Defenders & Dragons Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Glu Games Inc.
  • Updated: Jan, 14 2014
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Size: 84.51 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Glu Games Inc

Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

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18 Ratings
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800 Ratings


Lead your allies in the century old battle to defeat the evil Balewyrm’s dark army.

Protect the realms across the land in this epic tug-of-war defense game!

Summon mighty allies and set up defenses to protect the seals from merciless attacks!

Conquer single player missions, battle other players, and complete daily challenges to unlock tons of achievements!

Play as a Knight, Elven Ranger, Dwarf Warrior, Archangel, and more. Strengthen your troops by unlocking them all!

Challenge players online to steal precious artifacts. Complete collections to earn big rewards!

Acquire new weapons, upgrade defenses, equip magic charms, and unlock allies to grow your power!


Defenders & Dragons is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

Customer Reviews

  • Yupp

    by kidsfordope

    Good time

  • Fun To Start

    by Timm272

    This was a very fun game, but once I received a certain defense level, it became impossible to get any more items. The Ettin is impossible to beat within the time given as it has several thousand hit points. I barely dent it's hit points before time is up. Fix the ettin so hit points or make it possible to increase my characters attack without costing an arm and a leg and I will think its much better.

  • Game

    by Someone_not_all_here

    Decent way to pass time

  • Great game... Until it crashes

    by WarpGate12

    Crashes constantly in combat! And when it crashes you lose any souls you invested. Please fix this! Otherwise awesome.

  • Challenging and Fun

    by zwarrior64

    Really awesome and loads of fun a great game! Only problem is the treasure box bug ( 1 chest get nothing 2 chest only get one). P.s. please make dragonmage available would love to have him!!!

  • Pretty Fun

    by JJnCJ2013

    More fun than it looks like at first. Reserve judgment until you get through 5 waives.

  • A good game

    by Grizlok

    Over all I really enjoyed the game. Little flaws and a fun game play for those looking for something to do. I think it is worth downloading and trying it.

  • Nice

    by Troll Static

    Good game with many unfair hackers with unlit mated life!!!!!!!



    The title says it all

  • Defenders and dragons

    by Elcris418

    I hate when they attack you, and your winning the game CRASHES Several times.

  • How so you find the other Hero's

    by Lewd of

    I am on level 84. Have not gotten any new heroes

  • Good!

    by Kkkidngm

    Its an awesome game. I luv all parts of this game but one thing needed to be improved is balance

  • Lazy game

    by Pokemon lover 12343

    This game is. Pretty steep when you have to pay to get characters and it's really just a copy and paste of the samurai games exept this has crapper graphics and they even copied some of the sounds from that game developers were lazy this game is meh

  • Defenders and dragons

    by Carpachi

    Super fun game, I love to play it a lot, only I can't because every time I try to, it crashes on me. I hope you can fix your would-be-at-least-4 star-game-if-it-didn't-crash-on-me-all-the-time game. Would be even better if I could actually play it. :)

  • If you like PrincessPajama...

    by AingealWroth

    ... Or RoyalRevolt, then you will like this game! Solid art and controls, simple but fun gameplay. For fantasy fans.

  • Unbalanced

    by TheWhoD

    Like most mpvp game apps, big spenders become OP. A dozen mystery boxes later I still have crap for units. The main currency becomes obsolete, and they want me to spend money to upgrade my peasants to maxzz.

  • Great fun game BUT!

    by MyPinay

    I dislike how after a certain point in using coins to upgrade, it switches to gems! I am neither spending money just to get gems to upgrade, nor spending a whole great deal of time just to accumulate gems. It's a fun and addicting game, but then it gets to a point when I lose interest in playing because of the upgrading level of difficulty. I am sure it is possible to move forward however the game asks for a bit too much.

  • fun

    by algore64


  • Addictive!!!

    by Big Boy Joe

    Very fun game, reminds me of the Army of Darkness game.

  • Absolutely amazing...

    by Wondersage101

    The game play is really fun and not too difficult. I bought the dragon mage and it is beyond better then all the other characters and is way more fun. When you have him or the arch angel you can be them instead of other characters on forced waves.

