World at Arms - Wage war for your nation! Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Updated: Nov, 02 2012
  • Version: 1.8.0
  • Size: 92.36 MB

Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: Gameloft

- Equip Atlas with any of the 4 types of Hyperion Gear to add bonuses to your army!
- Each Gear type has a unique skill. Discover them & make your army unbeatable!
- Atlas's stats aren't affected if damaged, and repair is faster & cheaper!

- Version 2.0 of the Lottery is out, with a better drop rate & proper rewards for your level
- Boost your economy with 6 new buildings
- You can transfer your save to new devices if you are connected via social network
- UI improvements & bug fixes

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LOCK AND LOAD! The evil KRA forces have attacked our nation, threatening the entire free world! As one of the greatest military leaders on Earth, you must take action to save us all!

In this all-out modern-war strategy game, you will battle across the globe, in the sea's depths, on the ground, and in the air, following a deep solo campaign and fighting in an exciting multiplayer mode. Take advantage of the rich social features to find allies and chat to devise a cunning battle plan! Join or create your own Faction to combine forces! Make your name known on the leaderboards by challenging rivals and stealing their resources and become the best player in this immersive game!

√ A war simulation game with brilliant graphics, stunning animations, and realistic units & buildings

√ Collect resources, build, upgrade, and fuse units, construct facilities and complete numerous achievements

√ Engage in innovative battles across the globe and on various terrains (desert, urban, underwater & more)

√ Immerse yourself in the only modern-war strategy game on the market offering deep-sea exploration and battles!

√ Construct the new super unit, Atlas, and use it as a game-changer in battle!

√ Join Factions with other players or form your own to wage war, dominate, and win rewards

√ Connect with your friends via Facebook or Gameloft LIVE! and borrow their units during battle

This game supports 12 languages, including Arabic.

:اللعبة الآن متوفرة باللغة العربية, للمزيد من المعلومات الرجاء زيارة مدونتنا العربية

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Customer Reviews

  • Alright game so far

    by K2thaK

    Too early to tell though

  • Great fun

    by NikiClay

    Fun to play. Somewhat addictive. Doesn't require you to be on line all the time. Can advance in the game without spending real money, but you can, if you want.

  • Idkkk

    by Maddi Jane lover


  • Great

    by Padrekdr

    This is best download I have played so far

  • Game

    by carlosnogales1

    Good game

  • Foda, pena q nao tem xana

    by Jv gostosao

    bem legal o jogo e pa

  • Great app

    by Defiant2222

    I love this game. I play this every day. Five stars.

  • Addicting

    by Pdxmrc

    Can't put it down :)

  • Fun game

    by Fukabum

    Not to expensive to play and 9 out of 10 game.

  • Awesome

    by Don't-touch-me-there

    Love this game. Greatest game I've played on the iPhone. Must download

  • Great

    by Skitzoking

    Love it

  • Kicks you out often

    by Lewy7360

    Ok game expensive to level up

  • Great game

    by Leon22iq

    This is a pretty great game, unlike some of the other games I've had this one really makes you think before acting. Also it's great how engaging enemies in this game isn't so bland and requires strategy, especially if you don't have much to work with, all in all it's a great game

  • Cool

    by XxcreepypastaxX123

    Really addictive game. Also really awesome

  • World at wars

    by Lil Marcus b jr

    World at arms is the best game on earth it's so Future looking and fun it's like my most favorite Game you have to get it i play this game every day

  • Great

    by 1362!


  • Its always fun to play when I'm bored

    by Swaggy_o

    I no it may copy like dragonvale but u get to fight and it's not girly cartoon dragons

  • Why

    by Alexis567468

    Why does it not let me join my faction

  • Yeaa

    by Lt Dan1762903

    Awesome game just takes time but deft fun n worth the time if u got a lot of down time

  • !

    by Guy66554


  • Ever since the upgrade..........

    by Quesig

    It constantly crashes. It can't handle the graphics. Please fix because it was a 5 star game.

  • This stinks

    by newyorka123

    I have had this game for ten minutes, and it wont come off of the loading screen that says " checking for updates" and i haven't even gotten to play! i dont like this game so far. |:-(

  • Not as fun as promised

    by The_Fun_Way

    The game is very annoying trying to get u online to collect money every min Intel lvl 11 to try to get u to spend money for better buildings. Clash of Clans is much better and doesn't have u doing boring thing just so u can lvl up. If u want to play a game made by a bunch of morons to make money not to be fun than knock yourself out but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. And the game isn't as strait forward as it could be and u can't upgrade ! Oh we'll there's my rage review.

  • Meh

    by Frank Kosko

    Ok game. Nothing special.

  • Awesome

    by Jafr77

    Excellent game.

