Kingdom Age Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Funzio, Inc
  • Updated: Apr, 18 2012
  • Version: 2.2.1
  • Size: 48.2 MB

Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: Funzio, Inc

Minor bug fixes.

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Set off on a medieval adventure where you can build an empire, command an army, and slay dragons! Kingdom Age is an engrossing mobile game experience that lets you play with friends, destroy enemies, and live by the sword.

Create your very own fantasy world, full of castles and competitive siege warfare. Construct a city, complete hack and slash action quests, and face rivals in battle until you rule the north, south, and every territory in between. In Kingdom Age, there is only one edict: Become a legend!

•Free-to-play medieval fantasy MMORPG
•Choose a class: Warrior, Mage, Rogue
•Form alliances with friends in Player vs. Player (PvP) mode
•Conquer and raid enemy kingdoms
•Complete 500+ quests, goals, and achievements
•Enjoy a cutting-edge event system
•Slay hundreds of mythical beasts and dragons
•Compete in epic-style boss battles with stunning visuals
•Discover kingdoms with magic temples, guard towers, and more

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•This is an ONLINE ONLY game. You must be connected to the internet to play.
•Works great on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Use of this application is governed by Funzio's Terms of Service. In addition, please note that Funzio respects your privacy and asks you to review the Funzio Privacy Policy. The Funzio Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found in the Legal section below and at

Customer Reviews

  • Fun game but has its problems

    by Coyote Trapper

    New players if your looking for a guild just starting up. 298-045-780 game is more fun when you start, as you get bigger buying gems gets you farther

  • Great game

    by Solace145

    This is an awesome game! Need an ally? Add me: 214263966

  • Recruiting

    by The Red Plague

    CK-Kingdom looking for new members 328864758 Come be part of a top 300 guild

  • CK-Kingdom


    CK-Kingdom looking for new members 328864758 Come be part of a top 300 guild

  • I like this game!!!!!!

    by Queen for Day

    Game is fun to play and i like the scratch off!!! I'm hoping to get stinger units and even win the grand prize! I has a problem and Customer service has been good to me in solving my issues plus they had pretty timely response. The quest are getting more difficult to even finish. I enjoy my guild and there should be more guild quest!!!

  • Awesome game

    by Archouletta


  • Really fun

    by N3gator33

    I love this game

  • 693-621-387 invite me to be allies

    by Jason Guymon

    Join me in the conquest for world domination! Add me in Kingdom Age: 693-621-387

  • Love

    by znyper

    This game!!!

  • Best on-line game

    by Mr. Gamble!

    Stuck on this game so much going on ! Must try... Never thought I'd play games again its been almost 2 years. Thanks so much.

  • Great game!!

    by General spyder

    Fun and addictive! Use my alliance code after the tutorial to get a strong unit and to gain an ally in the battles ahead! 852737295 just copy and paste in the app. Thanks!

  • Good


    Very good game, graphics are more fun than modern war and crime city! Fun! Expensive unless u vow to play without in app purchases...u don't need them...

  • Nice

    by Ameer11911

    I like it :)

  • X

    by Coyote Trapper

    I'm the successful founder of a guild in Legends at War( top 100). I plan on doing the same in Kingdom Age. Do you want to be the foundation for this guild, I need strong players that are active. I you want to be part of the build block for this guild 298-045-780. We're not much now but with you we will be! Join and enjoy!

  • Ok game

    by yogastudent

    While the game can be fun , it has been constantly sticking on different screens and you have to start the game over. It's aggravating and the game doesnt load very fast. Ive seen some updates , and its still not fixed. Now as far as playing... Main thing is don't level up too fast! Get those money buildings going , and participate in events like the one going on now. You can get good units in events. Interaction with other players is kind of lame. Not being able to look them and their guilds up. Also a big pain is if you get raided by more than one person , you can't tell who did what. It's a decent game though. Oh , and keep adding allies. You need them Add me too please. My ID is 246-075-175 Also if you would like to join our guild , we are friendly and helpful. Join us! The code is 136020921.

  • Good game

    by MyHatter

    Fun time killing game :) I like the dragons

  • Fun

    by DukePiper

    Good game addicting needs a way to earn gems tho

  • Still a good game

    by Queen for Day

    I've being playing for a while and it still keep my interest up. Customer service has been good to me in solving my issues. The quest are getting more difficult to even finish. I would like to have a stronger hero weapon to kill monsters better. I enjoy my guild and there should be more guild quest!!!

  • Kingdom age

    by LaterHornet0602

    Great game but I hate the crashes otherwise amazing

  • Great game

    by 43728

    The best and most addicting game I have ever played but it is hard to play on older iPods.Also you can't become one of the better players without A: being very very very patient or B: spending real money to buy gems.

