Gun Bros Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Glu Games Inc.
  • Updated: Oct, 28 2010
  • Version: 3.6.0
  • Size: 350.81 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Glu Games Inc

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Customer Reviews

  • gun bros

    by asherdc


  • GB

    by Wizardcashrex

    Game I really awesome

  • Awesome game

    by Buck 451

    This is a cool game to play with a good frend

  • A great chose for fun :)

    by (Dead on Great)

    The game is good but it seems as those maps are taking a little longer then expected too come out. Other then that I like it :)

  • Great game

    by Kpwfishy56

    This game is great I am levle 53 and it's fun you should buy 50 war buck it mite you a lot

  • Really good game but two problems

    by insignia4

    It truly is an amazing game but personally I just really don't like how every time you get off the game to do something else, your game ends. Another thing I find annoying is the fact that that you have to pay to trade in your money for warbucks and vice versa. Other than that it is one of the best games I've gotten in a while.

  • Nice


    Addiction is what it is

  • Hi

    by Weighed a


  • Awesome game!

    by Oggorilla134324

    Had fun

  • Gun bros

    by High urns

    I love this game just you need to make all the guns just coins bought

  • Poop

    by Nox12killer

    Poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop poop

  • 0.0

    by Legoman 2829

    AMAZING GAME!!!!!!!! I can't stop playing it

  • Amazing

    by Mikester 77

    Best game in the universe but gunbros2 needs some major improvement!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice game, needs an easier lvling system for guns

    by Ggh325

    This game is very, very entertaining. However, the fun is cut back considerably by the slow level up system for later guns. If this is added, I shall up my review score to perfect. Please do it, though. I love comparing the crappy fire rate to the screen-clearing effects guns have at level 3. I have several Higher-tier weapons that I don't use because the level 3 starter weapons are a lot more powerful.

  • Cool

    by Silverwimdspirit

    This is a fun game and all (finally got my lvl 64 character back after their servers went down). I'd like to see more then 2 people on multiplayer, it'll be more fun if 4 players could join on a single map. Still fun though (even if the guns can be overpriced)

  • Good

    by Maxamusx

    But put more clothes on the girls I hate it when people do that

  • great game i loved it

    by Godworrior2.9

    Its one of the best games

  • Coins to war bucks cost money?

    by MJM CSI

    Why would you guys make us pay when we played hours and hours to get all those coins just to pay for a conversion pack?

  • Best

    by Gonzo1017


  • Great


    Get it because it's a good game

  • Wow! Fix this

    by Xhcm



    by IM ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Cool

    by ._Sniper_.

    I've played this like 5 years ago and now I get to play it again!

  • Pretty cool

    by Deadpool45643773

    I like the game, but if your about to get it, I recommend that you read some of of the other reviews unlike I did.

  • Not working!!

    by AK Kill

    The game is kool I like it but it doesn't connect to multiplayer or Game Center... How am I suppose to play with friends!! Fix the game please

  • by Man1912

    Stop making us spend all our

  • Lost data

    by Shtevewooooooooooo

    I got to level 11 in one night, woke up the next morning and I'm back to the tutorial with nothing and level 1.

  • Saving problems

    by Pal3311

    It is a very good game but when ever I exit the app,I loose all of my guns I bought.

  • Fun game

    by Rcfghngd

    Fun game

  • Connection Problem

    by Ygsyvuisvysuybusvuos

    When I go into the game, it says I am not connected to the Internet, but I am PERFECTLY connected to one, whoever made this game has to FIX this BUG.

  • Won't connect

    by Tazzzzzzzzzzzz

    Connection issues with multiplayer and bros and bro-ops it says i don't have a gamecenter account when I am logged on and gamecenter responds cause when loading the game it says welcome back! Get this fixed people! Also release all of the planets that says coming soon! It's been forever and still no release dates!

  • Awesome!

    by PopFizzo50

    This game is so awesome I want to play it every day!!!!

  • Babes, babes, babes!

    by Imbored 23

    Needs more babes!!

  • Great game but it could be greater

    by shadowx9000

    I realize that there is an online multiplayer available, but I can't access it because I'm not logged in. However I checked numerous times, and I see that I'm logged in to Gun Bros in game center. Please fix this problem.

  • Fun at first

    by Ayong Guo

    This game is fun at first but it has bugs in it that Glu has been aware of for at least two years. I've spent some money converting gold to war bucks and the glitch prevents you from logging onto the Internet. After a while the game is monotonous.

  • Getting Online

    by ChrisHernandez18131765

    I have a great internet connection. I'm connected to it on my iPhone but, for some reason, it says I can't play online because I'm not signed into Game Center or Facebook. I signed into both. Neither works! HELP!!!

  • Wowwwwww

    by Kdbbdk

    It won't let me play online or stay online

  • Best game ever

    by M3+69()

    Very addicting game

  • Not too bad... Still tho

    by Rg- one

    My one issue is the controls the are still quirky.


    by Joe Jo's

    Amazing game.

  • Best game

    by MA4life

    Love it

  • Gun Bros 2

    by Ivyliss


  • Please help and update

    by Ari needs help

    All I want is multiplayer to be for four players and watching videos for war bucks please put this in next update I'm begging you and then 5 stars for you guys

  • Please read and help

    by FIX IT NOW!!!!!!

    I think this game is the best multiplayer game ever. I only want multiplayer to be for more then 2 players please make this the next update then I would rate it 5 stars please and put back the watching videos for warbucks

  • Awesome

    by Title123456

    This game is fun and cool

  • Update

    by facesmack000

    It is a fun game for Gun Bro You need to update for iPhone 5s iPhone 5c iPad iPad air to

  • Needs new guns, and worlds

    by Plfhfhgjshchjgfgh

    Needs new guns, and worlds

  • Converting issue

    by My epic life's

    Says spend 120k to get 120 war bucks now u have to spend real money fix that!

  • Fix it

    by Ffvgghijdesijj

    Game would be awesome if thier werent Saves poping up EVERY 2 SECONDS!!!

  • Fun but broing

    by KN1F3 1

    Need more coin weapons

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