Gangstar Vegas Games App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Updated: Jun, 07 2013
  • Version: 1.2.3
  • Size: 1.4 GB

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish

Seller: Gameloft

-Enjoy a new gaming experience thanks to the iOS controller support
Improved graphics for your new iPad Air
Minor bugs fixed

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Roll up on a dangerous new trip through the City of Sin in the latest episode of the acclaimed open-world action series!

√ Play as a mixed martial arts fighter in a BLOCKBUSTER STORY MODE
√ Make your way through 80 ACTION-PACKED MISSIONS
√ Team up with the wildest characters to take over the city

√ Explore a BIGGER MAP, 9x the size of previous Gangstars
√ Perform amazing stunts with ragdoll effects making use of HAVOK PHYSICS
√ Climb the leaderboards in WILD CHALLENGES like races, fights, carnage missions & more!
√ Break the bank in addictive CASINO GAMES

√ Access INSANE WEAPONS like Molotov Cocktails, Flamethrowers & an Electric Guitar!
√ Drive CRAZY VEHICLES including monster trucks, muscle cars & fighter jets
√ UPGRADE YOUR SKILLS & GEAR and customize their appearance

**This game is packed with so many cool features that we recommend installing it through iTunes. It will require less of the available storage on your device!**

** Supports Game Controllers made for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Game Controller support requires iOS 7 or later and is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad 2 or later, and iPod touch (5th generation).


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Customer Reviews

  • It crashes!!

    by Nckwwe

    The game chrashes and i wasted 3 dollers so fix IT!!

  • Guns

    by 5star to 1star

    Needs more cars,guns,military cars,military guns,planes,more gun types such as rifles,mini guns etc.,more melees such as knives,tasers,taser guns etc.,planes,military planes,jets should be found at the airfield,should be able to take hostage and torture people without a mission and torture weapons and capture objects,other great game HAHA

  • Idea

    by TheGatorLord

    I think that u should put a multiplayer in the game So that people can play together and help there freind in missions

  • Daytona beach fl

    by JVZ69

    It's pretty cool the map is small you guys just substitute map for graphics which it does look nice but you guys at gameloft should make GANGSTAR DAYTONA BEACH FL because that would be dope have the international speedway and hotels and the big beach it's 23 Miles of beach and it would be dope.

  • Awesome

    by nazi1000

    Best Gangstar by far it is just fabulous. It has so much to do from stealing tanks to robbing casinos and clubs.I would recommend this game to anyone who loves GTA 5. Totally Killer. And to find a fly able jet look for the small ones in the airport.

  • Great game

    by tank101101

    This game is great though it could use some stuff like MULTIPLAYER. If you were to add multiplayer sales of this game would sky rocket and the people who bought it would go insane. But before you work on that please fix issues with the lock on system because whenever you try to shoot at someone that is shooting at you, you fire everywhere. But it really is a great game and keep up the good work!

  • Awesome

    by Toyanjoc

    I think that this is a awesome game doe!

  • Gameloft=BEST




    by Zantherboys

    plz get multiplayer , it will make the game a little more popular.

  • Ideas

    by J-L B

    1. The map is great, but a pseudo-satellite version would be nice, and make it more expandable than the current one. 2. A Gallopino II & III would be way cool. 3. More missions. The current ones are getting old. 4. The has numerous places to go, but nothing to do there, and numerous weapons but no reason to use them. 5. I ripped an army helicopter off and taunted the cops to send one after me, but the opposing helicopter can fly higher than the one I jacked from the base, so I can't engage it. No fair!! But seriously, the potential to add the specter of air warfare is a good direction. 6. The game is good but I think the iPhone is too slow for the game's potential. Many opportunities for good moves are lost for the character's sloth. And the airplane I bought is cool, but can't respond well to the controls, and can't engage the helicopters.

  • Best game

    by Ag is my name!

    Don't listen to the haters get this game like gtaV

  • God

    by Game guy doing reviews

    Page great visual feature,good story,and a could hijack cars and beat people up!

