Brave Frontier Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: gumi Inc.
  • Updated: Dec, 13 2013
  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Size: 34.75 MB

Languages: English

Seller: gumi Inc.

New Features
- New Map
- Frontier Hunter
- New Characters
- Misc bug fix
- Facebook story posting fix

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
646 Ratings
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10512 Ratings


DOWNLOAD FOR FREE the MOST ANTICIPATED classic style role-playing game for the iPhone!

Venture forth into "Grand Gaia", the world of the gods, and unleash your Summoner powers to save it by defeating the Fallen God Maxwell in this immersive and addictive RPG!

* Summon and create a powerful squad from over 200 legendary heroes and ancient beasts, mastering the elemental strengths of Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder, Light and Dark!

#1 Classic Style RPG game in Japan!

* Collect beautiful classic pixel-crafted units, each with their own unique Brave Burst attacks!

* Compete in the PVP Arena! Climb its ranks and cut down your opponents receiving rare equipment and awards!

* Upgrade and harvest from resource fields in your town and use them to synthesize rare potions and powerful equipment!

Please ensure your device has a minimum of 1GB RAM before installing the game.
For devices with less than 1GB RAM, performance of the game is not guaranteed.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by ChiveDemon

    This game is nothing but amazing. I like the fighting style it's just like FF. Keep up the good wrk on this app.

  • Great game

    by Omega3387

    Soo addicting!!!

  • nice

    by Icptwiztiddolls


  • Great

    by Lloooliiiioooollllliiii


  • Tons of fun!

    by Talos Ysmir

    Wish energy would refill faster but otherwise I could spend hours playing!!

  • Tons of fun!

    by Talos Ysmir

    Wish energy would refill faster but otherwise I could spend hours playing!!

  • Excellent Game

    by KBonez12

    I love it and it's very addicting!

  • Simple and Fun

    by Ranctifier

    Rpg that doesn't take long to learn but gameplay still enjoyable

  • This game is refreshing.

    by ID:141729625

    Pretty good game compared to the standard card games (as the system is abit similar). Those 3d sprites are refreshing. Below is my player ID for the metal god. Add me and I'll do the same to you! ID:141729625

  • Fun and challenging RPG

    by Angie_fan123

    Reminds me of Pokemon. Fun game!

  • Good Game!

    by AhbianzB1

    Method for attacking is good, nice game

  • Great game

    by Qazqweqaz

    Add me as a friend742333676

  • Brave Frontier

    by Noob_am_i

    One of the better addictive rpg type game I've played in a while. I recommend this game to Eveyone.

  • Fun fun!

    by Bkdry

    This game is great with everything I expect in an RPG could use some tweaking though. Some characters do not show up and are just a black mass.

  • Pretty good

    by Crunchy1988

    Fun make me actually want to spend money on a game

  • Pretty good

    by Crunchy1988

    Fun make me actually want to spend money on a game

  • Brave Frontier

    by LibDT

    AWESOME GAME!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Just enough story to satisfy your inner geek, with all the fun fights of an rpg... Without all the boring traveling!!

  • Total awesomeness.

    by Rgis dent

    This games is total awesomeness.

  • Must get

    by SilverHelix

    Great game. Well put graphics and worth while

  • Can't start my day without playing

    by Magnus hydra

    Can't start my day without playing' it's so addicting!! Everyone I show the game to gets hooked too! Lol

  • Just my kind of game

    by J053L()

    I really like games like this, and the reason a love this one is because of the story, the only thing though is the waiting.... But overall great game

  • Minor errors great game

    by Mpilla2009

    Excellent game and very fun to play! Only downfall is a few small errors in the game when certain monsters and picked the main picture is blank. I'm sure it will be fixed soon enough tho

  • Enjoying it

    by Bradology

    Been a great game so far, I'm sure there are points where you have to spend money or get lucky but so far I've had nothing but decent luck, which is more then I have in any other game on my phone.

  • Not bad

    by KeunHei

    Reminds me of FF a bit.

  • Fun fun fun :)

    by MK1two

    Fusion of pokemon and final fantasy. Fun :)

  • Addictive but restarts

    by Gizmo215

    It's a great addictive game, easy to play good for new gamers and old that are into this type of game. Problem with the game is it restarts every time I open up my task manager/switcher I can be fighting a boss receive a text attempt to go back to the game and it will restart PLEASE FIX IT IS GETTING VERY ANNOYING READY TO DELETE THIS GAME

  • Brave frontier

    by Akdhb27

    Great game but if you get screwed on summons then it gets really hard really fast

  • Fun game

    by Rpf41978

    Reminds me of FF, highly entertaining. Metrics are well balanced against the in app purchases(meaning you can have fun and do well without paying $ if you want).

