EPIC Battle for Moonhaven Games App Review (iOS, Free)

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  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Updated: May, 23 2013
  • Version: 1.3.0
  • Size: 46.39 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish

Seller: Gameloft

The battle between good and evil rages on, and every Leafmen army will need the help of the forest's strongest warriors to help protect the Kingdom! What's new in this update:
• Battle through the NEW HERO CAMPAIGN to unlock 7 NEW LEAFMEN HEROES!
• Complete the new campaign to use your new Hero units to BATTLE IN MULTIPLAYER and unlock the NEW HERO BEACON BUILDING!
• Upgrade your Heroes to make them even stronger in the NEW HERO HAVEN BUILDING!

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***** Discover a hidden world unlike any other in the official game inspired by the 3D animated action-adventure movie! Own EPIC on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD today (U.S.)! *****

"There is probably no better way to become familiar with a film’s universe than in game form. In the case of Epic, the kingdom building genre lends itself well to helping establish an instant tie between core characters and the player." - 148apps.com

"A completely immersive game that will continue to hold my attention well past the film's sell date" - ArcadeSushi.com

EPIC is free to download and play. You can open up bonus content for even more fun by purchasing premium currency. Premium currency costs real money.

* This game requires a Wi-Fi or 3G connection to play.

From the creators of ICE AGE and RIO, EPIC tells the story of an ongoing battle between the forces of good, who keep the natural world alive, and the forces of evil, who wish to destroy the life force of the forest.

Team up with the Leafmen, an elite band of samurai-style warriors, and interact with a crew of comical, larger-than-life characters directly from the film. Build your kingdom and help them save their world... and yours!

* Build your own Jinn kingdom and watch it come to life
* Play fun mini-games for ultimate rewards

* Defeat Boggan bosses with a final stand against their leader, Mandrake, in single-player campaign (PvE)
* Train various Leafmen units to fight strategically in different battle locations, from Moonhaven all the way to the perilous Wrathwood

* Connect with your friends and help them build their kingdom
* Challenge other Leafmen armies, built by players around the world, in friendly feats of strength in multiplayer (PvP) battle mode

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Official Film Website: http://www.epicthemovie.com/


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Customer Reviews

  • Love it's

    by Stretch7185

    Love it

  • A cool mans review

    by Michael6781999

    It is a good game it's like clash of clans but simpler

  • Awesome

    by Sunbura


  • Cool

    by kittycat+59

    I wish you could pause battles, but otherwise it's a good game.

  • :-)

    by Mahan_J

    My daughter loves this game, thank you!!!!!!!!

  • Beautiful animation

    by Cynghn

    Wonderful !

  • Addicting

    by Girlwithnomercy

    My kids loved the movie and like being able to fight the boggins. it just takes a little too much time to build, upgrade and collect things.

  • Great game

    by Swilli11


  • Fun

    by 1 g pa

    Too hard to get aura...

  • That's all

    by Irishred

    Love playing the game along with my son but feel like it needs a little more detail/instruction. And more ways to make aura.

  • That's all

    by Irishred

    Love playing the game along with my son but feel like it needs a little more detail/instruction. And more ways to make aura.

  • Love it

    by Ronnierocs7

    The game is just like the movie the only thing is that it is so hard to get auro.

  • Nice game but a few issues

    by The 1True Wiz

    Fun game and a good tie in to the movie. Aura gathering is much too slow making it extremely difficult to buy many units, items, etc. unless of course you want to spend real money! I made it to level 50 and it showed I would have a tenth seed blossom and nectar fountain available but they are NOT there for me to purchase. Even with those issues, I still enjoy it. Relaxing way to kill time on a lazy day.

  • Good fun

    by Dymos creator

    Pretty fun to play.

  • Cool

    by Worldwide gamer

    This game is like the movie and if I could see the battle better I would rate it 5 stars.

  • Etto

    by Ettooooxxx

    Tha game is perfect, I like it...

