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Languages: English

Seller: Foursaken Media

- We greatly apologize to those who have not been able to play on low gen devices... We've fixed the crashing with old iOS versions, so everyone should be able to enjoy Bug Heroes again!
- miscellaneous fixes

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40 Ratings
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66 Ratings


PLEASE NOTE: If you already own the original version of Bug Heroes and have bought any of the in-app-purchases, you should not download this version.

From the creators of N.Y.Zombies comes an all new blend of action, adventure, castle defense, and role playing elements! Master up to nine legendary Bug Heroes, including a sword wielding Spider assassin, an armored Beetle warrior, a machine gun toting Ant engineer, and more! Shoot, slice, dice, and bash your enemies with a variety of skills, abilities and equipment. Stockpile food, fortify your base, and defend it from hordes of hungry bugs. Explore a variety of familiar landscapes from an all new miniature perspective, collecting food, coins and other items. Enter Bug Heroes, an epic fantasy world you never knew existed!


Ranked one of the top iOS games of 2011 (metacritic.com)!!

"...it's going to be really hard to ever find a way to enjoy a typical dual-stick shooter again."
-- toucharcade.com

"One part castle defense, two parts dual stick shooter, and a dash of RPG; Bug Heroes is the most interesting blend of iPhone gaming I’ve see since Infinity Blade."
-- 148apps.com

"Bug Heroes has slick presentation, charm, and lasting appeal... In my opinion this is one of those games that defines the iOS platform for gamers."
-- appadvice.com

"Without a doubt, Bug Heroes is the year's first must-have release."
-- ifanzine.com



- A seamless blend of action, adventure, castle defense, and role playing elements!

- 10 unique Bug Heroes to play as, each with different strengths, weaknesses, equipment, and personalities. 10 more alternate heroes to choose, for a total of TWENTY playable heroes! Choose any 3 heroes to take into battle!

- Level-up your Bug Heroes, increase their skills, and customize them with a huge variety of equipment and abilities!

- Melee and ranged combat. Slice your enemies with swords, swat bugs off of ledges or into walls, and blast them from long range with rifles and machine guns!

- Scour the lands for food, then defend your food stash from hordes of hungry bugs. Build turrets and fortify your base!

- Optional, randomized side quests for even more depth and re-playability!

- Over 50 unique enemy types, ranging from tiny fleas to giant snails. Detailed "Insectopedia" for background info and strategies on every single enemy!

- Multiple profiles and game saves, tons of achievements, and online leaderboards!

- Supports all devices, old and new. Enjoy crisp retina graphics on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4g!





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Customer Reviews

  • Treasure

    by Salamander fire

    I don't have the treasure thing on my bug heroes delux why is that why is the store not there any more

  • Great game

    by Fishfan4321

    It couldn't be better

  • Great game

    by Jenny Benny12

    Needs more updates. More heroes like moths or crickets and more equipment but other then that very fun.

  • Love it

    by Cool monster 22

    Excellent work foursaken media, this game is off the hook. But....... Could use an update with more bugs. Such as an earwig or wolf spider. I would totally love a game like this accept involving snakes. That would be epic.

  • Epic

    by Gunbroslover16

    There needs to be a multiplayer mode

  • Update please

    by Gxfgzfhcdg

    I really like the game but whenever I pick up a guarded scroll my game crashes and I have to reload it does it all the time please fix it


    by Godzlla


  • My favorite

    by Fan Di

    It is my favorite iPhone game. Would be even more perfect if has a multiplayer mode : )

  • this is an awesome game

    by Bodyguard509

    please add more new contents

  • Amazing!


    Very very good but I really want an update. Like maybe like a new character or 2 like a butterfly and if you can add multiplayer, online and local. Like up to 4 players that would amazing. This is a very good just add those and maybe local can be Bluetooth and ya. Add those plz and the game will be a billion times better. Will get all my friends to bye it. Plz update this game will be just the best game ever with those. Maybe just a tiny bit better graphics and some more maps. That will be perfect. Thank and plz update!.!


    by Turtlesarerad

    Really good game but needs update, Needs new charcters like a butterfly or Rollie pollie, and also needs multiplayer. Please update

  • Great game, needs something...

    by DTBenson

    You need all the upgrades to be more visual, like if you get grenade with worm, thier will be a grenade on his belt. Stuff like that will greatly improve this game. Also, when you earn armor for the characters, it should match the character, like my spider is wearing full heavy armor, isnt she 'sposed to be an assassin? otherwise, an amazing game, i would rate 10 stars if i could

  • Awesome

    by Gilata

    This game is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!&i want to tell anyone who likes awesome games to get it!!!!!!!!

  • Great! Game! Needs multiplayer.

    by Yoda1716/ fix it!!!

    It is an awesome game and I absolutely love it. And the only things t would make it better is a multiplayer mode. That would make it one of the best games on the market. But it is still a fabulous game.

  • Awesome

    by Piper5310109

    Needs one more hero like a cricket

  • Bug heroes lovers

    by Bug heroes

    We again have something for you. It is an upgrade for spider. It should be an upgrade that should be half spider half wolf so he can actually be a wolf spider from the widow clan. Thank you!

  • Worth the money

    by Walczak Family

    With Bug Heroes Quest (in my opinion) being the best action game in the iTunes store and Bug Heroes (original) being 2nd, I didn't quite think Foursaken Media could do any better, but they astounded me with the different characters, levels, and enemies. Some of you might think "Why is it worth paying $5 for just an extended pack?" it's because if you look at the average video game they cost around $40. This costs $5 . You do the math

  • Fun

    by Super duper app person

    Fun fun fun !!!

  • Awesome!!

    by Etowno

    This game is sooo fun. It has unique characters, weapons, and abilities I have unlocked pretty much every ability a couple suggestions: A centipede hero with a flame thrower A butterfly or dragonfly sniper More maps and abilities. Get this app!! ::)

  • Please add multiplayer mode

    by Captain Higgles

    I love the game, but i thinl it would be better with multiplayer mode

  • Not iOS 5, much less 6, ready

    by dios achilleus

    App not set up for multitasking (or whatever it's called). Fix it and five stars.

  • Ok but unstable

    by Cnlew2

    When I unlock the nuke the profile crashes and I have to restart at square one. Please fix.

  • Truly a work if art

    by Knut nite

    But the update scrambled the visual effects. Please fix this, I miss seeing the poison symbol when I use leaf bug 

  • bug-mazing

    by pobleo

    I LOVE THIS APP except spme things are coming up a white squarres and i cant see some character plzfix

  • Most awesome game

    by Vanderx

    Can you please make more games like these or update this one? I love them!

  • Rad

    by Hector Fernandez L'Hoeste

    Wick'd game

  • Dual stick +Tower Defense Heaven!!!!!

    by Doxycyc

    I bought the original game, but none of the IAP so I'm glad this version came out. I hope it will contain any future additions without any IAP. Anyway thus far this game has reset the bar for dual stick shooters and adds a tower defense component to it. It is incredibly deep and has so much character and charm. Different heros have different strengths and limitations and it requires quick fingers and strategic thinking or else you will hear " your hero is down"! Bravo Foursaken. Now all we need is NY Zombies 2! Or L.A Zombies! Lol.

  • Best game on my iPad

    by Zhaiwy

    I love this game so much. Try the free one first if you don't know it. You'll end up loving it. I will support this game till death separate us. Please keep the new stuff coming as I unlocked everything and finished the quest version.

  • Awesome

    by U+Jesus=:]

    This is my favorite game!

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