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Seller: Foursaken Media

• Data loss fixes
• Multiplayer sync error fixes
• Fixed a bug where your hero could get overwritten during multiplayer

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The Undead Horde and their Orc and Goblin allies are at your castle gates, the King is on the brink of death, and only you stand between the enemy and complete annihilation! Choose one of many powerful heroes, summon an army to fight beside you, and defend your castle in Heroes & Castles, a seamless blend of 3rd person Action-RPG, Strategy, and Castle Defense elements!


Take to the battlefield in an immersive 3rd person perspective, summon entire armies to fight beside you, and defend your castle to the death! Fight in the middle of a huge battle that you control!

Level up, learn new skills and abilities, find randomized Runes and loot, and destroy your enemies with one of many unique heroes!

Summon Dwarves, Archers, Pikemen, Giants, Catapults, Mages and much more to aid you in your defense! Watch them battle the enemy right beside you!

Build Towers, upgrade your castle walls, and build buildings to upgrade your units!

Team up with a random ally or one of your friends and compete in the GameCenter leader boards!

Fight against dozens of enemies on screen at once, from hordes of the Undead, to Orcs, Goblins, Ghouls, Siege Wagons, Trolls, Catapults, Mummies, and more!

Incredible mobile graphics and lighting, iCloud saving, full iPhone 5 widescreen display support, and much more!


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Customer Reviews

  • Game

    by Jebia

    The game is good but it keeps crashing even after the update , please fix :(

  • Zap

    by Sisewfixha

    Make corte levels easier

  • Addicting!

    by Dooperr

    Can't stop playing it o.e

  • Great game

    by BioticGod

    Great game

  • Awesome

    by Alzemsure

    Such a good game. Didn't expect it to be this fun

  • Skill point...

    by 666 death 666

    You should be able to re spend your skill points

  • Make a second one!

    by Dragon man of death

    A great game if you like RPG and units games.You get to fight your self and have unit help you get cool skills and cool wall!Would't be surprised if they make a second one.Make it bigger with more units,cooler heroes,more evil units,more castles zone,fight other heroes and make heroes able to attack castles of other heroes,add air units and dragon unit,make another story line,and make if you have lot of crystals you can play King hero!If you guys make the second one with this things I would buy it.Keep up the good work you guys rule!

  • Awesome

    by Buckz 101

    I would totally pay for the full version

  • Cool

    by Aceman1209

    Should be able to buy a building that increases your troop capacity

  • More glitches

    by Erghhhhhhhh

    Wont send joinable game invites, it takes you to the recommendations list, i just wanna play versus with a friend... Please fix this problem, and thank you for fixxing the latest problem, my ranger is gaining XP again! I have a few suggestions/problems... I think there should be a some kind of dragon troop, like a dwarve rideing a dragon or something like that, maybe a wizard on a dragon... Anything with a dragon really... And another idea, Air Units... Take all this into mind please! And i beat the Corte campaign and it said i unlocked the Fallen King, went to siege mode and hes not in my troop list, i dont know if he even is a troop you can use... I was so excited to use him and hes not even there i would love to just overwhelm people with Fallen Kings! Please fix this.

  • The best game on the AppStore

    by Ghost-soldier123

    This is the game I have been trying to find for a long time. I love how this game has everything to do with strategy and timing. This is no doubt my favorite game on the AppStore

  • Really really cool game.

    by rafael rivera-nieves

    This game is really cool I like playing as the skeletons in siege mode and being a hero in the campaign.

  • Cool

    by Mouse200707

    One of my favorite games :)

  • Kumdanalshaif

    by Kumdanalshaif

    I think this app is really cool and yeah just keep up with updates

  • Awesome

    by Gambler93

    Amazing game. Love it!!! Keep up with good upgrades!!

  • Onetubbyzabs

    by Zabs142

    Maybe add some more difficulties to multiplayer like novice to trained to knight to kingly

  • Over powered archers

    by Horrible copy

    This is a pretty good game with all the units and stuff, but it's ridiculous how strong the enemy archers are, especially on lvl 5

  • Zamindar

    by Bs&Bs

    Very nice & addictive game.

  • Awesome

    by Reapenator

    A very addicting game campaign is awesome and if you need gems just farm them on siege mode also met some cool people on multiplayer only thing is with assassin she has little attack so I end up using all points on attack then my abilities would like to see stats increase a little bit by level

  • Simply Amazing

    by Cskeyser

    This is by far, the most amazing and addicting game I have ever played, it is well planned and it just blew me away. This game should be more popular.

