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Languages: English

Seller: Flipline IDS LLC

Fixed an issue with getting stuck on the Choose Character screen when In-App Purchases are disabled.

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Serve up summertime treats in Papa's Freezeria HD, now available on iPad!

NOTE: This game requires an iPad 2 / iPad Mini or newer.


In this new edition of Papa's Freezeria, you'll be working at an oceanfront ice cream shop on Calypso Island, but your laid-back summer job gets hectic when all of Papa Louie's customers arrive on the island! You'll need to serve up delicious Freezer sundaes by pouring ice cream, blending mixable candies and syrups, adding whipped cream and toppings, and don't forget a cherry on top for that perfect summertime treat!

This latest game features dozens of syrups, candies, and toppings that unlock as you play, and a variety of new and returning customers looking to beat the heat with your ice cream sundaes. The time-management and hands-on gameplay seen in "Papa's Burgeria" is back, with plenty of new twists for serving ice cream treats. You'll need to watch the lobby for new customers arriving, add ice cream and goodies to sundae cups, keep an eye on the blenders mixing your ingredients, and add toppings and syrups before serving the sundae to your wacky customers.


This updated version of Papa's Freezeria features dozens of customers not found in previous editions of the game, as well as DOUBLING the amount of unlockable ingredients found in the original! We've also added new touch controls to make building and topping sundaes easier and more enjoyable on tablets.

You can choose to play as Penny or Alberto, or you can now design your own custom character to work in the Freezeria! Create a boy or a girl, with dozens of hairstyles, hair colors, skin tones, and facial expressions. You can even adjust your head size, neck, eye and mouth positions to make your character look just right.

You can also buy and earn new clothing for your worker, by playing Foodini's Mini-Games or visiting the Shop! Browse through hundreds of shirts, jackets, hats, pants, and accessories to give your worker that perfect look.

Play new Mini-Games like "Saucy Shot" and "Mitch's Mess" after each workday to earn new furniture for your Shop and new clothing for your worker!

The customizable lobby from Papa's Burgeria is back, now with various themes of new posters and furniture, and an easy way to change your trim and countertop colors in the shop!

You can also earn 100 achievements for completing various tasks in the game, including serving sundaes with certain mixables and toppings, earning bonuses on the Build Station, playing mini-games, and earning Customer Awards. Papa's Freezeria HD also supports Game Center achievements and leaderboards!


- Hands-on ice cream shop in the Papa Louie universe
- Updated and remastered for iPad
- Multi-tasking between building, mixing, and topping
- New custom workers designed by you
- 80 customers to serve with unique orders
- Over 50 ingredients to unlock
- Hundreds of furniture and clothing items to decorate your shop and worker
- Challenging Closers and Food Critic
- Various shop upgrades to purchase with your earned tips
- 100 Achievements with Game Center support

Customer Reviews

  • Great game, terrible lag.

    by Katherine Henry

    I absolutely love this game, but don't get to play it as often as I'd like due to lag. It was fine the first several days, but as I am now on day 61 the lag makes it unbearable to play. :(

  • AWSOME!!!!

    by Chase T. Lawrence

    Best game ever

  • crashes.

    by Zamer3

    this game was a very good game but now everytime I try to play it, it crashes. please update this game so I can play it again.

  • It keeps freezing ,

    by Trini the hello kitty girl

    I ❤️ the game it's really fun but it freezes all the time

  • Love it!!

    by Pi=3.1415

    Super fun game! Was always my favorite to play on computer...but I love pancakeria, taco mia, cupcakeria and all the others just as much! So if you could make apps for those too I would defenately buy them!!

  • Great app

    by Hey_its_ashley

    Not worth $3.00 love this game but it's really lagging and jerking up so it gets really really annoying love playing it on the computer but on my iPad mini it just jerks up it looks like I just threw away $3.00 (sniff sniff) could of used it for something worth it like music. But I still love the app please change the price.