  • R U serious!!!

    by [*AR_AR*]

    Please fix the motorcycles because you fall off WAY too easily!!!!!!!!!!

  • Help

    by Slob_on_my_knob

    I beat it and I want to restart but there is no restart

  • Emmy

    by Ca ca ca cq

    This game is the best in the world that will be better if you could do multiplayer


    by avil lavine

    This game was a game much like the grand theft auto series but with way better graphics


    by SushiTeenAdultGuy

    Very good gameplay and very good Open world. But this game needs must needs. First try and make weathers. Second Can u guys do an update for like c4? And third Pleaasseeee make an actually garage to keep your cars instead of delivering them and making u pay money :/ So well fourth definitely make ONLINE :D

  • More realistic

    by Sjsnsmksinkns

    You should have a houses to enter with garage. Order food and buy food at the store. Have a girlfriend . And kids . This has to be updated !!!!!!!!!

  • I love it but.....

    by Zman3231

    It is the best but there are some negatives. It has a series of lags. It kills you battery and there needs to be a multiplayer

  • Game

    by Raiku Strife

    Almost like GTA Love the game

  • Bad

    by Space ghost1202

    Do not waste your money get San Andreas

  • Awful

    by Mad bbbb

    I spend three dollars it fails to install you guys are thief.

  • Fix this Bug!!!!!

    by SpetznazCirrusthe2nd

    I when I start playing the game I do the first part of the mission where I am driving and shooting cars but once I finish that, the game crashes. Please fix!!!

  • It won't work

    by Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing

    I can't play this because every time I try it lags out in all of like 1 minute I payed 3 dollars for this and my friend has this an he loves it and I really want to be able to but I can't. Please fix soon

  • About to delete

    by Basketballfan12-::-((?

    I should have got a lvl 3 gl series from weekly events I've waited 3 hours and nothing, I had spent 3 hours doing the mission I had 312 stars and I've got nothing

  • Crash Crash Crash!!!!

    by ali_12321

    i like this game but the crash is so much i do the mission 10 times

  • Won't open

    by Kyskyskcgyh

    I'm playing on a iPad 2 game won't even let me play if you have a iPad 2 don't get it till it updates

  • Review

    by Mr.death7

    Ok where to start this game is a little bigger than GTA Sa but it tends to lag and could use some improvements . I also wish you could pick up hookers like GTA other than that the controls are better and it's fun. Update after playing I found out it sucked I like GTA Better. 1.5 - infinity stars that is my new review.

  • Need an up date now

    by Gta for iPad

    Kinda hard to say when it won't Lear you play the game but it will on the other pro ducts

  • I used to play this

    by Coolaman22

    I re downloaded this and I can't even play 20 seconds without it crashing

  • What.The.Hell

    by KFC bucket

    I got this app for my iPhone at first then when I got it on my ipad it kept crashing every single time, I have the ipad 2, can you please fix it, I really love your games, but right now it's unacceptable

  • The game will it freezes start up

    by Jakebartley51

    I want a refund has a game is not working

  • Glitch

    by Paianiket

    There is some kind of glitch. The game keeps shutting down automatically. I bought and still. Please fix ASAP

  • Soooo weak

    by Alchicago

    Probably the least playable Gangstar of them all. Shame.

  • Crashing

    by Roku115

    I can't even play the game the game crashes every couple minutes. I spent money on a game I can't even play?

  • I used to like Gangstar, but now it no longer exists.

    by Haunteddiamond

    My favorite gangstar game is Miami. That game is the single, best game on this market. But that was before you started micro-transactions. I paid full price for this game, and yet you are demanding that I pay real money to be able to use weapon. Don't start on the whole "you can beat the game without paying any money!" Because it is a lie. My game that I paid for was impaired, slowed down, had the GOOD features removed. Dear all normal people reading this review, Do not buy this game. Buy the Miami one. You will get more for your hard-earned cash. This game is the lowest kind of game you can get on the App Store. Any game that demands you to pay to have fun AFTER you pay the actual price to load up a game is automatically bad. No, really. The best game on the App Store is Gangstar Miami. Buy it now.

