MY LITTLE PONY - Friendship is Magic Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Updated: Nov, 08 2012
  • Version: 1.7.0
  • Size: 81.43 MB

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: Gameloft

- Now you can invite your friends to dance with you! Earn extra points each time you play together.
- 2 new songs & locations: Get more Equestria Girls music and dance locations with "The Cafeteria Song" in the cafeteria and "Time to Come Together" in the library.
- Unlock 3 exclusive new ponies: Conductor, Lightning Dust, and Professor.

- The holidays are coming, and both Ponyville and Canterlot are covered in snow.
- See your favorite main six ponies dressed up for Hearth's Warming Eve!
- Plus: New ponies, shops, and holiday decorations will be available real soon!

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Saddle up for adventure with Twilight Sparkle & friends!

After being locked away in the moon for centuries, Nightmare Moon is set free and spreading night across Ponyville! Only Twilight Sparkle and her friends can free Ponyville from her grasp and bring light and friendship back to the land. Help them rebuild the town and reach their dreams in exciting quests!

* Your favorite ponies are here: Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack and more!
* Make your Ponyville the most magical place in Equestria.
* Play fun mini-games with your ponies: Ball Bounce, Apple-Picking and Magic Wings!
* Interact with your friends and feel the Magic of Friendship!
* Enjoy official TV show voice talents featured in the game!

MY LITTLE PONY - Friendship is Magic is free to play, but if you wish you can enrich your experience by purchasing game items with real money. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device’s settings.


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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome!

    by TheTNridgerunner

    Fun game :)

  • I love this game

    by Sneak300

    It is fun !!!!!!!!:):)

  • Great game

    by Gothicdarkangel

    A+++ Its a great game I love it's but there should be away to earn more gems and also different harmony gems not just pinkie pie all the time and the dance game shouldn't restart after five days also the ballon game needs to be fixed the crystal empire should be added and like more songs from the shows to be played

  • 2nd best game ever❤️!

    by Hannah strong

    I think that this is a really super game. But you should really play high school story that is my favorite game. You should consider more jems,it is really hard to earn them. But other then that this is my 2nd favorite game ever. Thank you for reading

  • Wonderful game but still need to fix glitch

    by Loveeeeeeee itttttt

    I love this game. But it has 2 glitches that need to be fixed. It only let me play 1 bloom pop sense I started playing couple months ago and level stops at 70 and it won't go any higher. I've been at level 70 for 4 days witch I should of been at 71 already. The level bar with the blue star doesn't move at all. Not even the numbers on it. But besides that, it's very entertaining.

  • Great app for anybody

    by Me3.1415926535897932384626

    This is one cool app. I promise u don't even have to like mlp to like this game. If u like games like restaurant story or FarmVille, this is like that and maybe better. And just a suggestion, they should get "Bulk Muscles" to come to town

  • My Little Pony

    by Aman9909

    It's fun

  • Awsome

    by D3AtH MaChIn3XD

    I love the game so much, I am a big time brony and have so much fun with this, the balloon pop game is still broken, and I have just 3 simple suggestions. 1. Make it so you can buy the heart crystals you would normally get from having friends join because I'm sure there a lot of people that don't have friends that play this and right now I'm stuck on the quest to get scootaloo. 2. Make it so the dancing game will give you a pony for both Ponyvile and Canterlot or at least switch them out every time because I don't like building in Canterlot and focus a lot of my bits on Ponyvile 3. Ether decrease the spawn rate of the sprites that require the shards of kindness or increase the spawn rate of the kindness shards because currently I have zero kindness shards and about 3 of the kindness sprites flying around and I don't make enough kindness shards to take care of them

  • Nice

    by No gripper

    This games awesome cupcakeninja89 add me for daily gifts n please return the favor

  • Best game ever

    by TigerBoyFox

    I love this game

  • Game rate

    by Poke_Master_Sofie

    Its fun and I liked it a lot.

  • Great App, BUT...

    by Chingy chonga

    I had a lag on my game that made prices go up for some ponies. For example, Rainbow Dash used to be 65 gems and then she was 90, and Princess Celestia, who was previously 500, was 900. Also it would be great if you could add in where you randomly get gems in shops. That would make the game easier. I mean, a lot of the mane characters, like Rainbow Dash and Rarity, cost gems, and I would like to buy Celestia, but I have to wait a long time to get all of those gems...

  • Brony power !!!

    by John killebrew

    I'm a brony, and proud, and love this app. It's addictive and the first game like this that I actually like.