  • Fun game but a major problem...

    by LoveDoveBakery

    I love this game! It is so much fun to make smoothies and I love moving up levels. I'm on day 28 now and it started to freeze. I don't want to play it now because it makes me accidentally throw things in the trash and mess up orders. I hope there is an update fixing this problem.

  • Love it, but one problem.

    by Couch Patato

    Whenever I hit the home button on my device all the progress from that day vanishes. Also after a while it starts slowing down and gets very slow and hard to play. Please fix this bug. Other then that it's great


    by aj4717

    Can somebody help me my game won't save. It says that I need to right click I can't right click on iPad. It's really aggravating spend hour playing then got back everything gone. Other than that great game but if it doesn't save waste of 2.99

  • Maybe it is just my ipad ?

    by Masyn Oncale

    I gave this app a five star bc I love these types of apps. But it keeps freezing for some reason. Everyone that reviewed this game, loves it! I do too but it freezes on me. I'll check back on the game later to see if it keeps doing that. But I love it other wise.

  • Awesome game but...

    by Sarahcarter19

    I love this game as well as Papa's Burgeria. I love the different food items a costumer can order in their smoothies. So creative! Each customer has a different look and it's really cool. My favorite part is the feeling you get when you've gone up a level and have earned a new food item for the smoothies. The mini games are fun too! My only complaint is that when I play the screen keeps glitching and starts to pause my game. At that point it would take me about 10 minutes to make one smoothie. Hopefully, there will be an update that fixes this problem.

  • Awesome

    by Joy Wilder

    Make more of these games make a coffee shop one PLEASE!!!!! I love this game

  • It crashes

    by MOMO1485

    This game crashes and slows down sometimes. Its annoying! Please fix it! This game is addicting to play but i cannot play it if its very slow

  • BUGS!!

    by I can't tell you, sorry

    U need to fix a is WAY too slow!! But I've played the computer version - FunLand!!

  • Please

    by Kaiah maniah

    Make for iPod

  • Great but it lags

    by M!necraft

    I am a rank 46 and for some reason I'm get terrible lag. Can you plz fix it?

  • Good game

    by Jack 800

    I played a lot and I'm on day 45 I think tho I still don't have cookie dough witch came on day 2 on the original

  • Handy helper

    by Kel kel123

    Hey guys it's Kelly again and yes I am changing my title to "handy helper". It's going to be about the same great reviews and remember to ask me what review u will want me to do! So let's get started! Today I will be talking about papas freezeria! There r a bunch of papas games that u will probably like if u like papas freezeria! There are... "Papas hotdogria papas cupcakeria and a bunch more! 1 complaint I have is that it takes sooo long to mix the milkshake! 1 thing that I love is to meet all these characters and get new toppings and stuff like that! Today I am not going to do peoples commentreally sorry about that but today I will do a little shoutout test! If u want a shoutout for one of the riviews say in the reviews below what app u want people to look at! So I know if u r trying out plz put handy helper at the bottom of ur review! Thx and I will see u guys next time!

  • AWESOME but...

    by A mangomongo

    More stuff and everything but it is super glitchy I get very tired of it update please

  • LOVE IT One issue

    by Minecrafters

    I love the game but I might be missing out on an update. Please get back to me, Awesome Person

  • Please fix ASAP.

    by Xxmanda2003xx

    I paid the 2.99 to download this game, and it's slower than ever all the time. I can't even play this game, which really upsets me because I used to play it online through yahoo, and fell in love with it. Please fix it ASAP. Thanks


    by Tiger64guy

    This game runs at about one frame per second, making it very, very difficult to play. This may be because they tried to take a computer game and put it on a tablet. The game is too large (or something) for the tablet to handle so it runs slowly. Just my guess, but it seems right. If you have an iPad mini, don't buy this unless you are very patient.