  • Game crash detected... >:(

    by Assassin's creed player123


  • Update

    by LoL_MCP

    If you make this multiplayer online more people will download it and more people will talk good about and add voice chat

  • Iron man suit

    by Big dick head TGIF

    Make iron man suit so we can fly all around and make More levels And make serial Killers AND WHEN I SAY MAKE A IRON MAN SUIT I MEAN MAKE A IRON MAN SUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz make one

  • Ok

    by Boss ninja 1234

    This game would be great but I have an ipod 4g and every time I try to buy something it logs off other than that the game is good

  • Awesome game

    by DATAlost

    It should have a zombie island way off the map but anyway best game I've played yet!

  • Awsoome

    by Run ggggh


  • There's a few issues

    by Klums2

    The main problem I have with this game is the fact that I can't seem to claim my rewards from the weekly event until I start the next one. There isn't a new one right now so that's not fun. Also, it's really hard to drive motorcycles. But overall, this is a pretty great game and I think it has the potential to be way better than Rio. I love how you can actually make money in this one. This game also has a storyline that is actually decent. So with a few improvements it would be fantastic

  • Do not get this game

    by akmasta

    Great game but it takes up 9 gigs on my phone

  • Waiting for next update

    by Cathy VanWyk

    Gameloft is sure taking their sweet time with the next update

  • Crashes on iPod 5

    by Gavin Simpson

    Couldn't even get into game. Crashes before game even starts

  • Okay

    by IkeT29

    I think this game is a great game but mostly because of it's graphics and it lacks gameplay and also I kinda wish there was car modifications so please think about an update that adds that!

  • Ok

    by Sevdsssseeese

    U could do better

  • Cool. Just a bit too big

    by Sebby Decker

    The file's big. Also, Urban Crime needs an iOS 7+ update.

  • Great game, but still meh

    by royjoysoyboy

    I love this game when I can play it, but it's honestly unplayable most of the time. Frequent crashes, low frame rate, slow map generation, slow loading, slow PAUSING (seriously?) etc etc etc. I am on a 4S, but this appears to be a common problem.

  • More chapter missions

    by Malikgood

    I would like you to put more chapter mission because this game is really cool and awesome but the mission is we're you really loose one star but other than that this game is the best game like grand theft auto ever

  • Awesome but need something

    by K4IL45H

    Can you please add jetpack in this game, I played this game a lot but I still don't like this game, because there is no jetpack... Can you add the jetpack and for beginners, give them 99999 money

  • Crashes

    by Cool video game

    When I put play the screen goes black then it goes where I could play it then it crashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please fix ☁️

  • Hey

    by Guy of legend

    Can you gameloft just do a new gangstar generation already cuz this game is getting boring!!!!

  • Many issues and some success

    by Iamzeuz

    Large map and a lot to do. The only downside is it gets hard to earn money after the story and the city feels empty as in not many vehicles driving. Another issue is the pay to deliver cars it's really annoying just like in app purchases especially when I payed 6 bucks for the game ! Another problem is that you don't unlock everything you have to buy it in the boxes in which you might get something Wayy different than what you want. So everything isn't really " unlocked" when you buy the game. My main problem is the fact of the all items not being unlocked like the hovercraft and other weapons. I shouldn't of paid for it when it was six dollars!

  • Tremendously underpolished

    by meb87

    The only thing impressive about this game is its visuals. In many ways it feels like a few steps backward from its predecessor Rio. Unless you drive slow like an old lady, driving in this game is a horrible experience, both because of the frame rate dips at high speed (even on the iPad Air) and the poorly implemented AI who seem eager to cut you off and cause accidents (frequently on their own). The load distance for cars also prohibits fast driving, so there isn't much incentive to purchase fast cars. (And having to pay to deliver a car you own? Whose idea was that?!) The motorcycle controls behave unpredictably at high speeds. I think turning left and going right might be something actual motorcycles do at high speed, but it's still unpredictable, and I only ever wind up going right. The one nice thing gameplay-wise is that you can steal the jet from the airport, drop it off at the chop shop, and make $54k every two minutes. But promoting me with ads the first time I open the menu...REALLY? I bought the game already! Quit trying to sell me stuff. The game feels like the work of a team who worked hard to make a good game, only to have their publisher or management publish the game much too early. As I said, the driving is a horrible experience, and if there was any one thing they should have got right, it was the driving.