  • New Update...

    by Daniel13D

    This new update says it has fixed multiplayer problems, but I have found that I cannot play over bluetooth now over shared internet anymore. Even when I go to the GameCenter option, the game says "Cannot load friends". This is very frustrating and so I am giving only two stars until the problem is fixed, which I hope will be soon. P.S. It crashed when I tried to upgrade my wooden walls.

  • Awesome, but...

    by Rocker16651347-38-:7

    Every thing is awesome, just that peons are too weak and when playing the evil side, the population should be at least 50. Also, my rare rune doesn't work!

  • Awesome

    by Michele Pearson

    The game is awesome but the levels get hard and you have to go back and play others in order to get crystals to upgrade but it is easy to get them so all around its a good game!!


    by Lydron

    This game is so addicting, me and my brother play this game in the car all the time the coop mode is challenging and fun, I only wish that you could use gems to upgrade hero states

  • Multiplayer?!

    by Tigerseye101

    They updated multiplayer and it looks like it's playing better i haven't tryed it yet lol just playing campaign haha

  • Collin

    by nonicknameforme123

    There should be a survival mode where for each minute you survive you get a gem and make more heroes like some that are like the ranger and assassin but for the ranger the arrow shooting should be fixed I can't figure out what angle to shoot the skeleton from

  • Great game

    by Manimal73

    Probably the best game on iOS i have ever played

  • Please fix

    by Havelistenup

    The game is great, very addicting and amazing gameplay. But one problem is when I bought another hero, the game crashed after I've played the first level. Then when I relaunched the app, my WHOLE ENTIRE GAME PROFILE WAS ERASED! Please fix this problem.

  • Great game!

    by Jillianlh

    I love this game!

  • Good

    by 1Daft1


  • Mad

    by Carrie Gutierrez

    The giants and other huge enemies can take way to much damage it's not fair and really frustrating!!!!

  • Great game!

    by 49625847188378

    I wish it was less space, and it seems like its easy to get stuck at a point but its still a great fun game! Get it!

  • Great game, love it!

    by Russ3421

    Great game, love it!

  • 5 star

    by Frank266

    A great game I play it all the time

  • Zamindar

    by Bs&Bs

    Very nice & addictive game.

  • Hard

    by sb12345677

    The game is extremely fun but as u get to the later levels it gets almost impossible and not really fun so try and make it a little easier. Also in vs. evil is way to over powered so try and add some new power full troops for the castle.

  • Epic fighting epic everything!!!

    by WarlordKnight

    The best game ever except for Skyrim and castle crashers but it's AWESOME and there's one minor needs better graphics...

  • Hard Game but is a lot of fun

    by Soccer for the win!

    I think this game is pretty good. But I feel it's too slow to build up you army, but the whole army thing is amazing

  • Siege mode needs improvement

    by {phil182}

    I live this game! I'd like to see siege mode have a campaign. Level up an evil hero, make a way to heal/regrow the tree. Make some defensive evil units. I love how they can have more than 3 spells!

  • Best game ever but kinda hard in capain

    by Not cool blitz

    Alright this game is the best but it would help if they fixed bugs like enemy's standing still and doing nothing but anyway this would be better if they came out with a number 2 in this game who agrees :)

  • Great game but theres a glitch

    by Erghhhhhhhh

    I get a sync error every now and again and my character turns into there level i had a level 30 knight turned into level 4 i was so mad, the evil is to overpowered and way to much lag, please FIX!!

  • It's a lot better

    by AyooJr

    I like it for player with ur friends

  • Great game

    by squaretommy

    The game does require some strategy to beat. Has a few balancing problems but the game is still very fun. Beat the entire campaign so I'm sure its not impossible.

  • Fix

    by Jessebomb

    It works on my iPad but not my iPod 5 gen please fix but it's a good game

  • Fun

    by Joe8.7

    Good fun

  • Wow

    by Rdlish

    I didn't think I would enjoy this game as much as I do. Great job guys!

  • Good, needs fixing.

    by Tiabinx

    Good game. But when I play it on my iPad mini it wants to cut off when I open it up.

  • Ok

    by Truman Viemeister

    The game is nice. But it would be MUCH better if it didn't close EVERYTIME I open it.

  • Great game… just a little more…

    by Electrobat

    This is a great third person game, but the only things that I ask is for there to be better graphics on the iPhone 5, and for there to be some enemy balancing in the champaign and siege modes

  • Online

    by Ralphbuscus

    People need to start playing online more and game needs little bit more detail in graphics otherwise awesome game keep it up

  • Multiplayer

    by Chappy777777777

    One of the best games I've played, please add three-person coop though

  • One of the Best Games In The App Store... EVER!

    by s h o r t

    This was hands down one of the finest games I've played in a LONG time and I'm not just talking App Store games I'm talking all games PEROID!

