Fantasy Town - Enter a Magic Village! Games App Review (iOS, Free)

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  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Updated: Dec, 08 2011
  • Version: 1.8.1
  • Size: 43.52 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Gameloft

***** Attention all Fairies, Dwarves and Elves!*****
The new Wonders have arrived in Fantasy Town!
What? You don't know what the Wonders are?
Then come & play to discover what these mysterious
structures can do for your **magic village!**

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Jump into a magical world & create a fantasy town. Raise mystic pets, farm with magic potions, and explore mysterious lands full of fairies, dwarves, elves and many more magical beings!

***** “Fantasy Town is one of my fave game apps. All those who don’t own it, download it ASAP! This game is 100% pure gold!"
***** “This game rocks!!...”

◊ Legendary beings, from dwarves to mystical fairies.
◊ Accept quests from villagers and keep them happy!
◊ Build & decorate your village with amazing items

* Create & use spells in your enchanting village.
* Use magic potions to farm, build & collect taxes.
* Collect fantasy items and trade them for rewards.

◊ Adopt a Dragon, Kitsune, Griffon or Minotaur.
◊ Pets will grow as you feed and play with them.
◊ Take even more realistic photos of your pets.

* Play exciting mini-games to fight off monsters.
* Whack worms to protect your beloved apples.

◊ Find friends on Facebook & Gameloft LIVE!
◊ Invite them to visit other villages.
◊ Exchange gifts and collect rewards!


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Customer Reviews

  • Ersome

    by OllMaybeline

    Really great already on level 80

  • Great game but now crashing

    by Laalaa1985

    I had gotten far in this game and spent a lot of time with it. I had also played this game on my kindle fire which is no longer working because it crashes on it and now it's crashing on my iPhone. I don't want to delete this game so someone please help me or provide an update!

  • Great game - If I could play it

    by MomOfZeus

    All of a sudden the game crashes before it even loads completely - noticed other reviews stating same issue have had this game for almost 3 years and play it daily, but I really do not want to have to start all over again from scratch

  • Feeling

    by Guggai1969

    I like

  • Good Game

    by kennaith204

    Is a good game but cant play please I need update!!! HELP

  • Keeps Forcing Down

    by Use to ❤ pandora

    I love the game, would give it 5 stars. But lately I haven't been able to get passed the home screen without it forcing down! Please fix ASAP!

  • Keeps Crashing

    by Missmakoooooo

    Love this game but keeps crashing. Had to reload and start town all over again. :-(

  • Great game

    by Raneem2000

    I love this game its really fun ❤️

  • Hi

    by Rosem07

    I love this games, nice graphics it's look real..but it's crushing now when I open this app it's direct close I can't harvest my goods... Plz fix it... Thank you

  • One problem

    by Moppet67

    This is really a good game! By I mean really, I really mean it. But there's one problem. Starting today, I went on the app, and it was crashing every time I went on it for 3 seconds. Could you fix that please? Otherwise than that, this has to be my favorite fantasy building game.

  • Too many bugs

    by mrsstacytaylor

    I love the game..but there's way too many problems.

  • Good

    by Lokmni


  • Good

    by Lokmni


  • Cloo

    by Cloosita

    Nice game

  • Cute

    by Marlissa Robinson

    This game is addictive. It's cute, colorful and fun. Just wish it could be alittle less expensive and didn't need money to expand faster. Update: please fix the new patch. Lower the ruby cost to. And the quest, you have to have rubies to finish most of them. I will not spend 50 dollars on rubies when I can put it in my gas tank!

  • Pretty good

    by Magan c

    I love the idea of this game. I realize that the makers want to make money but it is near impossible to keep your money and spells up. Other than that, good game.

  • Hrsgbr

    by Scourgerobin


  • Fantasy Town

    by J&Vwalker

    Really fun game!

  • Asombroso espectacular i love it

    by KiUt barbie

    Me encanta

  • Best Game Ever

    by Doroshii

    I love this game plz add DZPagoda514 Game Loft (Fantasy Town)! Game Center Doroshii514 And Doroshii714 ty

  • Cute town

    by Amy Carter

    Easy but can be expensive! It has major flaws! I lost all progress with no fault of my own! They know of issues but never fix them! Spent Tons of $$ on rubies & lost it all they want screen shots of purchases, I never thought I would ever need such a thing! Learned an expensive lesson!