  • Gameloft crash

    by Nate$$rich

    I started playing gangstar with Miami and I was hooked. Then I found out there was a rio and I played that. I deleted that game and played it like 3x over again. Then this game comes around, and I see gameloft becoming a disappointment. The controls are hard to use, the missions sometimes don't give you money, it lags, and the graphics were not as good. Come on gameloft. I've seen your good side, and I want to be able to keep buying your amazing games! Try adding in real shops, a garage, a home, and just add more! I loved gangstar rio, and that game had me not letting go of my device


    by Baby girls rock

    Dear gameloft, you guys should put in a update where you guys should put police light button on the top right corner, so you can turn on the police lights on and off

  • 1 Star survivor

    by RBH6231

    They need to fix it. I have a ipod 4g and every time i try to play my screen goes black and it goes back to my homepage.

  • Awesome game but needs multiplayer!

    by Lsarge91013

    This is one of the best games I've played on the Apple store, but Gameloft could make it better by adding multiplayer. There's nothing better than running around with your best friend is open world video game

  • great gamw but

    by as1823

    it's a really good game in many aspects but it crashes 5 minutes since launched

  • Constantly Crashes

    by ItsTylersmithbitches

    This game was amazing, I loved it until it began crashing after I beat chapter 1. Every time I open the app it crashes within 2 minutes, haven't been able to complete any missions since. PLEASE FIX THIS WITH AN UPDATE, I want to play this again!

  • It's good but..

    by One minor thing

    It's good but the thing is that it crashes on me ALOT right when i get on the app

  • good game but crashes

    by Cartartar11

    Doesnt work for the ipad mini. Its wont stop crashing,

  • Needs one thing

    by Rater guy1

    It only needs one thing and that's hookers

  • Good but crashes

    by Lilazzy

    This game is amazing. The only problem is that I only get a minute or so to play it until it crashes. Please fix and I'll give it a 5 stars. P.s. I have the newest iPod Touch, I think the newest is 5th generation, I haven't checked. All I know is that it's the newest model.

  • It's okay

    by Killermanpizza

    This game is da best. Just like gta3 buts it's way too much gigs

  • Home gamer

    by Fjfhuc

    This game is like gta 3

  • Best game ever but....!!!...

    by Alex blood43

    It's a good game but needs more ganster games

  • Crash!

    by Real slender

    The games good but I can not beat one mission without the game crashing.

  • Crashes soooo much

    by 49,ers

    OMG!!! Never get to play for more than 3 mins before it crashes. Please fix

  • Fun app but you should add some stuff

    by Random epeosismekskidiejj

    Gr8 app but it could use some more air and sea vehicles. I have some Ideas. stealth bomber, a armored military boat with nukes and canons on it like it could bring up a map and you tap a place and it shows the blast and fallout radius and you tap a button to fire it. Also you could add a nuke test sight and places to fill in between. Some guns to.

  • Best GTA clone

    by Nebulacide

    Best Gangstar game yet! Can't wait to see where they take the series next! Played on:Ipad Mini with Retina display

  • Update!!!!

    by Djkilla164

    It keeps on crashing during missions. And can we Atleast have a house the players can stay in just like Rio.

  • My list of wants

    by TACottle

    -Multiplayer -Better customization -fixing like it crashes for me after the latest update -civilians doing crime -more traffic -I want to ride the subway -let us in our mansion -make a phone + an app for gangstar social media on the phone where you're your own personal character -let us make civilian friends

  • Game keeps crashing!

    by A man you don't know

    My game keeps crashing on the load screen! Please help so I don't miss the events!

