!Rebolt! Games App Review (iOS, $2.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Flashbang Studios, LLC

New Features in This version:

- New control scheme! Use the virtual analog stick to move your robot with ease! No more wonky accelerometer controls!
- Score readouts moved to the top of the screen, so your fingers won't cover them.
- You can now select "No" when a mission ends to return to the menu.
- Added your overall leaderboard rank to the score summary at the end of a mission.
- Increased performance for a more constant framerate.
- Added a description of how to unlock data in the Story menu

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
103 Ratings
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147 Ratings


0110 out of 0110 robots agree that !Rebolt! is the most destructive robot combat game available for iPhone and iPod touch!

Assume command of your own custom robot and investigate the source of a distress signal on a strange planet: Earth! Watch out for other robots scavenging the surface of the planet as you search for important artifacts and blast your way to victory in this action-packed 3D game.

- Customize your robot to suit your play style!
- Choose from 5 different weapons!
- Randomly generated levels ensures you never play the same game twice!
- Hidden bonus missions add special objectives!
- Unlock story discs to uncover the fate of human civlization!
- Compete for high scores online!
- Earn achievements for completing special tasks!
- Optional free Blurst membership lets you track your stats!

Please make sure to reset your iPhone or iPod touch after installing !Rebolt! in order to ensure proper functionality.

Customer Reviews

  • Great!!!

    by Eldar94x2

    It's really very good

  • Post-apocalyptic robot goodness!

    by Eri5

    Driving around fighting other cute little robots is highly amusing! Fun unlocks like the story discs and achievements give it some nice replay value, too! The new analog controls are /infinitely/ superior to the old tilt controls.

  • Controls improved on the new update

    by Architect Johnny

    Well the new update really makes the game a lot better.... no need to tilt anymore!!!!! the update comes with a virtual joystick and an attack button, making the game easier to control

  • new controls

    by rambo32

    please this game has very good poiental look at how they do there controls on the brother in arms game. You should look into getting that kind of controler in this game if any one else agrees then please second this comment.

  • Ok

    by coolbreeze42

    I have 5 to balance out the score. This game is ok but instead of just accelerometer, PUT IN A D-PAD. That would make this game better. Good graphics, but the gameplay can be slightly boring. The frame rate is fine so the other dude can shhhh.

  • amazing game!!!!!1

    by Bdog$rule94

    This is an awesome the graphics r great and i never get bored!!!!!! 5 out of 5

  • Worth the price

    by Mist Navarathna

    I'd say this game is defenately worth the price, however I wouldn't pay any more than $0.99 for it. I gave it 3 stars because, while a bit entertaining, it can get boring after just a couple rounds in a row. The setting is basically the same every round, but the objects' placement us randomized each time. I would like to see more scenes than just the American desert. There is actually a storyline that you can unlock by continuing to play the game, so maybe it will explain the setting (I haven't gotten very far). As you move around, you can pick up various weapons to help you fight off the opposing robots. Make sure you keep moving though, because you have a limited amount of time to gather as much rubble as you can. As for controls, they can be difficult at first, but you will eventually get the hang of them. Overall, I recommend buying this game, but it could still use quite a few updates which would have otherwise earned the game a higher score that 3/5.

  • Great app but...

    by Yibi

    I really enjoy the gameplay and the controls are not hard to master at all. Graphics are pretty good too. However, I believe this app is incomplete and was rushed to the app store. I like how the robot can be rendered in different colors, so why not render different terrains to add variety to the level. I would also like to see an in-game menu that would allow me to calibrate the device and return to the main menu. It would be awesome if one could turn the camera also so I can always see where I'm going. Pretty good app, fun, and worth the 99c I paid for it. I expect to see some updates soon...

  • Great game few minor problems.

    by Jelly82

    Only complaints I have is that this game absolutly needs a virtual analog stick for movement. It's such a great game but you can't play it anyway but sitting up. Also it's irritating when a enemy is close and you can't tap or cause you tap yourself and open your inventory. Fix those 2 issues and you got a 10 star app!

  • Here's an honest review

    by metaknight92

    -This game looks fun -It deserves five stars. -Needs more stuffs to do. -WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!!

  • this game is really good

    by nightbeaver

    story mode is not broken. the story option in the main menu is for viewing story discs you collect from destroying enemies. the graphics are great and animation is smooth and i havent had anyh framerate problems yet. you costumize your robot from parts you get from destroyed enemies and it looks like the parts have specific functions which is cool . overall im liking this game alot so far

  • Wow!

    by ungulate

    Awesome graphics on the iPhone! The high scores and achievements are a great feature too! Another really fun game from Flashbang Studios!

