Eternity Warriors 2 Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Glu Games Inc.
  • Updated: Aug, 22 2012
  • Version: 4.3.1
  • Size: 107.53 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Thai, Chinese

Seller: Glu Games Inc

Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

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Optimized for the iPhone 5!

The battle for Northern Udar rages on! It's been 100 years since the First Demon War tore the land apart. Thanks to the Eternity Warriors the demon threat was held at bay. However the demons have been consolidating their power in a series of Demon Towers built in locations throughout Northern Udar.

You've been tasked with cleansing these Demon Towers and defeating an even deadlier demon army than before …


Battle against or alongside fellow warriors in ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MODES!

Experience EPIC MELEE gameplay!

Face off against dozens of NEW demon enemies!

Battle with a fellow warrior in the ONLINE MULTIPLAYER MODE!

Slice your way through MULTIPLE UNIQUE DUNGEONS!

Upgrade your gear to become the ultimate Eternity Warrior in Udar!

Eternity Warriors 2 is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

Customer Reviews

  • Super

    by Ahbar ucar

    Nice game

  • Awesome

    by Gene8088

    I freakin love this game

  • Awesome

    by Jazfall

    Best game on my phone. Thanks!

  • Good game

    by Ninjaboss44

    I think you need to make it to were you can get more skills but good game

  • Awesome game

    by Oliver712

    Awesome game

  • Great

    by MCDO1117

    This game is great just great that final.

  • Hi

    by George1990ge

    Awesome game thanks guys

  • Fun

    by lollygirl57

    Great game.

  • Nice game

    by Chaos1989

    It is a nice game but there is many bugs need to be fixed in the next updates

  • Good

    by Alex Nguyen Quang

    So great

  • Great

    by rokawear

    I love it very much. Good job

  • Oman

    by Hot lion

    Perfect game we wish more quality in graphics with bigger charcters or close zoom to it

  • Add a monster mode

    by Gee.5

    Add monster mode when you can choose your favorite monster ok pppllllzzz

  • Love it

    by Bosna21

    This game is one of the best entertaining game I've ever played.... MUST DOWNLOAD

  • Great game.

    by NightRavenXtreme

    I LOVE IT!!!

  • Great game

    by Blackguns77

    Great game!

  • Great game but..

    by Beast134

    We should start of with more gems

  • Yay

    by Striptyt


  • Fix

    by Ryanaol

    Every time I try to play it it backs me out fix this please

  • Awesome

    by 1151129

    Like the weapons

  • Fix Asap

    by 100BandTru

    You guys have bugs in the tournament i won a fight and loss 419 points thats fu*ked up for real like everytime i get high rank in leaderboard my pointa get taken when i win a figh i went from 776 to 220 that mad me mad. Im giving you guys 1 star for that

  • Crashes after tutorial. iPod 4g.

    by Creature33grimm

    App crashes once it gets to the loading screen after completing the tutorial. Please also add iCloud support so I can get my equipment from my iPhone.


    by App trailers winner

    i start up the game and ill play for thirty seconds and it will crash. PLZ fix crash bugs for IPod 5 7.0.1

  • Keeps Crashing

    by Michael19965

    Great game but lately It is impossible for me to play this game because it keeps crashing right after the first level/tutorial. I have tried deleting and reinstalling but I've had no luck

  • Awsome

    by CRI5S$

    Best game ever!

  • great!

    by Fallangell

    one of the best games ever!

  • It's alright

    by Sheldor99

    It is a pretty good game

  • Fun but expensive!!!!

    by Jayden337

    Great game with great controls. The only bad I can find is the cost of purchases. The game should give better items in the game itself.

  • Great Game, Cost Too Much To Upgrade

    by 1REU4U

    While the game play is great; in order to upgrade your weapons and armor you either you spend a lot of money or waste the in game coins you earn to upgrade at an extremely high UNSUCCESSFUL rate! This makes the game not really worth playing! Additionally, when playing different levels, I will have struck the boss many times even having pinned them i to a corner only to register zero hit counts, although having struck the boss many times, and then they get a hit or two in and just like that I am dead!! To top that off when attempting to play PVP I receive a message that the game center account is different than the one I am using!???? Uh ok! Not my problem but their's, yet it prevents me from attaining better weapons and armor!

  • Cool, fierce, brutal and hard!

    by Kemetri Brony

    This one cool, warrior game that have great graphics and cool moves.

  • Awesome

    by Ant audi-a61988

    Game rocks

  • Just awesome

    by Geovaneitor

    I just love this game i recommend this game

  • Dont get

    by SamX57

    I would rate 1 half a star if i could All it ever does is crash u can't even play it

  • good

    by Jayrockiiiiidk

    like it

  • Jeremy

    by Jeremy381974

    It's a great game! I like it a lot!

  • Great

    by R4F1 Lito

    Not very original but certainly one of the best of its kind

  • Stefo

    by Blacktut

    Its a great game.

  • Amazing

    by Ronniebayles


  • Online

    by dhan bhujel

    Why isn't there more players online but I like single play this game is great!!!!

  • Tutorial Game Crashing

    by Dalion/Dalios

    When it tells me to tap the "inventory" button when I beat the tutorial, the game crashes. I tried reinstalling the game but I'm still having problems. Playing on IPad 1st Gen. (which is probably the reason why it crashes) XD

  • Fun


    I like

  • Fantastic

    by sweetsooziep

    Great game

  • Will not work

    by Hotwheel+man

    Game starts to load than closes have reinstalled it 3 times and still does not work.

  • Good but expensive

    by Kino7777

    The game is good and also the story but it is really expensive not all of us can afford these prices

  • Good

    by Alrawiiiii

    Nice game

  • Warriors3

    by Andrewpassell

    Needs to be fixed and updated it freezes on the iPhone5

  • Please fix it!

    by AgentP180

    This game crashes every time I complete the tutorial. Please fix it!

  • Problem

    by Myzarie

    I love this game and I have played it before but now it's telling me I can't use my game center account to play the pvp?!?!? I was able to before but now it's saying my game center account is different from the one on record when I used my game center account before wth!!!

  • It's great just keeps kicking out of the app

    by Monte126

    I like the game but please fix the bugs in it. It keeps kicking me out of the app and now I can't even play it.

  • Great But One Thing

    by UchihaGenesis

    It's a good game the only problem are the spiders :( *shiver*

  • Pretty fun

    by Tumzzz16

    Took off 2 stars because it freezes and it made me restart! But it's very entertainin! -iPhone 4S sprint

  • Cool

    by RSinw

    Very fun game

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