  • Epic


    I love the moive and the is realy like the move

  • Epic

    by ITdrummer

    Great game helps pass time very well

  • Son Loves It!

    by Booka5631

    My son absolutely loves this games which doesn't surprise me because he loved the movie and he loves that you can battle in it and level up your army and things like that just an awesome game

  • cool!!!

    by Deacon sonic


  • I love the movie

    by I love the movie to

    This game is very fun it's kind of like clash of clans because you have your own base and stuff and I can battle enemies and there's know glitches and know lags they have swords they of corse have bow in arowws they even have some birds that give them a little help that's what they said on the game.

  • Never has a game done so little, with so much

    by 3xDad

    This is such a disappointing game and it's sad because it doesn't have to be. If not for the multiple glitches and inability to upgrade characters the way the game is supposed to, this game would be loads of fun. It's particularly frustrating because advancing in the game pretty much requires purchasing aura, which I have done. However when you use the purchased aura for a desired outcome in the game and then it doesn't happen it pretty much amounts to theft. I have contacted the game developers with no response. Unless you enjoy frustration and spending money on things you don't get, avoid this game. As the title of my review suggests it's too bad, because the game would be really enjoyable and entertaining if it just worked the way it's supposed to. I have spoken with other gamers who experience the same issue.

  • Cool

    by Boevvv44

    Passes the time

  • Fun

    by Ds31476

    Good game

  • Good

    by Ibiapina132469

    Goodyear game

  • Anwer

    by Anwer Ali

    Very gooooood

  • Fun game

    by PrincessWill

    This game is really fun.

  • Fun!

    by LiCo1986

    Nice to play, aura difficult to get without payment.

  • Best way to pass time.

    by efuhniefn

    This game is easy and awesome, also it passes time a lot!!(Obvious title) It has good graphics and no lags,crash,freeze,restart and it runs smoothly on my I Pad 3. If you people mind, at least put some nice compliments like: When I first downloaded it, it was awesome! (Insert complains here). Have a nice day or night every one and enjoy the game. :D I'm not optomistic.

  • Fun

    by Waldo loves this game!


  • Love it!

    by Bdub_13

    I enjoyed the movie now I am enjoying the game. Totally worth it!

  • Epic

    by Chaparro32

    This game is awesome except if you could earn aura faster

  • Epic ness

    by Add arcs


  • Good

    by Firedemon69000

    It crashed the first few times but has been good lately.

  • Ok

    by Lovinit-king

    It's not too bad... I guess.

  • Alright

    by Knuckles234

    This game is alright it is fun, but not fun at the same time. Aura is not easy to get.

  • Good

    by tonytruong26

    I like it

  • Good

    by Smikosa

    Pretty good game.

  • Let try

    by 3SachKill


  • Kid review

    by Jon&Diana

    My son likes this game, hope more kid friendly games come out for him that he likes

  • Mrs

    by Juliagwynn

    Great game!!

  • Fun

    by Christopher Hall

    Still has problems with restarting in the game all the way back to lvl 1

  • Fun, But need to earn aura faster

    by markr6754

    Nice blend of strategy and patience.

  • Good game

    by Rachaellew0219

    I think that it is a fun game not always the same thing like most of the games in this type. Game keeps going and you get to fight and be part of there world that I would love to live in. It's beautiful

  • Epic fail

    by Sheball

    Entertaining but quite a bit buggy.

  • Great game

    by Mjmonet


  • Eh


    It wastes time

  • 2nd time

    by Buffy29here

    I love doing this game with my son! But it freezes, my shields never stay on anymore!trying to keep up with the game but keep getting attacked! Keep getting aruas. But what good is it when you can't use it to upgrade anything. Can't upgrade my men. My defense?! Forget it! I repair them but then it crashes and back to being damaged! Also it seems every time I turn the game on. I've been attacked 25min. Ironic? I think not! Sick and tired of these problems with the game! There's always problems with this app!

  • Epic

    by lkchute

    Game does not load -shields don't work and as soon has you put money on ---- you can't get on your own game!!!!!! Everyone else can, but you. They say there going to fix it , but again no one responses. Worst thing is customer service .????? That's the real joke.$@"? There is none, just a name no company behind it.

  • Tons of fun!

    by LottieDa9110

    Love it!

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