Bug Heroes Quest Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Foursaken Media

- fixed a bug that sometimes caused the game to crash when selecting a character

Previous Update:
** Added several purchasable cheats! Destroy your enemies with God Mode, where you can play as a giant version of any hero! Also enjoy a passive Double XP cheat, and an Unlock All Equipment cheat. **

Additional fixes:
- fixed crashing on low gen devices
- made enemy spawning a bit more manageable
- miscellaneous bug fixes

Also keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming game, Sky Gnomes! If you're interested in Beta Testing, head over to our Facebook page!

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
283 Ratings
All Versions:
718 Ratings


Enter Bug Heroes Quest, a spin-off of the critically acclaimed Bug Heroes, by Foursaken Media! Embark on an epic, story-based adventure through a variety of huge environments. Explore, level up, customize, fight, talk, and more! Experience a unique blend of action, adventure, and RPG in a brand new, fully realized fantasy setting!


"Just like the original, Bug Heroes Quest is deep, content packed, and brimming with fun!"
-- ifanzine.com

"Sure Bug Heroes Quest is an action RPG spin-off of the popular Bug Heroes, but this pint-sized epic will please more than just the fans."
-- 148apps.com

"Bug Heroes Quest is another impressive 4-Dimple challenge."
-- appsmile.com



- Seamless blend of action, adventure, and RPG elements, designed specifically for the iOS gamer
- Dual stick action, with both long-ranged and close combat
- Deep, intertwining story
- In-depth character progression -- level up, customize skills, equip new weapons and armor, and more!
- Huge environments to explore, across over 60 stages
- Interesting fantasy world with unique characters to talk to and learn about
- Hours of gameplay and replayability
- Fight in a variety of arenas and compete in the Game Center leaderboards
- Control a variety of characters
- Optimized and playable on ANY device, old and new!


And be sure to check out the game that started it all, the original Bug Heroes -- for FREE! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bug-heroes/id412789616?mt=8

For a Trailer for Bug Heroes Quest check out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZbTtwuWFVw


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Customer Reviews


    by DogloverDude

    I think this game is great and deserves a perfect rating. Best game ever since Infinity Blade. Also get the original Bug Heroes. Again,very,very good game!

  • I love it

    by Noaht21

    When are you making another one

  • Update to iOS 7! Please:(

    by eckobe24

    Great game! Add more features!

  • I love it

    by Jrockfangirl

    Thank god I could get it

  • All out awesome

    by mike guerra

    Great game never boring grab a strong drink and download this!

  • Bugs

    by Dekter

    SO MANY BUGS... Like even look an ant,a spider,a beetle,a worm just,just so many.


    by KlutzyMite

    I LOVED the game I beat it in two days! PLEASE! Make another game if possible! I have never seen an app this good! It is better than a lot of xbox and playstation games! Honestly this game is worth more than 99¢ to me! They did a magnificent job on the story, the ending, and adding the perfect amount of everything! They made it hard to do but there was always a way of getting around tough things(Like the scorpion boss battle!) They even made when the three of then meet up very similar to how they did if the original survival BugHeroes! If you are debating getting this game JUST DO IT!!! If I could I would give this game 6 stars! The ONLY thing that should make this game better is MULTYPLAYER AND OBJECTIVES(Protecting a food stash, online campaign etc.) I have a small idea if they feel like making a third bug heroes! Even though they had an ending for Ant, Beetle, and Spider(witch I feel sorry for)they could tell the other bug heroes past and futures.(like Worm, Mantis etc.) Maybe they could even tell Ant, Beetle, and Spider's past and maybe their future(I suggest this part because of Spider's ending! This is all of the suggestions and GREAT things I think and love about this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pretty goog

    by (Caveman)

    Add more levels more in app percise allow heroes to fight on there own and different heroes to join the party permanently

  • Sequal

    by Szooszoo

    I have won the game by defeating the scorpion king and I believe it is worth a 5 star rating but it would be a marvelous idea to make a sequal with ant,beetle,and spider have to rise up to a new threat but that is all I have to say and hope you make a sequal.

  • Top flight dual stick RPG

    by TrinaMoney5000

    Very nice follow up to Bug Heroes. More RPG oriented, but still skill rather than number driven. About 10% through with the main quest and no problems on an iPad mini.

  • Awesome

    by Cap'n Yoaz

    Please make a sequel!

  • Amazing.

    by EmeraldLynx

    There's not too many things left in this world that you can but for a dollar and get a real "bang for your buck". This game is outstanding. Definitely worth more than a dollar, highly recommended.

  • Awesome game

    by Knives620

    Don't give most games 5 stars but this is awesome, takes a sec to get the controlles but when you do endless bug smashing, goo stomping fun!

  • Great plot, super fun

    by Fishfan4321

    Foursaken media has outdone themselves, thanks!

  • Awesome

    by Boppity biology

    Great game wish they would add on to it

  • Great Game!

    by That guy around

    I like it more than the first one!

  • Awesome Storyline!

    by PbNation_kid

    It's so fun, worth a dollar !

  • Fun

    by Fireboy890

    This game is so much fun worth 1$

  • Bugs rock

    by Projectxo9

    First of all before you play this game play a little of bug heroes and the stories will make a lot easier to understand.this is the best game ever.i can't stop playing it.thank you creators and please make a bug heroes quest 2.this game is so worth 1$.you have to get this game.trust me you will play it all day.i'm begging u to make a second one.

