UNO ™ & Friends – The Classic Card Game Goes Social! Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Updated: May, 30 2013
  • Version: 1.5.1
  • Size: 48.73 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish

Seller: Gameloft

We've got exciting brand-new content and awesome new features for our UNO & Friends fans! What's new in this update?

√ Transform your gameplay with NEW BARBIE AND HOT WHEELS BUNDLES! Don't miss out on one-of-a-kind card decks, backgrounds, chat bubbles and chat packs!

√ Amplify your UNO strategy with game-changing NEW BOOSTS such as the Safety Net, Shield and Snare, exclusively for Tournament Mode!

√ Ensure your next win by getting Boosts on the fly through the NEW IN-GAME BOOST MENU!

√ Sending Gifts to friends is great and receiving them is even better! Now you can COLLECT ALL GIFTS with just one tap!

√ Open to suggestions on which cards to play? Turn on the SUGGESTED CARDS OPTION in the Settings menu!

√ Bug fixes and other improvements.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
388 Ratings
All Versions:
24591 Ratings


***** UNO & Friends: Fast Fun for Everyone!*****

UNO, the world's most beloved card game, introduces a brand-new free social experience!

Playing UNO with friends, family, and the millions of fans worldwide has never been easier! Join one of the largest online mobile gaming communities and enjoy an all-new multiplayer experience, competitive leaderboards and fun customization options that let you shout "UNO!" on a whole new level!

√ Easy to learn, difficult to put down!
√ Create games and invite your friends to play!
√ Challenge millions of UNO fans worldwide!
√ Use Boosts & Super Boosts to diversify your strategy!
√ New leaderboards let you see how you stack up!
√ Compete in weekly contests to win rewards!
√ Customize your game with backgrounds, card deck designs & special effects!
√ Online multiplayer matches over 3G or Wi-Fi!
√ Connect via Facebook Connect & Game Center!


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Customer Reviews

  • Fun but b.s.

    by Poogerpie

    Obviously awesome if you love uno, but if you play in tournaments you pretty much HAVE to buy the cheats in order to win anything. Wishing it was like the good ol' card game I was expecting when downloading this app.

  • Love it!

    by Jbaby1908

    I love this game, so much fun and very addictive. You're able to play with friends from your gamecenter or Facebook. There isn't very many ads def a game to download!! <3

  • Uno

    by Hollyjohnson001

    Love it!

  • UNO

    by Naruto14212


  • UNO!!

    by Ms.queen87

    Finally found a uno game on my phone I loveeee

  • Awesome

    by Hannahnoelle:)

    I love this app

  • Ok but not quite there

    by Javcjskrbhshdjfjduix

    I would definitely rate it with 5 stars but changes need to be made! First they shouldn't be all these boosters. Second it needs to be like completely real uno and you can't have these weird rules! I also believe that they shouldn't cost so much to play a tournament because if you just lose it then it was really not worth all the coins! I really like this game but it needs to be changed!

  • UNO

    by Ur fat

    Fun game!

  • Uno

    by Keyku621

    Love it so much fun

  • Wish could play offline too!

    by Sezeff

    Good game just wish could play offline too!

  • Much better

    by Rene'e

    I had previously rated the game and gave it 1/5 stars due to all of the glitches. I originally regretted VIP because I couldn't ever play. And couldn't for a few months, actually. But I have recently been able to, and it works fine. Thank you for fixing the problems. I changed my rating to 5/5.

  • Fun game!

    by Redstar_Ratm

    I love it, makes my time when not busy go faster when I want it too. The coin situation is a bit frustrating. But overall awesome to play with other friends online.

  • Amazin game

    by Maddi

    A great way to make you think find a strategy and go for it awesome for ages 7+

  • Love Uno

    by HaugHaus

    I love the game of UNO, but the tournament play needs to be changed up. Either make the games longer, or shorten the time a has to play a card. Doesn't make the game fun when a player or two just sits there to let the time run out. Very frustrating.

  • I like

    by La chika white

    Is cool

  • Fab

    by Anauiki

    Fun but it gets annoying when u lose all the time

  • FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

    by UNO fun 4

    Truly addicting!!!!! Love it!!!


    by PFC Thomas Presley

    Love UNO and this is so much fun. Try to get your Face Book friends to join in the fun, First in box and ask Before sending ANYTHING....... T C B

  • Uno

    by Ac154486

    Love this !

