Eternity Warriors 3 Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Glu Games Inc.
  • Updated: Dec, 31 2013
  • Version: 1.1.1
  • Size: 93.82 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Chinese

Seller: Glu Games Inc

The latest and greatest of Eternity Warriors 3 is here! Download now for these awesome new features:
▶ Endless Mode! Battle endless waves of monsters for NEW gear and to compete with your friends!
▶ The God of Jade has arrived, for Chinese New Year only. Make an offering to win a piece of the ultra legendary Skyfire set!
▶ Test your might in the Jade Forest against some of the most fearsome monsters in Udar, only during Chinese New Year!
▶ Improved chat system stability and fixed various bugs.
Thanks for playing Eternity Warriors 3, your 5-Star ratings keep the updates coming!

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The most acclaimed action/RPG game returns with 3x the Heroes, 3x the Dungeons and 3x the Loot!!

As the last Demon Tower fell, the people of Northern Udar cheered their new hero. Their cheers, however, were short lived. Corrupted by demon magic, the last of the great Dragons unleashed a horrible evil upon the world by unsealing the Eternity Sword. Mawzok'Kahl, Lord of Hell, self-proclaimed Heir to the World, sets his sights on the kingdoms of Udar. And as suddenly as it came, it seems as though peace in Northern Udar has once again been snuffed out.

Northern Udar is in need of a hero once more, more now than ever! Every man, woman and child depends on it, they depend... on you.

Will you fight as the rugged Warrior, the agile Monk, or the devastating Mage?

Amazing graphics at blazing frame rates!

Fast paced action combined with fluid controls and life-like animations!

Join forces in guilds, converse in real-time with other players and inspect their gear!

Compete in regular tournament events against other players and guilds

Slay hordes of demons throughout the most distinct kingdoms in Udar!

Will you find the most legendary items, or leave them to someone else?

Unleash devastating amounts of damage with various skills and abilities

Eternity Warriors 3 is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

NOTE: The iPod Touch 4th Gen is not supported

Customer Reviews

  • Addicting

    by SirStr

    Pretty fun game. I don't plan to spend any money in the game and so far I haven't. Unlike any game I've found on the App Store.

  • Awesome

    by Boss9807

    Awesome games

  • Mandos

    by Hamdy000

    Nice this game


    by App trailers winner


  • Worth Dedicating Time

    by Lyrical Absol

    All things considered, and I would emphasize that, this game is above and beyond 99% of other mobile games. It is a quality dungeon crawler that is actually worth playing actively and dedicating time to, rather than simply playing for 10 minutes at a time. Graphically, it is very appealing with well-rendered textures and detailed special effects and ability animations. I highly recommend you download this.

  • Awesome

    by Daniel Lopez

    Great Game!

  • Great

    by Bone252

    Great game

  • Eternal warriors 3

    by ExpRpgGamer

    High j

  • Eternity Warriors 3

    by mrpooperts

    This is a good game to download. The graphics are good. It is very fun.

  • Overall

    by longwalker75

    Cool game

  • Nothing

    by Trever860

    Monk can't attack worrier can't walk

  • Great Game!

    by Hello man123

    Anyone who seems to be bashing the game of how bad it is to them is just wanting attention or they think it's too hard. This game does require some skill at a certain point, and that's what makes it a fun RPG!

  • Good

    by The Cosmo

    Another new glu hit! Like all others supplies are limited unless you dish out real money, but its still a decent rpg. Good for small amounts of time as well as large. Make potions cost large sums of gold instead of gems. Fix a few skippy mechanics regarding fighting.

  • Awesome game

    by Pengunz2012

    This game is really great no problems with it at all. Great gameplay as well.

  • Game review

    by ckperry 52

    Luv this game, great graphics great story line great game to invest in

  • So far so good

    by Yendukua1234

    Reminds me of diablo, and it's on the go. Keeps me entertained doesn't it.

  • Awesome

    by Thaxxuu

    Good games

  • Multiplayer

    by C3493

    I started playing this game a couple of weeks ago and its very good. However, after playing EW2 that had a multiplayer I was very disappointed to learn that this one did not. Please get on that seeing as it would drastically improve the game.

  • Great Game

    by Andrew Davila

    I don't see why people would complain about this game. I have nothing bad to say about it. Overall it's a pretty good game.