  • Brave Frontier

    by Thunder Eze

    This game is awesome but could use some work like make it so we don't have energy so we can pwn as much as we want but you should still get it

  • Reviewing

    by Mike H2099

    It is good

  • Great game

    by Richard9999999999

    This game is like final fantasy fighting style but you don't need to roam. It's a quick battle and don't need to kill time

  • Awesome game

    by ItzYaHotBoi

    Was playing eternity warriors 3 before but this game definitely takes the cake and some. It is an awesome game to playing I am on it everyday. Love it. Only thing I wish was possible was to trade units. Hint hint

  • Amazing Game

    by Mudsplash

    I was kind of doubtful of this game at first, but then I got hooked on it. The graphics fit the game well. There are constantly new events to keep the game interesting, and the story is nice. You won't regret getting this game.

  • Bleh

    by Bob Gl

    Impossible to get totems, arena is completely unfair, game crashes constantly

  • Nice game

    by someone_who_cares

    Fun game

  • Great

    by Xklee

    Great game wish it was a bit easier to get the hang of but addicting!

  • Too Good to put down....

    by DragonStar31

    I have not been able to stop playing since I downloaded this game. It has all the elements you could ever want in a game. Fast-paced, meaningful leveling and awesome characters. Recommend this game to everyone!

  • Great game

    by Alenz0

    It's addicting and it doesn't require you to be on all the time. Enter my ID code 77349151 and receive a metal god.

  • Love it

    by Gfgkyddvjorsdbj

    Great game, was pleasantly surprised

  • Stop asking me to rate your game

    by Förèvér

    It's great but seriously. Stop.

  • Brave Frontier takes the "Front"

    by SwayStation

    This is definitely one of the best rpg games I have played on the mobile phone. It has colorful, rich graphics that remind you of the FF series somewhat. The depth of customization is incredible, as you can take control of the numerous details including your exact party members. The fact that you can "acquire" enemies to join your party has a nice Pokemon twist to it, and the ability to fuse and evolve your characters adds even more to the depth of the customization of this game. The devs have been hard at work, and with the new update, all the bugs I encountered the previous version are now all gone. For that reason, I now give it 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Good game

    by ArcticBoon

    The game is fun! Some parts of the game are way to difficult even with a good team, but everything else is great!

  • Very

    by Boobsmcgee

    Fantastic 5191067

  • Cool game

    by Ryoga209

    Super addicting

  • Enjoy

    by Somprett

    This game is Amazing! Im so hooked I cant stop playing. It has different elemental characters to lvl up and evolve. Use my referral code for a metal god..41665183 Also add as ally good leader unit to assist in battle. However..sometimes hard to enter the game is a drawback.

  • Akuma Tenshi

    by Reaper Hayes

    Insanely addictive. I love this game!!!

  • Amazing game

    by Dusty all day

    Very we'll built game all it needs is battle friends mode where you connect at same time. And battle each other that would be amazing.

  • Good but lacking

    by ThatOneRealGuy

    The over all game itself is amazing in my opinion, however something that I think you guys need to do some major work on is the arena. It's very frustrating to leave it up to random possibilities when playing in the arena. You could be a move away from winning if only your monsters would use their brave bursts, but because it's automated in the arena, you have to leave it up to random possiblity which most of the time fails. I'm sure that a lot of people would enjoy a real-time arena where you can actually decide how your units battle. Just food for thought, and hopefully digestion.

  • This game

    by Ddog988

    Is awesome. Period. Also slightly addicting.

  • No Puzzle P.a.D.

    by Bomb fart killer man

    Just like puzzle and dragons with no puzzle. Awesome game

  • Nice

    by Tickle monster 1872

    I've been playing for a few hours now and I gotta say I like it

  • Best Mobile Game

    by Redemption95

    This game is extremely addicting, I love it!

  • Great game

    by DDW59

    Very addictive, can't put it down

  • Epic

    by Guapzero

    This game is good, old school fun.


    by Balex1016

    It would be nice if you added a reset option in the app's "settings" section, lots of people are asking for this. (And so am I!)

  • Awesome

    by The gimme

    This is a spectacular app!!!

  • EPIC

    by Assssssdffff

    I love this game

  • Awesome

    by Jack&Jill69

    This game is amazing

  • Erased my first save

    by Redmeltdown

    The game is good so far but it erased my first start up and I has to go through the tutorial and everything again. Lost two mega rares because of this.

  • Perfect!

    by Cloak man

    One of my favorite games on the App Store

  • Brave Frontier

    by EazyJ_

    Awesome game!! Haven't played one like it in a while but I love it!

  • Very addicting

    by UNT2014

    I like the game a lot. You just run out of energy too quickly sometimes

  • Broken. Can't even start.

    by Poddre

    After trying to create a character, the game errors out due to some "team" issues relating to the server. The game then starts all over again. Please fix.

  • Awesome!

    by XxNocturnalTeoxX

    Game seems very fun, easy to play and animation is cool.

  • Good game overall

    by BigPapa8oh8

    I've been playing the game puzzle and dragons for awhile, but was starting to get bored of it. So I got this. I really enjoy the game so far, and it can get really addicting. I'm sure that anybody who gets this game won't be disappointed.

