Dungeon Hunter 4 Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Updated: Apr, 11 2013
  • Version: 1.5.0
  • Size: 1021.22 MB

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish

Seller: Gameloft

Think you’re the toughest warrior? Prove it!
The Hardcore update is here!
- Restart the solo campaign in Hardcore Mode and face a brand-new level of difficulty (for end-game players only)
- Show off that you’re Hardcore in the Multiplayer Leaderboards
- Level cap increased to 120
- Improved loot system for end-game players
- Major Bugs fixed:
*Blood Match connection issues
*Progress reset (for new characters only)

Customer Ratings

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1018 Ratings
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26963 Ratings


Venture forth into the most immersive, accomplished, and addictive chapter of the acclaimed action RPG saga!

- Progress through an EPIC STORYLINE & stunning environments
- SLASH hundreds of enemies and massive bosses
- LOOT countless items

- Choose from 4 character Classes with unique combat styles
- UPGRADE your battle skills
- CUSTOMIZE, craft and charm your gear
- Unveil the mysteries around your warrior

- Enter COOP arenas for highly intense fights
- Show off your battle skills in the PVP modes!

The Demons, a race thought to have been extinguished eons ago, have returned. You awaken from what seemed like a nightmare to find your kingdom, Valenthia, decimated. Unharmed from the battle, you are mysteriously gifted with tremendous new power and skills. You could be your people’s only remaining hope…

** Supports Game Controllers made for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Game Controller support requires iOS 7 or later and is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPad 2 or later, and iPod touch (5th generation).


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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by smokinjoep420

    Good fun!

  • Good Game

    by Jarod1984

    Easy to play. Will go down as a classic.

  • DH4

    by Smokers land

    AWSOME ..

  • Mr

    by Tall12night


  • Best game

    by Britt1291

    Awesome game

  • This is the best game I’ve ever played.

    by nastynas78

    Best. Game. Ever!!!

  • Best thing since Diablo III

    by BubbleH8ter

    Super fun!

  • Almost a year playing and I still love it

    by Myke Garcia

    It's an addictive game and a challenge at some points but overall it has a great replay ability factor and its beautiful

  • Love it

    by Rcket

    This game is one of the best games if played on my iPhone and iPad. It's graphics make lots of similar games look like crap lol. But I give this game a 5 star all day long. Beware it can get pretty addictive lol

  • Great RPG

    by Scott Geiger

    Fun reminds me of Diablo 2, must play burns

  • Hella fun

    by Tigrys25

    I'm seriously not getting much done at work

  • Problem with crash and saving

    by MilitemFortuna

    I get going and all of the sudden it'll crash. Then I have to restart. What little bit I've gotten to play I've really liked. Fix these and I'll give it a 5.

  • Awesome

    by Zabuza2014

    Really fun

  • Cybug78

    by Cybug$78

    Really good game

  • Muito bom!!!!

    by Murilo_4

    Ótimo jogo

  • Yedke

    by Yedke


  • Blood and slash

    by dawsonj1976

    Great game - just love killing monsters

  • Fun

    by Guns420

    Fun game, love to play!

  • Good game but...

    by Brad VanSlyke

    I like the game but it's sad that you only think about making money. It's to hard to upgrade and I die to easily. All the coins we get mean nothing if we can only buy stuff with diamonds bought with real money. Looks like you take your business structure from the government.

  • Good graphics and gameplay but very money hungry

    by Darkredneck

    The graphics are really good and the storyline seems solid. The gameplay is also pretty easy to get the hang of it but in order to get through some levels you have to buy healing potions those can cause a lot of real money . Before they updated it you could find life leech gems to put in your armor now you can hardly find any

  • Great game!

    by CrowsHaveYou!71

    Really enjoying the game! It's tough to put down and helps get through a long deployment! My only gripe is the cost of in-game purchases. I would recommend this game to a friend.

  • Oh yeah!

    by Grimcore

    Great game to pass the time!

  • Great game with a million crashes

    by Donovan_a_h

    I love the game but it crashes so much you can't make progress

  • Awesome!

    by Mlingle92

    Great game!

  • Hhh

    by Brhom93


  • Great but keeps freezing PLZ FIX

    by ProfessorMike

    I am not very far in the game at all and I am only like level seven but every time I try to play this one mission, my game freezes. PLZZZZZZ FIX!!!!!

  • Great

    by Psychotic81

    Great game. Very addictive. Needs better weapons for gold though.