  • One idea


    This game would be good if it had some sticky bombs and a online gameplay!!!!!!!

  • awesome

    by Hatcherfan50

    I love the game,gameloft.But the thing that bugs me is if I get into a shootout in the streets my aim is on a car or a random civilian.Add it so you can actually aim your weapon and I give you 5 stars :)

  • Amazing game but needs some work

    by M_M77

    I love this game and me and all my freinds play it and we all love it. we love the feature were you can gift over game center, the game is not laggy on an iphone 4 4s 5 and ipad 3 and ipad mini. but this game needs multiplayer, it says it has but when me and my freinds try to connect it just takes you back to your singleplayer game, also may you fix some bugs i have found at least 15 already. other than that this game is beast. i would love if gameloft did this. -M_M77

  • Needs update

    by What's a name?

    Cannot play on my iPad mini it constantly crashes every time i open it!

  • More gang members

    by Rocy567

    They need to have homies walking around and more gangsters everywear more and more and more gangsters


    by thatcoolawesome...guy

    Good game overall but the app crashes a lot PLEASE FIX

  • OK

    by Completlyderped

    I think that gangstarrio was much better but the ideas they used for this one was good

  • Open world zombie game

    by Zingghumberto

    Plz make an open world zombie game where you can scavenge items and use it to craft better items and where you can find a safe place to make a shelter and where you can fix objects to make a car or gun,and where you can make online pals where you play with but don't put energy cuz then you'll have to wait to long for it to restore and make it 3D open world so you can explore and find new places, oh and make it randomly generate a different world you make a new world

  • What to add

    by adam Frankel

    Great but should and more of a map, busses , passenger planes that you can fly and better graphics and more cars ,off-road tracks , quad bikes , fishing boats that you fish on and drive , more missions , different views , wild animals , and yachts that you can drive

  • I love it but add some stuff

    by Andrew17 mw2

    This is a great game! But i think in the next one they should make the map way bigger! That would be awsome if they could do that. Also if they added working stoplights that would be cool too! Also. -street names so you can tell people were stuff is -more planes -driving school -pilot school - real estate

  • Amazing game.

    by SexyBabe102

    It needs multiplayer, it gets pretty boring just playing by yourself, also needs more focus on the ragdoll physics and more realistic car physics. Also everyone and everything disappears when they are killed destroyed, fix it and this will be a must have game.

  • Crash and fixes needed

    by wingnetengineer

    Crashes every 5 mins and needs less freemium in a premium game.

  • Frustrating


    Good game, but the game keeps crashing on my iPad.


    by Ezra1498

    That is what will change this game to be the best game on iOS ever!!!!!


    by Brandon cowArt


  • Fix a mission.

    by Agent beast

    Whenever I try to get the tracking-tech on an E-Man mission at the army base is always freezes on me..Please fix it.

  • Game crash

    by ScoutPon

    Game crashes when barely starting the game please fix this in the new update. Will change to 5 when fixed. :3

  • Crash!!

    by Da doom gang

    Won't work on my iPad 4 it's up to date as well

  • Iratating

    by Crazyawesomeboy

    Crashes in the exact same spot every time it gets very itatating

  • Keeps on turning off

    by LeoMessi14

    Every time when I try to complete a mission the app turns off and I have to restart the mission and I delete some apps but it keeps on happening

  • I love the Game!

    by Sonicfighter530

    The Chapter 3 ending was brutal!

  • Crashes too much

    by JoeTime97

    Great improvement but it crashes every 2 minutes. Gameloft, you're better than this.

  • Omg the best

    by FreezingFantasy

    The flipping best game I've ever gotton!!!!

  • Multiplayer and mouths

    by Killzone 500

    75% is good but u guys (aka) gameloft should add muliplayer and mouth movements but other wise oh wait please fix the hijack bug its were the person just telaports out the car and u telaport in the car so ya.!?!?!.

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