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Languages: English

Seller: Foursaken Media

The Mad Chef has become so good at throwing knives that he has become an honorary ninja! Enjoy this band new theme, while playing the same awesome game!

New in version 2.0:
- NEW ZOMBIE HOUSE MINIGAME! Awesome new flick mechanic - how long can you last before getting your brains eaten??
- NEW FARM MINIGAME! Fast paced, and super action packed!
- NEW THEME! Throw knives as the world's greatest Food Ninja!
- Added iCloud support
- Fixed certain achievements that didn't properly unlock
- Tapping the GameCenter plaque in the house resubmits achievements to GameCenter
- Lowered the food trajectories on Takeout to prevent accidentally switching windows

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
220 Ratings
All Versions:
400 Ratings


The reviews are piling up for one of the best casual games of 2012!

"The gameplay is every bit as sharp as the knives your chef is heaving through the air."

"Amazingly precise controls, with considerable depth behind quick pick-up-and-play arcade action."

"A standout among tycoon sims for its simultaneous accessibility, depth, and pseudo-shoot 'em up feel."

"Top notch tapping through the restaurant world!"


Order up! One peanut butter & jellyfish sandwich, one pigeon pot pie, and two orders of the famous ratwurst! You are the world-renowned Ninja Chef, serving up loads of fun in this hilarious and addicting game from Foursaken Media. Prepare tons of insane recipes by flinging knives, forks, spears, and even ninja stars at an avalanche of food that your faithful assistant throws out. Be careful with your aim, though! Your customers probably don't appreciate the knives flying around the place as much as you do! Keep them happy and you'll see your fame and fortune grow. Expand your business by opening new restaurants, and see if you can earn the critic's coveted five-star rating for each. Food Ninja takes cooking to a crazy, new level!

- Simple, pick up and play arcade action! Throw knives at food to complete a variety of crazy recipes before time runs out!
- Build and expand your city! Earn money and reputation, then unlock new restaurants, buy billboards, and more!
- Tons of utensils, ingredients, recipes, costumes, and power-ups, unique to each restaurant!
- Beautiful 3D cartoon graphics, with insane, over the top effects!
- Crazy, hilarious characters! Watch as your sous chef tosses out mountains of food, while your waiters fly out from nowhere to catch pinned ingredients!
- Multiple game modes, including an endless Takeout mode, and an absolutely insane Rush Hour mode!
- Two bonus minigames - Zombie House and Farm - add to the insanity!
- Gamecenter leaderboards!

Disclaimer: Do not try cooking like this at home!


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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Saraluvturtles

    Fun and addicting!

  • Fantastic!

    by Vi Kaden

    Forgot how much I love this game, found it again and been playing non stop all night. Updates and iPhone 5 support please!

  • More fun, than most games!

    by Chef G 84

    I've literally been searching for a game that will hold my interest for more than 2 minutes, for at least a week or so, now, and I've got to say this game is it. It's fun and one of those games you can just pick up and play when you want, and play for hours. I am actually a chef, and much like working in a real kitchen, you have some uneducated dullard throwing the wrong foods at you, and you have to find a way to sort through it, and please the customers. This much more fun though

  • Make it iphone5 compatible

    by Gabbi L.

    It should be

  • Old name was better

    by Ninohdh

    This is an amazing app, but i liked the name Crazy Chef a lot better. Now everything seems out of place because of Food Ninja. But all in all, great game!

  • Great Fun!

    by FL Ellen

    I am a big fan of time management games, and this is a great one! The premise of a crazed ninja chef is amusing, the game flows well, and the graphics make me smile (just watch the chef trying to catch his breath!).

  • Super fun!

    by jeffj911

    I've had this game forever and I still play it now and then... fun game with great personality.

  • Love

    by Grenada08

    I want more restaurants to open on left field!!!

  • Fun but crashes!

    by Elfishae1015

    It was fun until it started to crash!!! So fix it please!

  • BMD123

    by BDYC1520

    Cool :)

  • Cliche

    by Filly Mays

    Please don't fall into the genre of ninja games. Change the name back to an original title

  • Very fun, but broken achievements mar game slightly.

    by aristan

    This is a highly fun game! Easy to get the hang of, yet remains challenging through all the levels. I can highly recommend this game to anyone. And I have! My only problem is that I am an achievement completist and three of the major achievements (4 star restaurants, 5 star restaurants, & full upgrades) cannot be awarded by the game. This does not affect game play, it is merely disappointing to complete the achievements and not receive the trophy due to a bug. The makers of this game have stated there is an update coming for the game, but is not a current priority as they are working on a new game. This is sad because I would have given Mad Chef a wholehearted 5 stars otherwise. So, bottom line (or the TL;DR): download this game, you'll love it. Just don't kill yourself trying to get all the trophies just yet.

  • Great mad fun!

    by Mr.Presley

    Challenging, humourous, lots o larfs! Great fun for me (49) my son (13) my grandson (5). I'm looking forward to the zombies!

  • Awesome

    by Hoopsterasdfrfdyhwgs

    This game is none stop action and fun!!

  • this is the only game

    by Smash?

    that keeps me sane at work. love it!

  • Super fantastic

    by Emlucca

    This game works really well with the touch pad element of the iPad and iPhone. It's a pretty funny premise and I like the leveling/upgrade element which increases the challenge of the game. Cute and fun :)

  • Nice

    by Ric0h


  • Very addicting

    by DJiggly

    How much longer until the zombies come?

  • My profile keeps getting erased and my stats reset.

    by oof46

    I am really enjoying this game, but they need to fix a bug I have encountered. I want to keep playing, but I've had to start over 4 times. One time, I quit the game to play a song, opened up the game again, and got a lot of money for 11,492 hours of vacation. Huh?