  • Good game

    by adbjmb

    Pretty cool , nice graphics , controls good , and just plain fun to play. For a buck it's a must buy.

  • More LEVELS and ROBOTS

    by Vaelenn

    Can u plz add more levels playing the same 1 is boring. Oh can u also add diffrent robots diffrent colors diffrent desings and all that. But other then that the game is fine.

  • Crashed!!

    by Da Murry

    I reset touch after instal and bang killed my touch also is tearible consept not even worth it if it was free!!

  • not ready for launch

    by klouud

    pros: graphics, concept cons: controls are clunky and akward, camera is horrible!! lock on system stinks recomendation: do not buy until these things are fixed... even for $1

  • Barf

    by Palagame

    5 star reviews have to be fake. Supper buggy and controls are terrible. Needs d pad for sure. Not recommended.

  • No

    by 1337crue

    This game blows. I want my money back b


    by Sideswipe27

    Worst game ever

  • This app is horrible, never get it

    by Deseao

    The app displays everything backwards and upside down. It's completely unplayable, and wasn't even good when it used to work.

  • Not worth the money at all!!!

    by Space Trip Steps

    Dude, what the hell! This game is the exact same thing as the lite version! As a matter of fact, when I first played it I tought I was playing it! Dude, add new maps, customization beyond weapons, and a fricken' campaign!!! This is NOT worth it at all!

  • oh.. i shoulda gave my buck to charity...

    by lovedrunk

    not worth it at all. i was all excited for such an unworthy game. there needs to be a MEGA UPDATE where the controls becomes better, more variaties of guns, a shop (i didnt even bother to check after 4 minutes) where you can lvl up your robot and multiplayer would be great. im sorry but im very dissatisfied.

  • Needs some additions to take it over the top

    by theREALspiffyone

    First off, the camera shouldn't be 3/4. The engine seems more than capable of handling a behind the back style camera (as one can change the camera angle when changing weapons), and that would honestly make the game BETTER. I'm tired of being the victim of a sneak attack, I'm tired of not being able to see upcoming dangers, I'm tired of going around an item/pick up instead of, y'know, picking it up. Change the camera angle to behind the back, or at least free look behind the back and you'd have a better game overall.

  • Incomplete and buggy

    by Ryan422

    Has the potential to be fun but gameplay is repetitive and firing controls feel unresponsive. Frame rate is choppy at times on my iPhone 2G. When you try to end a mission via the "retire" menu there is no "no" option when it asks you if you want to play another mission, so you can only exit to the menu by restarting the app.

  • Another Close Miss

    by Logan E

    The game has potential, but is another app store miss. Controls aren't great, sometimes I find myself circling around a power-up, but at least it has a calibrate feature so you can play in whatever position you want. There is no real objective aside from to kill stuff. It's a 3 minute round, and you try to find what you can in the time while killing other robots. Sometimes it flashes a "Bonus Mission" message at the beginning, along with an intended objective, but I've yet to complete one of these. There is no "Story Mode." Basically you find story discs while playing, and you can read about the background story of the game. That's it. . . Also, there is no way to get back the main menu once you enter a game. If you retire in the middle of a match it only has the option to start a new one, and it's the same when you finish a match. Basically, this game suffers from the same thing as the first few Tony Hawk Pro Skater games did. There is a short time limit, and you don't feel like you can explore much during it. Plus, combat boils down to getting an enemy robot within range of one of your weapons and then just holding your finger anywhere on the screen to fire. Ranged weapons totally own melee since you can just stay far away and kill without taking any damage. What this game needs: -Multiplayer -Story Mode (pre-set missions with objectives, possibly time limits on some of the missions, but not most of them) -Ability to rotate the camera (right now the camera is static and sometimes you can't see around large rocks and such) -A page with descriptions on the game items (the golden cogs heal you, but I have no idea what any other non-combat items do) -More weapons (a game about robot combat needs more than 4 weapons) If they added that stuff it would easily be 4-5 stars.

  • Control issues spoil the fun, even at 99 cents

    by PerseusX

    The fame rate is choppy and uneven, but is acceptable. Very cute art style! Unfortunately, the tilt control is imprecise at best (even after calibration) and leads to a LOT more frustration than enjoyment. In the heat of battle, why would I want to turn my screen away from me to move? I would recommend avoiding this App until the developer adds a better control option.

  • Decent graphics but poor framerate.

    by jonxwilliams

    This is a decent title for .99 but anything more is too much. The style is great, and the cell shaded 3D looks nice. However the framerate is what really hurts this game. The frame rate is not steady and during a fight will often drop to levels bordering unplayable. Unfortunately there is not a whole lot to this title, and it's not worth more than $1.

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