  • Don't play this piece!

    by Evilsnear

    I always tell my friends how GREE just left the D off. Honestly, do you really want to play a game that leaves paying costumers so unsatisfied!?! It's really frustrating to want to keep playing a game you enjoy and not being able to. because, you hit a limit!! There is a limit to all patients! And if you wanna test yours then try this game. You'll love it at first but then you'll just start hating it more and more until it frustrates you so much you stop playing, and what was keeping you there no longer can(in my case my friends). I'd rather play Clash of Clans

  • Kingdom age keeps getting worse

    by Michael Muir

    Crashes constantly on iPad 1. Each release gets worse. I see no attempt to resolve. If you are stuck on iPod 5 like me, don't even bother. You can barely even start it without a crash.

  • Seriously...

    by quietgrrl

    I really used to enjoy playing this game. Now I can't even log on without the app crashing. It was always glitchy, but this goes so far beyond glitchy that it is ridiculous. I would give it no stars but it won't let me post without one. Boo...

  • Do not download any game by GREE

    by Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy andz

    The games by GREE are so rigged that they are impossible to win without spending major $$$. The biggest ripoff at the App Store.

  • Hopeless - the game going downhill!

    by Zobel3

    I've been playing for years - and - I'm sorry to say - it USED to be fun - but not anymore. I'm founder so I can't just up and leave - or I would have left long time ago! Like right now, the game has crashed for the zillion time. I've uninstalled and reinstalled for the zillion time - BUT the game will not open . - so here I sit in the middle of a game I've spend money on. - and it's a TLQ - GREE THERES NOTHING LEFT BUT GREED,

  • Bugs

    by Yo me not u

    Fix bugs. Game crashes all the time

  • Kingdom age

    by 67bert

    Great game when it works. It crashes three or more times before I can play. It's been going on for months and I've removed and reinstalled too many times to count. They want your money but not willing to get it fixed. I'm done with it. Have fun if you can make it work.

  • Crashing

    by That one guyzzz

    Fix the stupid app. All it does is crashes now. I can't even do a mission without it crashing. It's getting really old.

  • Game constantly crashes

    by F@&$ gree

    Game always crashes. Spent over a year playing and getting stronger, now when there are regular or special quests I get kicked out by it crashing all the time. Quests are also almost impossible to complete without making gree millionairs with people spending real money or with people hacking game and cheating by getting impossibly strong. Contacted gree about crashes and they say just to delete and reinstall game, which I have done too many times. Now if I even try to contact support after documenting at length the problems I am having the game crashes when I hit submit. Ther are hundreds if not more players with the same issues. My advise is find another game not made by Gree and have fun with it. Don't waste your time or money on this one. I wish I hadn't, this is completely ridiculous.

  • Do not download

    by WoN is stupid

    The game used to be great. But now it's horrible. The game crashes half the time I load it, 3/4 times I go to a battleground to use energy, and crashes almost every 5 minutes. It never used to crash once before!!! Not only that, but the game takes about 5 minutes to load back up again. It takes me almost an hour just to collect my money, use all my energy and stamina and contribute towards the current war, whereas it used to take less then 10 minutes. Not only that, but GREE never responds back to Customer Support. I've complained about 25 times with absolutely not one response. Don't ever install this game. Ever.

  • Customer service xuks

    by Alcauter jr

    Worse service ever

  • Waste of time

    by David Heller

    Gree is awfull!! Game has glitches cheaters hackers and support is arrogant and slow. Do not waste your time!!!

  • Crashes

    by Leikeze258

    Once the crashes are fixed ill give it's better rating

  • GreeDy

    by Mot the killer

    Total ripoff... The GREE games are now just about how much they can remove from your bank acct. before you wise up and delete there games. Stay away from any GREE game.

  • Zero customer service from Gree

    by Fubar Fred

    Glitchey program is an understatement. Every time there is a new data push (weekly) 50% of the time it comes with glitches. You send in a trouble ticket and always get the same response... "Delete and reinstall the app". Well Gree if you do it right you shouldn't have to tell your customers to remove and reinstall your product. Other than the zero customer service the game can be enjoyable, as long as you have an extra $500-$1000 a month to blow on a game for your phone. The only way to get ahead in this game is to drop some serious cash or hack it (which so many have since it came on the market). Just google search and 100s of results come up. Sad..,

  • Worst Costumer Service ever

    by Lili25p

    I enjoyed this game, but glitches start appearing. Costumer support is a joke! They don't even read your email, I guess they just send an automatic email what you should try when you have a problem. I answered several times, explained what I did already. Turned off, reinstall, synchronized with ITunes, etc. Keep getting the same emails. Problems never fixed. Wait more than a month to pass one guest. Also several times I had glitch when used gems. No refund or any straight answer! I believe are better games out there with better costumer service.

  • Add me and join my guild

    by shanntastic0609

    Guild invite code: 514 847 274 Alliance code: 627 580 417 Great game lots of fun!!