  • Crashing on wave 78!!!!!!!

    by Lanith11

    I'm at wave 78 and I get to play for 30 sec and it crashes and I have to restart!! Game is really fun but I can't play no more

  • Fun until it CRASHES

    by "This Name Is Taken" is taken

    Fun to play, exciting, but it crashes anytime a battle starts to get intense.

  • Costs to much

    by Carnagev127

    I was hoping to be able to play with other players, but the only thing u can buy is 70 DOLLARS!!!!!


    by Richachet

    If there were a contest for apps that crash, this would win first place. I can't even start a round without it crashing. It seems like it crashes even MORE after the latest update. Please fix!!

  • Glu Games are TERRIBLE

    by Hcjriejfhfhfjrn

    All Glu Games products crash CONSTANTLY, especially this one! If I could give them a zero I would. Don't waste your time with their games they will just CRASH and leave you frustrated. If you do download this game definitely DONT spend any real money on it as the game will again CRASH and you will lose whatever you purchased!

  • Don't play

    by Beckin

    They make the boss for when your attacking players to over powered to ever win a match. I would not recommend this game to anyone cause the game makes you pay money if you want to advance any further.

  • Fun but many bugs

    by Marshmelloww123498

    It's crashes a lot on multiplayer and I lose all my soul energy and it also crashes when I play on story it crashes way to much and needs to be fixed.

  • Fun but crashex

    by joshmprice

    Fun game but it keeps crashing in the middle of playing.

  • Crash, Crash, Crash, crash

    by Js1wolfman

    Game always crashes. There are "ways to prevent this" on the website... That don't work. I've closed background apps, reset iPad, and tried playing in airplane mode (which wouldn't fix the multiplayer crashes). When the crash happens in multiplayer, you lose your soul jars... This needs to be fixed!!!!!!!,!,!,!,

  • Too much money

    by Sitton mchawk

    I hate that i am forced use a particular character on certain levels, and having to pay rediculous amounts of money for upgrades. It's insane. Who wouldpay for that? Anyway it's alotta fun and addicting. But they make it impossible for you to win without spending money ion some instances

  • Great game but

    by Jtudini

    Spending that much money for a character is ridiculous. I might as well go but a console game because it is cheaper then this. Make upgrades cost coins or gems. Besides the money, the game is very fun and doesn't have any bugs.

  • Fix the crashes

    by Anna200709

    This game crashes a lot.

  • Game is alright except it's pay to win.

    by Bobby123179

    Once you hit later levels (29 was the level for me), you can't win. I've bought every upgrade except for the ones you have to pay real money for and still couldn't win. This is more like a demo, then you need to buy a $70 character to beat the rest of the game.

  • Fun but lags

    by SleepyHEARTcutieful

    Fun game but lags, need to be more smooth

  • Great game but flaws

    by The best $5 I've ever spent

    My phone goes off multiple times a day saying my soul jar is full when I open the app I find it's only at 9 or 10, and 290 away from being full and unable to recover anything in multiplayer. Please fix ASAP

  • Review

    by Sarkew

    Nice game buddy lets try

  • Meh

    by ir2way

    I like the game, but the constant adds and the game crashes makes it impossible not to get infuriated.

  • Fun but...

    by Jrb08

    Fun game, but CRASHES!!! Also, $69.99?! Waaaaay too much for additional character. In game way to earn gems please...

  • Definite "to be deleted!"

    by Oz893

    Initially fun for a 'side-scrolling' game, but having my character die for no reason which sends you to an "in-app purchase" screen, so early in the game. To the GREEDY game company, I played it less than 10 min & didn't die, please get out of my wallet.

  • a d d i c t i n g

    by Meth Unicorn 666

  • Fix crashes please!!

    by Gpionav

    This game deserves 5 stars, but the constant crashes in a middle of a game is frustrating.

  • Crash

    by Master alexzz

    It fun but it always crash can u guys fix it

  • Great game

    by I am man uuel

    Awesome game very addictive

  • Fun but $70 for a character?!?

    by NObama123

    Really guys? You do realize little kids play this too. And there's no way anyone in their right mind would pay that kind of cash for a character. $5 maybe. Not $70. May as well get a Xbox game.

