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Languages: English

Seller: Glu Games Inc

▶ It's awards season, and we’ve got new awards features: you'll get nominated more, and compete with your fellow nominees for awards buzz (must complete "The Wooden Cuckoo"; 4-star/8-hour + projects qualify)
▶ Love is in the air! Go on dates from Feb. 7 - Feb. 14 and collect hearts to unlock lovely Valentine's Day clothing items!
▶ New quests from Miguel (level 14), and Arnie & Max (levels 18, 19)
▶ New clothing and styles for guys and gals
▶ Level 29 added, as well as millions more fans for A-Listers to earn

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Start a new life as an aspiring actor in Stardom: Hollywood, and go from nobody to A-list celebrity!

◆ YOU’RE THE STAR in a huge interactive adventure: sleazy agents, self-centered celebs, parasitic paparazzi... what you do is up to you!
◆ Create your own actor or actress: make your own look from hundreds of style options!
◆ Star in hit TV shows and blockbuster movies: land roles, earn reviews, and win awards!
◆ Crash the best parties and hottest clubs: flirt and make the next power-couple, or network with Hollywood elite to land the best roles!

Stardom: Hollywood is a huge new adventure in a huge new city. Hollywood is bigger and better than ever: visit all-new restaurants, clubs and movie studios, flirt and network with other famous actors to get the best roles, customize your home with cool designer furniture, avoid the paparazzi, and get famous in new movies and TV shows. Your favorite characters are back with new quests, along with a bunch of new people and stories.

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*** Stardom: Hollywood requires an iPhone 3GS, iPod Third Generation, iPad or later device to run ***

*** Stardom: Hollywood is free to play. Players can purchase additional Cash and Stars (the in-game currencies) for real money, or earn currency through special offers. Please adjust your device settings if you wish to lock out the ability to purchase in-game content ***

Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by Vn032212

    Fun game

  • Pretty fun

    by Catlady96

    Not bad.

  • Really fun

    by 7iki

    This game is the best!

  • Awesome

    by Makokha

    Great great great game!❕❗i love this sooo much finally made it to the A-list

  • Problem

    by HNP4

    I just downloaded the new update and now it won't even let me open the app... I really wanted to play it and see all the new stuff too:( It is a really great game tho

  • Great game!

    by Chipmunk2384

    Just wish most outfits didn't cost stars...or that stars were easier to come by

  • Good Game But Needs Work!!

    by _bigbodybenz

    I like the game but I don't like the fact that you basically have to spend money just to play it. There's not enough energy, you gotta sit and wait hours for it to fill up just to complete a movie or a date then it's gone again in the blink of an eye. The clothes are too expensive and aren't even that stylish.. This game needs work if you want me to come outta my pockets

  • Amazing

    by Elainegnz76


  • Ehh

    by Loveeeeeeeeeee <3

    Too much stuff happens at once, to hard to keep a relationship they always wanna break up. Not enough energy for movies and dating

  • Love it

    by Mug gal

    Lots of fun to play!

  • Kaye2505

    by kaye2505

    I LOVE this game!!!

  • Love it

    by Mrzgigglez20

    I really enjoy this game

  • Really Fun!

    by Roar65

    Being able to earn extra money to purchase more stuff would be great! The game is a lot of fun, other than that!

  • I hope this is read

    by Prplone

    Here's the deal. I love the game. I spend money. BUT you must make the energy not spend up so fast, and please, stop making it where it takes a ton of money to buy the stars to buy the energy! Let us but energy at a cheaper price instead! Stars for exclusive items, and cash for gameplay. Thanks.

  • Great

    by Sol socks

    Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome!

    by Cheeze2198

    This game is so addictive! I just wish so much clothes didn't cost stars.

  • Good game

    by Teaparty668

    It is a good game it just need some twists like a love triangle

  • Great game

    by Lumpy19

    It's a great game, but there's a freezing problem. The game will randomly freeze at least 10 times within 30 mins. And the loading is a drag. But other than that it's a very fun game

  • Fun game but ridiculously expensive

    by Chltmjb

    Too expensive & takes up so much time. Could be so fun.

  • Fun

    by Nikkii mouse

    Really fun game really wished that it didn't need wifi

  • Start screen

    by Nicolijd

    Whenever I start the game it only goes to the much earlier screen and then it goes home. FIX IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • Help!!

    by SpoiledSick

    Game keeps closing on its own.

