Contract Killer Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Glu Games Inc.
  • Updated: Mar, 24 2011
  • Version: 1.5.2
  • Size: 501.22 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Glu Games Inc

Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

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They might call you an enforcer, or an assassin. Call it what you like - you're a CONTRACT KILLER.

Pulled into a world of bounty hunters, mobsters and criminals, you must check in with your contacts and accept SECRET MISSIONS that only you can handle. Select your WEAPON OF CHOICE from an inventory of sniper rifles, assault rifles and machine guns. Locate your target, zoom in, take aim and GO FOR THE HEADSHOT to earn cold hard cash. You might eliminate a crime boss and escape without being spotted, or you might walk straight into an AMBUSH...

Prepare for your mission and then jump into one of many vantage points within 5 gritty 3D locations

17 Story Missions and unlimited Random Missions provide cash, XP and lots of action

20 distinct weapons including handguns, sniper rifles, machine guns and assault rifles

Use the Tranquilizer Gun to capture your target or put them down... permanently

Twitter @glumobile

The Glu Assassins are always shooting to make sure we keep Contract Killer locked-&-loaded full of free content and new features. Previous updates include:
New weapons
New Game Center Achievements
Easy weapon swap and reload

Contract Killer is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

Customer Reviews

  • Ok

    by Fun drew

    It wants me to review


    by AliMEU


  • Great game

    by Kev1115play

    One of the very best sniper games on market. Very real rewards are good could be better.

  • Contract killer

    by ,6780t jack


  • great app

    by guate502

    i love this app

  • KSED....

    by Otaone


  • It was ok

    by Dylan O.

    The game wasn't bad, but it's good for what it is.

  • Great

    by John1702


  • Fun

    by pelo21

    Good Time


    by Asswhole792

    This game keeps me up I can't stop playin it I got to level 70

  • Sweetness

    by BerzerkerSniper

    Best sniper game ever

  • Best game

    by Kjempe bra spill og biler

    Best game ever

  • Addicting!!!

    by Skooler1

    Super clean graphics...good story line,better with friends.

  • Expensive

    by SmTown1972

    Awesome game but very hard to earn credits and insanely expensive to purchase them. Upgrading weapons, silencers, etc cost credits and I'm not spending $50 on IAP. It's a shame it's so expensive.

  • Great stuff!

    by Pawnshopfilms

    Very fun

  • OMG

    by Jmeelzthe1

    Great game less interruption would be awesome!

  • Dis guy is awesome

    by Pie pie pie pie pie pie pie

    It is a very good game but freezes on me and i have to delete it and then buy it again ! Over all i rate it 3 stars they need to give you more money when you complete a mission

  • Good

    by Beer every night

    Good game

  • Tboneusda

    by Larry Phillips

    Great game very addictive

  • It's cool

    by Lollijay

    It's a cool game just wish they had a better way to earn credits

  • Dosent work

    by Todd Malone

    Every time I try to Play it won't let me zoom in or shoot

  • don't waste the download time

    by Teedoffintexas

    down loaded the app 3 times and it freezes up when you get to the second level and does not let you do anything else.

  • How

    by Jfjgdhdjdhhd

    How do you get past the very beginning it won't let me buy the extra bullets in the beginning so please help

  • Great game but...

    by ImADrummer77

    Overall this is a good game but sometimes an ad pops up so I hit the x and before the ad goes away on the screen it pops back up!!! This makes no sence.

  • Socks

    by MarchinW.

    Rip off artist you can't even make it to the next level or the next mission without paying money it's BS

  • I love it

    by Mocha8784

    I usually hate first person shooter games but I love this one !!

  • Okay Game

    by Lightripper1998

    The game is amazing don't get me wrong this is the second time I'm playing it yet then in-app purchases DESTROYED the fun in it. I can't even complete a new mission without a sniper rifle that the mission's payout pays for. So overall the game at a certain point says pay me money or stop playing.

  • Best game

    by Number001hunter

    Very fun game

  • Don't get popped by the money grabber

    by Wwlphotos

    Loaded the app & u get one shot & the lock it down until you buy....

  • Love it

    by Crayz GuNsLiNgR

    Overall: 5 star nuff said....

  • Addictive

    by Kcl4troy

    You get this adrenaline rush that no other similar games could provide.

  • I couldnt play

    by Lonewolf2

    Ur stupid ads made it impossible to even start up the game! Horrible

  • Comment

    by Bballer415

    Very realistic

  • AWESOME!!!

    by ()$@

    one of the best assassin games on IOS i recommend this.


    by MokuNui6984

    Best game EVER!! Addicting n nonstop action!! Way better than stick figure shooters lol

  • Todchester

    by Todchester

    Awesome game.