  • Hate cooking type games but...

    by chorobe

    This game is the only cooking dash type game that I like. It's fun and I like the style of graphics they use. Great job!

  • Bugs

    by Writer28777

    I can't get it to start because of a bug

  • Fun game but...

    by Ali bamher

    Fun game but... Its been crashing right when he walks in the door so... Fix this please?

  • Awesome but...

    by Biliboy44

    I was going very well but then one day game crashed and I lost all my city

  • Fun!

    by Meemee88

    Simple but addicting game... Advances at a good pace to keep you interested.

  • Mad fun

    by MarinasideSteve

    This game is a blast to play with fast and fun action that requires concentration. As you play, you earn in game money used purchase different types of improvements including better utensils, recipes, power ups, sous chefs and restaurants. There are quite a number of these improvements in the game and they change the game play somewhat. Fortunately, the money you earn as a successful chef is very generous allowing you to move up at an enjoyable pace. While there is in-app purchases you can make to speed up your progress, it is totally unnecessary. The presentation of the game is very creative and clever including a cool presentation of Game Center achievements and a neat integration of a training mode. To top things off, the developer has promised more game play features in coming updates. This is a really excellent game that should not be missed!

  • Sounds great...

    by Milodog22

    But I cant play it! A bug causes it to crash every time

  • Chef

    by Yeslygomez

    I love it I haven't even played it lol

  • Mmmm. Ratburger!

    by TheBigSkillet

    Featured on The Daily Appster podcast for 2/9/12. Great Work!

  • Funnier than order it up

    by SoBlueCal

    Bug Heroes fan, but I can't believe I slept on this game! This game is totally addicting and randomly weird! can't wait for the Sky Gnome.

  • Acce1

    by Acce1

    Can not start the game

  • Best game I have played in a long time

    by glj104

    Wonderful game. Excellent gameplay. Very clever and exciting.

  • Nice very

    by au0317

    This is a fun game!

  • Good game

    by Joe1414

    I think this is an overall good game

  • Clever Cleavage!

    by BBrown7

    Like a love child of Fruit Ninja and the Sims--this game has it all! I love the characters, graphics, and witty menu items. I have dried out my contacts on more than one occasion while trying to focus enough to earn my five stars! I would highly recommend this game to anyone; just plan to keep some eye drops nearby!

  • Love this game

    by Annefill

    Awesome game. So addicting! I play until I'm nearly cross-eyed!

  • So fun!!

    by Kd2250

    This game is incredibly fun and super addicting!! Love that the more you play the more stuff you can do (like buy new restaurants, etc). This is definitely a big hit.

  • Excellent

    by Bubbasco

    Addictive high-quality game with a ton of upgrades to keep playing for. Win!!

  • Potentially a big time hit!

    by BlueDressSaturday

    I stumbled on this game simply because I particularly like food/restaurant type time management games. I've downloaded a LOT of games in that niche when they were fresh off the presses, and was frequently disappointed by learning the game was either severely lacking in structure, bug ridden, and worst of all, buggy, unstructured games that were also blatant rip offs of other more successful games. Thankfully, this is none of those. This is the first of its kind I've seen- fast paced hidden object? Cooking? Management? It still needs more elements and fine tuning, yes, but if the creators bother to continue updating the game, I see a pretty good future.

  • Love it.

    by Liayh

    I love this game, I can spend hours playing it. Totally worth it. (:

  • Awesome

    by Battlefieldfan

    At first I thought it looked stupid, but i bought it because a cousin of mine made it. It is suprisingly addicting and has hours of gameplay. Suddenly my hockey busrides aren't so boring now. Its really good for the money. Keep it up Tom!

  • Diner Ninja?

    by Lord Gek

    This game is a brilliant hybrid of Fruit Ninja and Diner Dash, if that could possibly make any sense. A Sous Chef is throwing out random items from a trunk of infinite items and it is your job to throw knives at just the right food items in the right order to complete all of the food orders currently in front of you. Who doesn't want to throw a knife at a pigeon, but if not needed at that moment for any of your current orders, hitting it will count against you. Fulfill orders in a timely manner to earn cash that can be used to improve your current restaurant or buy a new one.

  • not really good...

    by hair_like_sno

    i dnt get it! how did this one gt to be one of the best rated, when the game is just one step away frm being sucky... graphics are poor and the rules are kinda absurd... i feel lke wasted my .99 credit on this one. :-( wont trust itunes's rating+release date filter again!!!

  • Impressive !

    by -----',,,,,,,,.........

    Like BUGHEROES and BUGHEROESQUEST I'm totally amazed keep up the wonderful work!

  • Another great game!

    by dkremaro

    These brothers make some insanely great original games! This one is no exception. Awesome art style great gameplay lots of power ups and lots of things to unlock. It's

  • Casual, light-hearted fun!

    by T Lin

    I got it the day it was released based on the dev's rep for making quality games. Mad Chef is no exception. Highly addictive and fun casual game. It takes elements from past successful games to make a winning combo to call their own. Like the little teaser of more to come (i.e. - zombies!) Recommended!

  • Aaaaaah!!!

    by Fmmftw

    This game is incredible. I was scared it would be too hard in the beginning to learn but the tutorial is great and very helpful. Super addicting been playing for like an hour straight. And of course, I love the graphics and design!

  • Chop Suey

    by Arashi541

    Simply Amazing. Buy it Now. That is all.

  • Very Fun

    by Bec546

    Wow this game is addictive!

  • Noice!!!!!

    by Cat Scam

    Excellent casual game with upgrades. Of course it's great though, it's made by the same people as Bug Heroes!

  • Love it.

    by The Pumpkin King version 2.0

    This game is awesome

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