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Seller: Foursaken Media

- We greatly apologize to those who have not been able to play on low gen devices... We've fixed the crashing with old iOS versions, so everyone should be able to enjoy Bug Heroes again!
- miscellaneous fixes

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From the creators of N.Y.Zombies comes an all new blend of action, adventure, castle defense, and role playing elements! Master up to nine legendary Bug Heroes, including a sword wielding Spider assassin, an armored Beetle warrior, a machine gun toting Ant engineer, and more! Shoot, slice, dice, and bash your enemies with a variety of skills, abilities and equipment. Stockpile food, fortify your base, and defend it from hordes of hungry bugs. Explore a variety of familiar landscapes from an all new miniature perspective, collecting food, coins and other items. Enter Bug Heroes, an epic fantasy world you never knew existed!


Ranked one of the top iOS games of 2011 (metacritic.com)!!

"...it's going to be really hard to ever find a way to enjoy a typical dual-stick shooter again."
-- toucharcade.com

"One part castle defense, two parts dual stick shooter, and a dash of RPG; Bug Heroes is the most interesting blend of iPhone gaming I’ve see since Infinity Blade."
-- 148apps.com

"Bug Heroes has slick presentation, charm, and lasting appeal... In my opinion this is one of those games that defines the iOS platform for gamers."
-- appadvice.com

"Without a doubt, Bug Heroes is the year's first must-have release."
-- ifanzine.com



- A seamless blend of action, adventure, castle defense, and role playing elements!

- 10 unique Bug Heroes to play as, each with different strengths, weaknesses, equipment, and personalities. Choose any 3 heroes to take into battle!

- Level-up your Bug Heroes, increase their skills, and customize them with a huge variety of equipment and abilities!

- Melee and ranged combat. Slice your enemies with swords, swat bugs off of ledges or into walls, and blast them from long range with rifles and machine guns!

- Scour the lands for food, then defend your food stash from hordes of hungry bugs. Build turrets and fortify your base!

- Optional, randomized side quests for even more depth and re-playability!

- Over 50 unique enemy types, ranging from tiny fleas to giant snails. Detailed "Insectopedia" for background info and strategies on every single enemy!

- Multiple profiles and game saves, tons of achievements, and online leaderboards!

- Supports all devices, old and new. Enjoy crisp retina graphics on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4g!





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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Noaht21

    I love it


    by Qryuoppjjs

    No game can beat bug heroes. It just needs more heroes, maps, enemies and a bonus round in every stage. This is worth looking at and playing.

  • Plz add a update

    by nickolas.israel.k.

    I love this game but you haven't updated it for 2 years now.

  • ios7 update????

    by Michael B

    It's been out for quite sometime now or are you guys unaware of that? Where is my FULLscreen? Otherwise, great game.

  • Great!!!!

    by 11Ninetales20

    I love this app!!! Keep up the good work!

  • Co-op and VS

    by Cre4p3r

    All it needs is co-op and vs modes online and then ill give five stars and maybe even advertise it

  • Get it

    by Good good, very god

    Pretty fun game I recommend it

  • Get it

    by Good good, very god

    Pretty fun game I recommend it

  • best game ever buy now!!!!!!

    by vcjcg

    great,but the turtles have giraffe necks.Please add a beach level with sand fleas,flys,dragonflys,and hermit crabs. i havent bought all guys so dont know if there are ant flys or leeches if not please add. an underwater level or outdoor party would be nice Also add more colussium areas and the picnic area should also be a war level.My favorite game. I think there should also be a cockaroach hereo,a heroe with a whip such as a cicada and a misquoto heroe wold be coo.10/28/13-you should add a world map after you unlock all at america go to a chineze version or something evantully going to the desert while in a different place the hereos you have will be switched to bugs of the countrie


    by CreateNicknameReview

    This just completely kills any other apps out there. The only problem is that since the iPhone/iPod 5 came out a while ago now, that they should make it full screen for it, and should add new song tracks :) P.S. A crab is not a bug, but it's still amazing!

  • Multiplayer?

    by Ruler662

    I absolutely love this game!!!! I thought it would be cool if you guys made it multiplayer so you could play with friends.


    by Some1 who downloaded this game

    please add thank youuu


    by LittleOwlGirl

    this game is awesome...have multiplayer, and this will be..AWESOM-ER!!!!

  • Update since feb2012???

    by Kalytar

    Needs to updated badly. I still play it on my iPhone5 and like it. Just needs screen enlarged or graphics updated to HD. Be a 5-star game if it was updated.

  • By far the best game.

    by Bob Dillon1212

    I love it forsaken is thinking about making another one possibly with co op that would be nice.

  • Awesome!

    by Chipitman

    This game is too addicting to stop playing!

  • Great game

    by Ryan Spangler

    I don't know why I love this game so much. I love how you can make a record offline, and still be able to post it on Game Center later.

  • Best game ever

    by Lego13055

    Need to add a new character but besides that best game ever five of five


    by TomBoneBaker

    great app but needs archer , and a battle arena so too bug heros can fight or a boom throwing snake

  • This has to be the best game on the App Store

    by Fishfan4321

    You have to agree, bug heroes is endlessly engaging!

  • Need updates!!!!!!

    by Mumseeker

    Retina and iphone 5 updates plz!!!!!!!!

  • Trying both

    by Szooszoo

    I have played bug heros quest and then I see this so I decided to get this lite version to make sure all is worth all and I will leave another review later of how it goes.

  • Needs an update

    by Bgops

    Plz have an iPhone 5 support. I really love this game.

