Ice Age Village Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Updated: Apr, 05 2012
  • Version: 2.4.0
  • Size: 45.35 MB

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: Gameloft

You're going to go NUTS over this new Ice Age Village update! Forget about the frosty cold; instead, gather chocolates, welcome new families, place new landmarks, and give your village a sugary heartfelt atmosphere.

• New Seasonal Event – For a limited time, unlock new Valentine-themed animals and decorations in the Sweet Shop!
• As of level 22, play with the new Snowman Holiday Kit – the more you collect, the more it grows!
• Expand your village further with more expansions, starting at level 43!
• Various bug fixes and improvements!

Customer Ratings

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369 Ratings
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65092 Ratings


Discover one of the greatest successes on the App Store, the official Ice Age game, and embark on a wonderful journey!
***** "Awesome! This game is cute, charming, and most of all fun. It’s a nice bright change from others in this genre" (Customer review, Cameron Fitzwater)
***** "Graphically, Ice Age Village is one of the better looking games of its kind" ( - 8/10)

NEW: Discover Dino World! Buck, the hero from the third Ice Age movie, is back and invites you to join him in his underground world. Populate it with your favorite animals, as well as brand new dinosaur species!

√ Immerse yourself in the unique world of Ice Age!
√ Complete tons of missions with your beloved heroes
√ Play mini-games featuring Scrat, the mischievous squirrel
√ Let your friends join the fun and see who can build the best village!

Ice Age Village is free to play, but if you wish you can enrich your experience by purchasing game items with real money. You can disable in-app purchases by adjusting your device’s settings.


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Customer Reviews

  • Best gam ever

    by Jay sizes

    This is the best game I ever plade

  • Awesome!

    by Yc1315

    Awesome! Love it!

  • Great game

    by Ragepower

    Luv it

  • Love this game

    by Kopit379

    I love the game so much thank you for making the game.

  • Very addicting


    Love this game

  • Cute game

    by Pulfisherlady

    Downloaded for my daughter but I started playing and like it. No problems so far.

  • Fun

    by Hoopsbthename

    Really fun game!

  • U GOTTA GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Loveclemmie09

    I LOVE this game, the graphics r super cute, it never gets boring and the mini games r cool! It's rlly easy to get coins and acorns, just keep playing the perona game. Try it! u will LOVE it, just like me. :D

  • A really addicting game

    by Creeperkiller87

    It's an amazing game but there needs to be more acorns and tokens to play the scrat game but I do think this is a five star game

  • Awesome Game

    by Jessica Grady

    Ice Age Village is a really fun game to play it is a lot of fun.

  • WOW es muy divertido =)

    by Wow es fantástico


  • Good, but

    by Emag ecin

    In my dino world one of the expantions hasn't finished, the bubble has turned just blue and it does load. It has stopped my growth in the dino world.

  • Ice age village

    by Gracie Maggard

    In the dinosaur world it will not let me get my next expansion... Need to be fixed please fix love playing this game ... Until it lets me expand I can't expand my next expansion so please fix thanx......

  • Fun Game

    by TexasBarb

    I just started playing and it's a fun game so far...will see as I go along.


    by Carol Mason

    Love it

  • Great

    by Lukeskywalker123

    I love it everyone look me up my username is lukejrandamy

  • Great time passer

    by Chalkwalker92

    Quite a fun game to play!

  • Espectacular

    by Sexysofi01

    Súper mega divertido me encanta

  • Fun

    by Babygrrl123

    This game is fun. I love the movie!

  • Love this game! Highly recommended!


    Love this game! Highly recommended!

  • Terrible support

    by PleaseFixWasUp!!!!!

    Terrible customer service. Unable to repair game issue or help players while waiting on bug fixes. Worst non-help I have ever experienced in any game ever. It's unfortunate since it's a cute game that was a fun thing to enjoy.... But as the months have gone on waiting on help it just is frustrating now... Would not recommend anyone play this game or spend money on it ever. I see all kinds of things come through the game to buy new animals etc but no fixes for known issues we have been waiting months on and no helpful workaround while we wait. I have given up on the hope they will fix the issue. Truly disappointing in what was a promising game.

  • Dino world land glitch

    by Scruffledfuzz

    It's annoying that I can't have the land I bought, left with nothing but a blue box and what's his face whacking around. Even after I bought more with acorns (only way), still nothing. Please fix this!

  • Not transferable

    by No name 1235

    If you loose your phone you just can't download it and play where u left off, u have to restart from 0 and loose all your acorn have to contact customer service to painstakingly try to get all your bought acorn but won't get it all back.

  • Awesome

    by Yoh2012

    Great would be more better if it don't have in game pop ups that appear every 30 seconds.....

  • A perfect little escape from reality

    by 1klaabu

    my little fun and joy in every day. After 7 months of playing, it hasn't get old or boring yet. There is always something new and different, what keeps the interest up. Thanks to all, who created it!

