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Minor software enhancement.

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***** SEXY DICE IS BACK!!! ***** A True Must Have App.

Make sure you have SEXY DICE - LOVE GAME for this weekend. You'll thank us later.

THIS IS THE FREE VERSION OF THE FAMOUS SEXY DICE - LOVE GAME. This free version does not contain all the steamy combinations found in the FULL VERSION.

However, it's still very good at giving you a taste of things to come. For access to all possible combinations and HOT, STEAMY video rolls get the FULL VERSION. You won't be disappointed.

Too add a little spice to your life give Sexy Dice - Love Game a try.

Needless to say, repeat playability is excellent.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR GREAT SUPPORT OF SEXY DICE - LOVE GAME! We really appreciate your positive comments and suggestions!!!

Customer Reviews

  • Worked but slowley

    by Josimon88

    Every time I shook it it lagged and then showed some pic of a girl eating a banana there better out there

  • A fun thing when bored

    by N0izes

    I was using this with my boyfriend since we couldn't sleep ad man was he squeezing my boobs! We had a looooong night.

  • Made me laugh

    by Ex US solider

    This app is super Funny it's real corny and I only downloaded it cuz I wanted to see the chick eat the banana (cherry chick ftw!!!) lol it's very nonsexual unless u want some oral

  • Ok

    by Shibana

    I only like it for the bAnana

  • Ehhh

    by Sethkid

    It is not too much of a fun app with two peeps! :D

  • Very Edgy Videos

    by Adams Apple

    You don't see stuff like this on the itunes store anymore. Play with it a little while to check out all the vids. Classic style of the dice, the hot voices, plus the vids make this a must have.

  • Awsomeness

    by Terra 700

    LOVE this game please make more updates for the free version of the game thx

  • Oooo baby!! 

    by GoGoActionBronco

    I like to email the results of my rolls to my make them uncomfortable cuz I enjoy that

  • F

    by Lamox

    It's pretty fun

  • Pretty good

    by callthedoctor

    This is actuallly a pretty cool app. Uses real video instead of graphics. Like the soundtrack and the female voice. Going to buy the full version to get all the combos.

  • Hate it

    by Gdhfxyhd

    It only has 3 things with two ugly ugly... No one should download this stupid app!!!

  • Only 3-4 answers??

    by JeffTNYC

    I installed this app and no matter how many times you move the answers are either one of 3-4 things! There need to be 20-30+ possible answers!! Please fix.

  • More funny then sexual

    by Super T-rey Man

    Only says three things, great if you want oral but not if you want to get laid

  • :/

    by SwagBoX

    Eat.. Lips.... WTF?


    by Wat da Frick

    It only has three things and it repeats plus terrible graphics don't download

  • Help

    by Riper147

    If anyone needs help getting crap app off heres how: all you have to do is hold your finger down on the app and then when it starts to shake hit the X in the top left conner and that's how.

  • Eew!

    by Crysta baby

    I lied about my age... I'm not 17 or over... I'm 15 but now I see why it asked for age. I just wanted to play the dice game that's ALOT less nasty! And this is a stupid app too! Total waste of time! The kind of app that really makes it awkward for anyone!! /:|

  • Barf

    by Soc1

    So cheesy I thought I would barf

  • It's just ad for paid version ad noth more

    by starodub

    It shows repeatedly "eat-below waist" and "kiss ?" so you'll do everything better without this app

  • Horrible

    by Menicore


  • Horribly disappointing!!!

    by .[KittyKorpse].

    Horible music, Chick eating a banana,(FTW) Non-seductive phrasing, 3 examples. Nuff said.

  • Stupid

    by Aquarius40610

    Ugh this is the stupidest game ever I hate it it repeats the same thing over & over anyone know how to take it off my ipod

  • Horiable

    by Atvdriveby

    Do not get this app it's the stupiest thing out there

  • Ok.

    by Hyfjfsthgd

    It was fun at first but, I keep getting 3 different things: eat below waist, kiss lips, and lick ?. Is there more to it?

  • stupid

    by ggagoigfejiycehivehicsudcj123

    when u shake a "eat" there is some woman eating a banana

  • F

    by log7089


  • Kiss dice

    by Xaivior hawk

    Wow! What a crapfest! Soooo bad!

  • unbelievable....

    by johnnyd311

    ...when I rolled the dice, they said, "EAT--praying mantis." Highly recommended!

  • waste of time

    by niseyk

    this is a waste of time do not waste ur time downloading this het the spinsutra

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