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Languages: English

Seller: Foursaken Media

NEW CHARACTERS ON THE WAY! And don't forget to rate each update!

- UI improvements and additions

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**Named one of the best Racing games of 2012 by TouchArcade!**

Welcome to the world of Sky Gnomes! These little guys live high in the clouds and have only one passion in life: racing! Every day they're tinkering with their snow engines, building new parts and customizing others to go as fast as possible - falling straight down!

All this is done for a chance to win in the daily Sky Gnomes Tournament. These races have been going on for as long as any gnome can remember, drawing participants from all over the world. Every day the gnomes test their snow engines and piloting skills against harsh weather conditions and thousands of other competitors - all for another chance at fame, fortune, and glory!

Only the bravest of the Sky Gnomes compete in the infamous Battle Cup, though. This race pits two pilots against each other in a back-and-forth battle where opponents use rockets, machine guns, bombs, and all different types of trinkets to win! These duels provide the ultimate test of a gnome's piloting skills - and nerve!

And now it's your turn to join the competition! Customize your engine and put your skills to the test against people from all over the world in one of the most interesting multiplayer racers to ever hit the App Store! Whether you're looking to pass a minute or two waiting in line, or you want to become the greatest sky racer in tournament history, the Sky Gnomes Tournament awaits!

- Easy to pick up and play with one hand
- Free fall from thousands of feet high!
- MULTIPLAYER racing action!
- Challenge your friends in the Battle Cup!
- Compete with players from all over the world in the Daily Tournaments!
- New chances to win trophies and prizes every day!
- Seamless, small group competition - compete at your level.
- Customize your play-style with tons of trinkets and upgrades!
- Transfer your profile to any device using your GameCenter account

Check out the Sky Gnomes trailer here:

Customer Reviews

  • Great Game

    by BihopOutlaw

    I like it

  • Potential

    by DbossMan101

    Well,to start off I deleted this game after playing just 2 rounds!I can't play on the multiplayer thing!I can CLEARLY tell that u guys were being LAZY

  • Elephant balls

    by Littlereg3847

    Fun game really addictive but less than mine craft

  • Fun

    by Rick Berry


  • Gnomes=ballers

    by Stickygnome

    This game is so cool and really fun with steampunk looking gnomes. I'm number 3 in the mountain cup!!!!

  • Amazing

    by Kpl21

    I love playing the game and I just am enjoying it very much

  • Love it

    by Karen Kuespert


  • Gnomes

    by Raiderfan091675


  • 4.0

    by Firestream1014

    Pretty good

  • Great!

    by TurtleKing9

    Needs more plane thingys.

  • A very fun game!

    by Yeah so!


  • Fun game!

    by Mike_123456789

    Really enjoying it!

  • Fun game

    by Iain't lying

    Really great time-killer

  • Good game

    by RF1124

    Really god game If you haven't tried it out do it right now it's lots of fun I think it's a great app and the best part is that it's free

  • Ok

    by Fred Ashley

    Fun in small doses. Takes too much time to upgrade

  • Fun

    by Andradepd

    Very fun

  • Great game

    by TJM635021

    Fun and easy to pick up

  • Fun

    by Nippynipnig


  • Htn

    by Kellywellyha


  • Good game

    by Superssam

    Pretty legit

  • So Frustrating

    by $Timberwolf$

    As soon as I finish a race, the game crashes and I don't get anything

  • Keeps Crashing

    by Ulrad

    I only got to play once, and it was pretty fun. But I've NEVER been able to play since then because it always crashes when I try to join a race! I know you guys are busy with block fortress, but this issue has to be fixed. (I'm on an iPod Touch 4)

  • Fine

    by Jeff Brown

    It's fine it is fine because you can never win races. It's dumb

  • Great

    by Jamit31

    Game is good

  • Stupid game

    by Bushwacker98

    This is one of the stupidest and most worthless games in my life! No wonder it's free!

  • Fun game

    by MoRushlow

    Cool game

  • Ya

    by Big Burger 213

    It was cool

  • Great

    by Lee Vanwyk

    Love the game great app

  • Good game.

    by Cjsavenger

    It is a good game addicting but needs to be easier to get the stuff needed to get parts to upgrade. And needs to be easier to understand.

  • Awes0me

    by Legy101

    This game is great

  • Fun and Relaxing

    by ernestns

    You're a gnome who is sky diving in a race to reach the bottom. Snag snow flake rings to increase your speed and avoid ice pelts which slow you down. Fantastic game, loads of fun. Needs retina display for iPhone 5 users.

  • Woohoo!!!

    by Trhair08

    So beautiful!! Love this game!!

  • 4-5

    by Strom68

    The game could us a twik or two but otherwise it is good

  • Was 5 stars util...

    by CentinalS

    Still rating it 3 out of 5 for excellent and addictive gameplay, however as of yesterday it began loading very slowly upon initiation and I can no longer access the other cups, without starting from the beginning. I put a lot of time into achieving certain goals, but am now starting from the first cup yet again, what's the issue?

  • Fun

    by TimesFan5577431

    I love the unique twist; instead of jumping, you're skydiving. Sweet graphics and interesting menus. Nice

  • Give me more parts

    by -:;)&@?;($

    I can't make my racer better to win more races and go on to the next cup because I can only get nuts and bolts. The game will give me 1 gear about every 3-4 days.

  • Bug

    by Nicholas224262

    The game good but it shuts off after one race everytime

  • Broken!

    by Troyky

    Even though I have at least two stars in every cup, suddenly I am only allowed the Mountain Cup. All the others say I have to get a star in the previous cup. Plus there is no sound on my iPad 2.

  • Fabuloso!

    by Yoyofoolio

    Great game

  • It's addictive

    by Invisiblekid22

    It's addictive and fun ;P gnomes are a bit creepy though

  • Fun!

    by Mr. Photo filmer

    Fun and exciting, keeps you on the edge. Also, great graphics!

  • crashes too much

    by juicymangoo

    it crashes every time i try to start a match... uninstalling for now

  • Fun

    by B shizzlet

    Great fun!

  • Great Idea


    Daily tournaments against other people is a great idea.

  • Too cute

    by Kimdeo

    Awesome cute game ever. Cute graphics n typography.

  • Very fun and creative!

    by NoSaint77

  • This is really good but...

    by Ynneb102

    It crashes after every race so I have to wait for loading when playing. I'm rating this 5 so you can update this!!!!!!!!

  • Trinkets???

    by shine4362

    This is a super cute game, a tad frustrating at times but hey sometimes that's what makes a game so darn fun! I hate to admit I have played it for hours on end when I had more productive things that needed to be done instead of racing a little gnome through the clouds...LoL. I have completed all the tasks required in the first part of the game except for the last part which says I am to fly my little gnome to the landing pad with at least one trinket on board. I don't understand, are there trinkets in the game to be picked up along the way? Am I missing something?

  • Pretty fun

    by Solid snake 87

    Upgrades can take kinda long to get

  • Funny game

    by Applover9

    Simple but funny. Love it!

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