  • Needs more

    by Xavier@BRONX

    Does anyone know how to unlock more allies? The hidden ones. Example would be the one that's says find the Assassin

  • Pretty good

    by Tavo4921

    Its pretty fun

  • Decent effort

    by Timleeak

    It keeps me entertained. There are also a lot of adds to wade through.

  • Fun, but only when it doesn't crash

    by Saint4484

    This game would be 4 or 5 if it didn't crash constantly on my brand new iPad mini.

  • Too slow and i know better games like samari vs zombies

    by Omegafireblazer

    But the in game payment options are just a scam

  • Fun & addicting game but crashes too much

    by Hsydiensc

    The game is fun but after a certain level it is nearly impossible to beat a wave because the game crashes every attempt

  • Great but crashes a lot

    by Watler84

    Awesome game, way better then SVZ but crashes when you have too many characters on screen

  • Great game... With a price

    by ColorStormWeb

    This is a great game, but why is the Archangel $69.99 and there isn't even an option to buy the Dragon Mage!! A lower price would give this game 5 stars!

  • Great

    by christopher prophete

    Real great game but not paying 70$ that to much for a guy lower the price and maybe it is super addictive and love it

  • Crashes!!!!

    by Js1wolfman

    The daily crashed on me 4 times one day before I stopped trying, which is ok, but now it's crashing on multiplayer and I lose my soul jars... Fix this!

  • Fun but some issues

    by Cjdaman55

    Really fun game but I can't complete the first collection every time I try to attack for the last piece it says unable to retrieve opponents information and it's getting really annoying

  • This game is amazing!

    by Broz642

    The tactics and speed of it are great it is very fun and easy to play on phone or tablet

  • Some cons

    by Nye2mj

    Love the game but it keeps crashing.

  • Good stuff

    by Rollerssssssa

    Simplified defense game, that stays addicting

  • Bad joke

    by Hayate125

    $70 for a character, higher even Assassin Creed IV, Batman AO on steam. Are you really serious guys?

  • Awesome

    by Eduardo Olazaran

    This game is great! If you have the patience to farm for an hour or two it'll be tons of fun! Incredible game, definite 5/5

  • Surprisingly fun.

    by Wauugh!

    Different heroes, different strategies and lots of upgrades.

  • Kinda Cheesy!

    by uhriahx

    As usual, the game starts out easy, then gets harder. As usual, the game requires pay for better play.

  • Fun game

    by Josesoto1978064

    It's actually super fun but I can't past this lever because it lagging me out:(

  • Dragon Scum

    by KennyCutz

    It's fun! But I don't feel that in this day and age dragons would rise against humans... It's kind of a weird concept.

  • Riddled with bugs

    by Freazur

    This game is a textbook example of companies making crappy games that require large amounts of money to be playable. $70 for an in-game character? Also, it crashes when there are too many enemies on-screen, and it's not uncommon for my collection artifacts to not be registered as captured after I finally win the battle for them. This game is disgusting.

  • .

    by Longboy6

    Well to be honest this game is fun, but I got the chance to buy the starter pack which is $20 and thought what the heck, why not! It has the dragonmage and a few other things! So I bought it and then I checked my balance and it did take the money out but I didn't get the dragonmage or anything else it promised :( I lost $20 for nothing

  • Fun until lvl 26

    by Jlhfreedom

    I've attempted lvl 26 4 times now and every time I get to 80% or so the game crashes.

  • Problema

    by Kdhdhsksish

    Estoy jugando y cuando estoy batallando me saca del juego arréglenlo porfavor

  • CRASH!

    by Weirdett!!

    Every time i try to open the game it crashes

  • Very fun

    by Maquar

    Fun to play but is still your typical defense game, but great graphics!!

