Fishing Kings Free+ Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Updated: Oct, 14 2011
  • Version: 1.0.5
  • Size: 440.9 MB

Languages: Breton, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Gameloft

Compatibility with the new iPad

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17511 Ratings
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Now you can play the best fishing game on mobile for FREE!
Grab your rod and make the biggest catch!

Download the game and start playing for free. As you play you will earn cash and XP, which can be used to unlock tons of extra items and new locations. Or purchase packs of cash from the shop to unlock them faster. It’s up to you!

Visit 5 beautiful 3D-rendered locations from around the world, including saltwater fishing in the Bahamas or exotic places like the Amazon River and the Waikato River in New Zealand, each with 3 different fishing spots.

From bass and piranhas to golden dorados and marlins, catch a wide variety of fish in every location you visit. You can even learn more about each species thanks to in the in-game fishing diary.

The underwater camera is a unique feature on the iPhone/iPod touch that puts you in the heart of the action as you struggle to reel in the big one! You can also just have a look at the dozens of fish swimming around you.

Unlock achievements in your Gameloft LIVE! profile, show off your best scores on the dedicated website and vie for the title of Best Fisherman.

Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or a fish out of water, the gameplay aims at providing you the most realistic fishing sensations, thanks to a wide range of available moves and actions, from casting your line to hooking and struggling with fish.

Catching a trophy marlin is more than luck! Access a wide range of fishing gear and use the right tools to catch the species you want.


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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome Graphics

    by Breadalone

    This is a sweet game!

  • Jason M

    by jasmacmusic

    The best fishing game out there, hands down!

  • Fishing game

    by Dpasr1087sam

    Awesome game

  • God

    by Sara926


  • Great game!!

    by @KlebbaN0_0

    Great Arcade fishing game!!

  • nathan

    by Rose7725


  • Great

    by Emandougie

    Very accurate fishing game!

  • Game

    by Golaszewski

    Cool game

  • Great fun

    by CheerOP

    This game is lots of fun , many different species to catch , so far not app problems

  • I likes

    by CVB MIZ

    That's a cool game!!!

  • Great app

    by Panhandle850

    Extremely addictive

  • Fishing Kings

    by Foot & Ankle Guy

    This is truly the best Sports Fishing App available!

  • Fish

    by Mr 920

    Good fishing game so far

  • 낚시게임중 최고!!!

    by 순대맘

    낚시게임중에 최고인듯!!

  • Had 5 stars til last update!

    by Stealthy turtle

    I loved this game!!! Until the last erased everything!!!!! I had to start all over again!!!! If they would have updated without messing up my game they would have gotten 5 stars...... But as is....they are lucky I feel like 4 today.

  • Fun for kids

    by Kysonsmom

    This game is great for kids. Super easy to play. My son loves it. I think it would be too easy for adults to stay interested for long though.

  • Fun game

    by Chesson70

    Great graphics , good game play!

  • The best game

    by Blk2

    Best game ever

  • I love pizza

    by Badabingbadaboom3333

    2 midgets

  • Awesome game

    by CatDaddy1977

    Awesome game

  • Buggy

    by Strawsg

    New iPod air and touch buttons don't correspond to screen!

  • Mmm

    by Starling the one

    It's ok

  • It's a crasher! Frustrating!!!!!

    by GalJam

    I hate to give this app one star because I really did enjoy it; I enjoyed it even after it crashed the 1st time and I had to start all over. But, when it crashed again when I had gotten to level 28 I was LIVID! Livid to read that apparently this happens to EVERYONE that downloads the game. Obviously this is a scheme that the game developer is inflicting upon us to drum up more $$$. I'm deleting this and will never purchase/download from this developer again.

  • Fishing off an iPhone!

    by Yadig510

    Awesome app if you love fishing.. Not as fun as real life but if your not doing anything ry least you can bust out your phone and fish!

  • Fun

    by Manteb

    Nice but too easy hihiihihihihiiyi

  • It started out great.

    by New to tech!