  • Good game i love't



  • Too many bugs!!!

    by Olivejuice79

    I can't play a straight game without getting bumped off bc I keep getting bumped off the server. It can't be my internet bc I've tried playing this game everywhere I go that has internet. I bought more pts but unfortunately I can't play a decent game with them. Urgh! It's so frustrating! I want my money back!! Or fix this big that keeps disrupting my games Uno!

  • Too many gitches

    by talie 14

    This game is not as much fun as I thought it would be and there are too many glitches! The most annoying one is probably the interruption of the game (which might have even resulted from another player losing network connection) and losing the tokens and booster that you purchased to play the game! Time to find another game

  • Problems with the server

    by Fufhkxgjdjgdjydjefvjjmcd

    I keep getting kicked out of games because it says it can't reach the server. Also I'll try and play a card but it won't recognize that I am, so the clock runs out and says I ran out of time when really I was paying attention trying to play my card but the game just locked up. Very frustrating.

  • Game Center.


    All my friends on Game Center that I am trying to play this game with won't show up and we can't join games together. Please fix this.

  • UNO bad

    by Scarlett830

    grrrrrrrr haven't gotten any scratch offs for over 48 hrs!! what gives??? guess they want us to use our hard earned dollars!! NOT grrrrrrr now my review won't show up after submit grrrr

  • The game cheats

    by Jendellll

    The game isnt fair. The richer you are in coins, the more u are allowed to Cheat--just like in real life. Go figure.

  • UNO Tournament

    by SwimWithFish

    I just won an UNO tournament, then got an error message AFTER ! I did NOT get my prize tokens. I did NOT loose my wifi connection! This is really tough to do tournaments, it takes so many tokens & you can earn anymore after 10. Doesn't seem very fair!

  • It's fun if you pay...

    by MrsMully429

    It's a lot of fun but the boosters cost a lot of coins, do unless you pay for them, it's not a lot of fun to play with people who do.

  • It's alright

    by cjones20

    I love playing UNO but there are bugs to be fixed. I have been in the middle of a game and it just freezes, then the entire game shuts down. Right now the start of the weeks tournament and all the scores have went to zero. I had worked hard to get to first place with my friends in the last couple of hours and now I've lost my score. May consider deleting the game all together. Fix bugs and I'd be glad to up my stars.

  • Played 1 day next day stopped working

    by Mehlani

    Have not been able to play Facebook friends since. Requests are sent but they never get them and I don't get theirs. I give up and am deleting. Also it's impossible to win it seems.

  • Cheaters

    by Testypackerfan

    UNO APP creator. You need to fix the tournament section. There needs to be a 3 second time limit on playing. It costs a lot of tokens to play those tournaments and the players cheat by not playing and letting the clock run down till they are out of time. It's not fair and it's cheating. The game freezes in tourneys, u lose ur tokens and it doesn't refund it!

  • Good idea

    by Je52ss

    Really fun game. BUT it lags, stops in the middle of the game and won't give the coins it wasted back to you, it skips your turn sometimes and it keeps sayin I get last place even when I have the next lowest amount of cards. Needs some SERIOUS work.

  • It blows

    by Listen to goodbye soundscspe

    It blows. Don't waste your time.

  • It horrible and good

    by Dadadaniesha

    Uno and friends takes your uni gold coins if you accidentally press the home button and get back on

  • Nice game

    by Dawun01

    This is really fun and love the idea that you can play with other players online. Awesome game just wish player could get more coins to play by watch advertisement.

  • Rock N Roll

    by Jewly47


  • Love it!!!

    by Decutta

    Love this game!!!

  • Addictive

    by BS!111111

    But the only 2 times I've won a tournament the game has froze! BS!'

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    by Whitey2tighty

    The game itself is ok.. But.. The ads are ridiculous! And the fact that if you aren't willing to spend RIDICULOUS amounts of money then things are going to be miserably slow and at that point you just delete it.

  • Good

    by Gqryder

    Need to fix the freeze up men

  • Great game

    by BlackSupaMan34

    A must get game for sho!

  • <3

    by Daniie93

    Love it!

  • Mr. Coffman

    by Maximus decimus meridious.

    Great fun! Very relaxing.

  • Great Game

    by Chellelenea

    This is a fun highly addictive game that allows you to play against other players. I like how you can play in the tournaments and win more coins that you can use to play later. The tournament is 2 minutes long which encourages fast play. I should also mention that you have to use golden coins to play and that you will have to pay for them if you don't win or earn them. It is a load of fun. The normal format does not move as fast and allows you to chat with pre chosen phrases and animated cards for special effects. This is the best card game I have come across in iTunes and I hope they decide to do other card games like Gin!