  • Get it

    by Vegan Vulture

    I like Kingdom Age, Modern War and Crime City. The more you play the more you get rewarded. All solid games.

  • K A

    by Clatt2

    Good game,,,alittle slow,,money amounts are small, but time to do anything is loooooog, so this is a part time game,,,never going to be great,,,plus the game has slow graphics and bad servers,,crashes every 5 minutes,,a CAMPING GAME FOR NOW

  • Horrible support

    by Bhfdgugg

    Don't waste your time will piss you off in the long run!!!!

  • Power Up

    by Alekzander!

    I love this game. I'm creating a Facebook fan group at Also add me to your Ally list: 120908564

  • Great but glitching

    by Forestrunner1

    Love this game but it ether loads for hours and crashes or goes into the game and crashes plz fix this cause i love this game and want to keep playing

  • Glitchy and fixed to make you spawn to win

    by jbrooks76107

    It was more fun before the game balance became so poor.

  • It's all about the money!

    by Jim119901

    This game is all about the money. Don't start playing unless you plan on spending a lot of coin. There's no strategy anymore. The more you spend, the stronger you get. Don't start playing this game. It's a joke.

  • Fun game

    by Wetwilly00

    Fun game so far add Me 381-730-470

  • Great game

    by Shorty 72

    Great game lots of fun

  • Fun

    by Asa's 12

    Fun game

  • !!!!GREAT!!!!

    by Dionshakka

    Very good game.

  • Kingdoms Age

    by JadenSky

    Excellent game

  • Da game

    by Dlo77

    Love the game. Just need to fix the bug of it dropping out.

  • Rename it to Crashing Age

    by Blackwater12

    Difficult to log in due to constant crashes. Typically will have to try 5 or 6 times before game starts. With a 2 minute wait time for each login, this get pretty frustrating. After I finally get logged in, another crash is inevitable, just depends on what options I try in the game. I don't think I have ever hit the home button to finish game play, rather it just crashes and I just get fed up with it for a while. This could be a fun game if it wasn't for this, but it is just way too buggy to be enjoyable in any way.

  • Good game

    by Wyld Hare

    The only issue I have is being kicked out too many times. It is very frustrating at times spending more time trying to connect to quests than playing. Fix that and it's a five star game.

  • Good way to spend time.

    by xxCruciblexx

    Good clean fun.

  • Great game

    by Platie

    Very addictive. Sometimes difficult to complete quests secondary to crashes.

  • Keeps crashing very frustrating

    by Vhffgjgu

    Keeps crashing very frustrating

  • Awesome

    by Jp12 fast car 56

    So fun met a lot of nice people playing the game. Always challenging ! Great game! But need to fix serious crashes !! Come on now , you have a great game and fun to play when it works right ! Don't ruin it , keep your players ,do your job, and make your money ! Really you need to do some work Gree if you want people to keep playing !

  • by Rosie04


  • Fun game

    by Adonus

    Fun game, my only complaint is that people that pay to play can dominate the game.

  • Don't start

    by Justsmarter

    Don't start.

  • Time to Move On …

    by iTuneStar10

    The game got too boring and repetetive. Nothing new but same old quests with expensive options, same old wars with same winners — those who pay real $$$$ and same bad service from Gree'd.

  • Gunner

    by Dave's lady

    I like the game but it is designed to milk you for money. If you want a great character you need to spend some dollars. Games fun, don't like the extortion

  • Used to be enjoyable.

    by Brie 95

    Another fun Gree game turn tragic. The game is run and ruin by big money spenders, hackers and Gree employees with in game accounts.


    by 青面兽杨志

    Play another game. App keeps crashing when loading maps. Staff at GREE only pay lip services. Issues with the game never gets solved. Was cheated of gems but never refunded. They simply say 'no record of my spending of gems' in their server. Worst game ever. GREE full of cheats that are out to con you of money.

  • Used to be FUN

    by NICKtheDIO_V

    This game used to be fun to play, but now it's getting ridiculous.

  • Kingdom Age Addictive

    by MysticFireStorm

    Enjoyable, multi-layered gaming experience. Active play is the key. Fun for family and Friends!

  • Excellent

    by Tamara04

    Great game. Excellent.

  • Gamer

    by Sir Timmy

    Great game!

  • Stupid game don't bother

    by Turdlord

    People who have been playing and paying $ a long time will just own you and you will never be good without spending lots of $

  • B.S. (aka Bait and Switch)

    by Qoolio

    Could be a great game, but it's rigged. They have these limited time challenges where all of the parts other than the final one are doable, albeit difficult, but then the last part is so difficult that the only way to get it done in time is to spend real $$$. Without spending real $, all you do is waste time trying to find a worthy opponent you can win in-game gold from, but they've all already been depleted because of the slooooww level up for gold producing buildings and the fact that the game has all these built-in limits so you can't do anything without spending real money. And there are long load times every time you go to check out whether a rival has any gold to be taken. It's one thing for a game to be a time waster if you're playing, but this one you just waste time waiting. Finally, it's glitchy. Am having to reinstall constantly because the new version crashes all the time and then won't relaunch unless you reinstall. Ain't nobody got time for dat!