  • Amazing game but

    by PBJSAFAR1

    Co-op would be awesome


    by Squirrellylalalovesyou

    I love this game, i would recommend it to everyone. there are very few unique and fun games and this is one of them. I would give it infinite stars if i could. i hope this review can help you decide.

  • Great

    by Fun Defense

    This is a great game. It could use better graphics though. Bug Heroes has a very unique and interesting plot. I like how you must gather food, bring it to your base, and defend it. I really like the turrets. They're cool. They also make the game survivable after stage ten. You now, no turrets would make a good hard core mode. They have very good ideas like machine gun, zapper/stunner, sniper, bug bomb, (It's power and radius is bigger than a bug nuke,) which explodes once your food is lower than 125. Well, your bases food. My favorite (so far,) is the firecracker turret which is basically a mortar. The only thing that would make it better is a custom level designer. And I like how they made bug guts instead of blood. If you like defense games you should get it. Also it's sort of like the game gun bros., (except better,) if you've played that.

  • I like the game

    by Karateninja5

    I like the game but I bought reinforcements and don't give my heros new skills only different looks

  • Awstin36teen

    by My Right

    Great game but needs multi player

  • Bug heroes

    by Chrisdaang

    This is a really good game , hopefully it will have more maps and hero and modes

  • App crashing

    by Tray Caddy

    Incredible game! and I recently tried playing it again and it crashes on the first losing screen... Please fix this!

  • Did you forget you made this game?

    by Micbadger

    I like the game but i think you people may have forgotten this app exists. The last update was in february 2012! Ive had a strange problem in-game. Sometimes im playing and i'll unlock an equip or armor. When i'm done and log out and go to play again some time later. It says i unlocked the thing i previously unlocked. So pretty much information isnt getting saved when it should be. Thats a huge problem for me and has cost you two stars. I wonder if you'll ever read this anyway.

  • Greatest game ever / character ideas

    by Mythbusta

    Dragonfly the shotgunner: (reinforcement, butterfly) a quick and deadly bug armed with a slow, but powerful shotgun, great for quick assault and attacking multiple armored (or high HP) enemies at once. Assassin bug the sniper (reinforcement, cockroach): a slow, long-range bug equipped with a powerful, long-range sniper rifle that can penetrate armor. Great for picking off or killing armored enemies at great distances.

  • Great game and i have an idea

    by Dontrustnone

    This game is great but what I loved best is the zombies, i think you should make a game where the necromancers bring the scorpion army and all its allies back as zombies and its up to the heroes (and maybe new ones..) to save the world again. Also their should be a multiplayer like up to only 3 players max only one character can be used

  • disappointing

    by sethgc

    better if other heroes don't cost much

  • Hahahahahaha :)

    by Awsom free app

    On the yard level the cat killed a freaking vampire bug! Also Get mine craft mine craft is for the PC,iPad,andxbox

  • Multiplayers please

    by Gxfgzfhcdg

    The game is definitely cool but needs multiplayers that would make it even better please make an update and then 5 stars

  • Cool

    by Kingsen65

    Great and amazingly fun app and all But you should optimize it for iPhone 5, 5 stars when you do that

  • Love it

    by James Tammed

    Its pretty adicting please add co-op/ multiplayer mode to it and new collicium maps please:)

  • Great game but needs

    by Mar bearmmmmm

    Needs multyplayer like the person underneath me said plz update

  • Multiplayer mode

    by enano3000

    This game has been the best, but not completely, this game needs multiplayer mode where 3 players can play at the same time,Each player picking 2 characters(because if someone[or 2] leaves its gonna be TOO hard) and having same picked characters, with the exception of more bugs coming at the same time. Also a text chat where you can text people, because the food stash weapons will be a big disaster, demolishing and rebuilding. Please put in multiplayer mode and it will be the coolest most epicest game EVER!!! Put it with the deluxe edition and ill buy it, although keep it $4.99. :)

  • Still love it

    by Jobob con

    I played this game since the start and still love it. I would like to see a mmo of this game. It would be fun to play with everyone else.

  • Love this game…

    by 4736251


  • Multiplayer

    by D.C.C.D191862

    Make it multiplayer!


    by Cool best awesome amazing game

    Add a medic like in tf2

  • Multiplayer

    by Ulrad

    As soon as multiplayer is added, this game will be perfect.

  • More bugs

    by Kyle+Andrew

    This game is the best game I ever played!but it needs one more bug like a medic that heals the heroes.

  • Bugs bugs bugs

    by (((((((($)))))))))

    This an a awesome game.I love the spider.DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!

  • Not what i thought

    by Kare_bear.

    I thought this was a role playing game.

  • Slaughter the Greedy Grubs!!

    by KinkyKontrol

    Once you get a feel for it, this game is totally addicting. One of those keep you up all night until you fall asleep with it your hands kind of games. Love the mashup of genres, taking the tower defense thing to new exciting heights. Took off a star for the between game FCs but as a game platform it's second to none!

  • Co-op mode

    by Meeko The Gamer

    please have a multiplayer option and Allow it for bluetooth and local wifi so that this would be awesome and. Heroes that arent payed for money instead There should be a currency in the game like Penies or bug coins or bugbucks or even bugdollar you can still atleast make for 1$ for pay and maybe 10000 per hero pack so that it would be pretty addictive at the same time strategic also I already played this on my Aunts Ipad me and my uncles Almost completed The armor of the bugs, since my aunt gave me her Ipad she replace it with a Ipad mini so she factory reset thus Ipad but its cool Im installing it now

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