Angry Bold Man Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Games
  • Publisher: ForS Software
  • Updated: Mar, 07 2011
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 40.27 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Dmitry Gribkov

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6 Ratings
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6 Ratings


In this game you can improve your character with special items and skills. You can buy items in shop area or find them on battlefield. Also you can sell items. For each kill you get experience. On each level you get 1 free point for skills. Also your character get stronger each level.

- 9 unique skills
- Inventory with unique storage system
- 90 items, 3 types of armor and 4 types of weapon
- 4 battlefield with different difficulties.
- Each type of enemy has his attack style. There is melee and range type of units.
- Shop area

Customer Reviews

  • Good game

    by VenomSnake100

    Pretty fun, some improvement needed

  • Crashed

    by Jake.Dub23

    Hope dev gets sued for copyright infringement, or lack of originality.., since the Icon for this game is a picture of the game Haze for PS3...

  • Unhappy customer

    by KonQwest

    I didn't even get to play the game it kept crashing on start up. I hope an update is released soon game looks to be fun from pictures.

  • Haha. Ok

    by BHDBdingo

    Piece of CRAP!! started the game... Crash. Lost the game... Crash. Tried to pause and level skills and died... WHILE PAUSED!! crash. Haha. Thanks for that douchers!! BOOM!! Started to like it when suddenly all the enemies disappeared but their bullets were still goin... IN THE SAME EXACT PLACES! Please fix this game. It has so much potential!!

  • Crap

    by Moe Rivard

    Crashes , can't even play it waste of money

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