Brothers In Arms® 2: Global Front Free+ Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Updated: Oct, 24 2011
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Size: 405.68 MB

Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Chinese

Seller: Gameloft

iOS 7 support.
Compatibility with 4-inch screen now added

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Now you can play the highly acclaimed Brothers in Arms series for FREE! Prepare to step onto the most intense and explosive battlefields of WWII.


Download the game and start playing for free in Story mode or Multiplayer. Earn Dog Tags and XP as you play that can be used to unlock tons of extra features and gear to customize your soldier, or purchase Medals to unlock them faster. It’s up to you!

Challenge up to 5 friends to multiplayer battles on five maps in 3 different modes (Free For All, Team Deathmatch and Domination). You can connect locally via Bluetooth or even go online with Wi-Fi to battle friends anywhere.
Experience every front of the war with 50 missions to unlock across 5 locations: the Pacific, Normandy, North Africa, Germany and Sicily.

Take control of 3 different vehicles including the tank, off-road vehicle or glider to overrun your opponents or to make a daring escape. You can even jump behind the vehicle turret to lay waste to foes with the machine gun.

The stunning graphics and authentic settings are inspired by real-life battlefields from WWII and created in detailed 3D.

Witness compelling cinematic moments with more interaction between you and your squad members that deepens the gameplay.

Grab a wide variety of historically accurate weapons including machine guns, bazookas, sniper rifles and flamethrowers.

Play with Duo Gamer, the app-supported game controller for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch! Get ready to take gaming control to another level with Duo Gamer’s two analog joysticks, d-pad, four buttons, and two triggers! (Go to for more info and availability).


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Customer Reviews

  • Hard

    by Contry lover

    This is really fun but it's one of the hardest games it's also fun

  • Love this game


    Omg I love this game.Its very entertaining. I give it a five star. (I <3 SOCCER #7)


    by Duz iz Sean

    This is litterly the most amazing game. Amazing. Just amazing

  • Great game


    Tough to control at first but one of the best

  • Good

    by Gilverto Galvan 12345

    I really like this game

  • Love the game!!!

    by Pup master

    But it keeps crashing whenever I try to play and I've been playing this since it came out please patch this :(

  • Rocks

    by Madcrazymax

    I love you guys I get my military game fix even at my lunch breaks thank you

  • Fun

    by Bensterd


  • Awesome

    by MikeTehEpic

    Wonderful Game

  • Most awesome game in the world!

    by HotRod Tanner


  • Great

    by CrimsonBlue13

    One of the best game I have ever played.

  • Brothers in arms 2

    by Alfredo Colin g

    Needs bug fixes in iOS 6.1.5

  • Awesome game

    by Gfhfjhhyhdd

    I love this game!

  • Legend

    by Chin tei zen

    Good game, but it's difficult to control moving

  • Cool

    by Chris777543345

    Awesome but kills the battery lol

  • A fun game

    by Montrellus

    It's really fun yall

  • Awesome

    by iloveCookieMonster

    This game is awesome

  • War

    by Tgarcia67

    Cool game!!!!

  • Brother in arms 2

    by Jackie Lynn ferguson

    This game is a awesome game

  • Bia2

    by Hilly billy bull

    Not bad

  • Crashes

    by Drew_fus

    I downloaded this game really looking forward to the FPS Gameplay. When I click on the first mission it loads, but then when I "Tap to continue," the game instantly crashes and I downloaded it 3 times and it crashed every time. PLEASE FIX. NOT HAPPY

  • Stops halfway

    by Lil leave it

    It looks like a really good game but when I try to play the campaign are the single player mode, it stops loading halfway and shuts down.

  • Da Bomb

    by Pocket-summoner-wizard

    This game is outstanding. I tried looking for a shooting game and I happen to spot this game. It is Worth it. Hope I meet u in the battlefield.

  • Brothers in Arms 2

    by Champ801

    Great game, very fun!

  • Great

    by Ahmad Parker

    Good game but the controls are diff

  • Games Rocks

    by Paddy67443


  • Brilliant game!

    by Sgt Neissman

    This game is amazing, it's like CoD WaW at its own version on IOS!

  • Fun

    by Is that the bad guy


  • Great game

    by Ahmed WWII

    It's a very cool game the sound effects and graphics are pretty good too

  • eh game

    by Timdoesmc

    Need sum kfec jib 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,mopgl34"/'dhgecfycdygbhubcfbcaxsvcjkj,pvo,emevxqwadgdjgkglmcbwczeryr.ovo.j.n,bm


    by Saabirah

    This game is so addicting. I can't stop playing it. I recommend everyone to download it and play it!

  • Solid game

    by Bad fellow

    More interesting , more capable

  • Awesome game

    by Silver378wj

    I just got this game and it's awesome .

