Crystal Soul Games App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English

Seller: HuaXu LLC

1.Support multiple iOS version.
2.Fixed a bug of mage Thunder Storm skill graphic.
3.Other performance improvement/bug fix.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
57 Ratings
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74 Ratings


Dear all:

On White Valentine's Day two years ago, we asked players who have downloaded our limited time free games to “do something” for disasters around the world at the time. It’s a small event, but there were so many people sharing the message and its idea for us. We are impressed by how great the power can be if we try to gather energy of people’s goodwill through this worldwide mobile platform. And thus, an idea came to us: Maybe, if we can transform this great momentum into practical and long term social-care energy, we will make big difference to the world?

So, two years later, we have created a small all-in-one game platform named “HuaXu Game Space II” between our work efforts. It’s an expansion of our small dream two years ago.

To know more about this app please go to:

To let more people know about this app, and for the recent disasters of Boston explosion, Texas explosion and Lushan earthquake in Sichuan, we will put all our games to free again from now to the end of May. We will choose a reliable way to donate 80% of all our income from these free games to people who are hurt in these accident. And we will donate 80% of all income of HuaXu Game Space II from US and CN store and 10% from worldwide store in May too.

Just like two years ago, what we wish in return is anyone who happen to see this and luckily get a free game can DO SOMETHING, no matter how small it is, even just telling people who are suffering that you care about them.

If you really don't know what to do or say, please tell people about this game platform and find a proper place on internet to leave a message:

"Bless the nice people around the world, bless people who are hurt in Boston, Texas, and Sichuan. We love and care about each other. We offer help for each other."
Because inner issues, we are working on a re-programmed version of Crystal Soul, please only download this version when it is free.

You can also try our NDS version which has lots of new elements!

AppSpy (3/5):
"Crystal Soul is a formidable puzzler and one that can be a lot of fun"

"Enter Crystal Soul: a game that could do with more explanation but certainly has some great ideas. "

TUAW's Daily App:
"an excellent title that's worth full price"
"real hack-and-slash feel to the action"

Touch Arcade Forum:
"an unique puzzle game is waiting for you, polished and fun to play."
"cool and has a great replayability"
"totally recommend this game on what it is and also kind of what it isn't."

We deeply thank for all the compliments above as well as their advices, and are constantly improve our works according these advices!

Game Features

- Puzzle + RPG
Choose from Swordsman, Mage or Ranger to start your adventure, you can select your favorite, or just experience all the difference. Each class has its own skills which can be great help while finishing quests.

- Deep Strategy
Players must know their character and use skills wisely to survive longer. Skills combo, pass a round, grab treasure chests, gather energy gem to receive maximum score... All these strategies leads you to victory and higher scores.

- 4 kinds of landscapes
In you adventure, you will have to travel through 4 kinds of landscapes; each landscape has its own main species, which means you have to adjust your strategy due to limited kinds of energy source and hence, limited skill usage. Use your wits to get through!

- 2 classic Game Modes
Enjoy the trip inside Adventure Mode to conquer challenges of different maps and conditions; or have fun in classic Survival Mode to chase infinite highscore!

- Support Openfeint and Game Center
Compete your scores with players worldwide on both Adventure and Survival leaderboard!

Customer Reviews

  • Good game

    by Levithepb

    Game is super fun, however frequently crashes, especially when beating certain levels.

  • Neat game, crashes every time

    by violencenow

    I like this game a lot but it crashes after level 5 every time. I'll be happy when it is patched.

  • Strategy + Pop-3

    by .zeushie.

    Despite how it looks, this isn't really an RPG, or a match 3, or anything of the sort. It's a pop-3 game, with strategy elements thrown in. And it's fun, if that's your thing. Cute graphics, too. However, it's a bit short, the level difficulty cycles back down after every 5 levels (ie a bit easy), and - this is the main thing - it's rather prone to quit on you just as you complete one of the boss levels. Not before, not after. That's slightly annoying, devs. Otherwise, pretty cool game.

  • Great fun

    by GamrZer0

    •most of the bugs mentioned were fixed in the last update. That said, this is a great little game pick up and play for 5 minutes or an hour. Nice mix of match/rpg with strategy as well. You do need to plan a few moves ahead so you don't get stuck.