  • Alright slow going if no money

    by Game boy iii

    This game is okay, but too slow if you don't want to spend any money

  • Great Game!

    by Hispanic Pride

    I love the game! But sometimes the radar never shows me the enemy and I am forced to exit and then I have a loss and less points!

  • Great

    by Shuaks

    It's a very great game, but in the next update, could you make the power plants produce power? It either doesn't produce anything or it produces extremely slow. It's a major problem because I'm forced to built more plants to only get a slight amount of power.

  • Hackers Are Ruining It

    by ASchizoid

    This game is alot of fun, and the addition of weekly Faction tournaments made it even better. The major problem is that some people have figured out how to hack the game, which allows them to cheat in the tournaments, and gain a huge advantage. Very disappointing for those of us who play fair.

  • Great game

    by Swisha Swede

    Very fun and addicting

  • Needs more

    by Gamer go go

    Add build able bridges and currency prizes in the lottery

  • Game

    by Asdhexbfdd

    This is really fun

  • awesome

    by i 3> pie

    This is a great game when I was at disneyland 2 people asked me about the game and they downloaded the game.

  • This game is sweet

    by Commando on ps3

    This game deserves five stars it is so fun and it get intense

  • Awesome games

    by mohammad Sulaiman pirzada

    It's a very cool game but I wish it was like when u level up u should get a star if they do this I will give 5 *****

  • Fun

    by Arrrrrrrggggggg

    Pretty fun

  • Fun game

    by -.kash.-

    Fun game to play

  • It's OK

    by KwikScope3D

    You can't buy airplanes without gold stars. That's stupid. Airplanes are an essential part of the game, and it's practically impossible to earn gold stars without paying. You get 5 every 10 level ups. There should be a way to trade coins for gold stars, or just eliminate gold stars and raise the game's price to $0.99.

  • I love it so much

    by Asdflkjgyhb

    This game is so awesome

  • T

    by fadhel naji


  • Great game!!

    by Jakesplace30

    Need a better way to get stars without having to buy! Takes forever to get things done trying to build up stars.

  • Excelente Juego

    by Javier Somoza

    Es muy bueno y sobre todo te hace analizar pasas un tiempo relajado en este juego

  • Ok!

    by Byytghjjhhh

    Kind of Command & Conquer-esque, which isn't a bad thing. Can not be played offline- which is a bad thing if you're not connected 24/7 like me. Not totally user friendly, I've been playing a week and still can't figure everything out. A good way to waste some time (and money if you want to buy any upgrades

  • World @ Arms

    by ju2cg

    Good game

  • Nice job!

    by Blueskiesmb

    I really like this game

  • Tooner

    by Mtoonesr

    It is a very fun game, you can play and not spend a fortune. You don't have to spend anything if you don't want to. The only thing I don't like, is you are kind of forced to attack other players. You shouldn't have to attack other players if you don't want to! You should be able to only fight the KRA If that is all you want to do?

  • Hipper

    by ScottMess

    Good stuff!!!,,

  • Great game

    by Yoooman

    Love it, super fun.

  • Good game

    by Hoang xoxo

    Эта игра реально крутая!! Тут полно народу. Всем советую играть!!!

  • Entertaining


    Friends persuaded me to download this app and it's been Entertaining so far.

  • Awesome

    by Michael ingle

    This is a awesome game I definitely would recommend this game to my friends

  • Epic

    by Jonathan Goode

    It's entertaining so far.-.

  • Fun

    by ZR2sonoma

    Great time killer

  • Hackers are in this game!!!!!!!!!!

    by Ericandeman

    Warning this game may be fun to play, but gameloft and hackers are working together to make life unfair. Do not download, I have been ripped off by the update from January 22nd, 2014. I started play last May, it was great, but I kept on getting hacked. I have reported problems to gameloft and they do not respond back at all. I am still waiting for a response and the next update. I am recommend to those who have downloaded this game to delete it. Spread the word before you delete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ty

    by bsjx3

    Great game a lot more interesting then most and passes time very nicely

  • Good

    by el.belyaev

    The game is a beautiful and very interesting.

  • Wow really

    by Ndhfjfjeixfg

    I just updated the game and I got reset from level 20 to 12 and all of my units, expansions, buildings, money, all gone. The game is still fun, and it's like a Facebook game like cityville that'll take some time to get to high levels and to get better items.

  • Awesome game

    by I da bestttt!!!

    It has some bugs but nothing major so I can't complain plus it's lots of fun!!