  • Review

    by Ornateshelf5097Games

    Great game

  • War

    by Soldier257


  • Solid game

    by Me&98764

    Great game just crashes too often

  • Cool game

    by Mathhunt

    Cool game. Cool graphics.

  • Cool

    by DadyJonny

    Asom game

  • Great Game!!!!

    by Laura's Groove

    I really enjoy this game. Fun and easy and lots of challenges!!!!

  • Great concept- not enjoyable

    by iTrekAtlanta

    You go into network game and you are being continuously SPAWN-KILLED. The opposing players seem to be invincible except to grenade attacks, it gets old and monotonous very quickly. You have one guy that is killing you every 2 secs and can inflict zero damage. The grenade launcher makes you vulnerable to instant death but yet you can't survive more than a millisecond to inflict damage. Avoid.

  • Cool

    by Atrii

    Great visuals, good interaction, and easy to understand.

  • Great game, but has some single player issues.

    by Mingqiang Xu

    I beat the entire campaign. But really, it seems like by the time you halfway through a mission, about half of the living hostiles are equipped with bazookas, that'll reach you behind cover, albeit with reduced damage. Usually, it's not a issue, but by the time several are pounding against your position, your doomed. My counter? None really, you should probably keep trying. In fact, the church mission in Sicily made me quit the game the first time. Micro transitions may feel necessary, but if you can grind, then you'll make it without them. Especially that mission in Europe. Called Regroup, and with a jeep and an automated gunner, you mow down enemies and collect dog tags at an alarming rate, which make micro transitions for dog tags rather idiotic. I used it to get a M7 Grenade Launcher, which was VERY helpful. I prefer it to the bazooka, with cheaper ammunition, faster projectiles, and some tank busting capability, although slightly less. The plot? It's not the best one out there, but it's perfectly fine as that cherry on top.

  • Great Game

    by Sz1195

    good game and very fun... i wish you can get stars like dogtags

  • Love this game!

    by Wolvesarebest

    I started playing this game and couldn't stop. It's so addicting! The game for me rune smoothly, though there is the occasional bug. The game hasn't crashed on me, yet, but I don't think it will anytime soon. I totally recommend this game! I love all of the missions, and other stuff too. :)

  • Epic!

    by Speedhound

    The game is awesome! I have 1 level I'm stuck on, please cheer for me to beat it! 9000 stars!!!!!

  • Great game

    by Masicus

    Very fun

  • awesome

    by Tvdhcfebhcjdrjrvfjcgevidgehf


  • Patch this game, now!

    by Nod_Lucario

    The single-player, although enjoyable, gets pretty unfair whenever ALL of the enemies start getting Bazookas (or Panzerschrecks) and start dealing a lot of damage, especially in the later levels. Worse is when enemies start dealing damage to you WHEN YOU ARE IN COVER, at least take away the medkit cooldown time in single-player, make it a little more fair. Multiplayer is unbalanced, I'm seeing a lot of players using grenade launchers and bazookas, which can not only kill you instantly, but can kill you when you are on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAP. Last time I checked, grenade launchers are supposed to fire in an arc, NOT IN A STRAIGHT LINE. Please nerf both the Bazooka and grenade launcher, I really want to enjoy this game, but the unfair difficulty curb in single-player, and severely unbalanced multiplayer is making it hard for me to enjoy this game.

  • Some extra cool suggestions

    by Epic Guy 60

    This game is excellent overall, but I would love some more weapons and changes! .Pistols .LMGs .Enemies drop ammo .Crouching in multiplayer .Un - cooking grenades .Vehicles in MP .More detail like the gloves you wear show on your hands Add these and get better ratings, thanks.

  • Nice!

    by  Shedface

    Very fun game too play on down time.

  • Kinda like cod waw

    by Kulix

    It's fun but I think you should be able to pick up weapons on the battle field or rank up to get them I'm ok with ammo buying but not needing to buy weapons would be better

  • Cool

    by Coho soap


  • Str8

    by J0000$ch1n{

    I like the game the aim could b better doe

  • Brother in arm 2

    by Brother baby

    It al right

  • Adolfo

    by AdolfoAM

    I would be more into this game if it just didn't annoy me with some things. It takes for ever for my weapons to reload. In the time the gun is reloading, I can get hit three times. Also, I find it hard to control. It could be because I use it on my iPad, but still... It would be foolish of me, however, to not recognize the excellent... oh whatever.

  • Battery hungry

    by NoriTheElephant

    Good all around game fun for the masses sadly eats up battery like a morbidly obese redneck..

  • Great game

    by Jrusmc56

    Really love this game on the 5s

  • Trains

    by Marco Larocca 6615

    I like this game

  • Bug

    by Nfndhjd ichw NAND

    Looks like a promising game. However, when I try to go into a mission or play the game is crashes.


    by Casaver6

    Has anyone else Had this problem every time I open this app it will close I can't even play it?????

