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Seller: Halfbrick


Get ready! This is the biggest update we have ever made to Jetpack Joyride! Strap yourself in because you ARE going for a ride!!


Barry’s hijacked a giant mechanical robot unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Collect three tokens to activate S.A.M. but be prepared for a fight. You’ll be up against a huge wave of menacing missiles!


Activate S.A.M. five days in a row to unlock exclusive outfits! There are 16 to collect including the Jacket of Doom, Snowman Outfit, Fighter Pilot Helmet and more.

Those who do not wish to complete five consecutive challenges can also purchase each costume in The Stash. Barry’s wardrobe is now bigger than ever!


The scientists at Legitimate Research have taken the blueprint for Santa's Sleigh and pimped it out with rocket-powered robotic reindeer!

This is one seriously heavy-duty sleigh and it is only available for a strictly limited time. Buy it now to add a new vehicle to the garage and bring some yuletide greetings your way!

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You're going for a ride - from the creators of FRUIT NINJA! Now updated to support the beautiful Retina display for the new iPad!

** Winner **
- Apple Design Award 2012!
- Pocket Gamer - Best Action/Arcade Game 2012
- Pocket Gamer - iPhone/iPod Touch Game of the Year 2012
- Pocket Gamer - Overall Game of the Year 2012
- Gamasutra Mobile Game of 2011
- TUAW Best iPhone Game of 2011
- UGO iOS Game of the Year
- Game Revolution Best Mobile Game 2011
- App Store Rewind, iPhone Game of the Year Runner-up!


Suit up with a selection of the coolest jetpacks ever made and take to the skies as Barry Steakfries, the lovable hero on a one-way trip to adventure! From the creators of the worldwide phenomenon Fruit Ninja comes the action-packed Jetpack Joyride, Halfbrick's most anticipated iPhone game ever!


"This is seriously my favorite iPhone game right now. I don't care if you have to go donate blood to afford it, do what you have to do." -- Touch Arcade

"Likely the best dollar you'll spend this summer." -- MTV

"Jetpack Joyride is, quite simply, an amazing game." -- IntoMobile

"Like all the best mobile games, Jetpack Joyride is criminally simple." -- Kotaku

"We are already blown away. Halfbrick looks like they have another hit on their hands." -- AppAdvice

“A miracle, by all accounts.” - PocketGamer


Join Barry as he breaks in to a secret laboratory to commandeer the experimental jetpacks from the clutches of science evildoers. After lift-off, simply touch the screen to ascend and release to descend, raining bullets, bubbles, rainbows and lasers downwards as you fly towards higher and higher scores!

You'll start off with the legendary Machine Gun Jetpack to scatter the evil scientists, but throughout each game you'll collect coins and complete missions to earn cash and buy new gear in The Stash! Pick your favorite jetpack, snazzy outfit and stock up on items then get back out there for more action!

Keen reflexes are your best weapon to avoid the obstacles in your path. These include lasers, electricity fields and even guided missiles, but thankfully this is a top secret lab - there will be even more goodies to pick up and help Barry along the way. Stay out of harm and you'll reach massive scores, unlock Achievements and beat your friends on the online leaderboards!

Get a boost of speed and power using the Lil' Stomper, Profit Bird and Crazy Freaking Teleporter, just a selection of the vehicles pickups available - all playable with one touch controls. You can even splash out and upgrade the vehicles with coin magnets or shiny gold plating for that bonus style factor!

Stay alive, get funky and lose yourself in Jetpack Joyride. There's so much to see and do, all the time in the world and more than enough jetpacks! As always, Barry Steakfries will provide!



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- The ability to purchase optional content using real money. You can disable in-app purchases in the settings menu of your device.
- Promotional material for Halfbrick products and trusted business partners.
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Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by alittleunder9000

    But I would like it if flashes profit birds mouth opens

  • Awesome

    by luluh13

    I love this game I always did, it's amazing

  • WOW

    by Ninjago-man

    I love the S.A.M. Machine. It's awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • Good game :)

    by Minecraftwolf88

    Good game but if you want more players you shuld add a mega robot if you collect a robot coin!!!!!:)

  • Great time killer!

    by Penduskie

    Love it!!!