  • Gm0ney

    by Gary LH

    Absolutely love this app!!!

  • Love it

    by Bams2011


  • Awesome

    by 26360000

    How do you change your picture and name

  • Awesome

    by iTz jimmy

    Best game

  • Awesome

    by Justintimechevy

    It's a great game

  • Cool

    by Arlen and zayn Malik

    Love this game I play it all day!!!!!!!

  • Not the UNO I knew

    by Russell Bonaccorso

    The "boosts" are a horrible concept that ruin the traditional game play. Since when do I get 2 cards when I play a Take 2?! And when is a winning streak not a winning streak? When you can buy back your losses as if they never existed. Just plain bad concepts. Very disappointed in this classic game.

  • Addictive but also steals money

    by @ivizaki

    Love this game!! I can get addicted to it for hours BUT don't purchase token packs!! Especially bc the game will glitch and all your tokens will disappear. And if you buy tokens "on sale" they'll still be charged full price to your account. I wish this game didn't glitch and waste my money and it's be the best thing ever!

  • Please fix bugs

    by Oahulove

    I enjoy playing this game, but sometimes it freezes my play. Need to fix bugs!

  • UNO

    by Dalia alsharif23466

    It's an awsome game really fun but sometimes u feel mad if u lose....anyway it's a great game

  • Tournament play blows

    by Jeffroj86

    Regular game is ok, but tourney play blows big time!!!!!!!! Shouldn't be aloud to have advantages, no one should in a tourney, level playing field!!!! Tournament play ruins this game because of the special cards and timed play....... Super stupid

  • by Roseb143


  • I love it

    by Kris123a

    It's a very addicting game

  • Fun game, but...

    by JamesDinan5

    Great game but often freezes...

  • by Shorty corleon


  • Uno

    by Veta0426

    I enjoy this game very much and love that I'm able to play with friends and family

  • Love hate relationship


    I absolutely love the game uno and it's very addicting, but I wish I could play with people not using boosts. Tournaments are very fun but people run out the clock which is frustrating. Otherwise I love the game!

  • Cheaters

    by Testypackerfan

    UNO APP creator. You need to fix the tournament section. There needs to be a 5 second time limit on playing. It costs a lot of tokens to play those tournaments and the players cheat by not playing and letting the clock run down till they are out of time. It's not fair and it's cheating. 5 seconds is really too long much less 10-15 on a 90 second round.

  • Yeah

    by Towdus


  • Ugh.

    by Alison katie

    Well I DID love this game. Until I purchased VIP and didn't get it. It took my money, congratulated me on my purchase, told me of the perks I now supposedly had. But I didn't actually get them and I still have the option to purchase it! To top it all off I sent an email to customer service and never got an answer. That is terrible customer service. Plus now the game is slower than ever!!

  • Diversión

    by Axel182018


  • great app

    by Christopher Ramos

    its a fun app

  • This is crazy

    by Quita Edwards

    This game is so slow til it's stupid.

  • Tournaments

    by Chriss M.

    This game is good and all but the tournaments kill it, time should be cut shorter it's so annoying playing someone that holds their move for a longer time as a stradegy.

  • Go back to the way Matel made the game

    by JoanneDiCenzo

    Forget the boosters and the time running out to win during tournaments. Not fair. Other than that the game is great.

  • Good game but needs work

    by Allaaa

    App loses connection all the time, especially in tournaments. It's annoying.

  • Must download

    by The otherartist

    It's cool,fun everyone download

  • Fun game

    by AntTerrell

    Love the game!

  • Good but some things need to get fixed

    by Supermonkey255

    I love playing this game and I'd rate it 5 stars if some things were fixed. First of all, when the player before you puts a "draw 2", you should be able to put another draw 2 or a "draw 4" instead of having to draw (and the draw 2 and 4 cards should be added up). I also think that in the tournament, the first and second places shouldn't appear until the end of the round. Finally, there should be different level ranges for the tournament and the scratch timer shouldn't stop when you have 15 tokens. I hope that you fix these things it would be really great.

  • Addicting

    by DBrown1772

    I love playing UNO with my family and now it's on the go. Only thing is the loading time is a bit slow at times, other than that it's a fun game.

  • Please add "Remove Friend" feature !

    by Redi Morgana

    Please add it in the next update!