  • Not worth it

    by Shreverz

    Whenever I get on it crashes. Fix this now


    by nicole kitty cat

    Look you have too give me my money me and my friend have same promblem the game doest work it takes you back too the screen it doest even work I don't have the promblem my brother and friend does you better fix it if no I'll call cop you stole 3.00 back I swear you better if not get ready for 911

  • Fix this now

    by Calling cops

    If you don't fix this in 2 days then me and my 7 other friends that had the same problem which is that it get ous out of the game then we're going to call the cops

  • Good but......

    by Hshdhahxhshvshshsv

    The app sometimes shuts down and then I can't play it... Please come up with an update...or else I'll stop playing it

  • Fun but boring after awhile

    by jordie317

    Got to level 19 then I got bored I try to play again but then I get bored still


    by Latge

    I love this games it's soo awesome but I wish there were more games and it didn't cost so much. And I wish that there was a slusheria

  • GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Cloclovr

    I really love this game! I'm so glad I bought it! It has no adds, it's very quick, and FUN!!! You should definitely buy it! It works on kindles and iPad mini!!! This app is great!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pleas have an update!

    by Lou lou 4

    I have unlocked everything and also all the customers so its kind of boring. can you please have an update and make more customers and toppings and stuff? Thanks so much if you do!

  • Love this game!!

    by Gena4904

    I Love All the Papas games. Very addictive.....I can play for hours!

  • Addiction

    by Annalis Hernandez

    This game if so. Freaking.addicting.

  • Awesome!!! :)

    by Pauly D9512

    Please bring all the other games to App Store :) Pizzaeria Tacoeria Etc.

  • Can't play

    by Mehish21

    When I first got this game I was so exited but when I tried to play it all slowed down and it turned of my device




  • Nice!!

    by lotlot65

    This game cheat out of me in computer but in iPad I reached really far and it's fast now. But still, Best game ever!!!

  • Can't wait

    by Popolkij

    Can't wait till the pizzeria and the wingseria and the others come out! :) :)

  • Best game ever! ❤️

    by Alyssa yeah dawg

    I take my iPad with me everywhere, and having this game makes wherever I go a pleasure. I like this version better than the computer version because it seems more fun! I recommend this app to anyone! Maybe it would be cool if Flip Line Studios could make apps for all of the versions, like Papas Pancakeria, Papas pizzeria, etc. I enjoy every bit of this game and I am so happy that I bought it. This is my favorite game on my iPad!

  • Pape's freezeria

    by Detanater123

    This game is the best

  • Good.. When it works...

    by ManateeGrrl

    this is a great game... In theory. Mine lags for practically the whole level, so I can only play one level at a time and still it lags. It takes multiple tries to get through a level. My sister has this game and it works fine, so I can't figure out what the problem might be. Fun game, just watch out for lags.


    by Tiny tower freak!!


  • Rank 33

    by Piggy524

    Hello Creators of This game, I love this game but you need to make an adjustment because I became a level 33 and I got a new customer and it was the fat vickey and I have played that level over and over and I saved it and am still that same level,and keep getting her and the cloudberrys. Please Fix

  • Love this game

    by Pinkieboo352

    This is so worth it . It's the best game ever they should come out with more games like this

  • Awesome but more games

    by Kitty 101

    I love this game. The characters look awesome and it's super fun. I hope that they make cupcake rial into an app that would be really fun and I would buy it I love it I recommended to anyone who likes time management or a fun food making game.

  • Great

    by Gamer335________

    This app is great, but it cuts in and out otherwise i love it. It is so fun!

  • Awesome

    by Daisyduke508

    I love playing this game it is so much fun. I would recommend this for anyone. Make more like cupcakearia, pancakeria, and the rest of them that would be awesome thanks.

  • Sooooooo fun

    by Adrian denBoer

    It is one of my fave games but sometime it randomly gets slow fix please!

  • This is my favorite game of all time, so joke!

    by My favorite app: Instagram

    I love this game so so so so so so so so much but you need to make more of them! Like the pancakeria, hot doggeria, and such other. PLEASE MAKE THE OTHER GAMES INTO APPS!!

