Blitz Brigade - Online multiplayer shooting action! Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Gameloft
  • Updated: May, 09 2013
  • Version: 1.2.0
  • Size: 548.3 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: Gameloft

There are plenty of new things to enjoy in Blitz Brigade this Holiday season! Now every class has two specific skill sets to better emphasize its strengths. So don't just wait around; start leveling up!

- Upgrade your character according to your playing style and make use of the two brand-new skill sets per class, each with four levels!
- Try our fresh Sci-Fi weapons! Careful; they’re quite deadly!
- Pick and complete a Contract to receive rewards and boost your fortune!
- Enjoy the enhanced Capture the Flag and Domination modes!

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You ready for the gun show? Axis or Allies, victory or defeat, mayo or mustard… All will be decided in the ultimate FPS showdown, Blitz Brigade!
Become one of five highly skilled and totally badass classes and team up with other players to pound your enemies into the dirt and call them mean names.

*****Lock 'n' load for team-based FPS mayhem!*****

√ Up to 12 players can battle at the same time
√ 5 classes: Soldier, Gunner, Medic, Sniper, Stealth
√ Control the battlefield in Domination mode
√ Frag everyone in sight in Deathmatch
√ Use 3 different vehicles for a tactical advantage
√ Over 100 weapons, each made for a specific class
√ Unique taunts and kill phrases for each character
√ Voice Chat to plan in real time with teammates

√ Complete 120 unique missions
√ Learn to master each class’s specialized skills
√ Pilot a helicopter and rain death from above
√ Hop into a Tank to steamroll the enemy

***** War just got a whole lot crazier! *****


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Customer Reviews

  • More classes and a plane plz!!!

    by Jennifer Smith

    You could have an engineer that repairs he could repair veichals and make turrets.a plane could bomb tanks and take out choppers

  • Awesome

    by Djking10

    Great game

  • Blitz brigade

    by Spike3691215

    Awsome game really they should take it out for ps3 and wii and Xbox it love the game

  • Greatest game evur!!!!

    by The man who wears pajamas

    I love the game to its polygons and particles, however there are a lot of things that need to be changed. As a lv 52 player and a very obedient one i have to say something about the menu setting when u die, i have 61 diamonds and when I died i accidentally bought a 24 hour xp boost, but im lv 52 so i just wasted diamonds by accident, please have an "are you sure?" Feature in there in the next update, also the bad juju is severely over powered and makes my game lag out, also I've been having a lot of logging in problems and a lot of crashing when i try to invite a friend, that seriously needs to be fixed. #1-dying menu settings #2-games with friends #3-make bad juju less bad #4-keep up the great work An that is all that needs to be done.

  • Awesome game

    by doubled5217

    Highly addictive completely fun game!

  • Awesome

    by Steven7177

    I really like this game and I play it everyday and its super cool.but you should be able to crouch and lay down so you can hide better and play without Internet with bots.Also add this game mode:infected like in Modern Warfare 3.This game would be a lot better with that.

  • Love it

    by By CoolDude

    It's the best gameloft game ever

  • Game

    by Bluescopez

    Very good

  • This is a fun game

    by Pjb305

    I love it it is very good

  • Love it

    by Zterrence

    Add me on kik so I can maybe make a game user zterrence


    by TerrariaPlayz

    I want u to add some stuff to the game. Here's what I'm thinking u should do. New skin for stealth, and sniper make the stealth blue with red, and Blue and black.The car can have a passenger and a new helicopter that can carry a sniper and turret also a new map called the abandoned city with building that are destoryed and lots of sniping spots the , but mainly make the blood an option on/off please

  • Awesome

    by Maxx_1k

    This game is one of the best multiplayer online shooters on iphone yet.

  • Best game in the App Store!

    by Jdhds

    Rarely do I find games that I really enjoy, and Gameloft really hit the ball out of the park with this one. Awesome 1st person shooter, and the whole feel is just so juicy.

  • Add new stuff.

    by Daniel Woodward

    Add engineer: fixes helicopters tanks and jeeps Add zombie survival: shoot many zombies and survive the apocalypse! Add story campaign: a story to the most awesome game you guys have made!

