Eternity Warriors Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Glu Games Inc.
  • Updated: Jul, 08 2011
  • Version: 2.2.0
  • Size: 283.03 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Glu Games Inc

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2430 Ratings
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Customer Reviews

  • Nice

    by Bskshwcahj


  • Ew

    by Ligit38765

    Straight to the point it's a great game

  • Best Game Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by AlphaWolvz

    This game is so awesome I can't stop playing it even though it's a little laggy I still love it!!!!! 5 / 5 for me! ;)

  • Love but Lag

    by Random Dude 48

    The games amazing! It has great graphics and gameplay, but it lags a lot. I'm about to download Eternity Warriors 2 & 3. Looking forward to it. Please no lag!!! Fingers crossed!

  • Updates needed!!!!

    by Master Of Feuer

    This app needs to be updated for the iPhone 5 and 5s/5c.

  • Good but fix it

    by Jdsjajf

    I like this game but it lags all the time on my new ipad

  • Lagging

    by No pitch

    I love it but it lags a lot

  • Great game

    by Fyuplkoodope

    I love to play it but it's really frustrating that it's laggy. Please fix soon with an update. Thank you. Oh and I'm sure if it doesn't get fixed soon I won't be playing the game often.

  • Good game

    by zanderarb

    Great game, it lags really really really bad almost to where you don't even want to continue its so slow. Addicting and fun need an update that adds more maps. It's also hard to get money. Needs update, but awesome

  • Online

    by Luke Mooney

    For some reason online doesn't work, even if my other games do.

  • eternity warriors

    by honestAbey

    great game I love it...

  • Eternity Warriors......Eternally Awesome!

    by maddsis

    Great game! Reminds me of the old Gauntlet with a little Magic Axe thrown in. Very nice! Thanks.

  • Funne

    by LaserFlyKiller

    Supper fun

  • good

    by storm7781

    very good

  • Sweet game

    by ScSessions

    Very addictive

  • TC

    by TubCz

    Like the game but it stays offline for weeks at a time

  • Brian

    by Brivan007

    Great game but it lags even on lvl 1 plz fix

  • Good game

    by TVQTran

    The game is actually really good. But it's really laggy

  • Ewarriors

    by Jay101016

    Awesome addictive game

  • Would be great but....

    by Spamman2k

    Fun game, but it's WAY laggy and I have a brand new iPad. Also needs more stages and weapons. Would try the second one but without the ability to save its just stupid. So PLEASE put some time into fixing and expanding this once awesome game.

  • Too hard

    by Talhaispro

    At one point of the game I farmed 2 hours for legendary and Reagants and farmed 1 hour for gold and then when the time came I didn't beat the boss "Bearman Champion" with my monk. This game needs less harder boss and less grinding,farming..!!!

  • Ad problem

    by Zack 09870

    I open the app and an ad pops up, I X out and it keeps popping up. Please fix

  • Not worth the time

    by Phil Salazar

    I have had my new ipad air less than 24 hours and decided to give the game a try. Guess what, the graphics lag as if I was on a 1st gen ipad. What is worth the point of playing if the quality is so poor on a new device?

  • It won't connect!

    by AgentP180

    This game won't connect to the Internet! No matter what I try. Thanks to this, I lost all of my premium gear.

  • Lags a lot

    by Slicovico

    iPhone 5 and this game lags like crazy.

  • Laggy as hell!

    by KxHawj

    Don't waste time with this game. Extremely laggy on my ipad mini...gameplay is painful with the jerky crap lag.

  • Non playable.


    Can't play it at all on my iPhone 4 if the intense lag doesn't get to you the ads will and will flood your screen until you simply want to delete the game entirely what a let down.

  • Lagging

    by Esthriel

    Game lags way too much. Using ipad 3 so hardware should not be an issue. Ew2 plays like water, this one plays like like I'm moving through picture frames. As soon as npcs pop out it lags out

  • Disappointed

    by Johnnycatkid

    The hand itself is not bad, but not only do you have to put up with advertisements you have to pay up significant money for weapons upgrades. It's pretty much impossible to progress without shelling out the dough. Could be a much better game but seams more like a cash grab.

  • No connection

    by Loli246

    I keeps saying that I have to get back online when though I have wifi access :/ please fix that

  • Good & Bad

    by Palaban1975

    Good--i Like this Game, Bad--My Characters is Moving Slow Motion.... Its Not Good for me... Cane you fix my characters problem....ASAP

  • Great

    by RobotAssasin

    Great "HACK" and slash game. Make sure you "HACK" in order to have more fun

  • Same thing!

    by masterstorm77

    This is the almost exact same game as the other 5 RPGs, (man vs machine, star blitz, and gun bros one and two), made by glu. All that changes are animations.

  • The flabeo

    by DREDD 1

    The idea ia cool but the game is to laggy get 5 stars if u fix the lag

  • Good

    by Snivymaster

    It is a fun game I can play it all day

  • Nice game

    by Bleach espada 7 grimmjo

    So fun

  • Repeative

    by Nyancatfufffnffffffjfnnfrrdmd

    This game is so much like gun bros and men vs machine and star blitz. They are all the Same thing but just with different characters and with different weapons


    by Hardcore Viking

    This. Game. Is. So. Fun.

  • Nice

    by Bastian95

    Great game.

  • Warriors

    by Gigaheshlander

    I like this game a lot better than I don't. Lags a bit when fighting hoards but its very addictive. Awsome leveling & equipment customization. An actual game that's right up my alley.

  • Love dove

    by Robin5496

    It is so much fun to play

  • Wariors

    by Master.hugo

    I like this game

  • Laggy

    by Liw42199

    It's been long enough. Stop being lazy and fix the lag problem when running iOS6..

  • Good game

    by Epic gamer 7858

    It's a very good game. Very addicting.

  • Good but improvements needed

    by holalola101

    I like the game but it is always lagging, please fix

  • Good but not so good

    by Stupidforbuying

    I like this game but it lags and drives me crazy i think it was just me but its the app plz fix it and u need to make it were u can cuztamize ur cartcter

  • Fix it

    by Han iPod

    It's stuck on iPhone 5 I think not because of the phone graphic but because the developers didn't make the good performance to run on iPhone 5 that's why make it stuck.. Can't play it smoothly

  • So much game lag

    by EvilShadowOfDeath

    This is a great game but its difficult because of the lag and I just downloaded the game

  • Ok

    by TheWickedWhity

    Game but to leggy to even play.

  • Cool game.....

    by Judgement is comeing

    Just wish it was not so glitchy, skips all the time making it hard to focus. I had to delete it~will try later

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