  • Papa's chiperia

    by Robloxer281

    So I've been playing this game for about 9-10 days or so and I've been seeing lags and sometimes crashes so I was wondering if you guys can fix that for me and also I was thinking that you can make another game (on title) where you can make chips so yea

  • The Best!

    by <3Michelle;)

    I love your games!!! I hope you make more like Papa's cupcakeria!

  • Awesome!!!!!

    by antim@tter

    Really great game!

  • Best game from the App Store to offer

    by Jojonomo

    Thank you Flipline Studios! I enjoy it HIGHLY on the computer, phone addition? YES! Please do Papa's Cupcakeria!

  • Tottaly worth ze money

    by Sarai2139

  • Awesome game

    by Bearynice2003

    This game is awesome. Please keep them coming with new games for the computer and the iPad. Maybe you can't get past the charactor selection because you don't have the HD version. By HD version I mean the iPad version. Also like the other guy said that a bug messed up my topping score even if I do the order right but it is still awesome. You know what will be a great idea, cakeria were you make cakes.i can't wait if they make new games. Would if the made all the games for iPad plus new ones. Would that be cool.

  • Only one more

    by Madison Willis

    LOVE this game. Now you just need to make my favorite one available. CUPCAKERIA!!!


    by Puppy puppy puppy

    This game is amazing strategy and concentrating you have to remember and it keeps you busy

  • Coolest game ever!

    by Tennis435

    This is the most amazing game ever! It's so fun!

  • Crashes on iPad Mini

    by Kaily6

    This is so disappointing! It crashes or just stalls on my iPad Mini! Please fix.....miserable!

  • Crashes

    by Kaden Simmons

    When I downloaded it. It wouldn't even let me play it. It crashes on me every time and I payed money for it and I don't like it if It crashes all the time they should fix it

  • Ugh

    by officialmalish2

    I love this game to pieces, but it crashes when I try to play. I'm really disappointed...

  • Waste of 2.99

    by jackson1967

    I've had this app for a day and I haven't gotten past the intro without a crash. Game lags as well. These issues need to be fixed.

  • Awesome but...

    by Bigtimerush11

    I love this game.But it lags at just day 2. I'm using an iPad 2. I'm not sure if that's the prob. But plz fix this bug

  • Great Game,Terrible Lag

    by Jacky760

    I really like this game,and I've been trying to put up with lag. The lag is too extreme! it took me 30 minutes just to complete two orders! What sucked is also how this affected my score. Please fix so the people who purchased this app won't regret ever getting it.

  • Lag

    by PeterIzMea

    Lag ruins the game

  • LAGS

    by Kate1996

    Can you please fix the lag on the iPad mini it is very slow and I feel like I just wasted my money please fix it ASAP

  • Papas Freezeria

    by KirbyGirl7

    ONE WORD: LAG!!! It's terrible!!! I can't even get to the game part of the app after I wait 5 minutes for the title screen to go away!!! Don't waste your money!!!

  • Outstanding.

    by JJjas123456789

    They took the computer version and made it even better. Keep up the good work, Flipline Studios.

  • Fun Game but TOO MANY BUGS!!!!!!!

    by Mugzi30

    This is a fun game but it freezes and crashes almost every other level.

  • Bad

    by dmilbz

    It's so slow I can't even play it. It keeps freezing. Please fix!! I wasted my money !!!

  • AMAZING however there is a problem

    by Fhrjdiejvrg

    It's fun but it keeps lagging

  • Good app!

    by frogsrawsome

    The app is amazing love it so much but the only complaint I have is it lags it doesn't lag for my siblings so maybe it's just my ipad but it lags for me and it's really annoying other than that it's an amazing game when ever I play on my ipad that's the game you'll catch me play you should by it!


    by Mfkfhyfurvtdnsewhjiunijhouyrvg

    I love this but i just wish that they would have cupcakearia, hot dogoria, and taco mia! PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THESE

  • Problem Solved


    I rebooted my ipad and then the app stopped glitching.