  • Bloody Fun Day meets Diablo?

    by Lord Gek

    I like this game! Pick one of the game's 3 classes and gather various manas to powerup skills and meet level objectives. There is also a Survival mode in which you are simply tasked with making as many points as possible by killing bosses and scoring huge combos (by clearing consecutive groups of the same color or popping consecutively large groups of 6+ beasts). My only whine at this point is that the combo meter (that gemmed belt like thing up on the top of the screen in the third image) up top is VERY hard to read (i.e. tell if any of the gems are lit up) to know quickly if your next move will have it's score multiplied.

  • Has hit potential, but falls short.

    by ikuinen

    It's an okay game, but if you do the following, you will have a 5-star hit on your hands: Fix bugs; Auto-center (this is a big one!); Add some real RPG features like discoverable/equippable items and attacks; Maybe add gold coins as an element to spend at a store for upgrades; Have different (and longer, more dynamic) music for each of the 5 areas, as the current music is way beyond annoying.

  • Lots of fun, but buggy

    by 007 Benny

    Some bugs make the otherwise addictive and fun app rather frustrating. The centering/scrolling issue is very annoying and should have been fixed before the game was ever released. The app also crashes out when playing as Mage (swordsman seems rather stable) regularly. Please fix these issues and you'll have a 5-star app.

  • Fun Matching

    by SaintCurmudgeon

    Not a bad little match game. Especially like the ability to work through each level quickly.

  • Walk your board!

    by RustySpyky

    This is my first game among match 3 kind that allows me to walk around th eboard to defeat monsters! RPG mechanics and match3 mix, kinda weird but quite fun.

  • Optimize

    by Garedasentorabalekinkasortab

    Please optimize for the larger screen of the iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5, and please add an iPad and iPad mini version. I will add 5 stars if this is fixed.

  • Unstable

    by Thank you Sid Meier

    This app has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, I've never gotten more than three minutes of play time before the it crashes. I'm running iOS 5.0.1 on a 4s.

  • Could be a good game. If it worked.

    by K_Langoso

    On an iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1, it crashes a lot. Never gets past a certain point in the tutorial, needed 5 tries to qo past the 1st level because it crashed the other 4 times. It's not worth it even at "free". Look again when (if?) they provide an update, since it's been 7 months since the last update.

  • great idea--crashes

    by Sum owner of a new dragon

    4 stars if crashes fixed another star for a bit of an rpg crashes from tutorial level and first level. fun game, but you cant pass anything. FIX THIS

  • Seems Fun but Crashes Too Much

    by Anonnnnnnn

    I can't get past the tutorial due to crash bugs. Hopefully the devs can fix the bug I submitted. Seems like it could be a fun game.

  • Awful!

    by Anthrus

    One word: crashes! Crash crash crash. Waste of time and should not be on the app store as buggy as this is

  • Doesn't work

    by Acegikmo20

    Read all reviews. This game not only stops after reaching a certain level, but it constantly crashes. Was playing the tutorial, crash. So I went onto play regular mode, got to the end of lvl 1, was about to go to the gate to finish, crash. It's no wonder this game dropped its price to free, everyone was probably asking refunds for this piece of crap

  • Boring!

    by RazielJatier

    Lacks strategy, lacks role playing, lacks action, lacks puzzle. This games gestures at all of the above, but fails to be worth playing.

  • A great game but...

    by robbyday33

    Look, this is a really good game and all, but it ALWAYS freezes at the fifth level for ALL players. I wish I could give it five stars, but I just can't give a flawed game that's impossible to beat any more then one star, sorry.


    by Wolfe.M

    This is definitely an addictive game, but it crashes too much which makes it unplayable. You cannot get past the first set of levels because it crashes on the very last move of the first level. Please update and fix all these problems and I'll give it at least 4 stars!

  • Wth

    by Phatty226310

    This game is addictive but the fact that you hit a bug at level 5 that won't let you continue? annoying... Oh well fun way to pass time

  • Concept was good.

    by .SJ.

    Concept of game playing was good: every action spend life-power(violet color) including earning it. However still not support retina display. And it couldn't sync the data with game center. Most critical fault is auto-centering bug. I can't find way out gate by scroll of the map. No way. ps. Surprise ending is waiting for you: you save kingdom. And several sentences. Blah, Blah. OMG.

  • Boring

    by pholly

    The graphics are bad but not as bad as the boring gameplay.

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