High 5 Casino Real Slots Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: High 5 Games
  • Updated: Nov, 08 2013
  • Version: 1.6.0
  • Size: 44.93 MB

Languages: English

Seller: High 5 Games

- 2 new games are available to play on mobile. Win big in The Dream and Shadow of the Panther!
- We’ve optimized game load times so you’ll be spinning the reels in nearly no time at all!
- Play your free spins quicker than ever with improved lobby loading speed.
- Various bug fixes and improvements.

We’re constantly working to improve your player experience! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please e-mail us at support@high5games.com.

Customer Ratings

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10 Ratings
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184 Ratings


NOTE: High 5 Casino Real Slots is designed for iPad 2 and higher, iPhone 4 and higher, and iPod Touch 4th and 5th generations running iOS6 and above. Devices older than those listed may experience performance issues. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Experience the thrill of real slot gaming anywhere in the world with High 5 Casino!

Enjoyed by millions on Facebook, High 5 Casino now brings the casino floor to your mobile device. Players love High 5 Casino because it provides a REAL slot experience - for FREE. High 5 Casino only features hits from premier game creator High 5 Games. High 5 Games has created hundreds of games that are known for their unique artistic style, engaging gameplay, and innovate features. Play now. Play real. Play anywhere.

Slot players love High 5 Casino because:
-It's FREE to play, every day!
-You can play nine different games, including smash hits Dangerous Beauty and Double Da Vinci Diamonds, right off the bat!
-Exciting new games are constantly being added!
-There are plenty of special promotions and opportunities to win coins, spins, and more!
-The games at High 5 Casino have the same graphics, music, and features as real slot machines.
-Players can log-in using their Facebook account, create a PlayReal account, or play as a guest.
-It's always available - anytime, anywhere.

High 5 Casino provides an interactive social platform which is an exciting and entertaining web/application based gaming resource for engaging users in an interactive environment. However, due to the authentic nature of High 5 Casino's games, High 5 Casino requires all participants to be age 18 years or older to play. By downloading the app, you agree you are at least 18 years old and comply with all local laws pertaining to social gaming.

Customer Reviews

  • Zooom

    by Super Bellatoni Kart

    Still the best slots! Faster load times now too

  • Freezes a lot, fails to load

    by Brent Voorhees

    I was having nearly no issues with this app until about a day ago. Now it won't load any of the games regardless of how good my internet connection is, I enjoy this game and I would like to be able to play it. Idk how many other people are having the same issues as me but it is very annoying.

  • Cannot play 55 unopened games on Facebook

    by Groves girl

    Love most of the games that I am able to play. I am on level 94 but still have 54 games that I am unable to open and play on Facebook on my IPad. My friend can play on Facebook and has been able to open all of her games using desktop. Get mobile. My big reward for reaching Level 100 was to open another game that I cannot play.

  • Good

    by Drew708

    Good game. Just like the casino

  • Much faster load times!

    by Lucky42z

    Great improvement. Much faster!

  • High 5

    by Loge97

    Best slot game out there! Please hurry and add the slots that say coming soon.

  • Open the machines

    by Youginemeanickname

    I spin I Winn but the game won't open. What's ip????

  • Fun but getting boring

    by Pat3221

    This app needs an update with the new games being available. Opened over ten games that aren't available yet and haven't seen one update that adds games. Also the app does tend to freeze a lot.

  • Awesome App!

    by I love High5!

    This app is so much fun. I can collect my 4 hour bonus credits wherever I am. It's beautifully designed and I love that I can play on the go! It sometimes loads a little slow but I have no doubt that High 5 Casino is working on that. Everyone should definitely give it a try! Spin your worries away friends!

  • Super Fun!

    by Laineybird385

    This app is great! I love playing such high quality slots on my phone! I recommend this app to slot enthusiasts and causal fans alike!

  • New 2

    by New1212

    Nice game but some of the in app games are not available even though they are unlocked. Please add them!!! (It says coming soon to app. When are they coming to app????)

  • Love this game!!!

    by JHWeese

    Please put the times back like you had them. I really really liked being able to get your bonus ANYTIME within a four hour period. It was awesome not to have to watch the clock. It was a freedom you don't get on other games.

  • Love High 5 Casino!

    by Alicharli

    Great slot app, so happy to have all my favorite Facebook slots available on my iPhone.

  • The wait is over!

    by Raphazinha

    Love High 5 Casino games! Very happy to play my favorite slots on the go. Can't wait for more games!

  • Great

    by Jlarue

    Love this app.good selection of games. Keep up the good work.

  • Glad it is here

    by Gramis2325

    So far I am very happy! Can't seem to put it down!

  • Still some glitches

    by angelyze

    Still some things they need to work out. I get connection timed out errors quite frequently when I launch the app. Wish all the games were on there, but I understand it'll take time. Fix the bugs and it'll be great.