  • Great

    by Brigadier Hobbes

    Awesome fun. Definitely worth it for fans of WoW or RIFT

  • Why???????

    by Redcrow209

    This game need update plz

  • Good

    by Cary1388


  • sad

    by tanaruk


  • good

    by สกนหยสได


  • Rage

    by kataklismoe

    ...fix the game to where once you change phones or ...maybe water damage occurs you dont have to start over with a whole new character ....heres the problem at hand ive played this game for months and well my nephew dropped my phone in the tube accidentally not his fault accidents happens all the time ...i guess but the problem is i get a new phone and cant even play Eternity warrior from where i left offi have to started all the way over and ive accomplished soo much in this game i mean there isnt even an account option where you can log in over the net to where this iccdent never occurs please fix this problem..untill this im ratting this game witha one star

  • Doesn't even run

    by Jacktheripper302

    So I downloaded this because I'm a diablo fan an I was told this was the way to go for mobile...well I don't have nothin fancy just my trusty 4th gen 32gb iPod...well I downloaded it pure excitement got into the tutorial and works fine...until you actually have to swing a sword...then when I have to break the vases I get stuck in 1 place and can't move and can only just sit there and spin and I can't attack or look up to par with what I was looking forward to for a game like this and I watch my friends play it and it all works for them so maybe it's just 4th gen problems and if so I suggest making adjustments so people like me who don't have any money to buy the newest apple product or even own a smart phone no matter how bad we want it...we just simply cannot afford it and all we really want is a system to pass time on and I'm having to delete more and more apps because they become ios7 and higher gen exclusive even though some of the apps I have had since they first all in all I was looking forward to playing a great game with cool graphics and I just can't because people with 4th gens just get ripped off every chance available...this game is a load of crap so don't even bother downloading this rip off

  • Greatness

    by EazyJ_


  • Great game

    by Oakstaff

    Awesome game! Great mechanics and fun. Somewhat plays like Diablo. Good leveling of your character and your gear. Only two issues and really not much to complain about: 1) chews up battery life and 2) wish it could be co-op.

  • Impresive

    by Uzumakiller

    I'm happily surprise that games can look this good on my phone and play this well

  • Might be a good game... Idk glitches..

    by Jake Marlow

    I started up on the tutorial and I can't even move I click or drag up to move but It won't let me do anything um. Idk fix? Please looks incredibly fun though. :/ I have 4th generation iPod btw if that helps. Thanks and have a great day! :)

  • Crashes

    by Whitz93

    Every time I enter inv. it crashes

  • Great game

    by Blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh43

  • Great game

    by Hit hard305

    One simple word to describe the game "awesome".. Guys don't miss to play this game. I bet you'll love it...

  • Good game!

    by AlMcB

    Extremely fun game! However, it crashes ALL the time!

  • Good

    by Horselover101202

    It's fun

  • Love it

    by HailOden

    Amazing Game

  • Like

    by Kidabc123


  • Awesome

    by Marktheshark987

    It has definitely captured my attention or a few hours

  • Game#1

    by Paradim

    Liking game a lot , keep it up

  • Ok

    by Rottiechan

    Game is ok.

  • Great game, but needs work.

    by Fun game expert

    This game is really fun and very addictive, but there is one huge problem with it. The level difficulty and skill does not match the level loot that you acquire. As a level 30 I can barely beat the second to last level, but the loot I get is mostly still level 18 gear... This really needs to get fixed!

  • Buen juego

    by Abdielandres

    Es un muy bueno juego, pero podría arreglar se un poco el manejo del jugador y hacerlo más natural. Así mismo, mejorar los aspectos tienda y habilidades para poder desarrollar mejor al jugador! Por lo demás todo perfecto!

  • Wow! Best

    by Kerberos

    Wow wow

  • Wow! Best

    by Kerberos

    Wow wow

  • Great game

    by Antonpetee

    This game is amazing the best graphics I've seen so far outta any iOS 7 game other then the popular infinity blade series but one thing you should make it an online co-op game mode because my friend and I got the game thinking it would be kinda like Diablo but I thing it would be a great addition

  • Sweet!!!!!

    by Ezrayy

    A must have

  • Eternity Warriors

    by DaBulk_Smash

    Great Game!!!

  • [Must Have]

    by EATCAIK999

    There's Nothing Better, It's A Whole MMO On iOS. I Love The Ability To Fuse Items, Its Just Great. Very Fun, Very Awesome.

  • Pretty good

    by Eneishi

    One of the best games for the iPad!!! Love it!

  • GG

    by Tban2345

    I've just started playing this game but i'm already getting addicted. Excellent gameplay&Easy to learn controls. the game actually requires a bit of skill which makes it SO much more satisfying. Addicting and Satisfying is how i'd describe this game.

  • I like it!

    by Patty9698

    I'm enjoying the game so far, been looking for a game like this for awhile.


    by NinjaBoo112

    Overall it's quite an amazing game, there are a few things that would make this even better,... 1.Bosses harder -hp increased -damage equivalent to the boss. -higher gold drop when boss is defeated. (The boss should be the hardest part of a map) 2.Higher number of monsters in a mob. -the further you get the more mobs you deal with. That as a start would make this game more challenging/funner.:)

  • Chat Option

    by Frazsir

    Love the game. Keeps me interested. Would like the option to disable chat.