  • Love this game.

    by Muffinemmy

    Love this game, just wish I had more neighbors. Add me: mlecakes

  • 2 Things

    by AllTheGoodNicknamesAreTaken :(

    I love this app, except 2 things: 1. The balloon pop game that's supposed to be playable every 24 hours never counts all the way down for me 2. I had a thought: since it takes a lot of shards to activate a harmony stone, I think you should be able to deposit shards a little at a time to work toward activation. Otherwise, I'm tempted to use them on changelings even though the changelings don't bother me

  • Amazing

    by Zigtan

    I love this game!!! I has just watch the movie equestrian girls and loved it so this game is amazing,plus love my little pony:D

  • Great for kids

    by artfreak5

    My daughter loves the My Little Pony show, and loves playing this game. It's a great app!

  • Issues

    by Docs.Girl

    My balloon pop game isn't working. The countdown never goes under 19 hours. I haven't been able to play it in about a month. Please fix. Thank you. :) still no working balloon pop game. Now I can't play my game at all. It's been like this for a month. I try several times during the day it doesn't even get to the loading screen. It just crashes and cuts off. Please fix soon.

  • Game Has Made Some Improvement

    by kitamisensei

    The team has done pretty well fixing the bugs and adding new features and quests to keep the game interesting. Only thing keeping this game from a five star rating is the ridiculous gem economy. Come one, Gameloft, let people pay a one-time small charge for the app and then let them get all the extras.

  • Really Awesome!

    by MaeMaex62

    I really love this game. It's addicting and fun to play. The only issue is that everything is kind of outrageous price-wise.

  • Crashes if opened with music playing

    by Fluttershy423

    It's a great game, don't get me wrong.... But I want to have music playing, not I tunes cause I tunes is overrated, but apps like tube box. I want to hear music, and the music in the game is shortened versions of longer music, and I think that's kinda dumb, plus there are only like 4 songs for ponyvill and like 5 for canter lot :P. I just want to hear some of my instrumentals while tapping all my shoppes, but like I said, it's a good app, but I don't think it should close my music apps when loading it, or crashing if it can't close them. I can close my own apps, I don't need the app to do that. Yah it's for performance, but there's not that much loading going on anyways. the ONLY time the app ever crashes, is when I try and play music. Anyways that's for reading, and I hope you can do something about that :P, oh btw.... Rainbow dash is one of the main 6... Why does she have to be so expensive? Sure, Celestia's Should be the definition of a high price, but I would expect that. But Rdash is one of the main 6.... I think she should be as cheap as Rarity was(I got Rarity for about 15 gems), and if you want to make something expensive to replace her.... Just add some new ponies to the shop or up the price of some other pony, or Idk, your pretty creative right? Anyways, I love the app, but not being able to play music on a different app while running this one, is a huge mistake in my opinion. /) * (\

  • Good stuff, very fun

    by Celkey

    Add me on gameloft for gift sharing : snowynightsky777 Very awesome game, I love the new updates for the equestria girls songs, i can earn things i needed, and the game works very well for me, only crashing rarely. wish things were cheaper tho :) thanks again for all the amazing updates!!

  • Awesome

    by amy girl123

    This game is awesome

  • I love it

    by Mac1293

    My daughter spends a lot of time on the game. It's the only game she ever plays, so here are my five stars!

  • Hoof bump!

    by Pixydustss

    Great game. Love the fact Derpy shows up (hiding of course) in a box. It's fun watching the ponies walk around and interact with one another. Great game.

  • Love it

    by HeatherRenaeee

    Love this game!!!!


    by Yaziscool

    I clicked balloon pop (the one for 10 GEMS!) and my iPad ran out of charge and I only had 4 left when I got back into the app!!!! >:( I am not paying for more gems because this is not my fault. This happened again and I couldn't exit out of the 10 gem game (I didn't want to do it I clicked it on accident) so I got out of the app to cancell it and I lost those gems too!! I want them back please find a way to give them to me or make a way to cancell the 10 gem game. My friends told me that they had to pay too because they couldn't exit.

  • Great game

    by Razorblade6969

    Love the game just needs to have an easier way of getting friends.

  • Love it

    by Melnsteve

    Love it

  • Yay!!!

    by aliamaria

    I thoroughly enjoy playing this game!!

  • Great game, but glitches

    by LovelyAmanda90

    The game itself is great, but the balloon pop game never stops cooldown, and i also have a problem with gems disappearing. Gems are the hardest currency to get in the game, and about 50 of the gems I've earned vanished. It's extremely frustrating.

