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Seller: Halfbrick


Blades at the ready! This exciting expansion introduces an entirely new gameplay mechanic and puts a fresh twist on the juicy phenomenon you know and love. Prepare to test your reflexes like never before and keep coming back for even higher scores. It’s time to end the year with a bang!

Think you’ve already mastered Fruit Ninja? Think again! These exhilarating encounters will test all aspects of your fruit slicing skill set so be prepared for another wave of non-stop excitement!

Benjamin Blade – Make it rain!
Northern Lights Blade – Light up the sky.
Wind Blade – Makes slicing a breeze!
Comet Blade – For cosmic collisions.

Koi Pond – Here fishy, fishy, fishy!


Thanks for another incredible year! We couldn’t do it without your support!



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Millions of players all around the world are enjoying Fruit Ninja and its constant supply of free updates and new game modes - and now for players who haven't yet had a taste, Fruit Ninja Lite is ready to download at no charge!

The simple yet incredibly satisfying gameplay of Fruit Ninja is ready for action in Fruit Ninja Lite, which features a sample of Classic Mode, the exciting first game that started the phenomenon! Simply swipe the screen to deliciously slash and splatter fruit like a true ninja warrior - but be careful of bombs, which will put a swift end to your juicy adventure!

In Fruit Ninja Lite you can even get a taste of the Dojo, where your success in game can unlock awesome new backgrounds and blades! There are also a small sample of achievements to unlock, with three exclusive to Fruit Ninja Lite! You can also post your results on Twitter and Facebook, showing off your ninja skills to the world!

Fruit Ninja Lite is just a small sample of what the full Fruit Ninja has to offer, and within you can also check out a sneak preview of the three extra game modes - Zen Mode, Game Center Multiplayer and the brand new Arcade Mode! Each mode is unique, exciting and ready to play in the full version of Fruit Ninja, available worldwide for just 99 cents!

Enjoy Fruit Ninja Lite today and experience the quality of the original and the best slicer on iPhone!

Stay juicy!



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Customer Reviews

  • Love this game!!!!!!!!!

    by Kitten6379

    The fruit can take my frustration.

  • Good but not good

    by Sweggymasteryolo

    They should've kept where you unlock blades by objectives

  • Fruit ninja

    by Chris97653

    The game is the best game I now


    by EGP 0904

    I love the game fruit ninja, once I deleted it I realized it was a stupid move, my high score was 127 now my high score is 85 hopefully I will get a better score, I love your games Half brick I love the game jet pack joy ride also, but I think fruit ninja is the best game you have made so far , I am obsessed with this game!!

  • Fruit ninja

    by CjJeffers

    Great fun


    by Catmastr

    Tons of extras and achievements to shoot for! Great time passer!

  • Fruit ninja

    by Gillian980

    I used to play it all the time, but got bored then my brother got it on his kindle and now I am obsessed with it!

  • Excellent

    by LukesKid

    Cool Game!

  • Fruit Ninja

    by Draeysta

    My favorite game on the iPhone! I love it so much that I broke all my friends high score on there6 own iPhones. Till today they can't break it. AND if they DO, I make sure to break it again! Best game yet, and the only few on my iPhone.

  • Awsome

    by Jman6892

    Love this game.

  • It is fun

    by Jess105804

    Good way to kill time

  • Freezes but fun

    by Ilovemyniece123

    This game freezes a lot and it makes me lose my 3 fruit but it is very fun

  • Excelent

    by Waxlot

    Very good

  • Super great

    by Meminomyy

    Addicted to this game.

  • Amazing

    by louis'girl 3123

    This game is so entertaining where ever u go if u need a game this is the one

  • Game is awesome

    by EzzyJ

    Now that they added arcade mode the game is even better than it was before.

  • Ok

    by Cold Llama


  • Exciting

    by Dealzie

    I love the game. I like the duel. My son matt loves it!

  • Awesome

    by rodimusrhe

    See titke

  • Cool

    by Ykucyguddyj

    Awesome game

  • Yeah!

    by Katamira

    Fun game, I like it better on an iPad but still fun on an iPod:)


    by Huskysamzing

    I love this game the grafics are great and you don't have to use real money very often and anyone can play!!!!

  • Sweet!

    by mehcream85

    So fun - even for my 1 year old!

  • Fun

    by Buffalo Bruins

    My scury Is 62 it is ausm

  • crashes

    by Diamond_dont_where_it_out

    this game crashes me

  • crashes

    by Diamond_dont_where_it_out

    this game crashes me

  • Wow

    by Cherry $74



    by JHuaco

    I love this game! Addicted, and challenging.

  • Rocks!

    by Hailey treanor

    Love love love get this app love the details and game

  • Great game

    by Donsvilla

    This app is AWSOME I practice on here then head to d&b got to get if you don't have it

  • It's an ok game

    by Kayla Reisdorf

    This is a good game I would enjoy it more if there was different levels with new skills each level

  • by Bubbles42700

    Great game

  • Fabulous!

    by Louistommo228344

    This game will give you nothing but pleasure and fun.

  • Muito divertido!

    by Kerollkisses

    Gostei muito :)

  • 5 Stars!

    by Bethtaylor13

    This game is the best! It's so fun I love it!!

  • Fruit Ninja

    by Iheartjen

    I Love Fruit Ninja! It is awesome!!!

  • Nice

    by WanderTheGreat


  • Aaaaaaaammmmmmmmaaaaaaaazzzzziiinngg


    Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this game!

  • Very fun

    by Cod ghosts 123456789

    I love it

  • Good fun

    by Gnawrule

    I enjoy this

  • Fruit Ninja

    by Perfection Seal


  • Hooked!!!

    by Twister559

    I have sooooooooo much fun with this game!!!! Love it! Great game!