  • jetpack joyride

    by itachi46

    it so awsome wjoa follow me in twiter @garibo joel

  • Excelente juego

    by K9004

    Muy bueno recomendado

  • Best app ever

    by KOZ Ninja

    This is probably one of my favorite games of all time. The only thing I ask for Halfbrick to change is to bring back the old jetpacks. Otherwise it's one of the best games ever created.

  • Really Nice

    by sam3/25

    I really like this game. The game is simple to play with and is very addicting! The SAM challenges are really awesome, and I like all the gadgets. Here are some things I want Halfbrick to add: I wish you could make the game so I could use more than two gadgets like four gadgets. Also, Can you make it so that I can choose if spin tokens are in the game in settings? I am not really a fan of slots. And the prices for in app purchases are sort of high, but overall, this game is great! Five Stars:

  • Love this game

    by DCFREAK702

    I don't know why my friends at my school keep saying go to flappy bird because they say its the same thing and I can't see that they are the same thing any ways I love this game beat the game 10 times now and still love it.

  • A few flaws

    by 020604Matt

    This absolutely not a bad game but I can't get over the fact that they put the Jetpacks on sale.For around a month I couldn't get the diy Jetpack. I stayed up all night once just to get the golden piggy bank Jetpack because it was on sale.The other thing is the S.A.M. I got the game after the S.A.M update and it hasn't let me collect any letters for the S.A.M. Pleas fix these two things. If your reading this halfbrick (keep up the good work.)

  • Pretty good

    by Colerding

    Good for passing the time

  • Amazing from the beginning

    by Marigi 201

    Eye catching and addicting coming from a long time fan, way to go guys and gals!

  • Awesome

    by jakethegreat583

    How about jet pack joyride 2

  • Awesomely addicting game

    by Erik.Hughes

    Great for hand-eye coordination!

  • Sweet jets!

    by Nate Grossman

    I love this game. It is the perfect mix of challenge and consistency. The new packs and gadgets are worth the time and it's a perfect game for those quick breaks. This game has been such a blast to play. Goodbye little ninjas hello rocketeer.

  • Great game, unlike some games

    by tdparker

    This game is great! It is better then a lot of game and not many bugs! There is great sensory and is easy to use. If you are reading this I recommend it

  • Awesome game

    by !!!Hannah!!!

    I love it. It is awesome I totally recommend it. It is so addicting and fun

  • Sunk

    by MShi8

    So much hours. Addicting game

  • Good game. A little repetitive though.

    by Hancider

    This is a pretty good game. Not too much to it but it's challenging. Sometimes it gets a little repetitive but that isn't a big problem for a mobile game because you can stop and then come back later and play again.

  • Wow!!!

    by Neighborhood Spartan

    Now my dump time has quadrupled.

  • Bug

    by Hdjjdbrvhdidbbr

    The last two times I was about to complete "a clean slate" the prizes reset to the first one. I just thought I'd throw that out there

  • A Commendable Distraction

    by julianne123

    While it doesn't have a lot of lasting appeal and replayability, the gadgets are very entertaining and its fast-paced, hectic gameplay is great for car trips and such.

  • All items should be in restore purchases for your gamecenter account

    by Booooooooooo butt

    All in game items should be restore able including coins because all my stuff is gone because the game has a bug where it dosent load and now is no longer have all my jet packs. It took me one year to do it all and in app purchases of coins and now I'm level one again.half brick you need to help by making sure all items are restorable because I put money and hours into the game and now it's all gone.i love the game but now it's not as fun without all the gadgets and items in the game.please I'm begging you half brick bring all items back into game including jetpacks cloths and special items.give every player a chance to get every item by giving them the amount of coins it takes to buy every thing then more players equals more cash for you please make this real for the games sake

  • Awesome game

    by Usnusmcret

    Would love to see a counter (ex., brush past 40 flashing lights in one game) so I would know how close I would be to accomplishing task.

