Crime City Games App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: Funzio, Inc
  • Updated: Aug, 10 2011
  • Version: 3.9.2
  • Size: 49.95 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Funzio, Inc

Bug Fixes.

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*****#1 free game in 26 countries and counting
*****#1 free app in 10 countries and counting

Indulge your inner criminal mastermind in Crime City, brought to you by GREE—makers of hit games like Modern War!

Breaking the rules is way more fun than playing by them!

Build your criminal empire, one job at a time! Hit the streets, flex some muscle, and climb your way to the mafia’s highest rank: Crime Boss! The whole city is yours for the taking, if you’re smart enough, tough enough, and willing to do what’s necessary to get the job done. Check your morals at the door and get ready for an adventure that will take you into the city’s seedy underbelly.


-Massive Multiplayer Online game
-Fight and rob other players LIVE
-Build hotels, casinos, restaurants, and more
-Boost cars, get in fights, and pull of heists
-Invite friends to create strong mafia alliances
-Build factories, bunkers, power plants, and more
- Invite friends to make your alliance stronger
-Make bank from your criminal empire
-Find yourself at the center of a thrilling criminal saga
-Enjoy eye-popping graphics
-150 + powerful weapons and cars to buy
-500 + different jobs
-200 + goals to complete
-80 + properties to own
-60 + areas to explore
-100 + criminal titles to claim

Funzio, the studio behind Crime City, has joined the GREE family to further their shared goal of creating groundbreaking games and delivering them to players around the world! Stay tuned for more hit games from GREE.

Want to take your gaming to the next level? Then come play on GREE—the world’s largest mobile social network.

Join the fun and share your passion for Crime City with other criminal masterminds:

•This is an ONLINE ONLY game. You must be connected to the Internet to play
•Works great on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad!

Use of this application is governed by Funzio's Terms of Service. In addition, please note that Funzio respects your privacy and asks you to review the Funzio Privacy Policy. The Funzio Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found in the Legal section below and at

Customer Reviews

  • Addictive

    by Atmytwernm

    Be careful this game is addictive ,but super entertaining

  • Crime city

    by Follow me!! I follow back!!!

    Its a great game

  • Awesome

    by Ctk ctk

    I like this game because it is time consuming. It takes a while to get far but because of that you don't get tired of playing this game like in Jill time racing. They always have new events and are fun.

  • Crime city

    by Eastside homie....

    Great game 4iphone

  • Nice game

    by Leezy072494

    It's a very entertaining game.

  • Crime City

    by Toco Master

    Best game I've ever played! Awesome!

  • Addictive

    by Dickydoo657

    It's very addictive an can't set it down awesome game

  • Addicting!!!!!

    by Bill Manttari

    So much fun! Great game!

  • Super Addictive

    by Samunit4

    Awesome Game, downloaded just to try it, haven't put it down since! Recommend it to anyone.

  • fun and not rushed

    by mailgeek

    you can sit and play in almost real time or put it down for the weekend then pick it back up

  • Not too bad..!

    by Listenerlouis

    The game it's self isn't bad but like most games on iPhones these days the in app purchases will brake the bank if you let them..

  • Not too bad..!

    by Listenerlouis

    The game it's self isn't bad but like most games on iPhones these days the in app purchases will brake the bank if you let them..

  • Nice

    by Tracy Glode


  • Addicting

    by BJHigh

    Good way to kill a little time.

  • Very Good

    by Fail Trickz (add me on xbox)

    It is a great game Was five stars but even though I have dislikes it is still all the deserves Five stars they had a major idea that worked well

  • Awesome

    by Brsest

    Good game. Add me 451 951 976

  • Best game

    by Butterflyfreak18

    Most addicting game I have ever played on my iPhone

  • Good game.

    by Soulspurn

    Lots of events to help you get stronger.

  • Crime city

    by Money Ike

    This game is so fun I am playing it on two tabs and cell phone

  • Crime City

    by Nick Knutz

    Fun game to waste time on

  • Terrible

    by Sboehm1992

    Crashing like crazy

  • Cant play it

    by Tvfh3gfr

    Ever since the new update when i try to start the app it says "cant connect to server access internet before using app" i have perfect internet!!!!! FIX NOW i want to finish new LTQ

  • M

    by cards5pujols

    Basically a different version of mobster

  • Great game

    by Martin el bori

    Freeze up too much

  • Highly Addictive!!!

    by Marty-Mar23

    Lots of fun.

  • Great

    by Johnruzadhk


  • Cm billy

    by Cmbilly

    Game was good at first. But its getting boring and the prices are ridiculous !

  • Losing customers

    by Chaotic007

    The game used to be a lot better when you didn't have to practically buy gold in order to finish every event. Gree has lost a lot of customers and potential customers by being so greedy. Also the lag that constantly occurs doesn't help with gameplay and the experience

  • Month sink

    by Pillowtech

    Waste of money, full of bugs, not worth your time.

