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Languages: English

Seller: Flashbang Studios, LLC

- Reduced size of game
- Cleaned up text in some dialogs

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From the makers of the hit web-browser game "Off-Road Velociraptor Safari" comes the next installment in the series, Raptor Copter, for your iPhone and iPod Touch!

Snag wild velociraptors with your helicopter's ball and chain device and deposit them into nearby factories for processing!

Using Raptor Copter's awesome physics engine, you can drop, swing, throw, catch, and drag your items across the landscape. And the in-game achievements system will reward you for that extra tricky stuff you'll eventually pull off once you're an experienced and competent copter pilot! Not only can you view the high scores of other copter pilots, but if you happen to have a Blurst.com login account, you can use it in Raptor Copter to double-check your achievements on Blurst by logging in there!

Please make sure to reset your iPhone or iPod touch after installing Raptor Copter in order to ensure proper functionality.

Customer Reviews

  • A very fun game. Would buy again, very good deal.

    by CrummyNZ


  • Come on Man!!!!!! MORE!! MORE!!

    by Ciarab1969

    Your killing me with this time limit and only one level!! I LOVE THIS APP!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!! PLEASE give US MORE TIME AND MORE LEVELS!!!! PLEASE!!! I need to FEED MY ADDICTION!!!! Also-HURRY!!!! HURRRY!!! I got the shakes!!!!!

  • Cool

    by flickenmaste

    Fun for the iPod touch...I love raptor safari on the Internet...hopefully you add more content soon!!! Good luck on making more game!!

  • Good :)

    by XxFishxX

    Fun really short updat difrent levels longer time

  • Good but needs more

    by Shadow718

    Needs a sandbox mode, but overall good

  • Ok...

    by guy that likes music

    Ok game. Not the best not the worst. But for an iPod it is very good.


    by Bobalicious42

    Ok, i love velociraptor safari so when i got an email saying this game came out i was TOTALLY PUMPED! Now that i have it, i love the controls, awesome gameplay, and average graphics. NOW... of course this game needs updates like all other Apps. Here are some ideas: 1) A campaign with objectives. (Like, throw a raptor 3000 ft in the air) 2) Be able to look at your achievements and see personal high scores from your iPod, instead of having to go online 3) Make a different map (Maybe a map with Volcanoes and lava flowing everywhere) 4) Customizable Paint Jobs for your Helichopper. 5) Be able to Grab multiple raptors at once, instead of having to Crate them one by one That is pretty much all that i think needs work with this game. Great job Flashbang Studios and remember, UPDATE! CLICK YES IF YOU AGREE WITH MY IDEAS! p.s.- When i was playing velociraptor safari, I saw the driver when the camera rotated and the driver was a velociraptor in a racing helmet!! hilarious!! I was wondering if the helicopter pilot was a raptor too?!?

  • Total badassssssery

    by storableprawn

    My nethers perked up and saluted me for playing this game. Give us an update with some framerate fixes, and a little more to do. I was happy to fork over a buck for this.

  • Great game

    by Gizmo8599

    Def worth the dollar price tag. 4 stars though because it is a bit limiting with only one level. Needs some more maps. Technical suggestion: make the grinders smaller. The helicopter gets caught on them too easily

  • Not bad

    by Maverick5679

    Ok. Nothing special.excellent for the money I paid.is there a way to come out of the timed mode?

  • It's pretty good, Trever

    by Dr. Teef

    Def'nitly worth a buck!

  • Review

    by Fabian920

    Great game, thanks for the email.

  • As addictive as Raptor Safari

    by Ronald D.

    This game is fun. The achievements are pretty cool as well!

  • Quite addictive- developers to be watched!

    by RaighneH

    My most played app of '08. I love discovering the crazy ways you can gain high scores. I do wish there was a free play mode and maybe more to do, but for the price and the amount of fun with raptors in recyclers and that wonderful "WTF" moment, hard to put down.

  • Not as good as Offroad Velociraptor Safari

    by Thalcos

    While some of the gameplay is reminiscent of the (fantastic) web game, there isn't as much to do in this semi-sequel. The controls are a bit awkward, the frame rate hitches in spots, and there's not nearly the exploration elements of the original. Still, it's satisfying to grab raptors and fling 'em throughout the jungle. Not bad for .99 cents, but needs some more work to be a great experience.

  • Great game

    by Charles Hinshaw

    I've really enjoyed this so far. I'm not the best Chinook pilot, but it was still a lot of fun to play. This sets a high bar for future releases. I like the connection to the overall Blurst experience, and am looking forward to more games from Flashbang Studios.

  • Hilarious!

    by ungulate

    You pick up raptors to process them into raptor tacos-easily worth more than the dollar it costs!

  • Great!

    by teagan1000000

    This is one of the most fun games I've played on iPod touch, it's a 5 dollar game if there was a campaign and more blood and or gore, my suggestians are to make a campaign mayby with different helocopters that have different abilities or handle differently, more dinos like a t-Rex, even without a update it's well worth the money

  • Easy Raptor Fun!

    by gamerat

    Nice adaptation of the web game, Raptor Safari, for the phone. Quick to play, but the leaderboards and achievements make it last much longer than only a couple of games.

  • The fun of Raptor Safari, finally on the iPhone!

    by Eri5

    The fabulous feathered raptors from off-road velociraptor safari finally on the iPhone, this time being hauled around by a helicopter! Plenty of ways to score points!

  • Don't waste your money.

    by Dutch_306

    I wish I could give it zero stars. This is the most stupid game I've ever seen. That's a dollar I'll never get back...

  • Plain & Simple

    by td..

    Great graphics, but the game itself is pretty plain and simple. It's not as much fun as I thought.

  • Nowhere near as fun as ORVS

    by Eviltoaster

    I'd much rather you guys figure out a way to port Safari in here instead. Right now this game feels like a chore.

  • 0 stars

    by CHASE12345678910

    Stupidest game in the world

  • Screen messed up

    by Segway22

    Instead of holding and playing the game sideways I have to play I long ways and u neeeeeed to change to sideways cause I can't even see the raptors

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