Deer Hunter Reloaded Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Glu Games Inc.
  • Updated: Apr, 18 2012
  • Version: 3.8.0
  • Size: 251.5 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Glu Games Inc

Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

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7181 Ratings
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★★★ Deer Hunter Reloaded was voted App Store Best of 2012 by Apple! Get it Free For a Limited Time Only! ★★★

Optimized for the iPhone 5!

Enhanced Graphics for the new iPad®!

The most REALISTIC and AUTHENTIC hunting sim returns. It's time to RELOAD your rifles and take to the wilds of North America to bag the BIGGEST GAME out there!

First Person perspective with visually stunning environments

To target specific organs

Beat your friends to the top of the leaderboards!


To line up the perfect shot

With a variety of jackets, vests, boots, and hunting glasses

Collect trophies for your trophy room

Achievements and Leaderboards

Deer Hunter Reloaded is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

Customer Reviews

  • Great game

    by Nebowhntr

    Game is a lot of fun. Great way to pass the time.

  • good but....

    by wwe 4 life 184


  • Good game

    by .&$@

    The game is great just sometimes It is just to fast to shoot the leaperd they put them to go to fast.

  • Challenging

    by McKillerr

    Difficult. They should have a price tag on everything.

  • Allen

    by 1-4 Hunters

    I like the layout but not having to buy all the extras. If you want steady aim it cost you, if you want a bigger clip it cost you, and so on.

  • Deerhunter Reloaded

    by bordersandblooms

    A beautiful game but items are expensive with little in game monies

  • Great!

    by G moneys

    Awesome and great game to hunters

  • Better than the original

    by J.W.

    This one is way better than the original.

  • Mia

    by (MiaCat05!)

    I LOVE this game !

  • Great

    by Dill568995465$$$

    This game is so so so so so o ya and um so cooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These people did a great great job at making this game.................(great job).......

  • Fun and annoying at same time!

    by Lacks functionality

    This is a fun game to pass a little time on the throne or in a waiting room. Ridiculously simple (animals right in front of you all the time) but fun. Annoying as hell with constant pop up ads and in the middle of hunts they stop and ask you to upgrade or extend the duration of items. Still, not too bad for small doses until you get too irritated by the ads and interruptions!

  • Good game 100%

    by Nick : 911

    Good game 100%

  • Fun to hunt

    by Artatron

    I like the game

  • Deer hunter reloaded

    by The beast of hunting

    It is pretty cool except it is kinda hard to shoot in the night. It also cost to much money to by weapons

  • X-Pert Fun

    by SKS Mosin-Nagant man

    Oh yeah, fun for all ages

  • Awesome

    by dark300s

    Great app

  • Best Grafics ever


    Love this game, best Grafics ever,more challenges,and more levels

  • Awsome game

    by Big Willie the man

    I love this game u must download

  • Same game as Cabela's Big Game Hunt

    by Luis Lopez GTA IV

    It is almost as Cabela's, but with a different name, but it's a good game

  • Deer hunter

    by BX shooter

    Like the game

  • Awful

    by Creative Nick

    Customer Service does not exist at Glu. I deleted all their apps. They really didn't care.

  • Ok

    by Evpocypocalypse

    Great game but crashes and is a money sucker. Sometimes very glichy

  • Do not get this game

    by Butts r awesome

    The loading bar takes a long time to get to the game.THE LOADING BAR LOADS 5 TIMES TO JUST GET TO THE SHOT

  • Bad game

    by Dabeast1121

    Don't waste you time downloading this game it stinks and you cant make your gun stay still it just doesn't work and you cant fire correctly it completely goes in the other direction i my oppinion its a terrible game!!!!!


    by The sexyes

    Good game good music but The graphics come on moartal combat 1 has better graphics that this crap DO NOT GET THIS GAME WAST OF TIME WAST OF STORAGE

  • Tar able GAME!!!

    by Stansmith63

    Crashes a lot . Bad game!!!!!!

  • They need a girl hunter

    by Jakwana

    They need a girl hunter. They have 4 men hunter . I'm a chick and wold play a chick. I wold play this agine if the wold put a women in there

  • Love the game HATE the shaking aim!

    by Georgiawoman

    The game is good, I hate shaking aim it's impossible 2 shot an animal with a tiny head like the dall sheep in the head. I can't get nowhere cause I can't shoot the animals in the required spots! It's easier with big animals like the bison or buffalo whatever u call it but impossible with little animals like the bobcat.

  • Marketing trap

    by Lmf68

    Unrealistic. Poor graphics. Pay to play. Advertiser.

  • Don't get...a scam

    by TCiphone.test

    This game is a scam to get you to buy more stuff.

  • My review

    by Gamechanger7721

    It could have been better if the controls were easier to use! I can't shoot a single thing.

  • Too slow

    by Valmay9

    I like the game but its just too slow

  • Annoying interruptions

    by Durnman

    Can you at least let me get thru a hunt without trying to sell me something?

  • EXPENSIVE to play

    by Mr Willis Won't Bite

    Player must earn 'money' AND 'gold' to advance. And the gold is more important. Only way to get gold is pay real $. And it's ridiculously priced...$50! And don't get me started on the 'energy' thing. Who the heck designs an app you can only play a few times per day?!? Oh wait, that's right, you can just pay more to keep playing! I'm serious, this app is like being in an arcade.

  • Not Bad

    by Tannerrrrrr

    For people that dont have enough money to get the upgrades when u get on the app go to settings and change time and date by 1 day then go back on the app and you get more money each time u do it you also can get gold if u do it long enough


    by Ahesly


  • Bad

    by Awesome6467

    Its more like: Deer Hunter Reload our Bank Accounts. Hard to do anything without buying gold and hunter bucks, they skip you to all the .300 ultra mag missions, cant do anything. Get Deer Hunter 2014. They really polished up on this and it's WAY BETTER.

  • Chienese food

    by To faceseses

    I have not even played the game YYYEEEETTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great game

    by Greenbird69

    Please update I have cash money but I can't buy or upgrade with it.other then that it's a good game fun.update,update thank u

  • Deer hunter

    by Tenn PICK

    This game is freakin awesome.....!

  • Black screen

    by 14amerrell

    Can't get app to view. I can hear sound, but it is just a black screen.

  • Dont Buy

    by AwesomeDrLove

    Every time you click on a part of the game there is an ad. DONT BUY

  • Davidson


    I hate this Game it's Not Fun at all I Deleted it 5 min into Game.

  • horrible game

    by Chlutu

    Go look at Deer Hunter 2014. Compared to that great game, this is just horrible.

  • Dumb

    by Homie338

    All it does is load 100000 times

  • All about the money

    by Apb8412

    What a let down! Download the app and be forced to buy more energy, better gun, night vision, more time, etc at every turn. Lame!

  • Hunting

    by Haleighboo

    I think this game is grate

  • Original was better

    by Firepup90

    Just alright.

  • Best

    by BBfun times

    This is the best game ever needs no wifi and is fun:)

  • It's so fun

    by Flipper ripper

    I love the graphics and the posibilitys I give it 5 stars

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