordination.

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