  • Best game ever played

    by Dita_17

    This game has been the best game I've ever played on iOS

  • The best

    by Battle buddie


  • Addicting

    by Zobader

    Great game. Give it a try for sure.

  • Really fun game!

    by Androogauge

    Amazing game! Love the competition!! Add me :D 375 876 268 Active player!! Add me :D 375 876 268 Active player!! Add me :D 375 876 268 Active player!!

  • Crime city

    by Shubammahi

    I just love the game m mad for it

  • Alright

    by Tissue master

    Good game, just energy runs out too fast.

  • $$dollas

    by bigMONEYgrip$

    What it is woedie!! $keet $keet $keet on deez hoes niqqa!!! Holla atcha boi 587-335-848. OH NO!! OH NO!!! DONT DO IT BIGMONEYGRIP!! BAM!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ MAKIN IT RAIN ON Y'ALL HOE AZS NIqqas!!! Betts hit in where you fit in fool I'm on da outside lookin in while y'all fakin da funk on my gravy.

  • My review

    by Tammykins 138

    It's a great game

  • Good

    by Maanra

    It's a good game I enjoy it

  • Good Game, but

    by Aquaned

    Having to use social media in games is horrible. Subjecting friends to something they have no interest or time for, just to get more people in your mob is getting out of control

  • Beast of a game

    by Hard Cooked

    Love it!!!!

  • Fun and addicting


    Recommend playing.

  • Love it

    by Kenhereo

    Nice game, spend a lot money for it

  • Great!

    by Kenneth Perkins

    Add me! 868-121-240

  • Bravo

    by Bravo2452

    Awesome game!

  • Hi

    by Moony1997

    This is cooooool and good game I love it and my level is 60 if you want to add me add iam KingMessi my game name

  • 917 902 430

    by Philly J Blunt

    Game is awesome and addicting!!! Add me!!

  • The beast game

    by Gatorglenn101

    It is the best game ever

  • Yes!

    by Caroline915


  • Great game but...

    by DMB4EVER

    Love the game very addicting! Love the way u can meet new people in syndicate and the challenges are fun! Only need a way to earn some gold not always have to pay for it!!!!

  • Frank

    by 908664

    The game is fun but cost too much money to get ahead. To get into gold program it's over $500 a month and this is a 2d game. Gree is greedy as H3ll.

  • LoveIt! FriendCodeIncluded

    by MamaSmash

    Previous daily game player starting over now. FriendCode is 212 353 543 Add me! :)


    by devilindisguise888

    My FAV game of all time is crime city. By: devilindisguise888

  • Super fun

    by TJ Dueces

    Super fun and addicting!

  • Ok

    by Tanki online

    It crashes every 5 min and make it were you earn gold every time you get a new level

  • Crime city

    by Marks70

    Ok game ...... Left for awhile , came back to kill time on night shift.....

  • Add me

    by Rdarress


  • 426 816 175

    by CleverestAnt


  • Review

    by Mastermind949

    The game is great except the only problem in the game is you can't get more than 2 gold bars from videos each day if we could get more like 5-10 this game would be one of the best but otherwise it's a good game

  • Buy buy buy

    by Me love baseball

    Buying gold is the key to this game. You shouldn't have to buy gold all of the time.

  • Crime City

    by ssp 42

    Love this game.. Because if you get attacked it takes some but not everything you've tried to build over time. Just Like other watch for purchase. Turn app purchase off for protection!! Still great game though

  • It's an ok game

    by JD5812

    With all the glitches and impossible game tasks without purchasing gold, I rate it at a 2.

  • Love it!

    by M.griffi

    There's lot to do but it does take time for energy to recharge. Which is ok with me or I would do nothing but play the game.

  • Crime city

    by Ken1240

    I love the game but I can't buy anything it says oops! Transaction could not be done with I have money in my account. Other than that great game!


    by Farter knuckle


  • Has been

    by Ryan3313

    Used to love this game.. They recently changed the rivals sorting.. This game has gone from "chance of success" to "everyone is average and will kill anyone who goes above average" mentality.. No one can even somewhat win this game after these latest changes, don't even bother.. Went from 4 stars to 1 for me

  • Mac daddy

    by Maverick7821

    Absolutely love it!! Been playing for over a year !!

  • Not bad at all

    by Djsumm3r

    Game is a lot of fun!the only bad is it takes too long to upgrade buildings,but other then that I enjoy it!

  • Crime City!!

    by Re'Gi

    I love this game. Become part of a family!! Please add me and my friends :) 190 570 862 579 045 436 696 478 364

  • Awesome And Addicting!

    by Robb Mahan 

    522 610 838 Pls. Add Me!

  • No support

    by Yevres

    Piss poor support. App vanishes and there is nobody home at developer to help restore. Don't get hooked. Save your time and money.

  • Yay

    by Greene147

    Love this game add me 630 557 894

  • Great

    by AdamE83

    Add me 236 288 699

  • Really fun game!

    by Androogauge

    Add me :D 375 876 268 Active player!! Add me :D 375 876 268 Active player!! Add me :D 375 876 268 Active player!! Add me :D 375 876 268 Active player!! Add me :D 375 876 268 Active player!! Add me :D 375 876 268 Active player!!