  • Fun game you should give it a try

    by Ffgffgfgggfg

    It's fun and has good controls and even multiplayer. I say go for it!

  • Awesome

    by FIREandICEXD

    Awesome game!get it now!

  • Can't make purchase

    by BigDevo

    Trying to purchase dog tags, and I get the message, store error.

  • Doesn't even work

    by YoMama718

    I can't play the story or the multiplayer - it just crashes over and over again. The only reason I gave it a star is because you can't give it 0 stars. Looks fun, but I was really disappointed.

  • Good game

    by 2012_scuba

    Good game

  • BiA

    by ThatDanielKid

    Awesome game, nice graphics, I like the Brothers in Arms series.

  • Plz fix

    by Jakemonkey19

    I got this game yesterday and was so exited. I started playing and on the first level,i just picked up my gun then the whole game shut off.plzz fix!

  • Plz fix

    by Jakemonkey19

    I got this game yesterday and was so exited. I started playing and on the first level,i just picked up my gun then the whole game shut off.plzz fix!

  • Great

    by Ttyyddhhgfjgg


  • Pretty slick

    by Didgedude

    Love the options in which we aim or shoot or even wander... Pretty slick..

  • Great Game

    by Tekeia24

    This is an awesome game. If you are a person that has have controls that are perfect then this is not the game for you.

  • A few things.

    by Will Goss

    The game is great, just fix minor details, for example why are the Japanese coming in on AADS? Why are they using THOMPSON SUN MACHINE GUNS?? And the Japanese don't charge at you enough. But other than that there is no energy system, so you can play it as much as you want, it is SO easy to earn dog tags. So just add better details. But on the whole a really good game.

  • Crash!

    by Ttboy13

    This game haves a crash please fix it

  • Great game!

    by Mary Dantzler

    Once you get used to how to move around, it's a lot of fun!

  • Brothers In Arms 2: Global Warfare

    by Mr.Frick

    Brothers In Arms 2: Global Warfare is an infinitely awesome game.

  • BIA2

    by Loubob62

    great game though I have not been playing it for long. Graphics are excellent,though I wish I could assume a prone position.

  • Campaign issue

    by Pisspipe48

    Great game other than the BARNYARD mission, MAKE IT EAISER PLEASE.

  • Good game

    by PianoMan98

    Good gameplay, pretty good graphics, but the app keeps crashing on me. Maybe an update?

  • Majestic

    by Ysydfjd

    Good game

  • Great!

    by Captain nope

    This game is fun but the weapons cost a lot

  • Crashes

    by Gnarly Dude Guy

    I try to get in but still Crashes

  • Awesome

    by Phoenixstudios

    Read the title it is awesome!

  • AWSOME game but not much people on multiplayer

    by RichardTheSlayer

    Crashes alot

  • Good game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Weed boy Alex

    I think this game is going 2 be good I have not played it yet but from all the reviews i have read I know it's going to be good .

  • Good game

    by Jackf620

    This is a fun game there are some bugs but it is a fun game over all the only thang I do not like about it is you have to get ammo

  • Awesome

    by Obi-wan62201

    This game is so fun but needs more weapons

  • READ THIS!!!!!!!

    by Awesomeguy1357642

    Every time I shake my iPad it never works so I always die!

  • Love it.

    by Raiderpete

    Game has wonderful graphics and realism. The controls are easy to use and the game seems to run seamlessly. One negative, and it's minor, is that at times there is excessive shaking that renders the game almost unplayable for a few seconds. Usually happens with explosions. Other than that it is great!

  • Please fix ASAP

    by The never ending cool

    Fix the duo gamer compatibility it really makes the game much more enhanced. So fix that ASAP thank you

  • Beautifully

    by Mrjeepersjoe

    I am on the second mission and I love this game it is amazing for a iPhone game it almost feels like a really dimmed down version of world at war I love I would recommend it to anyone who like first person shooters

  • Awesome

    by Ruger623

    Pretty sick

  • BIA2

    by $Diddie$

    Intense game fun way to kill the time

  • Brandon

    by marvin lopez

    Love it:)

  • Bueno

    by Saviram

    My buenoo

  • :)

    by Jacky:3

    Nice game! ;)

  • Review

    by Ant1988611

    It's a cool game I would get it if I was you

  • Great game

    by Squaggly

    Pretty challenging game

  • Enjoyable

    by Adam Archer

    It's a good game, enjoyable for the most part. Though the ability to advance in levels is a bit restricted unless you play level repeals to earn enough dog tags to purchase new weapons and armor. Gets a bit old quickly but I'm sure with time it will become more enjoyable with newer updates.

  • Fun

    by Matuew9

  • Fun

    by kdfhiowel


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