  • Awesome!!

    by decayatl

    I DONT WANNA stop playing, awesome 'pace' of action.

  • 好玩

    by 那夜|寂寞


  • Great game

    by Bloodsinn

    Total fun

  • Michael

    by Jam shields


  • It's alright.

    by Ninja with a turtle

    It's alright.

  • Great Dungeon crawl game

    by Mark Chandler

    Diablo 3 quality game. Fun mulitplayer

  • Pay to heal?!?!


    I can't believe you are only allowed 3health potions per day! If you want more you have to buy gems and use those to buy potions. Charge me for the app, I would gladly pay $10-$12 for this great game, but will probably stop playing it until this is changed. It's a shame really.

  • Best game ever

    by Cutlessxxx

    If you want a role playing game please pick this one best game ever

  • CRASHES!!!

    by Kstan81

    I give it 2 stars cause it crashes too much + game needs way more updates. But its realy fun

  • Game issues

    by Francine the Flamingo

    The game is really fun and has a lot of elements needed for endless gameplay, but crashes too often and has tons of issues involving the friends list. If these two issues were resolved I'd give it a 4 or 5 star rating.


    by fouala

    Keeps crashing at the beginning !!! Fiz It Pleaaase !!!

  • Overpowered

    by Erghhhhhhhh

    Im on the clock work dungeon, and cant get past the end where they summon the Imps and the spitters.. Ect. And it angers me, the Lunatic champions, slayers ect.. Are way to overpowered im lvl19, Forgotten Dirks maxed out power charms poisin life leach its just so hard....

  • Awesome game


    Diablo style game .. Great story line ..well designed and flows well. Can't get better for the price :) love it and it will draw you in the longer you play.

  • Buggy

    by Vbtiger16

    Game was fun till I got to level 3 but now game locks up when it forces me to go to the shop

  • Amazing. But.....

    by QuakeDragon

    Its an amazing app. I haven't played it in a long time and now that i come back to play it keeps crashing. Pease fix it for the iphone 4s

  • Ankaan

    by Sharyoga

    The game is horrible. It is soooooooooo hard. What kind of game does teleporting fire and laser throwing opponents and hundreds of demons for 3 waves in game. It has 5 games. How are you supposed to beat that. I just downloaded this game and i cannot get past that level.I AM SOOOOOOOOOO MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD. Also the prices are unbearibly high for weapons and jewels. The only good thing about this game is the theme

  • Holy crap

    by Wolf god Kia

    This game is awesome it's like skyrim if you like skyrim and I have a puppy!

  • Awesome

    by Mady24

    Great app! Graphics even better...

  • good

    by jjjjdds

    very good so nice

  • Very good game

    by BakeryBoy

    This game is one of the best ones I've played in awhile, even though it takes a bit between missions loading

  • Ok

    by Bloopert

    Fix the effin shop to make it a shop get rid of Iap and make me pay 5 bucks instead.

  • Great

    by Nastazio420

    Good game tons of fun

  • Review # 3 awesome game

    by Justin Hill

    The reason I'm not giving it a 5 is not something a lot of people probably care about but I have an iPad and iPhone and would really like to pick up with the same game on both of my iOS devices. Other then that I love this game.

  • Nice game

    by Mackie1244

    Great game, add a new character like " beastmaster " that use his/her staff and a beast that help him/her.

  • Best game

    by M.A.R.C.U.S

    One of the best games I have played so far

  • Mr

    by Gaijingus

    Pretty good fantasy adventure game for an old guy like me! Truly enjoy it!

  • Amazing

    by Unhappy Nana

    Just over all greatness

  • Great

    by DrBWillis

    Love it

  • Five stars

    by T0ny_s@rk3

    Good graphics and all around fun to play.

  • Awesome

    by Kunk3


  • Awesome

    by WHORO

    Best game ever

  • Slot machine is fixed!!

    by slrazzmu

    This game is great but when I need one triangle for my best charm I get 3 squares.??? There needs to be a choice for charm slot!!!

  • Fluent and fun

    by Colvable

    Good to go. A fun dungeon crawl.

  • Awesome!

    by Sonicspeedster

    This game has a very interesting story and excellent gameplay.

  • Greats but keeps turning off

    by Love to shoot monsters

    I love this game so much. It is a great game and so much fun to play. The only problem is that it keeps shutting down every five minutes. Please fix this problem, I will give five stars when this problem is fixed .

