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iSplume is now free! Be sure to check out our other games, !Rebolt! and Raptor Copter!

The iPhone version of the hit web-game is here! Introducing iSplume, the colorful puzzle game from Flashbang Studios. For those of you unfamiliar with the zoological sciences, a splume is a strange creature with a wide emotional spectrum. Gleefully social at best, and violently self destructive at worst, splumes prefer others of the same color. Match enough splumes to pass each level.

Where traditional bubble popping games constrict you to boring hex grids, iSplume lets you connect objects however you please, and even alter gravity by rotating your device. When you think you can't make that shot, change the physical laws of the Splume's world to make new solutions become apparent!

Customer Reviews

  • Addictive!

    by Texasskipper

    This is a great game to fill in time when you have to wait somewhere. It may be too easy for some; however, you can always challenge a level and try to complete it in a faster time. I really like that you can impact the game by moving the iphone. My grandchildren (ages and 8 and 13) like it as well.

  • Okay

    by Ghghf11

    It's okay but not great

  • Good, but...

    by Dm4js

    There's potential here to keep kids amused and for adults to kill time. But, the game kicked me out after every level. I deleted it to keep space on my phone.

  • Update

    by Zerkom122

    Please update to fix level crashing and u will get 5 stars

  • Ok

    by JBonesteel

    Only has 20 levels

  • Lady Gators 00

    by kevinrolston

    :( not really fun

  • Nice

    by Poupoue

    I love it, You should just do this. You know in the game topple? It was such a good game that they made topple 2. I think you should make a isplume 2 (by updating this islume) and then make a lite version. Or you could just add more levels to this one

  • Fun game but needs sound

    by w.illiam

    Good game concept and execution. It really needs to have some music and sound effects. Without sound the game is only worth $.99.

  • Great game

    by gostay

    iSplume is very easy to play, yet has a nice difficulty ramp for players who want a lot of challenge. Each game just takes a few minutes to play, so it's perfect for when you want a quick session. Cute art. Fun controls. Easily worth the price!

  • fun game, needs a more polish and more modes

    by oryx11

    Fun gameplay, good in-game graphics. The menu screens feel a little budget though, would be nice to do a makeover on those in a future version to make it feel a little nicer. It also has no sound and uses the same background for every stage, need more variety! The game ends up being way too easy, it has 20 levels that are all easily doable on the first try - Harder and more levels are sorely needed with a new update and hopefully different gameplay modes for some variety, possibly levels with prexisting patterns of balls, or varied gravity, etc.

  • Quite sweet!

    by CollinMel

    A fun little game with a nice feel to the physics - and hey, it's free!

  • So much fun!

    by vpoet

    A new twist with the sticky projectiles and inconsistent sizes makes for a really fun game!

  • Awesome

    by timvp3

    This is the best bubble game. It would be nice if it had an unlimited mode with endless levels and you loose when the bubbles are on the red line.

  • Simple, but I keep coming back to it

    by James Paige

    This is a simple but very pleasant variation on the old color-matching puzzle game. I keep coming back to this game. It is very good for passing a few minutes. My only complaint is the lack if sound-- but since I play most games with the sound muted most of the time, it is a very small complaint indeed.

  • Really fun but crashes

    by Ooooooooga

    The game would be really fun if it didn't crash after every level And there weren't very many levels

  • Fun

    by 4373475394578

    Cool puzzle elements, great graphics. Needs more levels or an "eternal" mode.

  • Needs an update

    by ETrainRiders

    Very fun, good physics, addictive, but crashes after every level. I don't know what effect this has on the device, but it is sure annoying. Update for 4.01 is needed but unlikely since it's from 2008. Free and enjoyable though!

  • Crash

    by 1201423

    I love playing it but when it crashes it makes me due a little inside...please fix it.

  • Really free great game

    by MeesterDude

    Never seen any game like it which is great.

  • Cool

    by Alb1994

    I like this app but it crashes after every level please fix

  • Woot

    by Ramigammit

    Fun game! But crashes after each level and erases levels that you finish. Piece of crap

  • Doesn't work!!

    by Fliffles

    It looks like a super fun game, except it crashes in less than a minute of use, and after every level. I want to play it but it won't let me! Maybe if the fix the bugs it will be worth trying again.

  • Annoying

    by tocamelo

    I hate to bash something that has given me a great distraction. But the crashing after every level is not fun.

  • My FAVORITE Game!

    by gelliebeanie

    Since getting my iPhone, I've downloaded dozens of games and while a few were worth keeping, after I downloaded iSplume, I was hooked! It's the only game I play now!!! Even playing the levels over and over again, never gets boring because every game is different. I for one like that there isn't an annoying sound track. Fun to play anywhere and nice to not get stared at like other games with such silly sounds. I would LOVE to see more levels, maybe in iSplume 2?

