Blazing Souls Accelate Games App Review (iOS, $13.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Hyperdevbox Japan, Yugen Kaisha

disabled controller support on devices not supported by the supported controllers.

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The latest installment in the Spectral Souls series has arrived for iOS.
Get ready for another exciting adventure in the Tactical RPG world of Neverland!

video of gameplay here

* A brand-new, full-scale 100-hour Japanese Tactical RPG for iOS
* Beautiful 3D and 2D High-Res Graphics
* A Revampled, Enhanced Battle System with awesome special Chain-Skills, Break and Overkill
* Over 50 outstanding music tracks
* Higher level of freedom: non-linear gameplay allows you to explore the world at your will, and progress through the story in any order you desire
* More than 80 Playable Characters
* Exploration mode allows you to modify the battle-field with various actions such as and Carry, Climb, Push, and Destroy
* Thousands of Enemies to Battle Against
* Create over 200 special items and skills with a unique Synthesis System
* Over 900 Cool Attack Skills and Animations
* Capture monsters and have them fight as members of your party
* Gorgeous, Cut-Scene Videos.
* AirPlay enabled.
* support for the iFrogz Caliber Advantage controller
* support for the Bladepad controller

This game is simply a must have for all Tactical RPG fans, and especially for fans of the "Spectral Souls" universe.

Several decades have passed since the end of the Seven years' war, and peace has finally begun to take hold throughout the war-weary world.
It is in this time of relative tranquility that Zelos, who makes his living as an independent contractor,
comes into possession of a crystal infused with incredible levels of magical energy called a "Core Elemental"
after being involved in a freak accident.
Almost as soon as it fell into his hands, Zelos was besieged by a number of mysterious beings intent on taking the power of the elemental for their own.
As Zelos is forced to fight for his life, the mistery surrounding his birth, as well as his past, slowly emerges into the light.
What secrets still wait to be discovered as he comes to the end of his struggle for survival?

©2013 IDEA FACTORY, developed for iOS, licensed and published by HYPERDEVBOX.

Customer Reviews

  • Thank you

    by bla13ck

    Don't think The best RPG If you want an excellent story game play this game is for you. A perfect game for the perfect company Thank you hyper devbox

  • This is THE BEST RPG game on iOS

    by ElectricArtz

    Without a doubt, this is the true best rpg game on iPhone. However, an Eng sub with full Japanese voice would have been so much better.

  • Best game ever

    by Killzone 3

    I love both spectral souls and this game keep up the great work. :)

  • Great game

    by Martha WR

    Overall a great game, deep battle system and some memorable characters. Only part I don't like is the alias system, it really slows down the story. A huge bug needs to be fixed, the call bug reseting the game makes it completely unplayable. If not for alias system and reset bug would have got a 5 store.

  • Incoming call bug

    by all4x

    I agree, great game but battle scenes take time n phone calls coming n r a problem. Would benefit greatly

  • awesomeness top level

    by musikit

    top rate port! can't wait to see more from this dev!

  • Excellent!!

    by JD_reviewer

    I downloaded this a while back and I've been very impressed. Amazing port, full English audio with a big full story. So cool!

  • Great game

    by brian smallwood

    If you could add the region names to search that would be helpful! Don't know half the time where things are if they only give you the region and a direction

  • Awesome game but confusing..

    by Mike Staub

    This game is truly amazing! Very much worth the price any way you choose to look at it. I grew up playing tactical rpg's and this one does NOT disappoint. I'm not much for the voice acting, but it is still nice to have the thought. There are tons and tons of skills, weapons, combos, characters, and items to use/create, not to mention monster catching and treasure hunting. Seriously tons of fun, and if you have the $$ definitely a must have for any true trpg fan!! The graphics are great for a trpg, no doubt there. There is an amazing help section (you're going to need it) that explains almost everything....except.... What exactly to do to progress in the game!?!? My only reason for not rating this game tops all across the board, is because it can be so confusing at times. It is, in a sense, a bit too open ended and freely navigable (never thought I'd EVER say that about a rpg), and that can lead to dead ends. I've gotten stuck a few times, but don't let that deter you from the wonderful trpg experience available here. A great game has to be challenging, right? And I have to mention how much FUN this game is to play! Also note that there in NO walkthrough/guide available anywhere online other than a Japanese version that, even with translation is minimally helpful at best (though the map is nice if you can find/read it). Overall this game is HIGHLY recommended for anyone who enjoys trpg's or is just looking for something new/different, and you're really missing out if you don't give it a try. Thanks to everyone who made it/brought the port over, it especially looks great on the iPad.

  • Worth every penny

    by JavRios

    This is a port of a psp game. I haven't seen any glitches on my iPad2 or iPhone 4. And it's only a fraction of the price of the game on psp. Thanks for the great port.

  • Love it!

    by Czar625

    I've been dying to get this game after playing spectral souls. This game is everything and more than I expected! :D

  • Fun~

    by Bakaknight

    Great game and pretty fun to play if you love games like final fantasy tactics, but I do wish that they'll add a jp voice option update later as some characters need better voice acting

  • Zelos is lame.

    by Gerald Ryan

    The gameplay is solid, lives up to expectations. The controls are a little twitchy. So far though, the voice acting for Zelos and his overall character personality is lame. If I hear him say whatever one more time......... lol.

  • pls fix the restart/call bug

    by anon1111122222

    pls fix the bug that closes the game with an incoming call and making me lose all progress since the last save. spectral tower battles are very long and it's super frustrating to have to start over.

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