    I like the game. I stopped playing because I got to level 9 and it did not save and began the tutorial. It has happen twice!!!! Please fix. I'm hoping it's fixed. I started playing again at level one!

  • I'm hooked

    by Stingy With $

    Great game

  • Fun

    by Greg Ghelfi

    Good game

  • Eh

    by EKO Luke

    Kinda fun game, but lame that you can't just play for as long as you want. Oh yeah, and it was really cool how after advancing pretty far that upon opening it just now I found it had erased all of my in-game stats and profiles, essentially making me start from scratch. For the second time. Hardly worth it.


    by SkippyGirl_00

    This game always crashes, I can't even fish the first fishing spot without it crashing!!

  • very good

    by lww302

    very good

  • Wont stop crashing

    by TheSchematix

    I used to have this app on my old device and I was addicted. Awesome game until I re-downloaded it. Now I can't even get through one cast in the tutorial without the game crashing.

  • Review

    by Badmuthatrucker

    Love it

  • Don't download

    by Sickbro1111

    Game does not even work. Fails to load or fit the iPad screen

  • Beast

    by Bobafish


  • Like it

    by Chikilindgo100

    Great game

  • Fishing

    by Baby girl89

    I'm good fishing

  • Love to fish

    by Woodard wood

    Great game. Fun and challenging.

  • Awsome

    by Nol slick

    It is awesome I caught two bull sharks I was so excited! caching my first shark

  • Game is great but APP CRASH HAPPENS

    by Spammi808

    The game is really fun. I enjoy it but it needs help with fixes because it app crashes a lot..I treys resetting, closing app and everything but it still app crashes !! Please fix ASAP

  • Love it

    by LikeABossUnlimited55

    This game is awesome

  • AWESOME!!!

    by TADW11


  • Great

    by Dsssk


  • Oh yes !

    by EarlFlynt

    Just an awesome app. Can't wait to fish for real

  • best

    by Choo-Hyoung


  • Fishingkings

    by Dj2567olemiss67uga3

    The best deep sea fishing games ever

  • Cool but crashes

    by Black_Kyurem

    This game is awesome and has very good graphics and is very cool but my game crashes every time i try to enter to the game please fix!!

  • Divertida

    by Bodiler

    Muy divertido

  • Nice

    by Josh Cleaver

    Nice G

  • Owner

    by Twon247

    Great App.

  • Fishing

    by MacDeee69

    I love it!!

  • stupid

    by Plaige

    can't even play won't open don't waste your time

  • Not bad

    by Peggy(winky)

    Not too easy or to hard

  • I hate this game

    by Not a cool game

    It doesn't tell you what to do. You have to tap a lot to figure out where your going to fish. I would not get this game if I was you. They just want you to get it.

  • Worst

    by Cooler last

    When I start the game it just zooms into the upper left corner and can barely see the game menu

  • Great game

    by mattm_1

    Fun game that helps pass the time

  • Fishing Kings

    by Flippo11

    This app is a lot of fun, but energy runs out too quickly for me. I like to play multiple missions in a single play, but I usually only have energy for one.

  • Crash!

    by cds87

    I just downloaded to play and can't even get past the first fish without the game crashing and closing....had high hopes but will look else where now

  • This games a rip off

    by Creager1979

    This game only allows you to play 5mins at a time. If you wanna make any kind of progress you're gonna have to drop a couple dollars into it and then one day you open it's all erased. DO NOT TRY. It is a waste of time.