  • Love this slots but

    by OpenFeint Fan

    I have to keep downloading the slots each time to play and it takes forever to download. Does not finish downloading sometimes so I'll just close the app and get discouraged to play.

  • So excited I can play my phone

    by Karinarina08

    This was my favorite slot game on Facebook and I hope it will still be just as awesome once I started playing on my phone. I heard a lot of problems with losing games and redownloading the app, I'm just gonna give it a spin and see what happens. These were my faves!

  • Great app - looks fantastic

    by Lucky42z

    Keep adding games!

  • This game is so slow

    by Review only as last resort

    Takes forever to spin. Boring.

  • Locked games

    by Top job 70

    Twice got three in a row to unlock 2 games, got nothing. Poor way to design a game, very poor.

  • Used to be fun

    by Jsheissshsb

    Will not load at all was fine yesterday what the heck. If not repairs will delete forever you will lose a once loyal player and customer. Very poor customer service

  • Garbage

    by No win situation

    Started out as a fun game; very entertaining. The reels actually hit big pretty often. But that was only to reel you in to make you give this game a high rating. Now after a couple months, this garbage doesn't hit at all. Very typical for a IGT app. I was told by friends who work at our local casino to stay far away from IGT machines. Now I see why. Very fraudulent company.

  • Going to delete

    by OpenFeint Fan

    Interface is just too slow on my mini ipad. Loading time for each slot or to navigate is too slow for me. Thought the update would fix this but not.

  • Slow slow slow

    by Mercurygs

    This app needs work. I play on my computer and it's great fun. Too bad app isn't the same

  • Bumps Me Out

    by TotalKitty

    While I like many of the games here, the connection is lousy. I am on an iPad 2 using the latest IOS 7 and the games take a long time to load. The games also close out when I get a big hit or go into a bonus round. Why can't these glitches be fixed. I'll look for something else.

  • Bumps Me Out

    by TotalKitty

    While I like many of the games here, the connection is lousy. I am on an iPad 2 using the latest IOS 7 and the games take a long time to load. The games also close out when I get a big hit or go into a bonus round. Why can't these glitches be fixed. I'll look for something else.

  • Disappointed

    by Ramwem

    I just don't seem to win on anything on the ipad app. It's very slow loading and I seldom hit a bonus. It just doesn't work like the Facebook app. I just wasted over 300k in chips and got nothing.

  • Garbage

    by No win situation

    I was going to write a negative review stating what is wrong with your game, and then I realized it is an IGT game. That says it all right there. Corrupt, fraudulent, and the tightest reels of all casino games. Stay far away from this one. DO NOT pay a cent to play this garbage.

  • How frustrating

    by Turkeylady3

    If u play on mobile and u unlock a game usually U have to go to ur PC to play those slots. the problem is. Most slots u play on mobile will Not download on PC They download so far then stop. And one of glitches of this app u can't press lobby when slot freezes it won't work. I have to exit whole app snd go back in. Some of these slots that don't open have been played numerous times on PC. don't know y have to download slot each time u exit snd go back in. My husband had tried 7 slots to download. All get stuck at various percentages of download. Again making u exit whole app. They should have a lobby button that works to get u out of a slot that won't download Doesn't make a lot of us want to stay with the app

  • Fed-Up!!!

    by Peeps6512

    I play the games and a few turns it logs off!! I'm losing credit!! I think you give all players more credits for this reason after you get this fixed!!!!!

  • Bad

    by Jsheissshsb

    The update now will not load the store so that credits may be purchased. Just logs out. Fix it. Now the gems will not download. What the hell this is frustrating and pissing off your customers. You are losing us

  • How frustrating

    by Turkeylady3

    On PC I get awarded a game go to game have to exit and reenter the slot 20+ times to get it downloaded finally finished hit spin and game freezes. This had happened on at least 3 slots

  • Very upset

    by SuzSee

    I want my money back. I can't even play the games!

  • Bad

    by rsgrieger

    This app doesn't work. Didn't even turn on.

  • Not worth the download

    by Slot queen 62

    Can't open game it states I am not connected to the internet. Needs improvement real bad then when you get in it wants you to connect with Facebook. Is Facebook the maker of these games now

  • App not well thought out

    by Fish fix

    What the purpose of unlocking games on spin for it to say "play now " and then under that says "coming soon to app". What's the reason for unlocking if I can't play. Also have to download every game every time i go to play. Which takes at least 30 mins. How boring. U guys need to learn how to run an app

  • No Go

    by Vannaconda

    Since the latest update, none of the available games are able to download and open on my IPhone 5, as they were able to do before the update. Hence, I can no longer play them on my phone. Very upset!

  • Love it and hate it

    by Me99999900000909999900

    It crash to much

  • Is not working!

    by pinky_476

    Something is wrong with the update. Try to play a game and download other in iPad.