  • Hero

    by Castlezzz

    This game is amazing, the only thing I do not like is that you can not get your hero onto the castle walls if you are a ranged hero

  • Awesome

    by LegallyBoss

    Is never gonna get better than this

  • Awesome!

    by TmanSixteen

    I don't think It needs better graphics, because if you did the game would just lag out all the time. I also think you should add a game mode called castle. It would be vs but instead of going against the evil you could fight another persons castle. Can you raise the unit cap by 15 in Co-op? That would help a lot.

  • Some problems

    by Yummyfewd

    This is an absolutely great and addicting game, but I foresee some problems. For one, the hero killers are way overpowered and make some of the Corte levels near impossible to beat. Since the update, multiplayer also lags a lot (especially when I hear 'for tha kinnnng'). Also, I would really like for there to be at least three player multiplayer.

  • Game

    by Justinwells9999


  • Needs better graphics

    by BaNaNa TRoll

    Neds better graphics

  • Hate it

    by Kwadb#1

    It was all good and awesome until it restarted me!

  • Fun things to add

    by H&C fannattic

    1: biggest And most thing I beg you to add Facebook or a different multiplayer sign in because I'm on a school devise and don't have Game Center. 2: another cool thing you could add is another type of mode for multiplayer co op is an all hero battle what I mean is all the type of heroes made different players will join the game as the different heroes until it's full I got this idea from the game in level 30 in Hinton it says if the king falls all the heroes will fight and if they die it's a good day to die so yeah that would be a fun mode 3: besides what I just said it would be awesome if you could make regular co op have three or four people all working together it would be a blessing to be able to play with my family without my lil sister or lil bro sad because they got left out 4: now ok I'm this one would be hard to implement but it would be rly cool if a player could be on top of the walls like an archer and be a ranger fighting skeleton archers on the walls and if the walls fall you die with them

  • Teaser

    by Acenellub

    I really did like this game at first. But it is so ridiculously hard level10 that it is to the point where it is no longer fun. Your hero is so week even with a legendary + 40 damage ruin you have to hit even the weakest enemies multiple times. I have just about every building and unit all the way leveled up but does not mater because they at so expensive I can't get enough gold before I am completely overwhelmed by enemy troops. Could be a great game but is unbalanced.

  • Awesome game

    by Livewire 223

    Good game,I recommend it, but lower the difficulty once you get to like level 6 in campaign it gets kinda difficult

  • Good but xp bar stuck

    by Hockeysam107

    My barbarians xp bar is stuck he is a level 14 and it's the bar is full and he just won't level up all my other heroes will please fix this bug. And how can I fix it?

  • Bad game

    by Reghhdcbjejh

    Multiplayer connection is horrible and it takes up a lot of bloody storage space on top of all that it is so freaking hard

  • Very cool game

    by Petko/

    Very cool game

  • It was fun ...

    by Maytavi

    The game was going great but the lag on multiplayer needs to be fixed and my game keeps crashing before I even get to the game it self ... Please fix the bugs

  • Awesome

    by Priscilla Helms

    Best game I played so far great graphics and tones of different hero's you can choose great game you should get it

  • Fix the game

    by Nate Foley

    The game crashes way too much,sometimes I start to play then it keeps crashing so I can't play,so please fix it.Other than that it's a great game.

  • Great Game, Addicted

    by ZombieInvadr1000

    Great Game, Addicted

  • Awesome game ever

    by Demontre1324

    Best game ever I love this game it's not my fav but it's my 2 ed fav u should get it it's the best!!!

  • Cool

    by Swagboss22

    Good game but it would be better if u add more units and heroes and other gameplay ideas

  • Great game!

    by Bautista69

    It's a fun and addictive game but there should really be at least 4 players that can play on multiplayer that way I can play with my friends other than that it's great!

  • PART 2!!!PART 2!!!PART 2!!!

    by Slender many

    You gotta make a second one plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Best game ever played

    by AC3badass


  • Game

    by Fastpony19898

    Game us good would be nice if you could use a third person view to help manage things

  • Awesome

    by VinnieVal

    This is a great game to pass the time and it always keeps you on your toes, working that grey matter.

  • Nice game

    by Noneurbissness

    this game is adicting and i injoy it although i would like more characters and make them less money although i did fall in love with my assasin and i relly want the ranger and um the enemy are relly nasty and i like that you can play as them i do imagine this as +13 but i do recermend and well thx


    by Gabzella77

    I love this game but add more levels and playable heroes and there should be a mode online with 2 castles that set up defences and try to destroy the enemies keep

  • Still a good game

    by Iyrudi

    I was playing with my friend and I bought the Druid and it glitched my level to her level and now im level 25 and I have a perk

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