  • Doesn't work

    by Thatdude13

    Only shows in the top right of the screen it's just weird hope you guys fix this

  • Sweet game

    by Wlfhnd127

    I am totally sold on this game awesome is all I can say

  • Fghfggjgfguhffgjh

    by Ghcdhigdhghffhhff

    Hfffcgigfgh The game is so fantastic you get to choose if you want to keep or release the fish I caught a bull shark on my first try to go fishing for the bull shark i love the game Good bye Gg

  • Hate the game

    by Gunner 2.0

    Every time you enter the game it zooms in on the title do not at any cost get this app

  • game crashes

    by RissaBissa

    I recently downloaded this game to my iPad. It was fun at first until I went to resume my game at one point and all of my progress had been completely deleted. I thought maybe it was a some time glitch so I deleted the app and re-downloaded it and started again from scratch. The app worked fine for about a week then one morning I went to play and again my entire game had been deleted. Word to the wise, don't waste your time getting to into this game as you won't get to far before you have to restart all over again.

  • DBG

    by DBG1981

    Great game very addicting.

  • Won't work!

    by bigrand1

    Was my favorite fishing game, but for some reason it doesn't work anymore. Not sure if the dev knows about it, but this needs an emergency update! Using iPad 4 128 GB. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no go. Deleted until fixed

  • Good

    by Pro Fisherman#1

    Good game would like more chances for fish bucks or what ever their called and better graphics

  • Crashed the first 4 times I opened it

    by Footlong Bob 69

    I couldn't even play the tutorial because it crashed so much. Piece of garbage of an app.

  • Uninstalled

    by Jessiegrl4

    Downloaded the game and it didn't work!

  • Awesome Game

    by bhcm

    This is one of the best games I've played on the iPad in a while.

  • Catch

    by Creature84

    This game is great, I can't catch a real fish. Hella fun! However the only thing is... Sometimes an error comes up...showing unable to.

  • It's ok

    by Fda2788

    I like the variety of fish and equipment .

  • Hello

    by bertocastro70

    This game is very relaxing i give it five stars ,keep the good job and i hope you guys take the energy Bar out sow that we cant stop playing ;).

  • Great game

    by Mik69but

    This game is great it's snowing in Massachusetts and right now and my son and I love to fish and now we can do it anytime we want rain snow sleet or anything else that Mother Nature can throw at us

  • Amazing!!!!!

    by Cody12322

    This is one of my fav games of all time it really feels like your outside(:

  • Help

    by 63(;(($:);?

    Mine keeps crashing and zooming in on an area can you fix that ?

  • Keeps crashing

    by ellmoe2000

    Game keeps crashing.

  • Love it

    by Isaac400

    I like it but its got a lot of repeat things

  • Me

    by Kaikim71

    New to this but it's good

  • by Graham Blanks

    You get to drive the boat!!

  • Bad

    by Richard Baldwin

    The adds, enough said about that. The IAP, enough said about that. Gameplay is somewhat entertaining. Game resets forcing me to do the tutorial again. I say keep looking.

  • Love

    by Sksh1084


  • Cool

    by EMT eddy

    It's fun so far

  • Not comp w/ ios7

    by Callmered2000

    Need update

  • Always crashes

    by Yfpco

    Right as I catch a fish and reel it in the game crashes so I can't play the game at all.

  • Fun

    by C1ta

    Fun game

  • great fishing game!

    by Ugarob82

    Most fun since the Blue Marlin for NES!

  • Needs update

    by Lukemam12

    Keeps shutting Dow when I catch a fish

  • Zooming problem

    by Ghfghvnghcgf

    This game is great, but every time I play it, it zooms in. I hope this problem is fixed soon. Otherwise this game is great!

  • Ah

    by Brayden House

    Please change controls or something because i don't like the controls.

  • Like

    by Ling hand


  • The best

    by Ccv18

    The best

  • King fishing

    by Chgfggh


  • its very cool

    by bastee_dongalo

    the best app ever played

  • Good

    by Ksokc35

    I overall really love this game but the only down is it never saves its data

  • Great game

    by CJH1964

    Very fun


    by Deacon sonic


  • Still the best fishing game.

    by Effner&pingu

    At certain point, all the progress you've made is gone and you have to start from the very beginning. Don't know why.

  • Awesome game

    by Nhdead1

    Really fun the fish look like the real deal and I'm hooked I play so much my wife gets after me lol

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