Angry Neibourgs 2 : The Revenge of the Snowblowers Fight Free Episode - Gold Edition Games App Review (iOS, $19.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Infinite Dream Factory Inc.



Gold Edition
- No Ads
- All SNOWBLOWERS unlocked

Angry Neighbours are back for this second episode!

Thoses damn neighbours has done it again ! They clean their driveway from all that snow but guess where they put it all.......yes, in your driveway !!

Winter is coming ! Those damn neighbours are at it again, making noise late in the night, playing pranks on you, blowing their snow in your alley. They are making your life miserable !!

You spent an awesome summer, after beating your neighbours last winter in the snow war, everything went back to normal and quiet. But at the sign of the first snowflake, it's like nothing ever happened, your neighbours are back at their mad, angry, crazy state of mind.

They are changing the face of the snowman your kids did, they sometime wear bigfoot costume to try to scare you, they are making noise with their snow blower at 6 in the morning and you decide to get your revenge !! You had fun last year burying them under the snow with your mighty snowblower ! Do it again this year so you have peace at last !!


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