World of Gibbets Games App Review (iOS, $0.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Seller: FDG Mobile Games GbR

- minor bug fixes

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Take a deep breath, focus..then SHOOT!
Oh dang! You missed and just killed a stranger :o

'World of Gibbets' invites you to a gruesome place where people are just moments away from..uhm..becoming angels. They hang on gibbets!

Take your bow and arrows, shoot the rope and become a hero!

Unfortunately, the game designers are evil! They added many traps and vicious tricks to each level so the chances are high that you'll end up in a bloody mess.

But really, we don't want that to happen. Better train hard!

- Based on the 500 Million played Flash Hit Game
- Awesome Physics Simulation
- 120 Levels
- Mini Games
- Accurate Touch Controls
- 'Bloody Mess' Game Engine
- Full Game Center Integration

Customer Reviews

  • Fun

    by Yea, me

    Really fun game that passes time easily!!

  • Very fun game

    by Softtail deuce

    Def worth the 99 cents

  • Fun....but

    by Medipac

    Could use a little tweak on the controls. But it is very fun and addictive.

  • Fun

    by ManofSteel12

    Very Fun


    by pschaefer80

    When is Giblets 3 coming out!!!!

  • Yee

    by Jacob Hassler


  • Fun game

    by Jake88Sn4ke

    Haven't gotten to far yet but so far great game

  • First

    by Black Oops23

    Comment. This is a good game. You can tell a lot of thought went into it. There are new power ups or whatever they're called with each stage and mini games as well. I wish you could upgrade your bow, not just buy a new one, or maybe different kinds of arrows. It's still a great game though.

  • Reminds me of works

    by quatic

    Only without bullets or explosions. Awesome

  • Great game

    by Bllib bill

    Awesome game but there should be more bows

  • Pretty sweet Game

    by AddP0P

    Lots of fun and I enjoyed myself

  • Wow

    by Alexssjsjs

    Love it

  • Pretty cool...

    by On3rom

    I've seen this game on the internet before somewhere. I've always liked arrow trajectory type games and this one pretty much measures up to all of them. After about 20 or so levels I have not experienced any crashing. They change the game up every now and then which I appreciate. Overall I'm satisfied. Great time killer.

  • Fun game

    by RollTide1985

    Fun. Hard to put down

  • Great game

    by iPad infestation

    This game very fun and addicting for all ages

  • Awesome

    by Colonelc


  • Cool

    by Devon4141

    Nice game.

  • Odd game

    by P618cg

    It's a fun and challenging game but it's kind of weird shooting people! Guess that makes you try harder not to hit the people.

  • Fun.

    by Kevin78934

    If you like Angry Birds then you'll enjoy this game!

  • Awesom fun!!!!!

    by Ltl_Deb

    Luv it!!!!

  • Meh

    by DocBrown68w

    It's ok...not horrible

  • Great game

    by Baine13

    Great game

  • Cool

    by Bigdog61810


  • Coolness

    by Harrywinkle77

    Excellent mindless fun!

  • Arrow

    by grittzy

    I feel like ollie

  • Game review

    by Btgood

    Very fun game

  • Love love love

    by 13fpo

    I LOVE this game!!!

  • Great Game

    by (Lawson88)

    A lot of fun 5 stars

  • Great

    by Rhino0103


  • Purty good

    by Jarq


  • Meh

    by cmk626

    It's fun for a while but it dies down fast but it's fun to play an old interwebs game every once in a while

  • Very impressed

    by RGPolk984

    Going into this I was unsure but after playing thru the first level. I am very happy. Really addictive. Find myself going back to it a lot.

  • Fun! But not fun.

    by ghostlyman101

    This game is awesome! Love it! Some suggestions are: more blood, and make it so they can lose limbs? And also, PLEASE FIX THE CRASHING! I finished the first world, and when I exited and got back on, it wouldn't even get to the menu screen and it would crash! Please, I paid a dollar for this, and i feel this game has a lot of potential. It's crashing on my iPod 4th Gen, running iOS 6.1.5. Please fix, thanks!

  • Lots of fun

    by Shaver80

    Reminds me of Fragger in some respects which means it's great and addicting.

  • Great

    by Gkhgjcfgxfilvxhfitoy

    Best app in a while

  • Very fun!

    by (AsPeKt)

    Check it out!!

  • Boring puzzle

    by womenweedandweather

    Nothing interesting, just puzzle with poor picture and idea.

  • Pretty Fun

    by Theend12386

    Not a bad way to kill some time

  • Very addictive!

    by famourt

    This is very fun, but the levels get SO hard,

  • I just want my coins

    by Twhitt0919

    I want my 500 coins

  • Awesome fun.

    by Dub8888888

    Awesome fun.

  • Love it

    by Fdgjgbhhghh


  • World of Gibblets

    by AnwarDaGreat

    That's my ****

  • Good

    by Blissee

    Great app

  • Ya

    by 3889lm


  • Fun for .99 cents

    by Luislobo

    This game is fun for the price.... At times it's frustrating with some of the puzzles but overall pretty fun

  • Fun

    by Valerie3021

    This game is really fun but I wouldn't suggest it to small kids

  • Real fun

    by rmbk

    Like it a lot

  • Wow!

    by Flounder2000


  • Good game

    by FertDog

    Worthy of a 5 star review.

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