  • Good

    by Bull Wrestling

    Guns a cool I love it :)

  • Awesome game but still can have a few more things to it

    by Timmy12234567

    Great game with tons of awesome shooting/killing. Though I wish that you could play it on the PC or any other devices rather than just touch screen devices. The connection error where it says your device is being connected by another device is annoying. I think that having more modes to this game would be cool like 1 vs 6 but that one player is upgraded in health/speed. Tournament awards should be raised higher. It would be cool if you could customize you classes with their out fits. More cool weapons. More classes. More vehicles. More maps. All in all awesome game you guys.

  • I love it!!!!

    by TheoMazzz

    I agree what he said below me too, when You die I accidentally buy stuff, and I buy diamonds an use them accidentally !!! But still great game !!!

  • Fun

    by DevinJ117 83

    This is a fun faced paced fps that requires no skill to play ;).

  • So, TF2?

    by MangoFTW

    I really like the game "Team Fortress 2" and this is pretty much it. So, AWESOME!

  • Amazing game!!!

    by Swe :)

    I love this game! So much fun. Great graphic!!

  • I dislike

    by Poop kol

    I pad it took my money

  • Only wi-fi???

    by Cards35

    This game is pretty good as long as you're using wi-fi. LTE isn't even supported which is a shame.

  • I cannot use my headphones

    by Master de juegos

    I can not use my headphones that connect via bluetooh and I want to play this game with these headphones

  • Amazing!!!!!!

    by Jokerking666


  • Can close out a lot

    by Stx726

    It would be a good game if it didn't close out a lot. You should also let a passenger ride in the 4X4 and shoot out the side. Then I will give this game a five star rating.

  • Just like TEAM FORTRESS 2

    by Today's


  • Voice Chat for ipod touch?

    by Noooooooo Waaaaaaaaay!

    How come I don't have a voice chat option? Even when I tried to go to "Sound" the voice chat button doesn't show.

  • You ear took away my account

    by willwill1

    You dicks I spent tons of money on this game. Now I have to restart.

  • um

    by Horselover3055

    Can you Make It e-zer to get the colt1911 PLSSSSS

  • Box weapons

    by Omar Leal

    When I pick up the box it doesn't give u the guns sometimes I get the pigeon launcher or the prototype x it doesn't give me the weapons the quick respawn button has to be moved I always waste the diamonds on accident it needs bug fixes,stability,and performance upgrade too when a player gets close it gets stuck or lags can't even move and I get killed fast

  • Money

    by Zelda1235

    I am a level 36 and the weapons cost too much!!!!!

  • Blitz brigade lover

    by khanhDaovietnam

    Best game on iPad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This game blows

    by Denard TY

    Bad graphics no fair teams

  • Awesome!!!!

    by Ethandavis1212

    Great game it's just the battlefield Hero's on PC!!! The only problem everything cost money and some lag problems

  • Game

    by Gun-master15

    It is amazing and fun. I like it better than cod lol

  • Lag Kicked

    by Ydhdbevs

    This game is fun but (im on the ipad mini) you get lag kicked out of the game beacuse you try to shoot someone. It needs a easier way to get diamonds and it is only fun when you can find a game that is 6vs6. There needs to be more people after sniper. AND STEALTH IS MORE OP THAN SNIPER...HOW IS THAT FAIR. But you REALLY need to fix the lag kicking problem. otherwise it would be a 5stars

  • Awesome

    by RARRocker

    This game is astonishing, that's all I have to say

  • Good,amazing

    by Rebecca Entrekin

    It is an amazing game but it keeps exiting out by its self but my brother has it for his nook and he doesn't have that problem while I do on my iPad:(

  • Great

    by Pop90867

    This is really good I suggest to download this game. I love the tf2 feel

  • Amazing but you need to add a new game mode

    by TheoneandonlyMaddelena

    Add like a zombies mode or a story mode

  • Awesome, but annoying

    by Crafting1012

    It is a really awesome game, but the auto balance feature is annoying because I was about to level up, winning by 70 points, and boom, auto balance. Awesome game but annoying.

  • Only if they did.......

    by Jay_ack45

    I love this game i think they should put this on Nintendo 3D!!!

