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Escape game with 3d graphic and interesting scenario.You don’t remember how you found yourself at the abandoned attic.
You need to find the way to get out of here!

Customer Reviews

  • Not a bad little freebie

    by fairlind

    But the pointer did get in the way, and the items were a bit hard to see on an ipod.

  • Mr

    by Mandymo63

    I was enjoying this game except for trying to choose an item to use. The inventory window at the too scrolls back & forth rapidly & barely allows you to choose an item, & when you do it's the wrong one as it has scrolled so fast you hit the wrong one. I finally just deleted this game because it wouldn't allow me pick up tiny objects. I clicked & clicked on it for about 15 minutes but it wouldn't pick it up. I was able to the first time after about 10 or so tries , so I assume the fault is my equipment perhaps. Otherwise it was an enjoyable game.

  • Hate this maker!!

    by Daniele4434

    So there are no puzzles,so we have to figure out how to put items together to escape,that wouldn't be that bad,but WHY do you have to make a pointer like there would be on a computer? The controls are so difficult !

  • Senseless

    by SpeedwayMeadows

    Thank goodness someone somehow created a walkthrough, because the "solution" to the "problem" makes absolutely no sense. An excellent example where Free is still a bad deal.

  • Doesn't make sense

    by das thwapp

    There are no puzzles at all. Just point and click. The inventory interface is difficult to use and the use of the items is pointless. The game was a little too easy, except for the fact that you just had guess in at some things

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