  • Good but players are not matched well

    by Lee30024

    I am addicted to this game, and have been playing for 4 years. The downside is you are not matched with your skill level for attacks and robberies. I have attack/defense around 90,000 but am constantly matched with opponents with attack/defense in the 800,000 or more range. That is incredibly frustrating. Once in a blue moon I will meet a suitable match but 99% of the time all opponents are ten times my skill.

  • Add me level 69

    by HeraTurtwig

    219 064 576 level 69 I accept all friend requests. High attack/defense points. OVER 250 friends can we make that number bigger?

  • Great game

    by Nordo's girl

    Fun and addicting!

  • Amazing

    by Matt0999

    Crazy abdicating been playing for a year now

  • Great time killer

    by Haggy's Hood

    Got a great experience out of this game and I've had a lot of fun with my syndicate here's our invite code if anyone's interested 815643970

  • Pretty good

    by Mr. Ronson

    Addicting, to an extent.

  • good game

    by coopcoop150

    daily player add me 411 518 267

  • ADD ME!!! 814 782 800

    by KingTré

    Love this game. Nothing less than 5 stars. send me a mafia request. I accept any, every, and ALL REQUESTS. 814 782 800 814 782 800 814 782 800 814 782 800 814 782 800 814 782 800 814 782 800 814 782 800 814 782 800

  • Multiplayer fights issues

    by Suddenly annoyed

    I understand being wary of people with defense only a hundred less then your attack, maybe even a thousand, just maybe, but I've got 560k attack not including the hidden numbers and I just lost an attack against somebody with 350k defense! Are you kidding me? 210,000 less then me and I lose?!? There's something wrong with all of this

  • Great game

    by fedsballer24


  • A++

    by Gsrm1234

    I really like this game!!!!

  • Game Face

    by KtownK3

    Cool game to burn time. Wish some things were different like the time it takes to earn money and building more than one property at a time. Smooth✌ADD ME 855 472 256

  • amazing

    by Maximuss37

    I've been playing crime city for 3 years now and I gotta say its a good game. I play both clash of clans and cc but I think supercell and clash clans wins by a little over a quarter of the way because of clash if clans many features but if some crazy thing happens to clash if clans, then cc is your back up game!

  • 387276278

    by fantastik11

    Add!! 387 276 278 387 276 278 387 276 278 387 276 278 387 276 278

  • 917 902 430

    by Philly J Blunt

    Game is awesome and addicting

  • Even with a critical mind,

    by :DSincerelySabrina

    I really love this game, consumes a lot of my time nowadays ❤️

  • Hate it even more now

    by CCBCYS

    I use to love this game. Being able to rob people so I can make money for upgrades. Not anymore. With the new rival list that puts everyone with the same stats together is their biggest mistake yet. Many have quit this game because of the unwise changes that Gree has made. But this one tops the cake. Come-on Gree..... Put people back together that are the same level. Not with people that are at the same stats. Not making any money robbing people now. Everything is robbed already when I get there. I give it 1 star because if the changes. I did have it 5 stars before. Not fun any more


    by Freakysith

    My code is 732 123 609 join me

  • Amazing

    by Weinhoffer

    It's just a patient and strategic game. Other than that. Amazing!

  • Add me... Looking for a syn

    by Honegurl

    To your mob and syndicate: 311-739-260. Good stats!

  • LoveIt! FriendCodeIncluded

    by MamaSmash

    Previous game player starting over now. Syndicate name is SinCaliValley420 FriendCode is 212 353 543 Add me! :)

  • Umm

    by Celab3000

    The game is cool. Didn't like how all of a sudden in a game about crime they make the black person first to choose. Umm yeah every other game I played I had to find the black character. But that's my only complaint. And for those who say I'm reading into it to much. They asked for my opinion not a discussion

  • Terrible

    by 23makaveli

    New rivals algorithm is stupid. 98% of rivals are ridiculously higher stats. $5 for 50 gold and that gets you 2 life refills that are gone in 30 seconds. Do yourself a favor and buy some pot instead, get high and go play a different game. Deleting game after this most recent "update". You are a garbage company Gree, I hope your company fails and every last one of you Gree(dy) bast.ards land in a gutter somewhere.

  • Greed is very greedy

    by The Orange Peel

    I've played this game for over a year, and today I have finally decided to quit. Why you may ask, in order to play and be great at this game, you have to buy gold for non-stop events, and if you ever have a problem like many players do, you have to do a ticket and wait for gree to respond. It has been a week, and still we are waiting to get our reward for completing event. It cost us lots of money and we got the shaft by gree. So long Gree!

  • Gree is greddy

    by QueenBoss19701113344

    Expensive game but fun.

  • Great game

    by MrCaset

    Only problem is the game is sort of pay to play. More like pay to win.

  • Good game

    by Jesse141

    Good game, get in with a syndicate early or it will be kind of rough for you.

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