  • Nice

    by Jonathanwin


  • Best Game for IOS

    by CGH41

    This game is great not only is it addictive it has good graphics for an IOS game and its the smoothest online game for IOS I've come across if I could give this game a 10 out of 5 stars I would

  • Good Game

    by Johnnywaste67



    by Master_213

    This game is DA BOMB..... They just need helicopters that can drop bombs

  • Pretty Good

    by William4334

    I Really like this game but you HAVE to add girls it would be great and customize your character i really think those two thing should be in there then it would be 5 star

  • This game is a waste of time

    by Conner the boss

    It takes waaaay too long to load then freaking crashes every 5 minutes #screwthisgame

  • Blitz brigade

    by Kingbers

    My voice chat is not working on my ipod 5

  • Yes

    by Ky57

    Love the game but the amount of money you get from matches Is low compared to repair and the cost of new weapons I spend more on repairs then I make in two matches if you work on that I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Voice chat problems

    by Mandee(:

    The game is awesome but I can't figure out how to use the voice chat

  • Amazing

    by Beutiulpotato

    Its like ww2 team fortress 2 with battlefield 4 elements its incredible

  • Moga Ace or MFI update

    by MajorRahm

    Add MFI controller support!!!!!! This game is the closest ios game to Hal0 you can get. Imma die hard hal0 fan and this is pretty darn close to it! Thanks Gameloft. Its definitely the best game you all have released by far...

  • Can not purchase anything

    by Marineman9

    Every time I try to purchase diamonds it tell me this is a not a test user account and I cannot purchase anything please fix. I have an iPhone 5S

  • Meh

    by Fluffy rebel

    Can't enjoy because everyone is ridiculous over leveled. Pay to win

  • Sooo rad

    by AmberNicky123

    Except for occasional lagging this game is the beast of all handheld games just so awesome and fun. The details and game play are amazing!!

  • Bad@55

    by Spanal

    Fun game love the death match !!!

  • Love it!

    by LEB3.14

    Probably my favorite app ever. Doesn't get boring or repetitive because of the multiplayer, which provides a different experience each time you open the app. One thing though, I'm encountering a bug when I play. I log in, then I select my match, it loads, then the app closes by itself. I have plenty of space and my device is pretty recent. It has always worked before, and I love this game. Please fix this!

  • The game is slow

    by dionne jones

    When I was trying to play with my friend he was no in my friend list but 2 hour later he pop up in my friend list and when I log in when I invite him they will say I'm him and send it to me but other then that is a great game!


    by Starscreamftw

    Awesome game but it kicks me out at random times like in loading screens or in matches without lag for prior warning. Also fix the lag issues and fix the fact that it takes TEN YEARS for me to log in and to search servers. After all that is fixed this game will be the best game on my iPod fourth gen. The gameplay is great becuz it is fun and versatile but this game crashes way to often! Plz fix! Nothing to do with my wifi but its crashes too freaking much!

  • Jakob2017

    by Jakobphillips17

    Good game, but please fix auto-balance, it should be the last person to join the game to get moved, not someone who has been in the game for a while. It's not fair being on the winning team all the time and then someone joins the game and YOU get moved because if it. It should be them getting moved.

  • Doesn't work.

    by James_Fuentes

    Whenever I attempt to open the game it closes out.Everytime.

  • By iron hawk

    by Iron hawk36$

    Good game so far no glitches 5 star ow and you should make it so you can talk with the 5th generation ipod


    by Beastmr24

    Best game on the iphone

  • Great game

    by Hard Hittin New Britain

    It's really fun to play with other players...

  • Glitchy

    by MCvsCOD

    I lost all of my data twice! It's really boring to start again. Other than that its fun.

  • Good needs better controls!!

    by Gadzookesddodifjf

    Good game needs better controls

  • Fail to connect to my account help!!!!!!!!!!!

    by DukeMantom

    When I want to play blitz brigade I can't connect to my account.Im on wifi and I press online I can't connect said fail to connect please new update!!!!!!!

  • BlitzBrigade

    by Diamond@ dash


  • Game

    by Pnut swag

    This game is so fun. I would be nice for more maps but overall is good

  • Awesome game...needs balance badly!!!

    by Poomasta123

    Hands down the smoothest, best looking, multiplayer shoot I have ever played on a handheld, and man it's really a blast to play when everyone is on a similar level. Unfortunately though, the pay-to-win mentality really hurts this game. Some of the weapons are so ridiculously powerful and unbalanced that it makes some matches stupidly unfair. The medic is so ridiculously unmatched with the fact that some of his weapons can kill in one hit...AND they also heal you too. If gameloft fixes each of the classes so they are actually balanced, this game will be MUCH better. Healer should be a healer...but since their weapons do so much damage, they just run around and kill people!!! Makes no sense. Please make some smart balance updates and think about the roles before you change things

  • Perfection <3

    by alicia bell

    This is the best game to waste time on next to Gangstar Rio

  • Awesome vehicles

    by Kevin48571

    From the jeeps to the helicopters to the tanks this game has awesome vehicles

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    by The_robo


  • Action going

    by Star kicable

    My mom just told me to to do a job but I'm not doing it.