  • Great Game

    by RikaPika24

    Awesome Game and I agree like everyone else they run the clock down so it makes it hard to play a tournament it took me 3 weeks to win due to them running the clocks down also see if there a way to add more to the game! Also is there a way where you can gain coins along with the scratchers because you have to wait so long for more. Thanks

  • Too many bugs

    by ***player

    This game would be fun, but there are too many issues with the app. It freezes during tournaments, kicks you out of games, you lose coins and tokens, etc. Why should I lose my coins or tokens or boosts that I have paid for when the app malfunctions?! Also, being kicked from a tournament when I was in the last round, at the last 10 seconds of the game is ANNOYING! This has happened to me too many times! Fix this app or you'll lose LOTS of players!

  • Excelente

    by Dujovic

    Muy Bueno

  • Awesome

    by Paule0379

    Very fun to play good job !!

  • Player

    by AJ Octagon

    It's a cool game to play every now & then. Settings are somewhat confusing and the chat options rarely works. Could be more interactive to make it more enjoyable. Considering deleting game all together.

  • Cheaters

    by msbxdiva

    The game is fun, but I wish they would put a 5 second time limit on players who take long to throw a card. They like to let the timer go up so they can win, it's so annoying.

  • Uno can be oh no sometimes

    by Mcicciu

    I love this game. In order for me to give it a five star there needs to be some changes. During tournament play having other players intentionally run the clock down and not play their cards quickly and efficiently is extremely frustrating. I have people who request playing a game with me and I answer back ok and nothing happens I am not transported to another screen I am just left at the screen that begins when you have lost/won a round. It would be nice to just play Uno without all the boosters. The tournaments tell you that you can win a certain amount of coins but that is misleading because it costs you a certain amount of coins so if you win 60 coins you actually only when 40 coins because it cost you 20 coins to play.

  • UNO

    by LadyBug912

    I wish you could get tokens more often without having to wait so long. Also it would be great if you could choose to play with people that don't use boost. Lastly it would be nice to be able to play with friends. We've tried numerous times and it doesn't work.

  • Yesss

    by Samberella

    So much fun! Must play!

  • Exciting!


    Keeps you on your toes. Fun game.

  • Uno

    by Princes@123

    Soooo much fun love it

  • Very fun:)

    by Nannerz28

    Love this game:) probably the most active game on my phone. Makes time go by fast while waiting, and is always a challenge:)

  • Heather

    by HLB75

    This game is a lot of Fun!! I don't participate in public networking! That's so nice for me, cuz I don't "Have" to be on fb, or any other! I enjoy the Uno App a lot

  • Good

    by Syncmaster225un

    Good game

  • Would love this game but...

    by Dreamlibra

    What's with the scratchers? I never get any!! It worked one day where every 45 mins or so I would get a scratcher, but it only happened twice. Then, never again. Friends of mine who have droids, get their scratchers every 45 mins on the dot. All day, every day. This gives them more opportunities to play the game. Fix this and I'll gladly give you 5 stars! I wanna play UNO, but I can't because I can't get any coins to play.

  • Annoying!

    by Omiomioh

    I was going to be nice but this app is so annoying. It kicked me out of a game randomly - I didn't do anything wrong! The timers don't work on other people, they run out of time and somehow are still able to throw down a card. Also, the ads are insanely ridiculous!!! I can't even click main menu without it giving me an ad EVERY time! I also have trouble adding friends, it continuously pops up. Last but not least, it didn't "save" my gameplay - couldn't connect through Facebook even though I was already connected - it doesn't make any sense. :)


    by Give me more!!!

    I've spent about $60 total (something I never do) and was at level 14. Twice now, it has taken me back to level 1. DO NOT SPEND your money on this game! I want my money back!!!!!!

  • Great game!

    by Elrodtr


  • Like

    by Kearkasesmit


  • Got lame

    by Crisss1967

    This game isn't fun anymore. Too many boosters. What's the point of playing? You have all these players with wild cards and boosters. Not playing this game anymore

  • Fun!

    by Dr. Dribble

    Just like original uno , but even better ! Good game to play against other people

  • :)tobys40

    by 31159

    Lottttts Fun!!! Play it with your Friends!!!

  • Frenchmen

    by john french

    Great app

  • Crap

    by Tommy wammy

    Need to have bugs fixed, had the least cards and I lost. Should give me coins for the crap that happens!!!

  • Server needs to be updated not the game

    by Stepg_g1988

    Why so many updates? I literally updated yesterday and again today it won't let me play because it's forcing me to update!

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