  • Good

    by XxcreepypastaxX123

    Really fun and addictive game. Very action packed

  • Game

    by 1d12345678

    It used to be really fun, until it started crashing. Why does it do that?! Please fix!!

  • Explosive fun!

    by RuBiXxX

    I just wish it was more than one hit til u die. Like 3 hits or something. But other than that it's great.

  • Sexy!

    by Dirty Clinic

    Love this game. Doesn't lag like stupid flappy bird game does.

  • Pretty good

    by Kruzcontrol

    Although it's hard to get coins to pay for new jet packs it's a good game , it's difficulty isn't too hard like flappy birds but this app is over all good (: burn it c;

  • Magnificent!

    by Akdebby

    This game is so fun! You'll NEVER get tired of it, and it is so awesome! You can play it without internet! I love this game.

  • Viciously addictive

    by Awfhofkrncsji

    For real

  • Years playing, still strong!

    by Sk1ven

    Very addicting gameplay

  • Great game, but has some things wrong...

    by And not fun

    Yes, this is a great game, but there are some thing s that they couldn't get exactly correct. 1. Some of the missions are REALLY repetitive: Every time I reset for more missions and I get a badge, I always see some of the same missions. I always see "Purchase and use The Nerd Repellant Gadget," "Run (however many meters in given vehicle) in a single run," and "Reach (this given distance) without collecting any coins." The missions need more variety, 2. (This one maybe debatable:) Jetpacks: Some of the Jetpacks may not be in the game or may have something up with them. In my version of the game, I have S.A.M. and most of the new Jetpacks, but for some reason I could not find the Leaf Blower Jetpack or the Party Jetpack. I don't know if those were in a special deal or something but, I don't have it. I would like to think that they are from S.A.M. but as far as I know only costume pieces are from S.A.M. It would be helpful if somebody could tell me the deal with those 2 Jetpacks. These two things are all I thought of right now. I don't think there are much flaws in the game, but I just find these two to stand out at me. This is an awesome game, but again, it could use riddling. Thank you :)

  • Crashing

    by Unusednickname22

    I love the game. Just thought I'd get that out there at the start. Recently, I got the urge to play the game again; I hadn't played in a long time. However, it took a ridiculously long time to load. When I started playing, I experienced lag, then a crash. I entered the game again and did a full playthrough, but afterwards, it crashed. I tried to reinstall the game, which resulted in my loss of progress, but not the crashing/lag problems. I don't know if there is a problem with the game or my device, but if it is the game, I thought I'd say this.

  • Best app

    by Claudia

    Best app in the world love it

  • Awesome!

    by Smile765

    This game is great! It is interesting and fun, but I wish there were more jet packs, like a party jet pack and a traditional jet pack.

  • Good game

    by #1jetsfan

    Good game

  • New updates

    by Jcl11teen

    Please make some new Achievements, it been awhile since updated those.

  • awesome

    by THE super cholo

    it's a nice app

  • Cool

    by Zeke the hipster

    Good game

  • Addicting

    by Cupcake Girl2369

    If you buy this game, I guarantee you will spend hours at a time playing and trying to beat Every. Last. Goal. But, as many of the other reviews say, they removed some of the jetpacks and replaced them. The new jetpacks and outfits are fine in my opinion, but I hope the others are put back in. Also, I get that an app needs to make money, but I don't get why everything needs to be so expensive. There's no way you will be able to get all of the jetpacks and clothes if 24 hours of playing only gets you enough to buy 2-3 jetpacks. Besides all that, this app is perfect. Only by playing this app will you be able to say that you high-fived a scientist while wearing a grass skirt, angel wings, a lei, and a halo to top it all off. Oh, and I can't forget SAM. Deflecting missiles with a mechanical arm is everyone's dream come true. At least it's mine.