  • As long as you don't play "hardcore mode"

    by XxjeanniexX

    The "normal mode" does not crash as much. But that just defeat the purpose of the update.

  • Game

    by 5starwizzard

    Good game for long trips and a similar game to diablo

  • Game crashes

    by Aboulware

    The game is crash after a certain point please fix it so I can play this great game

  • DH4

    by Dumdumdidday

    Great game to play

  • Review

    by Morbid soul

    Truly the best graphic game since champions of norath. Simply splendid!

  • Addicting

    by Killer ail

    Great game reminds me of baldurs gate

  • Crashing

    by Eminem-Detroit7

    It's fun but it started crashing and I can't play, it deserves a 5-star.. Just fix the crashes and you'll earn it Gameloft.. ^_^\/

  • Nice

    by Top libe

    Nice game

  • Goo game

    by Plmkgrdytyf

    This is a good game

  • Great

    by Kingsquishy

    Great game love it a lot just a bit loo laggy on iPhone 4S

  • Diablo hands down

    by Angry Filipino

    Love this game I bet if they created a "cube" the weapons, armor, and charms possibilities would be endless!

  • Fantastic Game

    by Stupid S*it

    A great game but crashes a lot now but still fun!!!

  • Awesome

    by GhostowN209

    This game is very interesting but due to the fact it glitch too much. Almost like Diablo if you interesting in adventure game. Overall graphic and everything was nice. If all those glitch or issues has been solved, everything would been great. More likely, I like to recommend this game to people who love adventure game

  • Fun..

    by Aaron's momma

    I am enjoying it so far! :)

  • Nice

    by CruelZ

    I like it!

  • Good game until update

    by J Willy

    Constantly crashes on EVERYTHING.

  • Amazing

    by Vocaroo

    É um ótimo game.

  • Game crashes

    by Reed31419

    When I try to load the game it goes as far as the loading screen and then kicks me back to the home screen. I would love it if the creators could fix this problem.

  • bom, mas ainda tem muitos bugs. have bugs

    by danisam121

    update hardcore? sério, o jogo é muito bom, é leal com o jeito de ganhar moedas, mas o novo update faz o jogo travar. O novo update tem muito bugs. Por favor faça funcionar no Ipad. Realy, the game is very nice, but have a lot of bug. Please make work in ipad (the first ipad).

  • Good game

    by GWgw10

    Fun game with lots of gameplay hours. Deducted a star because I get connection errors with some regularity but app relaunch fixes them.

  • Good game

    by GWgw10

    Fun game with lots of gameplay hours. Deducted a star because I get connection errors with some regularity but app relaunch fixes them.

  • nice

    by Haiishaaoos


  • Great game

    by ><

    Very gd game,multiple charcter choices,multiplayer,gd graphics gd story i like it a lot

  • Diablo

    by Zuluasd

    Great game fun fun fun. Only proble is inventory spaces. Cost money

  • Fire

    by Vicious loc

    Game awesome

  • Good

    by Etamanat


  • Awesome

    by Gillumthunder

    One of the best games on the iPhone in my opinion.

  • Great

    by Ethan maurer

    Awesome game but crashes way to much and way to often

  • Awesome, but crashes

    by Sam7221

    Awesome game! 5 stars if it didn't crash ALL the time. I still play cause it's fun, but the crashing is a little crazy. You have to start over on some quests and levels cause there's no save option and it crashes at random times. Did I mention it crashes, but is awesome otherwise?

  • Hardcore mode

    by Carafelli

    I updated and was expecting to play hardcore mode. But it won't work even after the update. I've even beat the first stage of the game. Don't really care if I play or not now since the hardcore mode isn't working.

  • Dungeon hunters 4 like Diablo 3

    by Domshusky

    It's an amazing game! Possibly my favorite iPhone game


    by Jaydv4

    This game is pretty addictive and fun at the same time. Just wish there was an easy way to get crafting gems and the blue gems.

  • Good story line

    by GoodSwong

    Good game play

  • Dusrath

    by Dusrath

    Grate game though it freezes now and then just started and lost most data cause of freeze

  • Pretty fun game

    by Islandside671


  • Great game

    by Tsuminthelin

    Fun easy, you'll get hooked on it. Because of the hack slash like game play and the ability to heal as you kill, the game is easy and fun

  • Fun time burner

    by Funkknuckle

    See title

  • Good game

    by Edward13579

    I like it

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