  • Awesome!!!!!!

    by Joesuse

    Awesome I love it!!!!!!! Love it

  • Nice :)

    by Karlybx3

    This is a really cute, fun, and friendly game. I like everything about it. ❤

  • Good for kids

    by Chicken lega

    This game is fun for younger and older kids they get a feeling of building a city or civilization

  • Súper

    by Bstanleydejesus

    Es un juego súper lindo y untare tiene bastante y lo mejor es q supieron como hacerlo para que sea uno de los mejores juegos que les gustará a todas las personas de toda edades

  • Completely spectacular

    by Dash223416

    I just got it two hours ago and I already have ten different types of animals and five complete families I love this game

  • App

    by lulu-247

    Love Ice Age movies!!

  • Good game

    by mickeylover

    Fun game. Great graphics. I don't like that they force you to buy acorns to get certain animals. This is a fun fame if you're looking for something to pass the time.

  • i have a question...

    by awesome frog person

    what when does buck invite you to the dino land?


    by cool guy 1 :)

    People you need to get this game. It's addictive and very fun. One of the best games I have ever played. :) :) :) :) :)

  • Awesome

    by Epic carly

    Love it

  • Ice age village

    by Sofrena

    I enjoy playing it was fun but the land a bit expensive when ur reach more level

  • ...

    by San Shar

    Nice game. Little bit different from other games. There is no upgrade in Ice age village.

  • Nice

    by Ncup


  • Dino Prob

    by DZBlack

    There is a tree in my way from collecting my land expansion in Dino World. Have it where there is no time limit and you just get it.

  • Dinosaurs Vanished to Dino World

    by WolfGirl29

    I love this game but when I unlocked Dino World, it automatically took my T-Rex family there. I want them back in Ice World! How do I get them back? I stored them but it won't transfer to Ice World. Grrrrrr.....

  • Cool

    by Agets22

    This game is way cool:)

  • Ice age

    by Jesse Hutcherson

    Awesome games love it mini games fantastic awesome !¡!!!!!!!!!

  • Love the game. Prices very high ESP for acorns!!

    by TraciDawn

    Great improvements with last update except losing friends. Shouldn't be penalized for not doing it everyday.

  • Stop talkin you haters!

    by srush21

    This game is awesome and if you don't like why do you still have it huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!#addicting

  • Lots of Fun but...

    by were-neko-hanyou

    I like the game and enjoy playing but wish we could pick and choose our animal and social goals. Cuz now I've got crabs I didn't want and need a gorilla I could do without. Or at least let me sell them like the fun buildings...

  • Fun fun fun

    by Joyce broz

    Fun game and you level up quickly. Give it a try!

  • Super

    by Grnrose555

    Super fun I love it

  • Love love love love it XD

    by Yazan the epic

    So this game is amazing I have many people moving into my village and I actually get coins unlock things and bump up to the next level very quickly and I also never let that guy get away I also always extend my village dig up coins and collect acorns

  • hy

    by lizy3

    love it

  • Ice age village

    by Alixraye

    I love the app and it's cool you can make the village and you can name it on your own please try the app

  • Awesome

    by Noses 4

    I am running out animals that I buy with coins. Hope there will be more! Love the game! Love the new dinosaur village. Hope there will be more of them to choose from. You guys have great imaginations! I still love this game. But sometime there is a glitch I can't get my land that I bought in dinosaur land. Hopefully you will see this and help with this problem. Thanks

  • Boss Thailand

    by BossJoE Ozil

    Very Fun

  • Awesome

    by BigDaddy83


  • Super fun

    by Riathra

    Great game, glad I haven't had to bug my Facebook friends for success at all.

  • Fun

    by Mama24seven

    I just love this game!

  • Fun game

    by Kirkster1971

    Love this simple, yet fun game!!!!!!

  • Ice Age

    by Sasanana

    What a great age!!!! This game is delightful, not to mention addictive. To think I put the app on for my grandson:-).

  • Ice age village

    by Joanne Way

    I love this game you should make more like this game keep up the good work

  • Crashes

    by Jfufndkdkdkkdj

    Ok but when I tried to get on it would take so long so I deleted it so when I redownloaded it I was back to the beginning and I had so much stuff I was so sad

  • I've never seen a better app!

    by rustyadams

    This app is so fun and addicting! I can't stop playing it! Wanna cheat-cheat!? To earn a bunch of coins with out buying them u can just collect from ur families that u have. I have like 3 families and I have 500,000+ coins just because I don't spend a lot and I have waited. Plus the app reminds u that u have a lot of families that want to be fed!

  • A lot of fun, but I keep having to sign in, it doesn't remember I checked to keep me signed in

    by jim2holly

    Fun, but can't invite friends, and keeps resetting IPad back to start screen. Don' t know if problem with game or the IPad Very frustrating with the reset all the time, then having to sign on to the game time after time!!

