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Take on the role of a professional contract killer in the Assassin Quest - Restaurant!
The man inside the restaurant is protected by armed guards and is holding a secret files on a data drive.
Get inside the restaurant, eliminate your target and escape the restaurant. Good luck!

Use your finger to point & click on the environment. Figure out a way into the restaurant and how to kill your target before escaping the restaurant!

Customer Reviews

  • A delightful little freebie

    by fairlind

    I disagree with previous reviewers; this game is not difficult, no need to make target objects more distinguishable. I did have to consult a walkthrough toward the end, and it still took a bunch more taps for the wardrobe to open, so controls are an issue. Tweak those, and you'll have a winner.

  • Ok

    by Rex56349744

    But no instructions need better improvements

  • Cool

    by Headpro123456789009874

    I felt like an assasin

  • Nice!

    by Jellyblanco

    Pretty cool feel

  • SStupidest piece of crap ever

    by Pee on my poop41

    I can't even figure out what the heck I'm supposed to freaken do

  • Very amateur effort

    by Gudlyf

    You don't get your money's worth with this one. Completed in all but ten minutes and really made little sense. Graphics were OK and ... That's it. Do not waste your time.

  • Game idea has potential...

    by PapaFreak76

    You will never be like the Hitman series with crappy controls like this. Update it and make it better or take it off the App Store.

  • Could be so much better!

    by Elizabeth Bertekap

    As I was going through this game the images were beautiful, however, it was almost impossible to figure out what you had to do and where you had to go. I'm not saying to tell them exactly, but at least make objects that are needed somewhat distinguishable from the entire scene, even if it is only when the cruiser goes over an object. Either that or make it like an I spy game and tell them what they need to find, so that way they aren't just randomly clicking around the screen, hoping that they will pick up what they need. Also, what you need to do with objects needs to be much clearer. I was struggling for hours trying to figure out what to do with them, and I found out by accident that you had to combine certain objects. Perhaps have the main character also be a type of narrator to help guide you through what you have to do? Last but not least, I feel like there needs to be a bit more of a back story. Either with the agency, the assassin, or the victim. I believe that there needs to be a reason behind something! This might just be a personal opinion, but I like games better when there is something driving a character due to an event in their past. The best thing about this game were its images, however I believe that there needs to be a bit more than just that being good.

  • Boring

    by NicNasty032

    You poison the guy.... Then it asks if you want to replay

  • Stuck

    by Katymae914

    I kept pressing the screen and nothing would happen. Looks cool but I can't play it! Frustrating!!!

  • This game

    by FREDoRamirez

    No instructions and its hard to know how to join things. Bad graphics and poor touch calibration.

  • Very bad navigation

    by jena1113

    Bad navigation and too short storyline.

  • How do you play this? Hahaha

    by Thisguy1905

    How do you play this? Hahaha

  • No instructions

    by Movetheboxking

    The game doesn't tell you how to play

  • Horrible

    by Jehehxjsjcnandk

    Bad graphics not touch sensitive at all good story line but the worst to play

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