  • Drop rates

    by BSAdude2

    Jade forest drop rate hav been screwed by last update, I've been farming nian for 3 weeks and nothing purple or up at lvl 30. FIX IT PLZ!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good

    by LiliethJ

    Good game

  • Fun

    by Firefly3739

    I really enjoy this game

  • Eternity warrior 3

    by Cdwwolvy

    I wish there more people to choose from

  • 911

    by JWig1

    App crashes....please fix!!!!!!!

  • Broken

    by There all tokin

    This game is broken I can't move the d pad doesn't work it glitches out and follows my finger

  • Brutal!!

    by Cataclysm777

    Excellent game play and great action!! Being able to upgrade equipment and collect all sorts of gear makes it more than just the average role play!!

  • Fix these Bugs

    by Was Ight

    I'm getting tired of items dropping off the map or in a place that your character can't reach them especially when your trying to make good time . Also when bosses are not looking at you but somehow manage to hit you . Another thing is when you tap on a button and you get no response . That's the most annoying one . This game could use a update

  • I think

    by alex berry


  • Good times

    by Mandy Ryan

    Good old fashion Hack & Slash with some good RPG elements. Definite worthwhile download!

  • nice

    by Haiishaaoos

    good game

  • Muy bueno

    by Osegueda2412

    Excelente se ve prometedor solo que un mago de género masculino estaría aún mejor buen trabajo

  • Good RPG

    by Vloc530

    Good rpg on a ISO device.

  • Enternity Warrior 3

    by Dtbooth


  • Snaks

    by Ernest Christian


  • ET3

    by Michael2326

    The only reason why I don't like this game is because I just downloaded it and I can't get past the tutorial because at the attack button part it the button freezes and it doesn't work when I press it. :(

  • Good...

    by boduksol boduksol

    Good game....funny...

  • Honu's review

    by Jswaters

    I've played E T 2 & 1 before this one. Love the franchise

  • Doesn't even work

    by gjsgjhs

    I can't even get past the tutorial because the attack button doesn't work. Poorly designed..

  • Freakin amassing.

    by Jdfitts

    I love this game it's just like diablo 3

  • Bugs

    by XxWarlocxX

    Just wondering if you could make the server better. Lags and kicks you out of everything even your upgrade windows. Thanks.

  • Great graphics

    by MakoRhydear

    Fun gameplay

  • Cool

    by Yes we are here


  • Eternal warriors

    by S8rxxx

    Good game

  • Crap

    by Turk96

    The game keeps crashing when I start it

  • force close

    by Dbfrankie

    Has such great potential to be a good game I just can't play it. Keeps force closing on me.

  • Awesome

    by Mmikeyfied

    This game is the best game ever! :)

  • Love it

    by TeeJai...

    Awesome game, easy to control aswell as manage

  • Nice game

    by Wayyaw

    Coooollll )))

  • Overall

    by Big mike 42101

    So far the game is ok

  • Nice

    by Amyahighsmith

    This is beautiful game, the colors, the violence. It's a pretty good game.

  • It's a great game but it crashes as soon as I start it

    by Aaron5191

    I can't even play the game because it crashes every time it's horrible when it comes to that I would love to play this game so please fix this bug

  • Nice game!

    by RobotBytch

  • Alright

    by Morganmonigold

    Ok game so far I don't like how they keep asking you to rate the game when you just started though that's annoying,download and try it I like the fact I don't have Internet and it still runs.

  • Mr

    by Mffichfdhvxh


  • Great Strategy Fighting Game

    by Ulrocks

    Great rpg game...

  • Awesome game!

    by I Love CG Ladys

    Keep the updates and attendance rewards coming!

  • Better than candy crush

    by Nextnsx

    No need life !!

  • GG

    by Merinious

    Awesome game love the graphics and gameplay. Better then dh4 easy play.

  • I love glu

    by Arath.......

    cannot view my own rank while playing tournament, just wasting my time. The all time gs leaderboard also has a bug. Awesome game

  • Best MMORPG

    by StuffHade

    Great story and graphics

  • Great rpg

    by Hectorr,(:

    Very fun game, wish you could play without internet but sadly you cannot.

  • Really good

    by Sevenyth

    Need I say morn

  • Good

    by Tankhead3

    Great game to play on down time

  • Good game

    by Wisea13

    Intense and fun

  • Epic

    by Manskling

    The best game in years I love glu and I will continue to buy there apps

  • Like it

    by Yepitsmcstuffin

    Great game

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