  • My daughter loves this game!

    by everyoneisflawed

    My daughter is 4, so I kind of have to play it with her, but we both really like it a lot. It's sort of like Castleville, only with ponies!

  • /)

    by CreepyAsFrick!

    Structured like one of those cityville type games and containing easy, kid friendly minigames, this app is the perfect time-waster game for pony fans of any age. There isn't a lot to do par say, and much is reliant on waiting (unless you pay for extra gems), but anyone familiar with FarmVille/frontierville/other similar apps is already familiar with games like this. The only thing I dislike is the emphasis on social networking... I can't get scootaloo unless I add a social network and get 'hearts', but even if I connected to Facebook, none of my friends like MLP T3T so I wouldn't get any hearts anyway (not to mention I'd be broadcasting my pegasister-ship to everyone I know...)

  • Awesome

    by Love itgil


  • Nice, but...

    by Turbellope

    Great game but I can't connect with friends anymore thanks to the update. And also, for a new task, I have to welcome LOVESTRUCK!? Do you have any idea how long that will take me? Make her really cheap or something for this particular task, because I feel hopeless. Isn't this supposed to make me feel happy?

  • This game is horrible

    by Weapon X Deadpool

    I hate this game!!!the mini games are so stupid!!!you have to use money at every turn i blew 50 bucks just to listen a song never get this game it is horrible

  • Review

    by Littlepaper45

    Best game I've ever played!

  • My Little Pony

    by Peace and love cool girl

    I love this game so much because there are so many games that you can play .. I like winning so many coins. I also really want to know what will happen when you finish all the stars


    by big huge nerd

    Good luck playing. The app crashes faster than it loads.

  • MLP

    by Ichitaru


  • Money problems

    by Mudkip4870

    Ok just asking Celestia Rarity Dash and SB/Sweetie Belle are well not that easy to get could you bring there prices to money prices please?

  • Wicked

    by Vinylscratch707

    Awesome game ever

  • FIM

    by Rebell_and_blu3

    Very entertaining

  • My little pony

    by Jessy9460611

    I like this game, is very fun. :-)

  • Elements of Harmony

    by Wumbo719

    Please just stop making these things so... RARE! Parasprites are going MAD in ponyville, and they're just too strong for me! Please exclude them, or make them appear less often (same thing with changelings)

  • Love it

    by Griffinhawk13

    Love this game!

  • 20% cooler than other apps.

    by Aleistrasza

    this game is epic. cant ever seem to get enough mlp fim. ^ ^

  • My Little Pony

    by Rikku1294

    Awesome game!

  • My thought.

    by Jblnoname

    I like this game but has its downs. What I really enjoy is they try their best to help u when it comes to crystals.

  • Fun Game but SO many issues

    by LaceyJaye22

    I have genuinely enjoyed this game but am constantly disappointed by two things: first, glitches galore! I haven't been able to do the balloon pop game for weeks and I thought the Hearts & Hooves day update would fix it but no luck. Second, the premium goals are unattainable without spending actual money. I know that's what they want but it seems to me that it should be more reasonable. I actually play this with my three year old and she gets constantly frustrated because it takes so long to earn gems for essential characters (like Rainbow Dash or Celestia) or quests that require gem purchases. I'm a fan and a mom and can't be spending real money on in-game purchases. I'd much rather have ads at the game launch and less "motivation" to spend actual money. That said, it's got great voice overs and the look is spot on. The mini games are pretty fun even after lots of plays. It's like it's close to great but has so many issues that we get frustrated but still keep coming back because come on, it's MLP and adorable.

  • Mlp

    by Shoggot

    Parisprites are annoying.

  • Good game, if you pay attention

    by Original Sinn

    First off one star removed for the balloon pop game still not being fixed. The other because you sort of have to learn the ins and outs. A lot of people have complained about the price differences between items and shops. I think this is a good learning tool for kids. Have them figure out which is the best. If they know they won't be able to get back on for awhile, they can put it on the longer (and usually least cost effective) option. I love the new dance mini game where you can earn ponies that you used to either have to purchase with gems or try to win from the gem balloon pop. You can get gems if your patient enough, especially once you get to Canterlot and chase away changelings. Some missions are easier to skip with 5 gems, rather than spending 50 or more on a decoration. The only thing I wish they would add is the option for you to store bought items in your inventory. I can only store roads and trees that unlock with land purchases, but I have to sell the decorations that I bought from the shop. Also maybe a confirmation button for deleting shops. My daughter accidentally deleted or sold one, and had to rebuy it

  • Awesome!

    by Cjackerman

    I absolutely love this game and am addicted!!