  • Crashes immediately!

    by Tikatikaeq2

    Please fix. Game is unplayable.

  • Fantasy Town

    by Standing outside

    The game crashes now as soon as it loads. The monetary cost of of rubies outweighs the rewards. If you don't want to invest a substantial amount of cash, (my opinion) the game play is extremely slow. I would like to know; Why I must re-purchase a building that has already been built, when it shows up as a "quest" after the fact????...... Why must I give you my personal info in order to report a game bug?? My report is for YOUR benefit.

  • The game was...

    by Dghuyfcbhuewwdg

    The game was really fun for about ten minutes. What're you supposed to do when your magic spells run out.? Either sit there doing absolutely nothing for two minutes or pay real money for rubies?!? BULLPOOP how do you expect anyone to get hooked on the game when there is nothing you can to without spells. There is nothing you can pass the time with except leave the game. Well you won game loft I left the game and hit delete.

  • Stupid

    by Shadow kitty cat

    This game is supposed to be magic, right? Well, do us ALL a favor and magically get rid of this game, Gameloft!! It's an embarrassment to fairy apps and a disgrace to the world!

  • Rubies

    by CassWantsGems

    Good game but I can't do the earn rubies quest because it doesn't have the button it should and also you should be able to add random friends without connecting to a network

  • This game is......

    by ivolley_1

    Terrible u can barely do anything I hate it soooooooo much it's terrible there are Way better games than thus one I hope everyone is listening right now it's terrible nobody get this game it's a wast of Ur time why play a stupid game when u can play volleyball. Or read or even take a nap this game is terrible

  • Pretty fun!

    by Defoure

    It's easy and fun to play.

  • Fantasy town

    by Ariel1799

    Love this game try it it's amazing

  • Fantasy Town

    by Sarah-sue

    this game is a blast. its so addicting. it drives me crazy during the day... i want to rush home and collect coins!

  • Why

    by Sara. 12344

    Whyyyy have so many of the houses and shops been deleted? And what happened to the 3 places that give out more spells? What happened to the old version? I loved that one, it was my favorite game, now this is a huge downgrade.


    by MissMagix2013

    U need to give me more than one ruby when I level up. It's not like the whole world can afford to pay for rubies we have useful things we spend money on and this game is NOT one of them

  • OMG

    by Nalia Varaumaun

    LLllllooooovvvveeeee tttttthhhhhhiiiissss ggggaaammmmeeee

  • Fun

    by Akrisgirl

    Cute game to play

  • Love it!

    by Kim2007-14

    My daughter and I are hooked!

  • GREAT!!!!

    by Country girl 4 life

    What an awesome game, I highly recommend it!

  • Amazing

    by Cat0106

    So much fun love it!!

  • Too many quests

    by Hotsummers63

    Too many quests not enough energy and won't connect me to face book. Bugs need fixed but its ok when your board

  • Awsome

    by 1d is the bestt

    Awsome game I'm addicted to it so fun and awsomeeeeeed

  • Fun game

    by TumblrProbs

    It is hard to make the pathways connect they are always red and please add more magic spells so you don't run out so fast and then there is nothing to do. Really cute game! Thanks

  • Ausm

    by UnKN0WNherDUMMbass

    This game is cut and fun my sister can't get enof of it

  • Cute

    by Toxi77

    Love this game vivid graphics love the buildings and especially the cloud theme. I also like the charcters and that they say hi or hey. I don't see how a very young child would have the attention spans to wait so long to play though. Expansion is getting a little pricey. Don't need Internet to play great quality although you can connect if wanted.

  • This game is awesome!

    by Hdfjicfynvffnj

    This game is so fun to play! You will love it!

  • Arianna

    by Ari1215

    Es muy bueno este juego

  • Really cute games

    by But all

    Love it

  • fantasy town

    by juego de ciudad

    es lo mejor de todos los juegos paso todo el tiempo jugando fantasy town, mi mama me dise deja esa ¡pad por un rato y yo le dijo no porque y ella me dise te vas a dayar la vista, por dios dejalo................

  • Awesome :D

    by Panchanee

    Totally addicted xD Magic spells should fill in more quickly though :P love it ❤

  • Fairy Fantastic!!^^,

    by Herjamin

    Love the game though money collecting are slow. Hope to have more game quest to increase coins & EXP level.

  • Fantasy town

    by Gamergirl420ericaxx


  • Hi

    by Joa2802

    Buen juego

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