  • Best Game Ever!

    by LauraLiz614

    I am obsessed with this game! Every day I play it and it's a good game to pass time, There are no problems that I have with this game. It's so much fun and if you're having doubts about getting it, listen to this review! It is completely worth the money you have to pay to get it! :)

  • Fun but....

    by Dering 3791

    It's really fun and all but it crashes a lot. I also want papas cupcakearia

  • Crashes on iPad mini

    by Jenjen4892

    I love the game but can't play it because it is really slow and crashes. There needs to be an update soon!

  • Not impressed

    by 12345671314777

    I've played this game before, but not in the app version. It keeps closing out on me and won't work.

  • Crashing!

    by Raerae1006

    Love the games....but my game crashes all the time! Wish I could get my money BACK! Bleh....unless they fix this problem I will not be playing!

  • AWESOME!!! But...

    by CA$$MONEY.28

    I love this app so much!! I even love it a little more than Burgeria! But the one part about it is that it's very glitchy. But most of the time it works fine.


    by awesomerthanucauseyea

    Awesome game and super fun and addicting!! Worth the money and five stars all the way! You guys should really add something that you can upgrade your shop ti make it bigger to add more decoration to it. PLEASEE!! LOVE THIS GAME!

  • Great game better than the computer version

    by One mad pocket mine fan

    Love the new graphics and menu items but there is one thing that confuses me and that is why are there 4 polish flags on the top of the freezeria

  • good but one problem

    by simon5fam

    great game but every time i try to play it the app crashes! please fix!

  • Deserves 5 stars but...

    by xoxalicectxox

    Is is horribly lagging! I can barely even get thru one level because of how difficult it is to play with the lag. I'm using an iPad mini. If this was fixed, the app most definitely deserves 5 starts- it's addicting!

  • by Alex the apple

    I love this game!


    by Cutie Lemon Pie

    You should buy it!!!!!!! It is fun than burgeria but I still got that is an amazing games!!! Both games are!!! BUY IT

  • I Just Downloaded The App Today

    by Ms.Kendall Schmidt

    I Just Downloaded The Today On My Ipad And I Like Playing the app and I think you should buy the app and it's fun also


    by Doc71301

    This game has even more stuff than the computer game. If your looking for a new app then get this one!!!!!!!

  • Worth it

    by Babymeepling

    This game is the best game ever! It is just like the computer version! I think this game is totally worth the money and even worth a little bit more!

  • love it but...

    by BabyD24

    I absolutely love this game! I wish you make all of your games available in the app store. I just have one teenie tiny issue, it lags.. I don't think its my device, I have an ipad mini so please fix this!


    by whiterice1206

    This game is awesome, I love that this game finally is for apple devices, because I love it on the computer so now I can play on my iPad

  • AMAZING!!!!!

    by The taco lord

    Nuf said

  • A great game

    by Voshon ward

    My version is starting to lag out, but it's still a great game!

  • Papa!

    by Nazgamer

    The app crashes and it takes forever to play! Please fix this. Please!

  • Papa's Freezeria

    by Horror Movie Lover

    I'm so mad at this game because it has so many bugs and glitches. Keeps on lagging. Do not buy any of the flipline games they just lag.

  • Awesomeness

    by babybeast1031

    This game is awesome play it every day on rank 20

  • Bugs

    by Ivski

    My app keeps quitting on me and it's really slow. Please fix it

  • problem

    by jovanny200

    I love the app it is so amazing. I have a problem it slowed on me please fix this crash flipline. Thank you.

  • Amazing.

    by Elise6936

    It was super slow and laggy, but thankfully my iPad Mini decided to not work for a second, so I restarted it, and now everything works flawlessly. Just like the online version, only better.

  • Fun but- ugggggg, overall:

    by Kevin Ertell

    Oh my gosh! I love the game so much and everything, but when the character takes to steps in a minute it's pretty frustrating when you just want to play! I don't know if this happens to you, but I don't think it is worth the money! It's hard I don't like this and it takes alway so much, but I love the game.

  • Super slow

    by Ash13219

    Please fix this game it's super slow.

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