  • Bug Heroes series best iOS games

    by Jsin76

    Hands down, this and Bug Heroes are my favorite games for iPhone. There is no other game with as much replay value. Simple but highly effective controls, easy to understand upgrade system, fun characters and a story line that actually holds your interest and makes you want more. Buy this app!

  • Meh

    by Joe Biden.

    I'm a bit disappointed it wasn't as good as I thought it would be not even close to the potential of bug heroes

  • Best game ever just some things

    by Pikachudude

    This game is so awesome I love it but with the amount of time and epicness I play games I beat it so quickly then got god mode and double xp but when I beat it I literally went "aww it's over already I want more i hope a new one comes out soon" also when new one comes out can u make it so u can play as all bugs in any level when u finish game other than that this is a great game

  • A fantastic game

    by Djrella659

    As would be expected from Foursaken. <3

  • A suggestion....

    by Chubbypandafluff32

    Try a hero called mosquito, he uses a gun and knife, upgrade to smg and bigger knife to mg and sword!!! Cool huh? He has an array of gun and knife abilities! I'll let what he looks like to you ;)

  • Awsomeness

    by eyeliner<3

    I really like the in-app purcushes

  • Why is it 12+

    by Clemn5

    Why is it 12+ It makes want to

  • OMG the most amazing dual stick game on AppStore!

    by Urglp

    this is such an awesome game! A great prologue to bug heroes. Worth the 0.99! If the creators of bug heroes are looking for update suggestions, I have one. You shad add the hero silverfish,(alternate cicada) the archer, and weevil (alternate sheildbug),the champion boxer. Silverfish can upgrade her weapon from shortbow, longbow, then compact bow, while weevil can upgrade from knuckles, brass knuckles and gauntlets. The pack they would come with is called "Defend the food!" And it could come with a tree branches map, and a new turret which can summon very weak warriors to fight for you. The enemy's in the map could be stick insect mages, which can use magic, thorn bugs, which can block passages without moving, cicadas, which use shockwave technology, horn catterpillars, which will attack your heros and go after your food, garden spiders, moths which fly, and maybe small praying mantises! I hope you read this and accept this suggestion. :)

  • Great game

    by Kodywr13

    Fun to play,good storyline, and rpg elements

  • Awesome Game

    by RocketPandaDon'tTakeMyName

    This game is really fun, you get to play as spider,ant, and beetle in their past life but you should also try bug heroes

  • Good game

    by Sjb32.bball

    This was a good game. At first it was a little difficult, but eventually it became more enjoyable.

  • Great!

    by Noonanhall

    Get it!

  • BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!

    by Kyle+Andrew

    BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!This is a must buy so buy it NOW!!!

  • Great!

    by DLish32

    Love the game just finished off the main boss and it would be awesome to add more updates and also to make a bug creator. Like pick the spider with guns instead of swords and add perks or so just food for thought ! Still great though and will y'all be making more of these games? Any one know?

  • Foursaken media

    by Toutch luvr

    I have played the original bug heroes and quest and n.y.z. I love all of the games, do not hesitate to buy bug heroes!

  • It's a good game

    by AAG-5

    It's a good game get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bug heroes suggestions PLEASE READ

    by Cool monster 22

    Amazing, I heard u put crab in the game from the suggestions page. You should add mine. Earwig the hero that shoots knives from his gun. You can upgrade his gun from shooting knives to machetes to swords! One of his upgrades is when he uses his claws and throws an enemy at another. His alternate or reinforcement is locust. Another hero is wolf spider the tech bug. Like all wolf spiders he is very intelligent. All his upgrades are different types of turrets. His weapon of choice is the spoon. Which can be upgraded to fork then the spork which can stun and stab. His reinforcement is a rather small garden spider.

  • Great game!

    by Scsal

    I love this game. I think you should add support for iPhone 5 (e.g. Fit to screen) :-)

  • D

    by Huhiii

    Its one of the best games ever

  • perfect game!!!!!!!

    by Ios사랑해요

    good good!!!!!!!

  • Excellent

    by MrDanielX

    Excellent action rpg

  • Good

    by Aeden bombs


  • Doesn't connect to Game Center

    by dios achilleus

    No response from Foursaken either. A five star rating when fixed.

  • Update this awesome game dude

    by Rafael Justo

    This is an awesome game especially the ending but Please update it would be more cooler

  • Beautiful

    by Maybe to cute

    The game was the ending was just great and understanding But I have one thing,there are some lines from bug heroes quest that were in bug heroes other wise than that a great game in my opinion it's worth the money :)

  • AMAZING!!!

    by Racincar123

    Just like New York zombies 2, this game has good graphic's, nice controls and a amazing story line and good and somewhat emotional ending, leaving the player to ponder what will happen next!! Also you have a sudden urge to find loot in this game too.

  • Plz update

    by XxjokesternjhxX

    This game is awsome but it needs updating such as weps and new bugs

  • U might not want to buy this app

    by Doctor guitar

    The story is sorta cool but the graphics are bad, even on IPad 3. The game gets boring and old after 5 lvls. It is not worth the money.

  • Fun

    by Superssam

    Better than the first

  • The best app ever

    by Gxfgzfhcdg

    One of my favorite apps but I feel like it really needs an update such as other bugs like hopper to be used in the collousieum but it's still an awsome game to play which is cool!!!!

  • awesome game

    by Bodyguard509

    please add more new contents

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