  • Errors! SO MANY ERRORS!!!

    by TheTeeVeeGuy

    It will NOT stop kicking me out of games and giving me stupid error codes!!!!

  • I-kil-u,and i think this game is awsome

    by kdks,sk

    this is a great game i call myself i-kil-u so far I'm great even though I'm new and I'm 8 although im having trouble of the language .

  • Okay... some issues...

    by G00B3R$

    The game overall is amazing. Great classes, weapons, maps, etc. There are a few things, however, that should be fixed or done. My biggest issue is with OP guns. Now that you boosted power for weapons like "Bad Juju", that's all I see. Fire rate needs NERFING. Either that or decrease power. My next issue is Tournaments... There's plenty of people playing on these matches that use IAP to win EVERY SINGLE MATCH. You've gotta make some sort of ranking system for tournaments, like Rank 0-10, 11-30, etc. Either that or make a separate tournament for IAP weapons only... Other than that, great game.


    by 

    I love the age so I decided to buy "a few diamonds" that were on sale, I did and I got charged for nothing....DO NOT GET

  • Inviting friends

    by Juinio123

    You guys need to fix invite friend and I have lots or friend and it won't let me it just says friend list empty I'm lowering my rate to 2

  • Awesome game, but not for 9 year olds.

    by Kjffggggggg

    Don't get me wrong, this game is amazing (Probably the best FPS game I've ever played) but I disagree with the rating that says 9+. There's lots of blood so unless you're a mature 9 year old, don't play it. Otherwise the game is great; good graphics, nice gameplay, and multiplayer is awesome.

  • Love it

    by Neel517

    Love this game so much and the love curly c's

  • Awsomeness

    by The Werner

    I love this game sooo much I played for over 3 weeks

  • Best game in Apple

    by Nickolais101

    Great game! Fun multiplayer, good guns, and most of all, TAUNTS!!! But there is one problem:when I start a game and start to play is crashes!!! Never happened before! So please fix the crashes!

  • Bliz bargade

    by You gun 52

    Love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Review

    by Penguin391


  • Hell Yeah

    by primetron17

    This game is so freaking cool

  • Good game

    by Olympain1

    The game is great the only thing I'd say against it is there isn't a crouch button and if there was it would be a lot better. Other then that it's a great game and I highly recommend it.

  • Blitz Brigade

    by 645687(;4488

    Can you make a Blitz Brigade 2 that is based off of The Cold War? And put a Chernobyl map , a map in Nicaragua and a map in The Soviet Union? Can the teams be called the US and the USSR? And all the modes from including a search and destroy mode? Can you add a plane that can nuke? Or can it at least use a big explosion.

  • Blitz brigade

    by dogbut11

    Team fortress 2 + battlefield heroes


    by Pistolll1

    It's easy and simple to control your guy and it's just plain fun when your playing domination in Madagascar and controlling flags and killing with spy, but I think this game is a copy of team fortress 2... But that's part of why I like it.

  • Blitz Brigade

    by juannperezz

    Dear Gameloft, when I tried to access this game it just keeps on crashing. I downloaded this app 3 times already but it just closes out by itself. So I just hope you guys can fix it because it is a really awesome game.

  • Awesome

    by Yomothersmothers33


  • So basically TF2

    by @!

    I am hoping this is very similar to TF2 because it looks that way.

  • Online matches

    by Hi-12345

    To much people using OP guns.

  • Talk

    by Killer5348

    Add something so we can talk while playing the game

  • Lots of fun

    by MrBuddyLee99

    Decent multiplayer response & action You go cheap and still have fun Spend a little, kill a lot


    by Versolini

    Way better then before! I had not played this game in a while and am happy I finally did today! It is one of the greatest apps in the apple store


    by Rainbow pooper 125

    I want a new update

  • Awsome

    by Fallout 4 confirmed

    It is a great game , but be careful because the Christmas guns are over powered

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