  • Kingdom age

    by Maelwys the one

    Fun game but unplayable due to crash issues. I play on an iPad and this game will crash 9 out of 10 times when trying to do quests

  • Nice

    by Sk1333

    Good game, simple and entertaining. 113127726 enter my code to help boost you atk/def. allies are always a good thing.

  • Fun Time Killer

    by Danimal St. Martin

    Good fun way to kill some extra time in the day! Add me in the beginning 544212984 and you'll get a helpful gift!

  • Sir Markus

    by Markus 23446

    I would not even give them one star the game has nothing to do with strategy. The tech support is terrible. The whole game needs a rework to make it about strategy. Basically the big problem is it allows bully's to win and win and win. A average player who does not want to cheat hasn't a chance and they do not care as long as the money rolls in. I can see they are losing players big maybe they will figure out why.

  • Nigel

    by edwena dorsey

    This came is pretty fun.

  • Great Game

    by Conan88$

    Great Game!

  • Very good

    by Ghosthit

    So far

  • Kingdon age

    by kuper duper

    Awesome game, been playing for almost a year. Very addictive, play all the time. Buy and use gems, fight to earn gold to build buildings. Upgrade buildings and defense.n

  • It's fun, but....

    by LadyAshton

    I enjoy the game but I am often cheated by Gree. Constant bugs n glitches and When i have problems ( some spanning over a year) Gree will not fix or even address. Sometimes I get the computer generated mass response n sometimes I'm ignored completely.

  • Cool and fun

    by T0mato5

    Join my guild 904212598 have fun!

  • Guild 356660871

    by Shadow9@9

    Looking for fun active players. Gems not required. We enjoy game. If you are interested in having fun please join our guild. Top 500 guild.

  • Jhony

    by KokolOkokolokokolo

    Awesome game

  • Bugs

    by Wag 417-286-567

    I've been playing for a year and a half it's a great game,but now I can only attack one time and it crashes then I restart again,it's hard making one attack then starting over is there anything you can do to fix my game I've thought about quitting it but I enjoy it so please fix my game make me want to play all day long thank you please fix my game

  • FUN game love all the troops, items e

    by Kaylynn1974

    Game is addicting to play, it takes a little time to do things sometimes though...I just use up my energy than come back to it. Ad me as an ally 953-640-184

  • Kingdom Age

    by Jmac28610

    Great game, constant upgrades to quests. Very addictive play. Hard to put it down. Super network for joining Guilds and meeting other players. Even an avenue for exchanging trash talk. (auto sensor keeps it clean for tender minds) only problem is game crashes a lot. The more saturated your kingdom gets, the more it crashes. Very frustrating! Usually during battles or when trying to travel to other lands to complete quests. There is an in game help function, but that has not helped me with this problem.

  • Great game

    by Jhun92139

    Wonderful game

  • Annoying!

    by Walang kwenta

    Was a great and fun game before. Now its harder to connect to the game

  • Great game

    by LiverpoolNut

    Lots of quests and the ability to team up with others keeps the game interesting. Only downside is you'll need to spend lots of money to be the best, otherwise this is one of the only games I continually come back to play

  • Kingdom Age

    by Word Master10

    Great game! This is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

  • Zil



  • Add Me

    by Suziebox

    So many glitches and problems. Best not to even get started on this game. And NO customer support from GREE...which we call GREEDY.

  • Great

    by DLplayer87

    One of the best games on App Store.

  • Hopelessly broken

    by Okpensfan

    After playing for several months, I've realized the game is hopelessly broken. In a well designed game, the more you level up and more gear you upgrade, the stronger you get. In kingdom age, your character becomes weaker as you level up. A level 1 new player can beat the highest level epic bosses while a level 100 player cannot. Very poor game design.

  • ADD ME

    by Inebriated Hobo

    USE THIS CODE. 268-843-921

  • Add me

    by Awoly

    Add 338-124-380 :)

  • Wow

    by Ytudvim868769

    I like this game.

  • Great but many gem spenders

    by The Peck

    Go to forums and remember to be active, only way be stay competitive. My code: 247408201 Use when you get to level 3, to get nice prizes!

  • Good game

    by Vertigo56888

    I like this game.

  • Addicting

    by MaryMSears

    If you are new to the game, you'll need allies. Add me 561-861-737 thanks!

  • Add me!

    by Stabbz12431

    Awsome add me 357447197

  • You

    by Osmincj

    Great game

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