  • Love this game!

    by Mienland

    The title says it all. I'm just now getting to evolve units and am falling more for the game as time goes. Hope you all enjoy the game as well!

  • Very addicting

    by MrDeath2005

    This game is very similar to final fantasy but I love it and I recommend this must be download!!

  • Entertaining

    by Zero92787

    An entertaining game, similar to Devil maker Tokyo. Would rate 5 stars if I didn't feel like I needed to pay to have continuous fun.

  • Very great!

    by Genius 2343

    This game is just a simple rpg type game and super easy and very addicting just to buy time or to actually play for a while

  • Game

    by Katrina! Jeroski

    This app is really good, I like it a lot!

  • Need a friend?

    by WhoisDimas

    52180233 is my id number, add me and I'll help you as best as I can! Overall this game is great!

  • Addictive

    by Hate.Me.Because.Im.Right

    My only issue with this game is it frequently has connection issues and bugs...however, the developers do a great job compensating you for any issues that may arise! Add me 25621646!!!

  • Awsome Addicting Game!!

    by Beejay1699


  • really interesting

    by dodokawaage

    cannot like this game more

  • It's a good game but...

    by UchihaGenesis

    There are problems sometimes where it doesn't load correctly and it doesn't save. It only happened twice but I have a good feeling about the game.

  • Good game

    by Fonsi Alcaraz

    Nice time killer with monsters to collect m=^.^=m

  • 5 star

    by Faek 3

    Best game on my phone so far

  • Great but, updates where??

    by kuezan

    Where is all the updates JP seems to have tons of updates and it working extremely great no lags and no complaints so the question is where is the updates for us.

  • Good game

    by Jr big daddy

    Great time killer

  • A++

    by Ibraheemblk89

  • Rating Spam

    by John nelson

    Be 5 stars if it stopped asking me to rate it every other dungeon

  • by tqootp

    Fun game

  • Awsome

    by Daott

    Great game!

  • Nicely done

    by JundoCross

    Games got good graphics, a lot of features. Liking the gameplay a lot.

  • Brave Frontier

    by Sinless52

    Hard time putting it down Loads of fun Time consuming Simple yet complex

  • Great game

    by xITx

    Lots of characters, lots of battles. Lots of interesting things. If u like Pokemon, try it

  • 183163903

    by Sawzzz

    Add me with my code 183163903 and u get a super rare card!

  • Should play

    by Gridkid3

    It's a fun game and you got nothing to lose give it a try and see how things work out ^_^. Add me will help for both of us. friend code 89378983

  • Nice update but,

    by Sal721

    The new update with the new metal parade system runs supper smooth. Along with the new worlds are very nice to the story but the text problem like everyone says is very tedious. Also what people says is true if you can't get a 4 star monster within your first 3 rare summons you'll just keep getting weak monsters. Even if you get strong enough to beat the stage 3 elemental dungeons on Tuesday you still don't get the idols you need, you end up getting the crappy monsters that support the idols so you never evolve your team. This game is really fun but it needs a little fixing to be really good. I hope the next update is soon to at least fix the language glitch.

  • good game

    by MM010203


  • This app is the best.

    by dotmaniac

    If you’re just downloading this here’s some great needed help to get you ahead. This code got me 5 Metal Gods! Use it! 416134989

  • Pretty good.

    by Player2208dgivsey

    I like the look and it's simple. Maybe too simple but I am still early in the game.

  • Love it!

    by Peewayne

    So for the best game I've played on iPhone.


    by Hdkdkwnf

    This game is so addicting it will make u platform hours!!!

  • Awesome and loads of fun

    by Kineos

    So far I enjoy the game a lot, the battles are cool. The whole system is amazing.

  • Super Addictive

    by Polohugh7

    This game is so simply yet so fun. Easy for anyone to play and very exciting. A lot of luck plays into it but still worth the play.

  • Fun and simple

    by AngelSataR

    53799476 add me to get a mega rare.

  • Well

    by Taylahhhhh!

    This game was going great But for some reason it just started crashing randomly on the UI or just scrolling somewhere. After arena fights or even just a quest, it's infuriating especially losing everything I earned.

  • Unbelievable

    by JasonJMiller

    Was fun until I hit level 35. After that, the game became impossible. Trying to evolve my units with totems that will never drop no matter how much energy I use. Or, how about just trying to progress? Even with healers and items, I am dead before the bosses. It's insane. The rare summon gives me units I already own. Complete waste of gems. The arena is stupid. No focus. Which I get to keep things fair, but it's just silly to watch an enemy into with one hit left ult me and eventually beat me, he could have just been killed in the last turn. I'm not giving up on this game (I probably should), but this is a warning to those interested. Get your units buff way in advance.

  • Sweet

    by Saintgirl09

    It's a really cool game and reminds me of final fantasy with a slightly different gameplay.

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