  • Cool

    by Nmitsthefish


  • I love it!

    by Ms.America(Hetalia!!!!)

    I absolutely love this game. If you're a Brony or a Pegasister you'll love it too! :)

  • Love my little pony!

    by CameronsGirl<3

    If you love the show you will love the game! Can't stop playing! And I'm 20 years old!!

  • Time travel needs to be gone

    by GabbieGabbie

    Ok I need to wait like I'm a 39 years old to get a treasure chest I'm stuck with 11 hearts and make a few parasprites please please update it so I would need to wait just tomorrow please?

  • Love the game

    by GamerGoddess08

    I love this game a lot but I'm getting really annoyed with the timer on the ballon pop game. It goes from five hours to twenty four hours then my phone will tell me it's ready to play but when I go to play it, it's not ready. It would be nice if you could fix that problem thanks

  • Cute game.

    by Vagabond LuBu

    I need friends though.. GL: MechDrop

  • So. Awesome.

    by GynatheGreat

    Could be like 20% more awesome

  • Most MAZING game ever!!!!!!!!!!

    by Ericnamy

    I think i'm more lucky than ya'll because this is the most MAZING game ever!!!!!!! Okay


    by Flutter_Dash

    Add me: FlashyHD This game is excellent and I like how you can collect ponies but some gems prices are waaaaaayyy to uncool still great

  • Best game Eva

    by Zeldaboy123

    It's the best


    by Soph101

    I got princess Celestia!!!!!

  • Love love love it

    by Adrienne Clifford

    It's so fun and I can't wait till the next update

  • Money grabbing ruins the fun

    by Gamesalotlater

    I love my little pony and I really wanted to love this game, but all the quest I Get require gem purchase. I knew when I started playing that the game was freemium. I have played castleville and FarmVille and none of the quest require $ out of pocket. This is my first experience with game loft I am very disappointed.

  • UGH!!!

    by Very angry iPhone owner!!

    The stars I give this game will continue to drop until this is addressed. The cost of removing the debris is SOOOOOOOOOOO expensive & I CAN'T afford it. I am too worried about my missions, which is already costing me an arm & leg, to get rid of these stupid rocks that keep multiplying like RABBITS every time I get on. PLEASE LOWER THE COST. 16,000 COINS FOR THE BIG ROCKS? IS THAT NECESSARY? NO. I THINK NOT.

  • I love this game!

    by KellyKidKiller

    It's a very good game. I haven't really had problems with it crashing or anything. However, I have had issues with gems disappearing randomly, without me using them. I've also had a problem with the daily bonuses. It never ever, even though I click the claim button, gives me my daily bonus. Other than that, it's a cute and fun game.

  • Awesome Fun!!!

    by Mommy & Bunchie

    We've never had so much fun playing a game. We each have our own game and love playing it, together! Great mommy - daughter fun!!! : )

  • Great game

    by Abiturkey

    Nice game but... It has to many gem items to buy

  • Great Game

    by Fluttershy's Fan

    This is the best game I have ever played. It truly shows the ponies on their first adventure ever. I would have to give it a 11 out of 10. Really great game

  • by Velocityxx

    I love this app so much I played everyday.

  • Problems

    by Deleted viewer

    Have been playing this game for a while now and for the past two days I have tried to open the game to play and nothing will open! It gives the pony main screen then blanks out. Please help - I have gotten pretty far and don't want to delete and reload to have to start completely over.

  • Fun game!

    by Harown three sixty

    All things are great except for the rarity of gems and how often they're used. Either make them less rare or make it so they're not needed as often.

  • So much fun!!!

    by Alexiasmama818

    I originally downloaded this game for my daughter on my 4s but loved it so much that I had to get it again when I gave her the 4s after upgrading to the 5s!

  • Like the game but....

    by Jemma243

    I really wish that I could visit other players. When I try to visit other towns, there are none to choose from. I've had this game for over a year and have restarted it numerous times to try and get it to work, but with no success. I've even restarted from level 70 at one point because I could not get a pony I needed for a quest because I needed hearts but couldn't earn them. Please fix!! Will give a 5 when this issue is fixed.