  • Most awesome!

    by KJ3_84

    I really didn't know what to expect with this game, but it is totally cool!

  • App

    by Przewlocki

    This app is amazing what you should do is have a mission to break the lights on floor

  • Hvdjwnsj

    by Mattisbeast1938766482855

    This is the best game ever 5 stars

  • Amazing Game

    by Jrak193

    My preference, I love fast paced games like this.

  • Awesome

    by superblock37

    This is one of my favorite games I have and if you are reading this download now!!!!

  • Jet pack

    by San Money

    I live the motorcycle

  • So Much Better Than 'Flappy Bird'!!

    by Plain White Walls

    Very well-made, entertaining, fun game

  • Great game!

    by FatedScythe

    A good way to pass a little time!

  • Awesome

    by Cha cha derp derp

    It is really fun and addicting. You should get the game

  • Don't!

    by Sparkelz man

    Don't buy magnetic coins it's does not do anything horrible game

  • Get this app!

    by Dylanword

    I've had this app since 2011 and it has never had any problems. I saw my friend playing it one day and once he let me try I couldn't stop. It's so much fun, with obstacles everywhere, outfits to buy for your character, and jetpacks of course. The app doesn't require any money unless you want to buy extra coins. It's easy to get coins so it's easy to get new gear quick.

  • Best rates ever

    by ALFantactic

    Best game I've played on my iPod yet!

  • Great

    by from the 612

    Great but yet simple!

  • Awesome!!!!!!!!!

    by Krista King

    I love this game soooooooooo much best game ever

  • Amauri

    by Shorddie Mac

    This is the most amazing game I ever played

  • My review

    by AnnaEP

    It's super entertaining

  • Awesome game and one of the only ones i play

    by Brazileiro15

    Love it!!!!

  • best f ing thing ever!!!!!!

    by PvpPengin

    my all time faviorite game! :-0

  • I'm kinda starting to not like this game

    by Apes on a plane

    I started playing this game Along time ago when it had all of its jetpacks and clothes and after a certain update I started seeing clothes and jetpacks all together just expiring and suddenly all my stuff disappeared and I was forced to delete the app and now I thought It wouldn't hurt to down load the game again and there is a ton of over priced jetpacks and clothes... I feel like you need to buy coins to get ahead.... Please bring back the items you expired and and lower the prices a bit, I hope you read this good game-ish (not really all these ads are getting on my nerves)

  • This game is epic

    by ricky gonzalez

    I love this game you guys really went all out on this. Keep up the great work ,please let me know when you there will be a #2

  • Jet pack joyride

    by Sampy spider114

    Best game ever maybe even better than minecraf

  • by Follow me @kevindude12


  • Flappy Bird is a ripoff

    by DJMudo

    Of the Money Bird

  • Good

    by Pokemon711


  • Fun and addicting

    by Anita/Ryan

    Awesome game with gadgets and missiles!

  • Great

    by Pokeman828

    I love this app it is amazing and has that temple run addiction

  • Jesus Mendez

    by Tacoboy147278

    It's so fun and S.A.M is so much fun having!!!!

  • Great

    by drphil222

    This game is so addicting and a great way to have fun and kill time.

  • Crashes

    by Hotrod7509

    I love this game but I can't play it because every time I get Sam reward it crashes plz fix

  • Jetpack

    by carlos reyes

    Excelente app, me gusta y es muy buena en gráficas, gracias digan así no cambien jamás ...

  • Plz read

    by Me11174567

    This game is awesome but make a new update with Sam instead of waiting 30 min make it you have to travel 1000 m or more and ever turn it adds up intel u get 1000m that's when you get Sam again. It's just boring waiting 30 min just to unlock Sam make it that you have to play to unlock

  • Review

    by Zucchinininja


  • Horrible-In app purchases

    by Vbhjffhbifds

    I bought some coins and it charged me double and I got no coins. It's horrible. The game itself is pretty good.