  • Great App

    by Give thnks 2day

    This is fun......and addicting. Like the new Christmas tokens!

  • Love so much

    by Ayu Malaysia

    I love This Game... Thanks so much GAME LOFT

  • Love it!! But could be better

    by Monkey_1853

    Its a great game but it would be so much better if i could play it on facebook.. But overall its an awesome game!

  • Ice age

    by KrazyCito

    Nice game

  • Ice Age Village

    by Pthilman

    I love it is so fun.

  • Ice age

    by JacquesBlon

    Great game but you got to be patient Also it would be nice to understand the final goal of the game. Also need to fix the bug that prevents from finishing to build all the area in Dinosaur world since It will not allow to complete the final tile.

  • Acorns!

    by Gnarleyone2

    I really like to play this game! Please make it so that when I visit friends from Dino World, I visit their Dino World, that would be an awesome update! I See You Topia

  • Is good

    by Cute kar kar

    Fun game is it a Christmasy game I love it

  • Ice age village

    by Paigehunger2001

    I love it! It's my favorite game:)

  • Love this game!

    by Enilyberg

    Just wish there were more ways to earn acorns

  • Very fun!

    by Bethany Rubinow

    It is very fun, addicting, and entertaining! I recommend it! I just wish that you didn't have to pay a lot of real money for stuff. Also it's hard to earn the acorns without paying money. But over all great game and I love the mini game

  • Fix Dino World expansion!

    by Use code aea4 for rare card!

    I'd give it a 5 star but there's a bug in the expansion in Dino World. Please fix ASAP! I love this game!

  • Please fix

    by Needacorns

    This game is fun. It would be better and I would play more and actually spend money if you would be able to get acorns easier.

  • Fun

    by EmmySue1999

    It's awesome

  • Not too serious

    by Kurt Holden

    A fun animal based attack game. Loving all the aspects and looking forward to playing more and finding more sections

  • Love this game

    by Capricorn67Man

    I absolutely love this game, the graphics are amazing and it keeps me entertained for hrs

  • Awesome

    by Towboater1978

    Great love to play this alot.

  • Loving it!!!

    by Ice Age Dizzle

    I'm on day 2 of this game and I can't put it down.. My kids can't play it cause I can't STOP!! Very good sim game!! Keep up the good work team!

  • Great time

    by Ronald Conley

    Few bugs but fun time. Hard to get friends

  • 2 Flaws


    The first flaw is when you first open the app it takes forever to load. And the second flaw is every time you open the app they are always asking rate us, rate us, rate us. They are constantly on you to rate the app. Other than that I ❤️ it

  • Very cool

    by Sonya soon

    It is nice to play this game. It is awesome

  • Ice Age Village

    by pink36

    A great game!

  • Really good

    by Jacobozoid

    So far this one of the best Village builders, and is a really good app if you are playing something else and want to pass time you can rack up lots of cash.

  • Fun

    by Sweetlooking1

    I was so far and then in Dino land it froze up on me and now I have to start ALL over. Other then that love the game. My daughter got me hooked on it.

  • IAge

    by Rdcp1993


  • Fun

    by LexiFresh


  • Fun

    by David vutrang

    Good for relax

  • Good game with a few glitches

    by Jkarico

    This game is fun to play, but every up date seems to have a glitch. Once they are fixed it will be worth 5 stars.

  • Ice age village

    by Bailey Suzor

    Very cool fun and amazing

  • No reward for faithful playing

    by SpecialRobot

    I used to really like this game but recently it has really been a bummer. U have to play everyday- even though I've been playing for like a year. I'm now back to the beginning- no warning that that was a possibility. I updated and lost all my friends. My hyrax tree reset. I feel like what's the point. If the animals weren't so cute I'd have deleted it ages ago.

  • Love it

    by Myost858

    Fun game

  • Basic but good

    by Mauiprym

    Could use more layers. Good elementry style town-building game...


    by Yousful

    Been playing this for over 2 years now and am not liking some of the new plays, ie the fact that even though i am on this app at least one time EVERY day, it insists on taking my acorns and lowering my daily reward money. I also do not like the fact that i cannot buy acorns with the collections coins within the app, starting to get tired of this app.

  • cool game!

    by Marmotte33160

    great game, fun and nice visual...

  • Ice Age Village

    by alswoman84

    I love this game! I only wish there were more ways to earn more acorns.

  • Could be less pushy

    by Cookie eater XXVIII

    Fun game but the constant reminders to do things like rate it lower the pleasure. The new interface is ok. I hate how the Dino world requires acorns.

  • In not the best

    by Pickles55718

    I like this game but it is defiantly not my favorite of the good things is how quick I receive of the bad things about it that I wish there where more chooses of thing to buy when you reach the next level

  • Awesome

    by Smith0926

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awesome

    by Smith0926

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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