  • Nope, not anymore no no

    by I love music 32243

    This game WAS really good UNTIL I uploaded it to version 3.0.0 and now EVERY TIME I Try to OPEN it, the game CRASHES!!! please fix this!!!!

  • Problem

    by Simone'sWorld

    I have a problem with the valentines hearts every time I go on a date and collect hearts I get absolutely no results. I haven't gotten any new clothing since the offer started and I've already been on several dates!

  • Glitch

    by Corwesta

    A complaint about how everytime I go to my mansion I cannot get out.the game shuts down and pushes me back to my home phone screen.please fix

  • Ok

    by LadyBo25

    Good game but takes a whole lot of energy it should be a little cheaper

  • Great Game

    by ThatGlamChic

    Really cool game, I love it !

  • Game

    by Kandiii69

    Love this game

  • by TayTay0907

    Love this game!!!

  • I love it but...

    by PiinkSparkles

    I had nothing bad to say about this game, but today I opened the app and wanting to get more stars with the special offers option and it's not there anymore! What happened???? Please fix this!

  • Pretty awesome

    by ohitsli

    Pretty entertaining, I just wish you didn't have to wait so many hours just to complete a job, or why are the clothes so expensive? Overall the game is pretty awesome

  • Keeps Crashing :-(

    by johncenaswif3y

    Please Fix This


    by Cece awesome girl

    Stardom is amazing one of the best games I've ever played! But this game has several very annoying glitches! One of the glitches almost everyone has is the loading! When you get on the game it sometimes loads for hours and never gets on the game! Since the update I'm not sure if it's gotten better or worse! This is a big problem my friends and I have! Plz fix ASAP!

  • It was good at first

    by Hamalamdingsong

    The game worked just fine when I downloaded it and after your update it won't even load to the game it just stays on that loading screen and once it hits 100% loaded its starts over from one so it won't even let me play.

  • Good

    by Bfggffff

    It's a fun game

  • The food

    by Gamerofgame

    But I thought foods refill your energy it cool but it too long to get energy really

  • Money

    by Swee Sing Hong

    Loads of money that I the game but perhaps you guys should give us more energy...

  • I love it!

    by monetdinosaur

    I spend most of my time playing this game

  • Naruko_Natsu

    by Lost angel cloud 10!

    Energy refills take to long!

  • Amazing!

    by hanbug12512

    I love this game! It would be awesome if you guys would make a singer version of this!

  • I don't care I luv it

    by Nyny21

    Fun+style+love=this game

  • Amazing

    by Justin my babay

    I love this game

  • Hmmm

    by Player928

    Fun game... But I am still trying to figure out a lot of things about it , the clothes are so expensive the ones that is available to buy with the money you earn, energy load way to slow, I cannot figure out how to ask someone out on a date ... And the list go on and on ....I do not like how you have to buy some of the clothes with stars and charm some people with stars..but of course they want you to spend your money, it is also impossible to get five stars with the 24 hour movie deals for many reasons...the energy load way to slow can do for a lot of improvements but every game is after money these days !

  • ..

    by Cee '

    I love it. The way the drama goes and the new goals. I just wish I didn't have to wait a certain amount of time to start certain projects

  • Stardom is fun

    by RondogWSC

    Just starting but I'm having fun


    by STAWPP

    This App is Soo Much fun that i even downloaded BOTH Stardom Games, but it just KEEPS CRASHING!


    by Built solid

    I love it! get this app pronto

  • The new update??

    by Freewilly19

    My game won't load anymore since the stupid update. It got to like 120% and then started loading all over again.

  • Awesome

    by Jaystar15

    This game is so fun!!!

  • !!!

    by Hhvfjxn g fbfjv bre

    Love it

  • Best game ever

    by Katlalaland

    It so fun

  • Awesome

    by Trey 105

    This is the most awesome game I've ever played

  • ❤️

    by Valerie Dawson

    I love this game! I'm OBSESSED!!

  • Needs upgrade but it's great

    by Lailami

    It loads too slow sometimes but it's good

  • Fun

    by Bubba jd

    Wish it was a little faster. And the items with stars wernt as expensive But overall really enjoyable

  • Great

    by Cfcoctober

    His game is really fun and addicting. I love playing it! :)

  • Good!

    by ScarlettVolt


  • Soo fun

    by Elizabeth9196

    This game is soo fun and ive never had a problem!