  • Fruit

    by Si!mba


  • Awesome

    by StarfishSloter


  • Awesome

    by Becca_boo960

    It is an awesome and it is addicting game to play

  • Fruit ninja

    by Previous95


  • Awesome!

    by Sueber111

    This game keeps me interested with challenges and awards! it is definitely addicting! However there are a lot of annoying ads under my thumbs

  • I love it

    by Tiger 47

    Fruit ninja is awesome. U will have so much fun slicing fruit u won't believe how hungry u will be for fruit when u are done. I cross my heart that u will love it. :) best game ever.

  • Great game

    by Tayy_x0

    I play this every second I get!!

  • Ms.

    by Gamer198223

    Fun game

  • Fruit ninja is awesome

    by BookA78

    Wonderful game me and my sister love it :))

  • Legal

    by Igor Carioca

    Muito legal o jogo! Recomendo

  • Awesome!

    by alexwohlwend3

    I love this game. It's totally awesome!

  • Slice

    by KingOfWeird

    Slice slice slice

  • awesome ninja

    by Deac01

    love this game til i am dead

  • In love with this game

    by Alebelliard

    I love this game so much ❤️

  • Fun

    by Blake1346

    Fun and addicting game.


    by Amber.Lotus21

    Fun, extravagant, & life-longing for a boring day. Just another candy crush.

  • Fruit ninja

    by Jorgi3girl1992

    Awesome game this and clash of clans rocks

  • Fun

    by Somebodyyyyyyy

    A fun game, no problems for me yet.

  • Fun

    by Popb2000

    This game is a lot of fun and not too difficult it's a game that you'll play for the first time and find yourself playing it a LOT.

  • Awesome Game!

    by McKenzieSimone

    I Love It!

  • Slow

    by Ninja_Slayer94

    It's slow every time I play you should fix it its not my iPod because my iPod is working fine and fast it is the app it's to play I rate it a four because of the slowness

  • Awesome

    by Jessthebeauty

    Omg I love this game it is so much fun because it is interesting and yeah you should really get this game

  • Fun when I'm bored

    by Lady Row

    Fruitttt ninja!!!! Very fun

  • Great App

    by Mollywhingo

    Good game lots of fun

  • It is soooooo fun

    by Happy gali

    I love it so much it is and very fun

  • So Fun

    by Despicable Me addict!!!

    This is a good game. 5 stars

  • Awesome

    by Leann4194

    Great game

  • Fruity

    by Goofy

    It's awesome. I love the little missions or objectives for star fruit. Makes it even more fun.

  • Slamin'

    by PartyPeteLadyRainACorn

    I love this fudging game bro!!!!

  • Fun and addictive

    by augimatic

    Fun and addictive perfect for that mindless moments of life

  • Amazing

    by #%^*=+%}]

    I love this game

  • haaaaaaa

    by Celeste O'Reilly


  • YEAH!!!!!!!

    by Bey0nd p4le

    I like it.

  • <3

    by Nini62401

    This is the best game ever!!

  • Handy time killer

    by Hazel94


  • I love this game

    by Skylar Keana Yvonne Thomas

    I really luv this game cause it's fun. All you have to do is slice fruit and the big fruit gets you more points. And that's why I like this game

  • Lovin' it

    by Jdawg4512

    I think this game is a game to play when you're bored, and its awesome

  • The funniest game

    by Hla ; )

    This is the funniest game because there is no winner & no loser !!!!!

  • Ninja king

    by .QUINTON.

    Love this game !!!!! My high score Is 287 !!!!!!

  • Fruit kill

    by 91 ford

    Great addictive game

  • Fruit Ninja

    by MikeyParksJr1

    This game is equally fun

  • Entertaining Game

    by Pop the rock

    Fruit Ninja is a very entertaining game to play. It is very fun and is worth installing. I hope you enjoy this game.

  • great

    by YeeeeZusChris

    Awesome game. New features but still the same at heart, i love it.

  • Awesome

    by Hoss1393

    Great game love playing it!!

  • Awesome

    by Livvi12

    Totally awesome! Great game.

  • Unfair

    by Courtneer

    I have a iPhone5c and I never earn anything in the dojo/sensi swag. I have logged in into my Game Center and nothing happened very upset

  • Fruit ninja

    by BritBrat912

    Love it, so much fun! The only game that keeps my nephew quiet !!!! Lol


    by Smoothgojo

    Fruit ninja is a good game for being bored and on the go everyone should play this game

  • Love it

    by Game ash

    I love this app so much if I could I would put 2,555000

  • Great game... But

    by Tayter :)

    I love this game and it has always been my favorite but I am deleting it because when I try to play on my iPod touch it freezes and is really slow.. Would love to keep it but it just makes me disappointed every time. It also doesn't let me stay signed in so I have to sign in every time and it's frustrating.

  • This is awesome!!!!!

    by Chozinvessel

    This is so cool and I love the bomb lover!!!!!!!!!

  • yaaas

    by dakotabenway27

    love this game. it makes you feel like a real fruit ninja i feel like beyonce when i play it

  • Fun

    by Loveryoutube

    Super fun and really good but there is too many adds

  • Multiplayer

    by YHDY

    Would be tight

  • Brittney

    by Bdawg77

    I love fruit ninja!!!!

  • Fruit Ninga is AWSOME

    by Candy rusher102

    I love the game. When u click new game I always click arcade mode it is AWSOME

  • Best app EVER

    by Ximena_xoxo12

    Best app ever I'm in love with the game just can't stop playing

  • Nice distraction

    by jollyhahaman

    A fun game. Nice mindless distraction.

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