  • The bomb

    by Liz_Yump

    Soo exhilarating

  • Great

    by Josh19981

    This game is full of fun

  • Perty cool

    by Blackops2sshhfrf

    Perty cool

  • Great game

    by nthom3912

    Had this game for a while. It keeps you busy.

  • FUN

    by If this were flappy birds :(

    I don't think this game can ever get boring

  • Absolute Must

    by Povarod

    The best endless running game. The missions system keep me entertained for how many minutes I have to spare. Only down point was the removal of some items from the store, like the piggy bank and the rainbow jetpack (this one is required to unlock an achievement, need fix).

  • 5 Stars

    by Shadowblackblade

    It is the most fun app ever!!!

  • Play this instead of Flappy Bird

    by Callmesali

    This does everything right that Flappy Bird did wrong. It has somewhat original artwork, you don't usually die within eight seconds of starting, it's challenging without being punishing, there are multiple goals at any given point that sometimes conflict with each other (this is good game design), and you can get right back into the action immediately after dying.

  • Jetpack Joyride

    by Lucas Becker

    Jet pack joy ride is the best app for customization the addicting game is played for hours by millions of people

  • Great Just Add more FUN

    by ccclllccc

    This game is amazing but you need to add something new. Make a new look for Barry or make a different jetpack or add more gadgets. You may also want to make a mini game in it where you fight a mini boss then at the end a leader boss. Please add one of these in your next update but by for this is the best app I have ever played

  • This game is great!

    by Maggie184783882

    I think that this game is great because it keeps you busy and it's just plain fun! I recommend Jetpack Joyride for everyone.

  • Best

    by Alli hiser

    I love it!!!!!!!

  • The best game!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Ilovejetpacks!!!!

    I never write reviews but this is the BEST game!!!!!! It's all worth it!!

  • Best game ever

    by Sgtwmacomb

    : ) :) :):):):):):):):):) I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????

  • Good game

    by EPIC THAD

    Love the music

  • I feel cheated

    by Whiteeagle18

    I have spent a long time playing this game seven days according to the in game stats. However the new changes like S.A.M. and the new outfits are frustrating. When they implemented the update they took away some of the outfits and jetpacks I had worked hard to earn only to make me earn them again! S.A.M. is a fun way to play except I have earned over 25 super head starts for getting S.A.M. 5 days in a row, but I haven't been able to use a single one! When I start a new game I don't get the option to use a super head start like I would if I bought it from the stash (in game store). This game is still very entertaining believe you me, but it needs an update to make it work properly again.

  • Bring back DJ berry

    by Save DJ berry

    I played this game 2 years ago and It was the most fun game EVER and I kept playing it just to get DJ berry. And then finally I got DJ berry and he was awesome I especially licked his song and I played with him every day until a update came so I got it and then DJ berry was gone I looked every where trying to get him back but I never did. My point is halfbrick made a big mistake taking him away and I want him back

  • game center

    by Mohkggujhghjggj

    i cant load my career in another iphone please make that available in next update thnx

  • Love it

    by W.O.P21

    Great game will entertain for hours.

  • Saddened

    by HELLFURY8820

    I played this game forever and then, boom! You took away my fantastic jetpacks! And the headphones? Come on half brick you can do better than that! And the sleigh of awesome and the jet ski shouldn't cost real money, maybe a lot of in game money but 5 bucks is a lot for just one vehicle. And one more thing, I want my traditional jetpack back :,(

  • Super game

    by Alivak

    The simple interface with the challenges keeps it interesting

  • Great!!

    by Kxxmermaid

    Soo fun and addicting. Get this app!!

  • Reveiw

    by pizzalover242

    The best most interesting game I've played... But some of my favorite jetpacks and costumes like the suit and top hat and the chrome plated afterburner have been replaced with some random (and kinda stupid) stuff. If you are reading this, please fix..

  • Awesome

    by Jesus-888

    Best game I have on my iPod

  • This game needs work

    by tobuscus fan

    Sam glitched and it said I got a fighter pilot helmet but I didn't get it... Please fix asap

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