Bombshells: Hell's Belles Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Glu Games Inc.
  • Updated: Sep, 05 2012
  • Version: 2.0.1
  • Size: 512.05 MB

Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese

Seller: Glu Games Inc

Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

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480 Ratings
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4378 Ratings


These sexy pilots love fast planes, big guns, and shooting TOOL out of the sky.

Bombshells will take you directly to the danger zone with unique environments, devious enemies, and ridiculous weapons!

There are over 200 awesome planes, cannons, and missile launchers to try out. Fine tune your arsenal to dominate the skies!

Use your GameCenter friends as wingmen to cover your six in epic boss battles

Need that extra edge? Request a supply drop for a chance to win rare and crazy-powerful items!

Battle your friends online in the furiously-paced combat of the Arena Deathmatch mode!

What are you waiting for? Enlist with the Bombshells today!

Bombshells: Hell's Belles is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

Customer Reviews

  • Bombshells

    by Zbass13

    F'n killer

  • I want it back

    by Hello9997

    I love the game but when I got my new phone I downloaded it on my phone I can get my plane back

  • Big

    by Bah46

    Could be better

  • Hell bells

    by Tigger hall

    Great game.

  • Great game

    by Cowboy_9x

    Wonderful game

  • Hell bellesmlekdnrAq---.?:/bvcvSćaaz fduh

    by Cameo blade

    Fun game so far. Rjrutvlitr

  • 5 Star

    by calvin norwood

    This a Great game.

  • Really Fun game but...

    by WrinklyGus

    Lags a little bit but really easy to get into-twss

  • Crashes

    by Power Man 1123448272

    It's great... But it keeps crashing after every mission. Please fix!

  • Bombshells hells bells

    by MFbeast216

    First time playing i was like ooh ahh wow yeaa then when it kept crashing i was like aww ughh come on man dam

  • meynard

    by meynard24

    nice game


    by REALLY GOOD yayayayayysygd

    This game is really awesome if you like shooter and etc games.

  • Hard

    by Boermanmb

    Super fun but in app purchases are expensive and the game is very difficult without them

  • Romeo

    by Miller 2000 gamer

    Hott game and hott girls lol

  • Just perfect

    by M.Thanoon

    This game is top ten

  • Nice GooooooD

    by بدوووحي

    nice GoooooD

  • Awesome

    by Aweppl

    Great game, easy start up and fast paced. Great game for anyone really. Check it out. I just wish they would make earning money easier

  • Great but multiplayer needs work

    by CuBs2105

    This game is fun and the graphics and controls are awesome. I wish that I didn't have to spend money to get some of the better items but you build up money quick if you hold out for a few weeks and play multiplayer to get the daily and weekly prizes. Speaking of multiplayer, it takes way too long to get into a game but it would also be more fun with 4 or even 5 people in a map. If there are 2 dominate players it would make things a little more interesting.

  • Better than Gun Bros

    by Joemau

    Definitely an awesome game.

  • Still love it

    by Moonhammer

    This is the third time starting over downloading this game. I love me some bombshells baby. Just don't get caught up and stuff dollar bills in their..uh... Cockpits.

  • ;(

    by Rōblox

    I crash when I start the game

  • Can't even play the game

    by Urmylife

    Fix this it goes to the loading screen and it doesn't even load it just sends me back to the homepage

  • Crashes and quites cannot play

    by Black_Kyurem

    Good challenging but freezes and crashes please fix in next update

  • NO BOYS?

    by keltonman


  • Nice!

    by Cptn. Amir

    2 problems, the game cannot calibrate correctly if the screen is faced downwards and it needs a lot more missions. I finished it 2 days! Just 2 days!

  • great game but cant downlod after deleting

    by Peenopook

    Plz Fix

  • Crashes after tutorial

    by TheChosenDragon

    After the tutorial, the game starts to crash and quit. It needs fixing.

  • Excellent aerial combat game!

    by Mantis73832

    Awesome arcade style air combat game. I love the graphics and gameplay. The only reason I'm not leaving 5 starts is because the menus for buying/adding weapons can become a bit confusing... But that's a minor detail

  • Great game, just freakin expensive.

    by Doodness357

    I love this game. I am a new player. Controls are great. But your point and reward system is a bit off and the cost of everything is less than desirable. Plus in the arena, players should be matched with players of similar level and caliber if possible. If you could include a little more story/ pictures through the game would be cool too.

  • 三三三两两

    by ggsff


  • Awful

    by Darknight1020

    I advise anyone who is reading this to NOT BUY THIS GAME. It is constantly lagging making it almost impossible to finish any level. If you complete a level it doesn't matter because the game will crash before it saves that you have finished the level. Also I don't understand why you must pay for the best character I would understand if I costed a lot of game money but not real money are the people at glu really that greedy.

  • HEVX

    by HEVX

    A+ game; if you liked Metalstorm, you'll love this game.

  • Best game

    by Hiran SS

    Best multiplayer game ...

  • Fun game!!!!!

    by Jahxkdnbejx

    I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Money hungry

    by Hallmarktr

    Great game controls. In game graphics rock. Menus lame. It's all about money and getting you to give it to them :(

  • Perfect

    by greg snell

    Lots of fun. The control work very well. Just a real fun game

  • Crash 75% of times loading level

    by SpinnyVin

    Almost crash every time loading champaign levels. Deleting.

  • Good plane game

    by WASD JKL or IJKL asd

    This game is so cool it takes a while to load but its worth it! :D

  • Doom

    by Goodrfjjdj

    Great game

  • Entertaining

    by Denimus0069

    The motion controls r pretty gd n so far it is rather entertaining I just Wish the Gem purchases weren't so pricey other than that its a solid game

  • CRASHES!!!

    by DDude360

    The first time i opened the app, it worked fine... I played one level and it crashed... Then after that every time i open it, it crashes!!! Please fix!

  • Good

    by Fvbjgfbkbffg


  • A Very Good Game

    by Mr. Wasp

    Bombshell is a very good game. It has a great control scheme and engaging combat. This app is truly one worth downloading.

  • Good game

    by Fifugdhdhhdjdjdjend

    It's a good game with cool planes, guns , and missions

  • Great game!!

    by Cristian Cruz

    Please dont let this game go to waste!!!! Please update it with new content so players can return!!!!!

  • Nicee

    by Damiaaan

    Great game

  • Fix it!!!

    by Hebejebekeke

    This was the BEST game I've ever played on iPod. You need to fix this I've tried reloading in millions of times and it just crashes! You need to fix this. I love this game and you need to do whatever you can to fix it! Zack

  • Music

    by Horse girly

    Oh, please, please, please, give an option to lose the lame music. Just the sounds of battle, please.

  • Bombshells

    by The real Yohan

    Fun for first missions but stage 2 is ridiculous. It goes from a 1 to a 100 in hardness. Maybe needs to get better explodium or something. I love the flight it's seemless. Please come up with a update to increases damage resistance and play a little easier. And further more if you don't put better weapons to buy with explodium ill never play again. So come with the update already !!!!oh and please do something with the music. Put something their for a option without going completely mute. I would love to just here the engines and explosion sound

  • Cool

    by Pangy54321

    The game is fun but it started crashing and now when I try to get on all I get is a black screen

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