  • Nor Ready for Prime Time

    by &6;?2 Godot6&".?!

    Get ready to wait...like 30 minutes to load a game to IPhone using Wi Fi. Better put it on the charger and disable "auto shutdown". It will restart the load at zero. Best to wait a year for them to fix this mobile ap. Great game on computer. Too bad about the ap.

  • Meh

    by Enough already...

    App keeps crashing. Can't play games.

  • App is a joke

    by Bkaylogs

    Beautiful graphics on games but they never allow you to win unless you buy tokens. THEN you only win for a few spins. This app is all about taking money and not allowing you to play unless you keep buying. Do not recommend this app unless you got lots of $$ to blow!

  • Update no good

    by Lady Arcadia

    I was hoping the updates would fix the issues. Games lock up, spin button doesn't work, extreme lag. Complete junk. It's a shame.

  • Terrible

    by Pyszka1

    Awful payouts. Bonus is awful. They make you pay to play. Not to mention connection problems. Download times are insane! #notimeforthat

  • Vx

    by Zenniday

    Bought coins and never showed up

  • Top rate and first class (no wins)

    by Lissybee25

    There seems to be a problem since last update. NO MORE WINS.... I have played and played and have not won. I had a great score but now continue to just lose. No bonus rounds either. This is by far the best gaming app of all and will soon be in the number one spot. It will not take long. Very enjoyable, entertaining and a true gaming experience. I have loaded many gaming apps and deleted just as many, this app will never be deleted from my favorites. I absolutely treasure this app. :-)

  • Awesome app!!!

    by Gamblin gidget

    Excellent win combos, best graphics.....period!

  • Love, but frustrated

    by Abby_Nicole

    This slot game is fantastic but I'm having issues since the latest update. Suddenly all of my slots need to be re-downloaded. That wouldn't be much of an issue, but instead of it only being the first time I open the slot, it is every time for some of the slots. They take forever to download!

  • Wish I could play it

    by Janice Alston

    App will not open on my ipad..

  • Useless

    by Mr z28

    It appears on the top half of the screen on the iPad so you can't do anything with it.

  • Stupid

    by Naugle11

    Do not download. Crashes every time I open it. Needs alot of repairs. -1 star. Deleted .

  • Nothing

    by Baily3234

    App won't open on iPad!!!

  • Won't load

    by Woffster

    After the second day, app won't connect. Plus you can't make your guest account into a registered one so no way to play online

  • Crashes

    by NoobStatus

    First it wouldn't load. Now since the update I can open a slot but then it crashes when I hit the spin button.

  • High 5 casino app

    by Scatter box

    Cannot open the app. Disappointed

  • Mobile

    by Tmj99202

    PLEASE consider opening ALL slot games up for play on IPhone and IPad! I love this app, but frustrating that a lot of the games are only for computer play. I would rate this app #1 if it weren't for that.

  • Not good

    by Playnsnack

    Won't open on my iPad.

  • Slot

    by Rob frame

    You should be able to play all the slot games on your phone

  • Every slot app

    by TokiWartoof

    Does not pay on all "99" or "30" lines as advertised. Only pays when convenient. I wonder why? Perhaps to promote in-app purchases? Also, at least half the games are "coming soon" and as such are unplayable.

  • H5C Rules!

    by nedsnydr

    Just like being at the Casino.

  • High five casino

    by Queen bee 1025

    I love this app...the games are awesome. I wish you could play all the games on your iPad, but you can only play 8 of them on the iPad...the rest of them you have to play on your computer. The games are the same as in the casinos. Love, love, love!

  • Ipad

    by Abel Serrano

    No good no open in my ipad 11-14-14

  • High 5 goodness 3.5 stars

    by MlleMurray

    So happy this app is finally here. But! Games load slow. Spins are erratic and my biggest rant is when I collect my $$, timer says it will be ready in 17 min. I go back to collect and it say 4 hrs. I can collect first thing in the am but can't hit another collect after that Otherwise I'm thrilled it's finally here. Fix the bugs. And you get 5 stars. I'm playing on iPhone 5.

  • AWFUL!!!

    by fferrett

    Can't open app on iPad 2, I was really looking forward to playing this game, now is looked forward to deleting the app - PLEASE FIX

  • Looks like fun but

    by TestamentFan

    Looks fun but every time I try to play a game it shuts down back to home screen please fix

  • Will not load

    by halomom17

    I have the system requirements but it won't load. No support.

  • iPad

    by Red9255

    I can play on my PC but having trouble downloading on my iPad. Love the games

  • Love this casino!

    by Just Judi

    I play this on Facebook so when I saw there was an app I was really excited. HOWEVER... APP CLOSES BEFORE IT LOADS!! When I try to contact app support it takes me to Facebook.... NOT HAPPY! Please fix this!!! Still not fixed.... And I have an iPhone 5c iOS 7.0.3

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