  • My name is Destiny fix my problem!

    by Princessdede1

    I'm 11 and have a problem I have full bars and they say no Internet connection when my mom try's to buy me gems please fix it.But you have a 5 star Rate from me nice game

  • Pretty good

    by Piggiepiggy99

    I love My Little Pony, and thought the game was very well put together, but I can't complete many quests because I don't know anypony else who has this app so I can't finish the quest. I wish you could choose whether or not you want to accept the quest. Plus it seems what ever element I don't have, the more of the Parasprite spawns... I think it's rigged. I had to start over the whole game after some mishaps with my iPod, and before I had tons of honesty with no loyalty and those pests came along and I needed loyalty shards to get rid of them. Now the game I'm playing is the other way around... The mini games are fun, and I definitely love this app, but it does need some work.

  • Mlpeg

    by Gdhdjsusjfhdhdjdjdsjdj

    I love it I play princess twilight sparkle in the show and I am on level 70 and it won't let me past it I have all of the stars but it still won't let me past

  • Pretty cool

    by Handle bar

    My daughter 's said this game is amazing. I enjoy playing with them, but I am really reluctant to spend any money on more coins.... Trying to teach them strategy.

  • Game

    by Rainbow dash fan45

    I think the game is awesome you did an awesome update and I just love it but I thing you could add granny smith for the game. I don't like the theater because when I won't the gems and I watch the movies it takes me off the app! So please fix that. Great game! But I think you should make sure you get hearts than trying to make friends and getting hearts. Hello I think this game earns so many stars well five is the highest but I don't care I would give you lots of them anyway I just hope you add granny smith and make things not to much but cause I can't get enough and then I have to spend them on other things do please make the canterlot stuff not to pricey plz thank you - Rainbow Dashfan45

  • Great game; but A LOT!!! Of problems!


    This game is a lot of fun but there are a ton!! Of errors with it! I have it on both iPhone and iPad and I'm on level 40 on iPad but I've lost a pony that I bought while on sale not its full price! I can't complete goals because my ballon game is messed up! I just reinstalled the game on my iPhone and it started all the way over from the beginning (thinking this would resolve the timer issue :( now there are a lot if updates with social media syncing now u don't have as many options as you did before with neighbors/friends it's taking longer to collect on buildings and it's seems impossible to complete some of these goals without actually buying coins/gems. Other than that it's a fun game that my kids and I enjoy playing

  • So fun!

    by Lillyroz

    I love this game! Best game ever!

  • Awesome

    by BlueBerret

    So fun for My Little Pony fans!

  • Very cute game!!

    by Catchfrisby

    Love love love!!!

  • Great!

    by Naa-Bear

    I love it! Very entertaining! However, whenever I click on my quests it automatically brings me to the Equestria Girls dance game, and I don't think I like it because I can't do any quests at all.. That's just my review, perhaps try to fix it?

  • I Love It!

    by markhaox14

    Mane 6 and my fave background ponies! Yes!

  • Greats

    by the miracle the edge

    Great game.

  • Awesome

    by Fun fun derp


  • Everypony's favorite

    by deltaFortuna_PIctures

    I know its mine:)

  • Could be the Greatest...

    by Angelhrm

    My kids love this game! I love this game! But, we all do not like loosing shards to get rid of sooo many parasprites. Makes it impossible for my children to collect enough. Unless, I let them play five hours a day..which would be ridiculous. Lose the sprites, lower some of the prices and I'd give 10 stars!

  • Issues

    by Docs.Girl

    My balloon pop game isn't working. The countdown never goes under 19 hours. I haven't been able to play it in about a week. Please fix. Thank you. :) still no working balloon pop game. Now I can't play my game at all. It's been like this for a over a week. I try several times during the day it doesn't even get to the loading screen. It just crashes and cuts off.

  • Good game

    by Legendary_Brony

    This game is really good... I have almost no complaints about this game... Except the fact that gens are a bit hard to earn...

  • You forgot something.....

    by Merriman9

    I l.o.v.e it but on the next update add derpy as a carictore and interactive

  • Best game

    by Jfhchhduufj

    Can you please put another update because I got all of the elements and all of the ponds but nothing happened

  • Ponyville


    I love this game!!!

  • Love this game!

    by Julia Raddatz-Thuemmel

    I absolutely LOVE this game! I have been playing it for awhile now, and go on it 5 times a week. I just hope a new update comes soon because I am getting a little tired of the Christmas one. Anyway, great game and I suggest it to anybody!

  • Poke

    by Nikida 1

    It gets borin after awhile though

  • A Brony's Dream Game

    by Slayer2g5

    I luv this game! Nothing better.

  • Love it

    by Jajalovesajlee

    So cool and addicting

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