  • Only for the rich

    by xj4ke

    Don't start investing your time in this game unless you're very wealthy. It's one thing to make purchases to support apps. But it's flat out insulting when you try to rip them off in return. The currency and character purchases are outrageously priced ($70.00 to purchase an extra character)

  • Great casual strategy action

    by Mojosmojo

    Good progression

  • Fun but design issues

    by Quelynace

    I have paid NO real money on this game and I'm almost at max level. So people that say it's impossible without spending real cash are wrong. The gameplay is a lot of fun and I really enjoy it. I don't even mind the forced levels with heroes it challenges you to do something that's not necessarily what you find easiest and it's fun. The prices on the extra hero of being $70 is outrageous and insulting. The fact that I can't figure out how to get the Dragon Mage yet there's a daily challenge using him is frustrating. so I can't upgrade him to do the challenge yet I have to use him is kind of annoying.

  • Good

    by Japaneetunda


  • Good thing the game is actually kinda fun

    by G_R

    Cause multiple crashes, slow load times, and 70 freaking dollars for the full experience (not to mention you also have to spend real money if you want to level up past a certain point)...all makes me kind of PO'ed cause I legit enjoy the game.

  • amazing/confusing

    by De4thbringer

    i live the game its amazing but the only thing i dont get is how to get the dragonmage

  • good

    by Ryudam

    best game !

  • Horrible server

    by Brains1624

    Game has terrible server issues and little independence when it comes to playing. The game can't find player information 10 out of 10 times when using multiplayer! Fix multiplayer and it maybe gets two stars

  • Fail

    by B James

    It wont open...

  • Great game

    by Zigguraut1372

    Great game but needs more levels and game types. Everyone needs to try this game.

  • Game crashes!!

    by leahmbell

    Fix how the game can't keep up with all the commotion when you play it's to much for the game to handle when you use troops and have to many people and powers going! Fix please I played the samurai vs zombies 1 and 2 and they were awesome besides having to buy gems all time just to upgrade and keep up with the modders and all that!

  • Fun until it demands money

    by Graysonwh

    This game is fun. It's disappointing that it makes no effort to hide that it wants your money. At around wave 29 it becomes near impossible to progress without upgrading characters with premium currency. Which means you have to spend real money to win. That's never okay. Also, $70 cash for another character? That's ridiculous to think that people would actually be okay with that purchase.

  • Has potential

    by Ianorensky

    This game would be satisfying if it didn't routinely stall or quit. The engineers still have some work to do.

  • Good defense game

    by akm932

    This is a good defense game

  • Crashes

    by Sad'Face

    I enjoy the game but it crashes way too much when theyre too many people on the screen

  • Terrible

    by RyanTomany

    The people behind this game only want your money, once you get to about level 15-20 it is literally impossible to win without buying upgrades with real money. also when you have to use a certain character for a lvl you are forced to upgrade all of them which leaves you with no money.

  • Not a bad game, but....

    by Perceverant

    The only big problem I have with this game is the consistent crashing. Finishing a single level is rare without it crashing at least once or twice. I don't recommend downloading this game until the majority of crashes are fixed.

  • Love this

    by BO2 assassins creed guy

    This game is very fun. There is one problem though. Some stages it forces you to use a certain character. I'm on a stage where I have to be the warrior and I didn't upgrade him at all. Impossible to beat it please fix. Other than that love it

  • Good but...

    by Realm69

    Would be a 5 star game but the in app purchases make it 3. You can't proceed in the game after around wave 27 unless you start buying stuff...and the prices are plain silly. $70 for the arch angle...really....

  • A Great Game With Pros and Cons

    by Qb767

    This game is addicting. However, I don't like how they force you to pick a character for certain levels if it ain't the archer. Another thing, the publishers must be out of their minds if they think anybody is going to pay $70 for one character, that is just stupid and it kind of makes me angry to think they were serious when they put the price on it. If you made the dragonmage and the archangel as a bundle with the upgrades for $20, then I'm pretty sure a lot of people would buy it. All around still a very good game 4/5.

  • Was great but....

    by mr.bassmannnn

    I really enjoyed this game for a time. But once you get farther into the game the more it relies on in app purchases to actually move on. Really ruins the game. And 70 dollars for a character? Really?

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