  • Fun

    by Jt 74


  • Google

    by Cool4762-92673325

    Awesome game

  • You better download this game

    by B3/1990

    Glu makes some great games; the two I highly recommend are this one and Super KO Boxing 2

  • Killer

    by Mc Digital

    Very nice game!

  • Amazing game

    by Tombwolf

    I love this game. It requires quite a bit of thinking before acting. My only issue with it is needing 190 grand before I can continue the storyline. It's a very minor annoyance, but I wanted to point it out. The best part is the random encounter type ambushes.

  • Don't buy

    by Dontbuythisf***scam!!

    When I originally had this app it was great. Now it either gets stuck at the connecting screen or sends me to a website I want nothing to do with.

  • Fungame

    by Like lie

    Need a good way to earn credits

  • Thomas

    by bladeking2100

    Worked fine yesterday from this morning crashes pleaseeeeee fix great game

  • Game review

    by Yankee264


  • Wow it so not cool

    by Applejack .

    It crash all the time

  • Average

    by Jdubiedub

    Average game.

  • Great game!!!

    by matthew Lauerwald

    I like contract killer 1better than contract killer 2.

  • Tease

    by Elivinicizz

    This game is difficult to play and it's difficult to earn money and earn credits. Don't waste your time

  • Bang

    by Jd47234


  • Stuck

    by Sdog1000

    It keeps getting stuck on the connecting screen

  • Not such a good game anymore

    by Penitant tangent

    Was a good game. Now it doesn't even seem to want to let me play the game.

  • Says it's connecting

    by Raziel03

    Would like to give a better rating, but it won't load

  • Awesome

    by Asdfgkrkrkfifkjfidmeirjrhfhr

    Best game I have ever played.

  • Bad connection

    by SkullKid54

    I really like this game but it keeps getting hung up at the connecting screen and will not go any further

  • Haven't played but

    by Töčø

    It stops at the connecting screen and never connects

  • Crashes

    by Bflo62

    I was hoping that maybe they fixed the problems for iPod, but I still can't even get into the game. Whenever I open it, it stays on the connecting screen for about 7 min, then exits itself. If you have an iPod, don't waste your time.

  • Doesn't work

    by RDEng23

    Does not work on 5s. Will not even open.

  • Contract killer

    by Lazyoboy13

    I don't know if it's good or not won't load on connecting screen please fix this

  • Won't load

    by Roler mane

    Won't load when I'm on my wifi but lets me play offline why?

  • Wasted band width

    by Kmb98

    Dl'd doesn't even run, just sits saying connecting. Have deleted

  • Freezes

    by Brelew77

    The app stays frozen on the connect part. I tried redownloading it and it didn't work.

  • Do Not Update!!!


    I haven't been able to play since I've updated to this version. #ohsosad

  • Connecting forever!

    by Bilyaristangjp

    I really love this game, however, whenever I want to play it is stuck on connecting screen and it takes forever. Please fix this problem.

  • What the heck?!

    by Paulharris859

    Ugh this game looks awesome,but since i got it on my iPad mini it gets stuck at the connecting... Screen. FIX IT PLEASE

  • Was great

    by Newb007

    I was really enjoying this game.. For the past 3 days it just sits at 'connecting' but never does...

  • Does not load

    by lPsykol

    I updated this game, ever since then, the game takes forever to load, and sometimes wont load at all

  • Uggg

    by Eieeie

    It's stuck on the loading screen please fix

  • Contract killer

    by Mstorm14

    The game won't load... So aggravating!!

  • …Connecting…

    by Dude0002

    Contract Killer is terrible. Only thing I seen in this game is a connecting screen. :(

  • Connecting...

    by Danpatricklistener

    If the object of the game is to see how long you can stare at a screen that says "connecting", then I have the high score. Unfortunately, I never even got to play the game.

  • Love it except...

    by Joseph Haug

    The online feature is terrible because I have to turn off wifi just to get the game to load. And the energy doesn't restore fast enough to get into the game a lot.

  • Again the game will NOT play

    by Holy Art

    Contract Killer will not load!!!!

  • It won't let me get on

    by Blade1400

    For a few days now whenever I try to get on contract killer I won't let me. I keeps saying "connecting" but never loads.

  • Crashes after a while...

    by Elmnyc

    Then you have to reinstall and start from scratch losing any time and money you've put into it

  • Update The game

    by iiJigglez

    The game takes forever to load, enough to make me give up on it and not play.

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