  • Keeps crashing

    by Shakaila

    It was a cool app but now it's bout to get deleted !

  • Fun

    by Lomli

    One of my favorite iPhone games- loads of fun for casual gameplay.

  • Good use of accelerometer

    by Marzipan Mouse

    I don't usually like the bubble shoot games but this one is a lot of fun!

  • Cute, Novel, Easy, Free

    by dysamoria

    almost too easy since i finished it in one 20-30 min sitting. but it was a good distraction for those minutes. it was cute, cleverly conceived & free. i can't ask for a better experience. if it cost anything i'd not be this pleased but all elements worked out. thanks!!

  • Cool

    by flickenmaste

    Pretty fun but needs more crazy levels like i'm the computer version

  • Pleasantly Surprised. Worth a Download!

    by A. Tank

    After reading the description and seeing the screenshots, I figured it wouldn't be on my iPhone for long as it looks like just another "shoot random shape until you get three together and don't let them get to the bottom of the screen games," however, it is actually one the best games remaining on my phone. It's a classic idea executed really well. The graphics are colorful, fun, but clean and pleasing. Gamplay is enjoyable and easy, the ability to tilt the chains around using the accelerometer is great. Definititely try it out! I do wish there were more levels though with more variation. Some more/different shapes would be cool too.

  • Please add sound

    by Eldar94x2

    If sound was added Ispulme would be 5 stars

  • Isplume

    by GymnasticsRocksOutLoud

    This game was way too boring. First of all, it has no music. It's too easy too. I Beat the whole game on my first try.

  • Awesome

    by jayhawkbball

    A must have for all iPods and iPhones!

  • My favorite puzzle app

    by Giwiganz

    I really love this app. I would give it 5 stars but it needs more levels, although one could argue that twenty Is enough.

  • Great!

    by Sethers198

    This game is really fun, I like the tilt/touch gameplay. Thanks for the game developer!

  • Update

    by LauraTucker

    Needs more levels!! I beat it the first time I played, and I really liked it. Now I get bored when I play bc I know I've already beat it

  • Disappointed!

    by marcaro

    Months sound; nothing.

  • Bleh...

    by Bob52126

    Pretty average gameplay I'd say. The thing that was most missing was sound. There was none! This is the kinda game that needs funky sounds. Not the worst I've played, but definitely could be improved. All I get is different sizes? :( not cool

  • Great

    by Babe123456789

    Realy fun and free if your bored of it cause youve beaten it try your high score mine for level one is 5sec i have sone for every level

  • Not challenging, not fun

    by Bfffness

    Cool colors and stuff but this game is way too easy so there's no fun in it, I beat the entire game 5 mins. I suggest you add more colors for example or maybe a timer!

  • Very

    by Awston


  • Entertaining but Simple

    by JustCoz5481

    Fun, addictive game, but it needs longer, harder levels, and more of them. I'd also like to see more types of Splumes with different behaviors. The short levels make even the harder levels easy to win because you reach your goal before you get into a sticky situation. I find myself starting at level 16 because the first 15 aren't worth my time. This leaves me with a quick 5 level game of short levels. Short, but sweet. It's a great game, and I look forward to future updates with new levels and new Splumes!

  • Great but

    by 124D104CT1V3

    It needs more puzzles

  • O

    by dougfa

    It's good, but the Internet version that's free is way better. Needs more puzzles

  • Sick Awesome!!!

    by nygiants4ever

    kool puzzle thats free!! just needs more levels

  • Great queue game!

    by Lewistwentytwo

    Terrific. We used it while waiting in the queues at Cedar Point, it was fabulous! The use of gravity is paramount. I would love to see more levels (I'm even in the mood to pay for more, but this mood will soon pass) but I'm having fun besting my times and trying different strategies.

  • Needs color blind option!

    by Raugustus

    I can't tell the colors apart!! Nice interpretation of the classic bubble game though

  • One of the loveliest games for iPhone

    by Mitya-Stroylo

    It's is a truly cool game - I highly recommend it for everyone. I am surprised it's free.

  • Good but needs some work

    by Pilot737

    I bought this game after playing the online version. The physics in it adds a bit of interest to it. But the lack or pre-made levels like the online version is a bit dissapointing. I also think it could be better if the backgrounds changed as you progressed, making it a bit less bland.

  • Great!

    by lesliejoy93

    This game is super simple, yet challenging and fun. While most free games are cheap and designed to make you want the full version, you get a whole game for free on this app. A fun twist on the classic "bubble" game!

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