  • I love this game because...

    by daDebilKelli

    This game keeps my mind busy

  • Love!

    by StonibusB

    Love this game! Keep the updates coming!

  • Love!

    by StonibusB

    Love this game! Keep the updates coming!

  • Good Game!!!!

    by Aurora Rodriguez

    Very fun game!!!! Keep up the good updates!!!

  • Love this game!!

    by Shelby Ward

    This game is so fun and addicting can't wait to play more!!!!

  • Good game

    by Britvelaz

    I enjoy the game

  • 2 thumbs up

    by Shanni_xo

    Great game just don't like running out of energy so quickly

  • Fix it!!

    by Jaizle

    It loads for like 40% then loads again!! And crashes are more often than before. So you only get 1 star

  • Ya know...

    by PoisonAppleTurnovers

    It is a great game.

  • Great game. BUT

    by KayCharniece

    It keeps closing when I attempt to make an in-app purchase. Otherwise, it's a great game.

  • Love it!!

    by Holly Pryor

    It's such a fun game I'm addicted!! Can't wait for more updates :)

  • Love this game!

    by Mikeandmatt

    Love this game!

  • Cool

    by Janae7

    I really like this game and it's cool and all but it seems impossible to get 5 stars on a 24+ hr movie. It's like you absolutely have to stay on it 24 hrs only sleeping when your energy is loading. I think it should like pause during a certain timeframe that you can set up for when you sleep or at least make getting the stars easier on those movies.

  • Love it

    by Pumpkin9899

    I'm addicted i love this game its so much fun and just gets your minds off things

  • Can you....

    by Swright77

    It would be nice if we could turn down roles. I hate that I have to do every film you set up meeting for. Let us choose!!

  • Love the game!

    by braydon0113

    Love this game! Keep updates coming!!

  • It's so much fun

    by Asdfghjkl FunBunnyBot

    This game is easy to play, but not boring at all.

  • I ❤️this game

    by Boo blah black

    This is one of the best games that you could play. I love it because it contains drama and comedy!

  • fun!

    by carly123_

    the game is really fun but also really addicting! I can literally play the game for hours and it will only feel like minutes.


    by xMrsJericho

    I cannot stop playing it!

  • Great

    by Missbeauty70aylssa

    It's really fun

  • Best of the best!

    by Duhhnyse

    No. 1


    by Mo429


  • Cool game

    by Texans gal

    This is a nice game to play. I would give it four stars but there are multiple bugs that need fixing, as sometimes the game will not load up and open correctly. There are numerous times when I have to turn my entire device off just to get the game to load, and then it takes forever to load back up. If these bugs get fixed I would give four stars.

  • Game

    by Demiiora

    Love it!!

  • Great game

    by Sfkersey

    Love this game the load is a bit slow but totally worth it if you have the time to wait

  • Sad face...

    by Megris

    I was totally loving this game, had been playing for several months- no real issues, invested time and real dollars into it- and then the latest update erased my game.

  • Won't load

    by Merissa Hardee

    I haven't been able to play the game in months. Whenever I try to, the app crashes. I've tried everything to fix it, but nothing changes.

  • Pretty Cool!

    by NubianP6

    I'm loving it...GREAT playability!!!

  • Nice

    by Armando7645


  • Don't update app

    by Kennedy Wells

    After updating the app it will not open. It loads to about 70% then the load starts right over. It needs to be fixed.

  • Fun

    by Italiangirl1992

    The game is really fun

  • Just stupendous

    by Zzzdannle

    Loved it...even got all my daughters into it

  • Awesome

    by Luv211215

    Love this game

  • Fun !

    by VegaOs

    Fun game. I enjoy playing

  • Buffed

    by Diff ggg

    Kendo fled

  • Suggestions?

    by $Haterz make me famouz$

    This is a good game but I don't like how you only have that many hours to complete a project because I have school and a job. When I come home I don't have much time left to complete the project with more than two stars, which takes away the fame and fans :( . Maybe you could make it so that we can buy more time or stars to complete the project or something like that. Also it would make the game even better if the avatar moved or do the actions you tell it to do.

  • Good game

    by Leeonnea

    I like it

  • Needs more

    by Eternity Cardoso

    You should make a new with. Being able to pick your own words to say:)

  • I like this game but...

    by BlondeDisneyLover

    I hate waiting for my energy. It takes even longer the more levels you go up.

  • Great

    by 18k53

    Game is AWESOME

  • Re

    by Walisa-TeeTee


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