  • Hacked game

    by Bobaboey

    This game used to be fun but it's been taken over by hackers and if no fun at all anymore. Game loft is not doing anything to correct the issue. Google hack for this game there are a bunch of links. Don't waste your time

  • IT IS GERAT!!!!!!!!!:)

    by It is aosom

    A good game I have it on a Kendel an on a iPod touch on my kendel it's esye And fun

  • Awesome

    by Alamo 87

    This game is the best

  • Minor issues

    by Darkangel1220

    Great game but won't let me connect to facebook

  • Good start needs a little more

    by Popasquat81

    Games got a good foundation, needs a bit of work, biggest issue is that troops don't last long and are expensive to make, needs a way to heal troops out of battle

  • Great so far if you don't mind restarting every 10 minutes

    by trl7391

    Only started playing 30 minutes ago. Having problems with it dropping to the ipad home screen and having to restart

  • Can't get my things back

    by Mike the tank Tyson

    We'll it's a great game and all but I recently got a iPhone 5c and I can't get my six months worth of gaming back

  • Fun game!

    by Pnkdancegirl

    Great game had lots if fun.

  • Very Fun, but....

    by gonezoe

    The game passes a lot of time but drains the heck out of my battery so I can only play when I'm close to an outlet. Otherwise I highly recommend it!

  • 30 estrellas perdidas y otras cosas

    by Brenrev

    Me encanta este juego, pero se desaparecieron un total de 30 estrellas ademas cuando recojo los corazones me saca del juego, he apagado el iphone y es lo mismo siempre. Deberian dejar ver cuantos puntos faltan para subir de nivel, ademas no es justo que cada batalla me cobren 16 glorias si pierdo; pero si gano solo 1 gloria, despues de que he invertido equipo. Ojalá puedan arreglarlo, a mi esposo y a mi nos encanta este juego. Gracias

  • Full of hackers. Don't bother down loading

    by RHancock6

    This game use to be fun and exciting. But now it's full of hackers cost real money to advance or compete and takes way to long to expand or advance. And to top it off Game Flop knows this and will not do anything to fix it. So don't waste your time with it.

  • Very disappointed

    by Kingcheeks

    The game is fun and very addicting. However something happen and i no longer am in the same level I was I use to be in level 18 and now for some reason I'm in level 9 If you can fix please do

  • Great game to play

    by Kinnocent

    It fun and easy

  • Good game

    by Mrmike2011

    I like this type of game that's complex and takes months to complete. The problem I have is that they tend to be expensive.

  • Great game

    by Mstr key

    Awesome game but it needs an update so I can collect energy

  • Cool!!

    by SoCalsun1

    Pretty cool game. Takes a while to build up your military, but that's part of the fun.

  • Needs some work.

    by Kevin Kiwicz

    To easy to loose stars when coin farming or when trying to school through power ups in battle. I have lost hundreds in both.

  • lebanon

    by yass70708466

    (Ipad) faction problems .. cant donate units it gives me ( action failed ) .. and it always shows 0/2 units donated ... fix it plz

  • Super fun!

    by Papa Smurf :)

    People are great fun understanding of attacks no one gets too hurt over the little things

  • Fun game

    by Savage19k

    Very fun

  • Cool game

    by Oesnoesitsme

    Crashes. Lost a lot of "stars" due to one. Waiting to see what their response is.

  • Sgt watkins

    by john david watkins

    Sgt watkins

  • Yes is the best game :D

    by Paws491

    Omg i love this game

  • World at Arms

    by Dean Jacobus

    Hackers and cheaters have ruined the game Gameloft has had months to fix and lock the code check the GameLoft forums and see how upset the players are I did yesterday. They are writing letters to the GL BOD and Fox News

  • Where's the update

    by Pretty cool!!!!!

    Been playing for a while but can't figure out how to get to the underwater campaigns... Please help and get a 5th star!!,

  • Fun game

    by Reviewhatr

    Fun game

  • 5 star game

    by 落鳥

    pretty fun

  • Хорошая игра

    by blackkingrat

    Хорошая игра.

  • Great game

    by Dghkljfdwtyhddf

    Good gammmmme

  • Can only get better

    by Cclint40

    I like

  • Awesome game I am addicted

    by Trenton e12

    Can't stop playing it game is awesome

  • Very good game

    by Tylerj15

    This game is great

  • Good game

    by Rooney45688

    Great fun

  • World at arms

    by David Randal

    Cool game

  • World at Arms

    by theoutlawson

    Awesome game.

  • B-MAN

    by Michael Brettman

    Great game but need to be able to advance quicker.

  • Fun Game

    by Slammed-c

    Try it out, but be patient.

  • Yes

    by Bigepley30

    This game rocks. Makes my chode tighten and my lower oral cavity twitch. My gonads swell and my peranium needs a good tongue thrashing

  • Waa

    by Nina Sunshine

    Cool game

  • Crap & bad gameplay

    by Dlnarun

    Tried to imitate clash of clans ....with command of conquer style and screwed both .....useless overall ....

  • Great game

    by Greg Kolo

    This game is awesome. Easier to get better units consistently

  • Nice

    by LittleE305

    This game is fun

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